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Singapore: new haven for the rich

Singapore: new haven for the rich

Singapore has seen its image get a glamorous makeover in recent years, leading it to become a destination for the world's ultra rich.

Asia set to house world's super-rich

The rich are getting richer - and more of the world's top earners will be coming from Asia, a survey has found.

What I learnt about inequality after spending time with some of the richest people in the world

Wealth has dehumanised them, and there's nothing they can do about it.

So what are the super-rich: are they bastards? Are they, as Hemingway put it, just like us, but with "more money”? Are they going to save us? Destroy us? Are they corporate psychopaths who've channelled their murderous impulses into making money, not serial killing? Or are they lonely and needing love, but trapped in a gilded cage of Bentleys and Lear Jets?
No, none of the above. I spent 6 months with them for a show I made for the BBC, called The Super-Rich and Us. I travelled to various castles and penthouses all over the world. I was greeted by sportswear multi-millionaire Sir Tom Hunter in his vast manicured grounds with “Hello! My favourite champagne Socialist!” (a little more champagne and less socialist, thanks very much).
I went to The Dorchester to meet Wang Jianlin, China's richest man, who pretends he doesn't understand English when he's bored. He was off to see someone called Boris after me, who wants to flog him half of London, and then some bloke called David, who runs the country. That's what happens when you're worth a modest $21.4bn.

So what did I learn from spending so much time with the super-wealthy? They're fast becoming a breed apart. And this isn't a lazy use of the term "breed apart" - it's both biologically and psychologically accurate. It's their self-willed destiny.
The super-rich believe that they're Masters Of The Universe, and the facts seem to bear them out. They hold power in that quiet understated way Sun Tzu defined as “the one who doesn't speak in a room. He's the one who holds all the cards”.

This gives them something they can't help: an intolerance for weakness. Even the most self-avowed Bill Gatesian liberal and philanthropic billionaire, paying for libraries and vaccine programs in Africa, can't quite comprehend why everyone on Earth isn't as determined to be as successful as they are. If they're not - goddamn it, I'm going to show them how.

This go-getting, sink or swim mantra of the super-rich is accepted by the Government. It's even taught in schools. But not everyone can be an entrepreneur – it's the reason people across Europe have been marching. They're not just protesting against austerity, but also reaffirming their humanity. In Athens they chanted "we are human", as if the troika and super-rich actually needed reminding.
What began as a global tribe simply making money has transmuted into biological difference. The rich now live in their own Elysium-style biosphere. It's a floating bubble high above Earth, connecting London to New York to Shanghai to Dubai via a chrome Business Class tube in the sky.

Whether they're in their private jets, helicopters, or penthouse suites, they occupy a space that mere mortals like us can only squint at from street level. Their separation makes it easier for them to accept the inequality of which they're a part - and puts them literally out of reach.

In this biosphere, they eat better food, go to better schools, wear better clothes, take better medicine, and thus breed a cleaner, richer tribe. They even breathe cleaner air. Several billionaires have their own mobile air supplies, which are pumped into whatever home they've decided to stay at. If you have a property in Shanghai, for example, being super-wealthy allows you to avoid having the same smog-filled lungs as the rest of the city’s 14m inhabitants.
If you visit this Elysium, as I did, you'll realise that inequality is not about money, but an idea of wealth-engineered eugenics. In their minds, they are not only richer than the rest of us, but also “better”.

And the word “better” is important, because the fallacy of moral improvement that comes with money has been used to justify inequality. The rich sincerely believe it, and they want us to sincerely believe it too, and guess what? We do. If we don't achieve the unachievable, we've failed. It's a rigged game.

The rich aren't evil, though. They're avatars for inequality, but with a shred of humanity inside of them – a ghost in the machine – that wants to reconnect with the rest of society.
I asked multi-millionaire Tony Fernandes what he was doing after I interviewed him. “Making beans on toast for the kids”. He is so rich, he's come out the other side, and eschews the trappings of luxury for ersatz reality.
But then I spoke to the Phones 4 U billionaire, John Caudwell, who showed me his plans for a giant subterranean Bat Cave he wants to build — it was empty, apart from one tiny gold-plated figure at the centre. “That's me,” he said. And do you know what? I felt sorry for him. A bit.

No matter how hard they try, the super-rich live in a hermetically enclosed bubble. Seeing the way they lived made me think of an Ebola patient in a highly pampered quarantine, staring at the outside world. They feel like they should be part of it, but spend their lives unconvincingly parodying the things ordinary people do. Their wealth has made them suspicious and distant. It has dehumanised them, and there's nothing they can do about it.

That is their tragedy. But it's not quite on a par with the tragedy of a mum juggling eight jobs on zero hours contracts. So boo hoo, you might say.

We should pity their separation from the 99 per cent. But not too much - when the next crash happens, let's not use quantitative easing and the bail-out to super-charge inequality further. Pity democracy, pity people, but don't pity those with too much money.

