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When we become dehydrated, histamine sees to it that the available water in the body is well preserved and distributed according to a priority of function. The rate of histamine production in the human body increases exponentially when the body becomes more and more dehydrated.

Supplying the human body with water causes a disappearance of histamine from areas where it should not be present. With adequate water supply, histamine production, and its excess release, is inhibited proportionately. This relationship of water to histamine has been demonstrated in several animal experiments. It is now physiologically apparent that water by itself has very strong natural anti-histaminic properties.

Immune System Suppression

There are certain white cells that are sensitive to histamine and that strongly inhibit the activity of the immune system in the bone marrow. There are twice as many of these white cells as there are cells that stimulate the immune system. Thus, dehydration that can cause the production and release of more than a certain amount of histamine may, in the long run, suppress the body immune systems at its central command station, the bone marrow.

Since there is a greater-than-normal rate of histamine production and storage in prolonged dehydration, a stimulus for the release of histamine from its immune system side of activity will produce a greater quantity of its release into the tissues. Tissues are a group of cells. At the same time, antibody production and efficiency, which have already been suppressed because of dehydration, will be inadequate to deal with foreign agents such as pollen and other antigens. The enormity of this problem becomes apparent during the pollen season when the eyes get invaded with these foreign agents. The tear-producing glands need to wash the offending pollen away from the delicate membrane of the eye - the conjunctiva - since antibodies are not adequately available to neutralize the pollen. This is the reason why histamine activity for secretion of water onto the delicate membranes covering the eyes and the nasal passages becomes exaggerated.

It is a naturally installed need-driven response. So don't fight it with drugs/drug lotion. "Water wash" is the only way of getting rid of the offending pollen types that are not neutralized by antibodies. This is how allergy to pollen occurs.

If you were to ask me : "Do you mean to say I can prevent asthma and allergies by drinking more water?" my answer would be yes, yes, and yes again. First "yes" for asthma, second "yes" for allergies, and final "yes" for more water. You can do it naturally, with no medication and at no cost. That is the difference between the solid paradigm ,drug-approach, from the solvent paradigm, water-cure approach. Water will do it because of the primary role of histamine in water regulation and drought management of the human body. Again, you are not sick, but your body is just thirsty and dehydration had set in. So just drink water and rehydrate yourself.

It is now clear that chronic dehydration is the primary cause of allergies and asthma in the human body. Increased water intake - on a habit-forming, regular basis - should become the treatment of choice.

In those people who have attacks of asthma or allergic reactions to different pollens or foods, strict attention to adequate daily water intake, with addition of some salt (recommend sea-salt), should become a preventive measure.

People who suffer from allergies and asthma will also have other indicators of dehydration. They will definitely develop other very serious health problems if they do not take their bodies' need for regular intake of water seriously. If you have any doubts about this information, read Andrew Bauman's letter, which was posted in this Healthy Wealth blog.

If you suffer from allergies and asthma, you MUST begin by drinking water, enough for your present body weight, on regular basis. And do not drink other products such as coffee, sodas, colas, alcohol, tea which can 'rod' the water from your body. You SHOULD stop taking caffeine .

Those with normal heart and kidney functions should begin drinking two glasses of water a half hour (30 minutes) before each meal, and one glass of water two and a half hours after the meal. When you increase your water intake, you also need to increase your daily salt (recommend sea-salt for cooking) intake to make up for the salt lost during increased urine production. Read more about salt found in this Healthy Wealth blog.

Fortunately for Andrew Bauman, he discovered the medicinal effects of water and salt and is still alive. He has reversed the variety of problems produced by dehydration, save one condition that is gradually improving. Mr. Bauman's case history highlights the serious implications of allergies during childhood, which can lead to the development of serious diseases later in life if positive steps are not taken to hydrate the body, drink water, adequately.

How Dehydration starts body diseases?

Reduction Of Thirst Sensation.

The human body has an ability to adapt to some hardship. Low food intake and temporary shortage of water in the body seem to invoke an adaptive process. The essential functions of the human body are managed until we have access to food and water.

In this process, the sensation of thirst can be confused with the feeling of hunger, because both sensations are similar in the way they register - they stem from low energy levels in the brain. This is one of the main contributing factors in the development of obesity in the young and the old. They mistakenly eat food to satisfy their thirst sensation.

They seem to respond to both natural calls - thirst and hunger - as if they are only hungry. They, do not know better, begin to eat until the thirst sensation gathers greater strength as a result of the additional load of solid food within the system, and only then do they drink some water, alas, many are drinking coke, or soda,or coffee, or canned drinks during meal time, which only lead to the end results of more acidic and dehydration state later. This type of thirst satisfactions is not enough for the urgent needs of the body, but is just enough to fall inside the body's limit of temporary adaptation to water shortage.

In this way, the water shortage in the human body becomes a steadily expanding chronic state, and new thresholds of adaptation are forced on the body. This process results in a slowly deteriorating loss of thirst sensation, so much so that the need for regular water intake as a sensation gradually becomes forgotten.