Lived with a billionaire once ( lite, he was only worth 2b poor chap.) and discovered that his overall life style was no different to mine in almost every way. Sure he owned multiple Ferraris and had a private jet and Yacht ( seldom used ) but in the every day his car was similar to my car . His clothes ( all ) were similar to mine and so too the food he ate or the restaurants he went to while. He made big deals and feared his competitors and that he would lose large amounts . I made deals and feared I would lose small amounts . He was in terrible physical shape where I was and am in great shape. The point is that in a democracy despite the great differences in bank balance your actual life style is incredibly similar from the underpants you wear to the food you eat. He is hitting the glass ceiling but I can see the ceiling even though I have no chance ( or want to ) ever get near to it .

Poverty in Singapore reached worst ever, jumped 43.45% in 3 years

April 22, 2017

In the latest statistics provided by the Ministry of Social and Family Affairs (MSF), families living in poverty and relying on ComCare assistance jumped 43.45% in the three years between 2012 and 2015, from 20,572 families to 29,511 families. No statistic was given for 2016, but this is the worst poverty result ever officially reported in Singapore.

Elderly above the age of 60 are the most afflicted with a 74.32% jump. This is largely due to the low interest rate and new government restrictions on withdrawal of CPF retirement money.

Graphic from Straits Times

Poverty among younger Singaporeans – aged between 15 and 34 – has also worsened with 41,500 earning below S$1,000 a month as of June 2016. Unemployment rate is 5% for Singaporeans under the age of 30, double that of other age group according to the Ministry of Manpower.

Despite growing poverty, the Singapore ruling party government enjoy higher popularity ratings among Singaporeans. The country’s most recent general elections saw the ruling party winning with a 69.9% majority. There is no Minimum Wage and low income jobs, except for construction workers and domestic helpers, are largely taken by Singaporeans. Well-paid PMET jobs are taken up foreign degree holders, many of whom are fresh graduates from India and China.

Facts About Poverty in Singapore

  1. Poverty in Singapore suffers from a lack of visibility Singapore is one of the wealthiest and most well-developed countries in the world, and this is often the side that is seen and thought of. This makes Singapore’s poverty difficult to see for anyone not living in the country.
  2. Singapore has a large inequality gap Singapore has the most millionaires in the world, but also has one of the largest inequality gaps in advanced Asian countries, placing second on the list.
  3. 10 to 14 percent of Singaporeans face severe poverty Ten to 14 percent of Singaporeans struggle with severe financial issues. These Singaporeans have difficulty affording their basic needs, with hunger being one of the largest factors.
  4. Poverty is an increasing problem in Singapore Poverty in Singapore is growing worse with each year. From 2012 to 2015, impoverished families relying on government assistance increased by approximately 43 percent.
  5. Poverty is an issue for the elderly Elderly Singaporeans are the group most affected by poverty. In the same timeframe of 2012 to 2015, the number of impoverished people over 60 years of age relying on government assistance increased by approximately 74 percent. This is mainly attributed to government restrictions on withdrawing retirement funds.
  6. Poverty is also an issue for the young Singaporeans between the ages of 15 and 34 years of age are the second most affected group. This is mainly caused by low-paying entry-level jobs and a lack of minimum wage laws. In addition, many young Singaporeans struggle to find a job at all, with approximately 5 percent being unemployed.
  7. Many people are trapped in poverty Singaporeans born into poverty, especially those from more recent generations, are more likely to stay in poverty even as adults. Those born into more financially well-off families tend to have more success.
  8. Government assistance is not enough The government provides financial aid to any family making less than $1,900 a month. The government also provides aid in other forms such as making education more affordable, tax exemptions for impoverished families and more affordable housing. Yet, impoverished families continue to struggle, and assistance does not seem to be alleviating the growing issue of poverty in the country.
  9. As poverty grows, so does the popularity of the ruling party Although the issue of poverty in Singapore is worsening at a steady rate, the ruling party in the country is growing in popularity and continuing to win general elections. Many believe that the current party is not doing enough to address the issue.
  10. Singapore receives little foreign aid Foreign aid for Singapore has dropped significantly since the mid-1990s, and it receives only miniscule amounts from countries like the U.S. compared to what others are receiving. Even then, the majority of foreign aid that goes to Singapore does not focus directly on poverty issues, and instead on the country’s trade and economy. This lack of aid may be partially due to how hidden much of the poverty in Singapore seems to be.

  1. Although a growing problem, poverty in Singapore remains in the background of the country’s financial successes and development. Because the issue often goes unnoticed by other countries, little aid is being provided, allowing poverty to grow and spread, affecting a variety of Singaporeans in many ways.
Keegan Struble

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you need to know about Ponzi scams

Nearly one million investors may have been fleeced in China's latest Ponzi scheme, which over the weekend saw 21 executives from its biggest peer-to-peer money lending platform being arrested on suspicion of stealing 50 billion yuan (S$10.8 billion).

The police allege that the senior management of Ezubao had stolen that much money from 900,000 investors nationwide, which would make it China's largest-ever case of investor fraud, by both cash value and the number of victims.

By number of victims, it would be the largest Ponzi scheme in the world.

Here's what you need to know about Ponzi scams:

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A fraudulent investment scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by using the cash from new investors. Such scams actually yield the promised returns to earlier investors, as long as there are more new investors.
But they eventually collapse on themselves when the new investments slow or stop.

Who is the scheme named after?

One Charles Ponzi, a clerk in Boston, who did not invent the scheme that came to bear his name, but whose scam fooled so many people and made him so much money that it brought the such a scheme into the national spotlight for the first time.
In 1919, the Italian immigrant duped thousands of investors, promising them a whopping 50 per cent return in 45 days, or 100 per cent in 90 days on international postal coupons, which he never actually purchased. The international reply coupons from other countries were supposed to be redeemable in the US for postage stamps, with the profit coming from the difference in prices between countries.
A steady flow of new investors initially allowed Ponzi to pay existing investors, while pocketing millions of dollars himself.
But soon enough, the scheme began to raise eyebrows because there were not sufficient international reply coupons for his investment plan to work. It collapsed, bringing six banks down with it. Collectively, his investors lost an estimated US$20 million - equal to US$222 million (S$416 million) in today's money.
Ponzi went to prison for several years but after his release, he launched another scheme where he sold real estate that was literally underwater. He was jailed yet again and ultimately died penniless in Brazil, working as a translator.

Is a Ponzi scheme the same as a pyramid scheme?

They are similar in that both are based on using money from new investors to pay the earlier ones.
But there is one important difference: In a Ponzi scheme, the mastermind gathers all the money from new investors and then distributes them. Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, allow each investor to directly benefit depending on how many new investors are recruited. The person at the top of the pyramid does not at any point have access to all the money in the scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal in most but not all countries.
For both schemes, however, eventually there is not enough money to go around and the schemes unravel.

What is the biggest Ponzi scheme ever?

There have been many famous Ponzi conmen throughout history, especially in recent years. But the biggest schemer by far was Bernie Madoff.
Madoff stole US$65 billion from thousands of investors from the ordinary to the ultra-rich and famous. A respected former chairman of the Nasdaq stock market, Madoff started his Ponzi scheme in 1986 under the guise of a successful hedge fund - and ran it successfully for 23 years.
But the global financial crisis led to his undoing. In 2009, Madoff received redemption requests worth US$7 billion, which he was unable to meet. He confided his problems to his two sons, who reported him to the authorities.
Madoff is currently serving a 150-year prison sentence. One son hanged himself in 2010 on the two-year anniversary of his discovery of the fraud; the other died in 2014, blaming his cancer relapse on the stress and shame he suffered from his father's massive scam.
Sources: Investopedia, Bloomberg News, Time

1. Need some advice as I was ask to go there for that...

I am skeptical as there are too many negative feedback on the sweet and slick talk which many Malaysian had already fallen into the trap.

Any comments welcome.

Thank you

2. it appears to me that you are already aware of the ponzi investment scam, the China government did a major crack down last year. Why would  you still want to get involved? there are other better investment you could go into instead of risking your hard earn money there.

3. Thank you very much for the heads up...

To me, it's another look look see see of NN and with the forum feedback, at least I will be alert.

Lastly, I only interested on how well they organized to smoke their way through with so many kuku....

Of cos, I wont tell them my real intention is to jalan jalan and lastly hopefully Singaporeans will wake up from their dream.


4. Many people said the same things as you before they went.

Came back "investing" tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes. Some people have made money from it. Most didn't.

China police bust massive S$10.8b Ponzi scheme with over 900,000 investors.
SHANGHAI - Authorities in China have busted what may well be the country's biggest illegal fund-raising case in terms of money and the number of investors, according to media reports on Monday (Feb 1).
Police arrested 21 people involved in the operation of peer-to-peer (P2P) lender Ezubao, the official Xinhua news agency said on Monday, over an online scam it said took in some 50 billion yuan (S$10.8 billion) from about 900,000 mainland investors.
Ezubao was a Ponzi scheme, the Xinhua report said, and more than 95 per cent of the projects on the online financing platform were fake.

Among those arrested was the scheme's alleged high-flying mastermind - Ding Ning,chairman of Yucheng Group, which launched Ezubao in July 2014.
The suspects are accused of luring in investors with false offers of double-digit annual returns.
Mr Ding, 34, financed his lavish lifestyle with money fleeced from investors, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday.
It said Ezubao was launched in July 2014 and embarked on a massive advertising campaign to raise funds.

On the surface, it was a P2P website with various projects, offering investors annual returns ranging between 9 per cent and 14.6 per cent. But in reality, the website's operators made up most of the projects listed on its website and used funds from new investors to pay old debts, Xinhua reported.

Chinese police said they had sealed, frozen and seized the assets of Ezubao and its linked companies.

The Ezubao case underscores the risks created by China's fast-growing US$2.6-trillion wealth management product industry, said Reuters. Many products are sold through loosely regulated channels, including online financial investment platforms and privately run exchanges.


Tea drinking

Drinking moderate amounts of black tea is LIKELY SAFE for most adults. Drinking too much black tea, such as more than five cups per day, is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. High amounts of black tea can cause side effects due to the caffeine in black tea. ... Caffeine is PROBABLY SAFE in children in amounts commonly found in foods.


#1. How tea is bad for health?

It is thought that antioxidants and magnesium compounds help to keep weight down. Drinking one cup of tea a day could also help to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, studies have suggested. ... However, the amount of caffeine is small and makes tea a healthier alternative to coffee.

#2. Is it bad to drink tea everyday?

Drinking black tea in moderate amounts is generally safe for most people. Drinking large amounts of black tea, or more than four or five cups a day, may cause health problems. That's mostly because of caffeine-related side effects.

#3.  Can drinking tea cause health problems?

Not Sweet: Too Much Iced Tea Causes Kidney Failure. Drinking tea is good for your health. It may lower the risk of cancer, it can encourage weight loss, and recent studies have shown tea can help lower blood pressure.

#4. Why shouldn't you drink tea on an empty stomach?

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases acidity, which in turn causes heartburn and indigestion throughout the day. Drinking tea on an empty stomach can suppress the secretion of gastric juices and reduces bile and acid in the stomach.

#5. What are the bad effects of drinking tea?

High amounts of black tea can cause side effects due to the caffeine in black tea. These side effects can range from mild to serious and include headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremor, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in the ears, convulsions, and confusion.

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Mahkota Dewa (Miracle Fruit)

Mahkota Dewa (Miracle Fruit)
100% Natural,No preservatives or additives

Mahkota Dewa(God's Crown) An herbal cure all : The effective remedy for diabetes,cancer,high blood pessure,heart disease,skin disease and many other diseases.

Mahkota Dewa is believed to be the natural remedies for many diseases and health ailments

 such as high blood pressure, impotency, insomnia, influenza, rheumatism, allergies, heart
 disease, bladder complaints, uric acid and liver problems.

What are the benefits of Mahkota Dewa?

Its contains 4 useful chemical for human body;

Capable of improving the blood flow, reducing Cholestrol as well as reducing the chances
of HEART Disease.
Improve blood circulation throughout the body and prevent blockages in blood vessels
reduce the cholesterol content of fat and reduce inflammation on blood vessel walls
reduce the levels of risk of coronary heart disease
contains anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory)
act as anti-oxidants
help to reduce pain if there is bleeding or swelling


 Alkaloids, is detoxification which can neutralize toxins in the body


Anti bacteria and anti virus agent. Reducing Sugar Level in blood.
enhance the immune system
enhance the vitality
reduce blood sugar levels
reduce blood clotting


Used as anti-allegic.
serve as an antihistamine (allergy)

Chemical Ingredients

1. Leaves: contain adequate antihistamines, alkaloids, saponins & polyphenols (lignans)
2. Fruit Skin: contain adequate alkaloids, saponins & flavonoids.
3. Fruit: alkanoid, tannins, flavonoids, phenols, saponins, lignans, essential oils &

The nature & Benefits

1. Fruit skin and flesh Fruit: cure dysentery (bloody diarrhea), psoriasis & acne.
2. Leaves and Seeds: heal various types of skin problems such as eczema & itch.

3. Fruit: antitumor, anti-dysentery, anti-insects, heal eczema, hepatotoxic (adjective: hepatotoxic =
damaging or destructive to liver cells.)
 & antibodies.

Some  diseases that  may be cured with  Mahkota Dewa Tea

 Cancer & Tumors

 Eczema (Skin Diseases)
 Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
 High Blood Pressure
 Hepatitis (Liver Inflammation)
 Rheumatic (joint pain)
 Uric acid (Gout ,Arthritis)
 Heart Disease
 Kidney Disorders
Liver disease
High cholesterol
Kidney disease
Shortness of breath(diffculty breathing)
Female whitish discharge(白带)
Erectile dysfunction(Impotence)
Weak erection
Menstrual problems
Vaginal infections
 Decreased libido

Individual results may vary.

Mahkota dewa is  used by the Indonesian community,

especially in Java, as the drug of skin diseases, itching, and eczema. The disease is
characterized by symptoms of itching, signs of allergy to a particular agent that
encourages the body's cells which excrete  histamine.

From studies in vitro, using guinea pig's small intestine, is known, it is discovered that

leaves and fruit of mahkota dewa have  the effect of antihistamines. This means that this
plant can be scientifically justified its use as a itching antidote from insect bites or
caterpillars, eczema, and other diseases due to allergies.

Mahkota dewa is a popular medicinal plant because  the leaves and fruit are

considered able to cure various diseases. For example high blood pressure disease,
diabetes, liver, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gout, rheumatism, kidney problems,
allergies, various skin diseases, overcoming drug addiction, insomnia, lung, liver
cirrhosis, increased stamina and endurance against influenza
Review of Mahkota Dewa ( Phaleria papuana)
 UGM lecturer, Sumastuti explained that Mahkota dewa contain Anthinistamin, flavonoids, saponon, polyphenols, and other substances which have the effect of analgesia, anti-bacterial passage and lowers blood sugar ( No Sunday Morning. 44 February 2002)

 Green Tea ( Camellia Sinensis L) is a greatest medicinal plant in the earth.
Dr. Joko Sulistyo of Research and Development Center for Biology LIPI said that experts from Mainz University in Germany, Johannes Guitenburg been doing research on tea leaves that green tea does contain an anti-carcinogenic component is also an active antioxidant that works to prevent damage to cells or DNA as a result of free radical compounds that associated with cancer and heart disease.

Tea parasite ( Scurrula Cetropurpurea)
According to Prof.. Pramono expert Suwijoyo Pharmacy
 UGM is a plant that is very effective as a cure for cancer, green tea, fruit tea Mahkota Dewa and the parasite is highly compound blend formulation containing all three polyphenolic compounds it contains, among others, epicatechin ( EC) epigalo catechins ( EGC) , epicatechin Error ( ECG) , epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCC) , flavonoids, gallic acid, and chlorogenic.

Testimony of users
Ir. Sardi Suwito Community leaders, active in various civic organizations Kokap, Kulonprogo.
 " My blood sugar was very high, uric acid was already sort of chronic, totally exhausted every helpless because of the high uratku acid. Alhamdulillah after drinking Mahkota Dewa Tea Products Salama Nusantara, I' m healthy again. "

Nyoya Lamuri Kampung Bahari, North Jakarta "
I had suffered from heart disease high blood mixed. Went to the doctor not fit, then I eat fruit concoction Mahkkota god, now I' ve recovered. "

 Butet Kertarajasa Yogyakarta artists "
 Really I am very grateful because it only takes a week my blood sugar and triglyceride levels actually go down. All thanks to the help of Allah and discipline engatur diet, exercise and drinking Mahkota Dewa herb regularly.

R. Bambang Eko Priyono Purwo Kanjeng studio, Parikesan and Clinics Alternative Jl. Lake Buyan Sanur, Bali, Bali.
' I want to say without a tendency that the product of PT. Salama Nusantara Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta, in the form of Mahkota Dewa Tea, a traditional medicinal products selling in the community, especially community residents Yogyakarta Bali in Bali. Great traditional ingredients with no chemically addictive substance that is safe and efficacious for consumption. Jakarta, March 21, 2007

 Muhidin Hasan ( 66 Years) Regards Hamlet III RT. 19 RW. 09 Plumbon, Temon, Kulonprogo. " I have three children, all married, the older the age we are experiencing impotence, about six months ago, after drinking Mahkota Dewa Tea regularly every day for one week we were healthy and normal wife relationship.

Major ( Ret.) H. Siyono ( 63 Years) Klender RT. 01 RW. 01 ( Front SMA 12 Jakarta Timur) More than 5 years, in line trip complications of disease ravaged my body age, diabetes, high blood pressure and ran to the heart.
Mid-February of 2007, the results of medical check-up of the RS team. Hope we denounce We must immediately Cardiac Surgery. Beginning in March 2007 we found the Mahkota Dewa Tea products Salama Nusantara Kulonprogo Yogyakarta, we routinely consume tomorrow, noon afternoon, and Alhamdulillah we are by the team doctor stated do not need surgery.

Ny.Anan Winata ( Bogor) "
For three years I had ovarian cancer, then I get the Mahkota Dewa fruit concoction, Thank God I was cured now. "

Is Faizah Badich ( 48 Years) Jl. Imogiri West 136, South Market Telo, Karangkajen, Yogyakarta.
 " I have been suffering from a benign tumor on his back for 10 years. Two years later the lump was disturbing because of intense itching, cenut-cenut and somewhat hardened. At first I decided to surgery, but Alhamdulillah thanks to the help and permission of Allah SWT after reading an article in the paper and then consuming Mahkota Dewa Tea as much as three packs dipunggung lump disappeared. Since then I decided to continue to consume in order to bump Mahkota Dewa Tea does not grow anymore and to maintain health. "

Mahkota Dewa is an effective remedy for diabetes.Diabetes patients who are not able to control their sugar level  are seeing good results after taking Mahkota Dewa.For diabetes patients on insulin,they must be careful when taking Mahkota Dewa or their sugar level might be too low.  

1.Buah Mahkota Dewa ( Phaleria papuana Fructus) 70%
 2.Daun Green tea ( Folium Camallia Sinensis) 20%
3.Benalu Tea ( Scumula Atropurpurea Folium) 10%

Suitable for young and old

11/2 teaspoon of mahkota dewa each time.
Just pour in hot water and cover for 15 minutes before drinking.Brown sugar may be added for non diabetic consumer.Mahkota dewa can be reused many times.Do not throw it away after your first drink.

 Warning: Not to be consumed by Pregnant Women

Teh Mahkota Dewa may be consumed  warm on empty stomach for best results.Drink Mahkota dewa 3 times daily before food for best results.

18 dollars per box 130gram



Last time I told you about the other magic drink I brought from Indonesia, Sambiloto. Now I will give another secret to you about another drink of “miracle” from Indonesia that is known as The God’s Crown or The Crown of God, which is widely recognized in Indonesian language as Mahkota Dewa.

For you who want to live a healthy life or cure some diseases, this could be another effective traditional herbal drink for you to drink regularly. But first, I have to be honest that it doesn’t taste good. It’s quite bitter even if it’s not as much bitter as the king of bitter, Sambiloto; but still, it really is for you who aren’t used to bitter herbal drinks.

However, even if it’s not one of the most delicious drinks available, the healing benefits cannot be doubted. Like some other traditional herbal drinks that many people would avoid for the bitter taste, The God’s Crown or Mahkota Dewa provides you the health benefits that you can never imagine, such as:

1. Preventing and healing two of the diseases you fear the most, Tumor and Cancer.

 2. Neutralizing the body toxins.

 3. Killing any bacteria, virus and fungal in your body.

 4. Curing diarrhea problem.

 5. Helping your diet by reducing body weight and making your skin smooth as it contains antioxidants.

 6. Preventing and healing the cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

 7. Reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level.

 8. Healing uric acid and rheumatic.

 9. Ensuring perfect blood circulation and making sure everything works well.

 10. Improving the stamina of our body.

Why Is Mahkota Dewa So Powerful?
The silly answer will be it’s because the name itself is called The Crown of GOD so why would you doubt its miracles ? But I won’t answer only this way

So, here is the reasonable answer. The God’s Crown or Mahkota Dewa is so powerful as it has four crucial chemical substances including Flavonoid, Alkaloid, Saponin and Polyphenol. They are the fantastic four that contribute to the superpower of Mahkota Dewa and provide the health benefits this herbal drink gives to the consumers.

And as an Indonesian, I’m proud that The God’s Crown or Mahkota Dewa is indigenous from Indonesia as I believe the best medicine should be natural.
Also, I’m happy that I’ve brought enough of its dry leaves to Italy for my herbal drinks supply! Now, would you want to try its superpower too?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mahkota Dewa a.k.a. Phaleria Macrocarpa

Image result for mahkota dewa benefits

Mahkota Dewa .  In Indonesia this fruit is know as  “Proven Health Benefits of Mahkota Fruit”

“A Super Herb for Healing Lots of Ailments”
Mahkota dewa fruit or phaleria macrocarpa and also know as God’s Crown is a powerful healing herbal fruit which is full of antioxidants. This wonderful fruit is full of healing qualities including boosting vitality, healing skin disease, helps with diabetes, heals gout, lowers cholesterol, helps prevent heart disease, helps with kidney disease, boosts immunity, detoxes the body in general and more.

Where it Grows - The Mahkota plant grows in Asia including China and is very common in Indonesia and surrounding islands and Malaysia and New Guinea. It’s an evergreen tree with red or green fruits which are very healing. Mahkota fruit tea is well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Other names - Mahkota fruit is also known as The Crown of Gods, Crown of the Lord, Makuto rojo, Makutadewa, Makuto mewo, and Makuto  queen. 
Image result for mahkota dewa benefits

Parts Used - The flesh of the fruit, the skin, and the leaves are used, but the seeds of the fruit are poisonous. 

Contains - Mahkota fruit contains saponins, alkaloids, antihistamines, and polyphenol compounds which are all very healing.

Improves Circulation - Mahkota fruit helps to increase circulation throughout the body including coronary arteries thus helping to prevent heart attacks.

Lowers Cholesterol - Mahkota fruit helps lower LDL or bad cholesterol.

Powerful Anti-inflammatory - Mahkota fruit is a powerful anti-inflammatory thus helping with arthritis, joint pain, redness, swelling, and body pain in general. 

Antibacterial and antiviral - Mahkota fruit tea is also a very potent antibacterial and antiviral agent which helps with all kinds of diseases including colds, flues, and other ailments. 

Lowers Blood Sugar - Mahkota fruit also helps to lower blood sugar levels making this tea very important for those who suffer from diabetes.

Helps with Gout - This powerful healing fruit also helps clear uric acid from the body… and thus get rid of the pain and swelling associated with gout. 

Good for Kidney Tissue - Mahkota fruit also helps with kidney disease because it contains lots of antioxidants which are important for healing in general.

Lowers Blood Pressure - Mahkota fruit tea also lowers blood pressure. Being a good vasodilator it opens up blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.  
Great Immune System Booster - Mahkota fruit contains lots of powerful antioxidants that boosts up our immune system. 

Lowers Fevers - Mahkota fruit also lower fevers just like while willow bark or aspirin. 

Good Detoxing Agent - Mahkota fruit also helps to detox the liver and the body in general with powerful alkaloids. 

Heals Diarrhea - Because of all those powerful alkaloids, Mahkota fruit also heals diarrhea.  

Works Well for Allergies - Mahkota leaves contain a very strong antihistamine called polifenol which works well for healing allergies.

Cancer and Leukemia - Studies show that Mahkota fruit tea can inhibit cancer cell growth by as much as 50%— more studies to be done. 

Heals Acne and Other Skin Problems - Mahkota fruit also works well for healing acne, eczema, and psoriasis, rashes, helps with itching and other skin irritations. 

How to Make Mahkota Tea - Take 100 grams of dried Mahkota fruit and add it to 500 ml of boiling water. Simmer until reduced to half its volume or 250 ml. Then let cool and strain and keep in a glass or plastic jar in the frig— will keep for 2 weeks. 

Dose for Tea - Drink one cup of mahkota fruit tea AM and PM and only used for 7 to 10 days. Then take a week off and then repeat if needed. 

Forms - Most commonly found as dried fruit for herbal tea.

Side Effects - The seeds are toxic and should not be used. And drinking too much tea can lead to headaches. And of course, those who are pregnant, nursing, or small children should not use mahkota fruit tea. And the fruit is not edible until processed. 

Finding - Mahkota tea can be found on Amazon and eBay and other on-line retailers and the trees can also be found for sale on Amazon and eBay. 
Enjoy this powerful herbal remedy.

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Benefits of the mahkota dewa fruit for the health and vitality of men
The fruit of the mahkota dewa is the original plant from Indonesia originally from Papua - Irian Jaya.
Many people often hear the word mahkota dewa, but not many people have ever seen the shape and form of this mahkota dewa fruit.
Here are some photos of the mahkota dewa tree in my home garden.

Plants and Fruit mahkota dewa has many benefits for the health of the body in because many have mineral and nutrient content such as: Content of polyphenols, flavonoids, alkaloid substances, saponins substances and so forth. Content that is very good for the health of the body are useful for:

1. Smooth blood circulation.

Content of this flavonoid substances that serve to accelerate blood circulation in the body. If the blood circulation in our body smoothly then we can avoid various diseases and other health problems.

2. Lowering cholesterol

High blood cholesterol disease can cause various diseases complications which is very dangerous to the body. The fruit of this mahkota dewa is also very well consumed to lower blood cholesterol levels are high, this flavonoid substance that can play a role in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Ward off bacteria.

The content of alkaloids contained in the fruit is very useful to ward off bacteria that exist in the body as immunity. so the body is not susceptible to bacterial infections. And various diseases caused by bacteria can be overcome by eating this fruit.

4. Anti-inflammatory.

Flavonoid substances contained in the fruit content of this mahkota dewa is very useful as an anti-bacterial. We can consume boiled water from this fruit on a regular basis to get optimal results. So it will be very beneficial for us to avoid the various diseases that caused inflamasi.

5. Vitality and reproduction of men.

Saponin content is useful to maintain and increase vitality for men. Simply by boiling the fruit of the godless dry crown and then drink one hour before sexual intercourse. Drinking boiled water from the fruit is beneficial to maintain and increase vitality.

6. Treating tumors.

Tumors are abnormal lumps contained in the body. The content of antioxidants in the skin of the mahkota dewa is as good as the antioxidant content found in the skin of the mangosteen fruit as an antidote and free radical destroyer.

7. Treating flu and cough.

This fruit has a myriad of benefits that are good for the health of the body. flu and cough are included in the benefits of this fruit. Flu and cough is a disease caused by the virus, the antiviral content contained in this fruit can treat the flu and cough in the body.

8. Treating coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease includes into a very dangerous disease and also a killer that is very deadly. Which causes blockage of blood flow to the heart.
Flavonoids contained in fruit content is expressed to facilitate blood flow to the heart.

9. Ward off free radicals.

Our bodies are very vulnerable to free radicals. This fruit can be used to ward off free radicals. Due to the antioxidants that exist in the skin of this fruit that will play a role to ward off free radicals that will enter the body.

10. Improving the immune system.

The content of saponins contained in this fruit is very useful to improve the immune system in the body.
In addition to the ten kinds of benefits and efficacy of the mahkota dewa for health.

14 Benefits and Benefits Another mahkota dewa.
The almonds contained in the mahkota dewa are also effective:
Anti virus.
Prevent and treat cancer cells and
Reduce fat deposits in blood vessels.
Treat cancer.
Treat rheumatism.
Expel allergy.

Treat gout.
Treating diabetes mellitus.
Improve metabolic system.
Good as a dysentery medicine.
Pain relief joints.
Treat itching itch
Treating hepatitis
Good for detox.

Thus the benefits of the crown of god for the health of the body.
Look forward to my next posting on how to process the fruit of this mahkota dewa as a body health drink. Odysseus, a Greek god to find people eat lotus flowers. On the Affairs of China, lotus flower, daylily, and chrysanthemum eaten for centuries. Colonies of the United States soldiers were cooking with acidic flavor of violets. That proves that eating flowers was done long ago. But, is not just any flowers can be consumed. Because there are also flowers that contain toxic and deadly. Humans can feel the efficacy of interest if the true and proper processing.

Plants are also effective to treat the disease. For example, flowers crown the god or Phaleria macrocarpa. Tree crown height of about 1.5 god - 5 meters with a greenish brown stems. Leaves single, elongated oval pointy toes. While the fruit is round with varying sizes. Young fruit color is green. While the old maroon. This flower nutritious treat diseases including: cancer, liver, kidney, diabetes. Crown gods had long been used as a medicinal plant by the nobles of Java. In Central Java known as Dewo Makuto. Previously, only to be found in Kraton Yogyakarta and Solo environment.

Tree Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa) is known as one of the medicinal plants in Indonesia. Originally from Papua / Irian Jaya. Crown of god is a plant species that grow and grow trees throughout the year, It was able to reach a height of 3-4m.Batang gummy consists of greenish brown skin and white sticks, It was rooted tunjang.

Leaves elliptical, Lansing, & hujungnya elongated tapered, flat leaf edges, surfaces smooth and hairless leaves.

Flowers are white crown of the gods and smelling good. Flowers are small flowers resembling cloves.

Phaleria consists of skin, meat, shell & seeds. Fruit is round, 3-5cm in diameter, smooth, grooved, when young, green and red color after cooking. White flesh, fibrous and watery.

Skin of the fruit shell is a seed that also includes a portion which is often utilized as ubat, It was necessary at first boiled.

Seed is the most poisonous plants Courant. The shape is oval diameter of about 1cm round & brown, the white portion.

Chemical Ingredients
1. Leaves: contain adequate antihistamines, alkaloids, saponins & polyphenols (lignans)
2. Fruit Skin: contain adequate alkaloids, saponins & flavonoids.
3. Fruit: alkanoid, tannins, flavonoids, phenols, saponins, lignans, essential oils & sterols.

The nature & Benefits
1. Fruit skin and flesh Fruit: mengubati dysentery (bloody diarrhea), psoriasis & acne.
2. Leaves and Seeds: mengubati various types of skin problems such as ekzim & gatal2.
3. Fruit: antitumor, antidisentri, antiinsekta, mengubati eczema, hepatotoxic & antibodies.

Components of the new lignans contained in meat extracts Phaleria berumus H2O molecule C6 O6 & structured 5 - {4 (-menthoxy-tetrahydrofuro-phenyl-[3,4-c] furan-1-yl)-benzene-1, 2 ,3-triol.

Between The disease can be Cured With a mixture of Mahkota Dewa
1. Kanser & Tumors
2. Eczema (Skin Diseases)
3. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
4. Hipertansi (Blood Pressure)
5. Hepatitis (Liver Inflammation)
6. Rheumatic (joint pain)
7. Uric acid (Gout Arthritis)
8. Heart Disease
9. Kidney Disorders

- A portion of fruit seeds are particularly poisonous, It was necessary in boiled before eating.
- Pregnant women are prohibited from taking the results of this processing plant.

Phaleria contain several active substances such as:
- Alkaloids, is detoxification which can neutralize toxins in the body
- Saponin, which is useful as:
The source of anti-bacterial and anti-virus
enhance the immune system
enhance the vitality
reduce blood sugar levels
reduce blood clotting
- Flavonoids
blood circulation throughout the body and prevent blockages in blood vessels
reduce the cholesterol content of fat and reduce penumbunan on blood vessel walls
reduce the levels of risk of coronary heart disease
contains anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory)
act as anti-oxidants
help to reduce pain if there is bleeding or swelling
- Polyphenols
serve as an antihistamine (allergy)