DO NOT TAKE ANY ANTI HISTAMINE DRUGS! Why? if you ask. By the way if your doctor disagree with this warning, ask the same doctor, whether the glass of water or the pills is actually doing the real work in the dehydrated body. You can share with the doctor about water-cure protocol formula or

Histamine can act as temporary substitute for water by releasing energy for some extremely sensitive body functions, like respiration. In this way, the human body can survive some dehydration. Observe this event during the fasting month,Muslim's month of Ramadan, the followers cease eating and drinking any thing from sunrise till sunset, estimated to be about twelve hours.

It seems the human body begins to rely on the emergency functions of histamine and allow dehydration to continue. Still, no matter how useful the possession of these emergency powers, dehydration is damaging to some less-used functions of the human body. Gradually establishing chronic dehydration produces constant changes, initially in the physiology and eventually in the chemistry of the body. The human body begins to survive on the constant verge of failure.

The histamine-operated centers of the brain seem to recognize the levels of water that enter the body. (The tongue is sensitive to both the taste and nano-weight of food and water. Your finger tip fail to sense one hair which your tongue can easily sense it. Water molecule, hydrogen 2 & oxygen 1, is 1 nanometre in size; hydrogen atom is 0.1 nanometre in size. Typically, an atomic radius is measured in nanometres [1/1,000,000,000 of a metre])If sufficient water enters the human body, the active histamine centers gradually become disengaged from their full-time responsibility as water regulators. The engagement of histamine in drought management and its substitution for some energy-transforming functions of water decrease and are eventually phased out. It seems that the human body begins to realize there is no water shortage and becomes more alert to and conscious of its call for water - it begins to understand and manifest thirst. It seems to me that the loss of the thirst sensation is an adaptive process to false information that water is not available because we don't drink water it. Not enough water.

If the human body is once again conditioned to regular and adequate water intake, daily, however, the thirst sensation becomes sharp and the urge to drink water becomes strong. Just like new born babies, which cries for water not regarding the time of the day or night. Just a suck or two of water satisfy their small size bodies. Remember every one (1) kilogram of body weight, need 31.42 ml of water, daily. Keep the air-conditioned room within 25 degree to prevent dry-evaporation respiration.

The body begins to indicate water shortage more forcefully. The rehydration of the cells takes place slowly. The cells of the body are just like sponges - they get soaked slowly. Please do not imagine the human body will become optimally hydrated after just the first glass or two of water drinking. The water that is taken will not immediately enter all the cells. Upon regular and adequate intake of water, the process of full hydration of the cells will take a few days.

The water volume inside and outside the cells of the body needs to be in balance. Remember that salt (sodium) regulates the water levels outside the cells. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium are the vital minerals that balance the water volume inside the cells. These minerals are found plenty and in harmony proportion in all fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Eat them every day, and you need not any supplements.

Dr David McCurron of the Department of Nephrology at Oregon Health Science University, Portland, found that with adequate daily intake of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, not only will salt (sodium) not raise blood pressure, it might actually lower it. Alas, not many doctors in our country know about this fact, hence, they just ignorantly advised patients with high blood pressure to cut down salt intake in their daily diet, which is counter-productive.

Additional information we need to remember is that five(5) elements - water, salt,potassium, magnesium, and calcium - are involved in energy regulation inside the cells. Water drives the sodium potassium pump protein and manufactures hydroelectricity. When any athlete's body is lack of salt, he/she will experience muscle cramps. This hydro-electricity is used for immediate needs, and the excess of it is converted to usable stored energy for emergency use. Calcium is bonded to other calcium in bones and in the endoplasmic reticulum inside the cells. Osteoporosis is due to prolonged dehydration and the body self-sacrifice the bone calcium for survival, hence we see Dowager's Hump (exaggerated kyphosis). Furthermore, not everyone who develops the classic dowager's hump has vertebral osteoporosis. Some of this abnormal posture probably relates to other degenerative diseases. And dehydration always starts body degenerative process, long before most doctors can pick up its sign to give it a label or name it, as disease. They are not genetic inherited disease, but non-water-drinking lifestyle dis-ease leading to established diseases.

Each bonded calcium atom traps one unit of energy that can be reused if necessary. Magnesium traps many units of energy in the form of magnesium ATP.

As you can see, the mystery of essential hypertension , asthma, allergies, and many other self-inflicted dehydration dis-ease(s) is solved. It is superflous to remind people where and what to eat in order to have enough amount of these five basic elements: fresh raisins, potatoes, avocados, lima, beans, peas, tomatoes,cauliflower, bananas, wholesome wheat, oranges, grapefruits, apricots, eggs, etc.
Also iodine is very important element for the regulation of the fluid content of the human body. It is vital for good health and good fluid balance.Iodine is essential for the thyroid gland to manufacture thyroxin, its primary hormone. Thyroxin is the element that stimulates the cells to manufacture all the pump proteins that regulate the sodium, potassium, and other mineral balances outside and inside the cells, and that generate energy in the process.

With the movement of sodium and potassium across the cell membrane, not only will water also move to balance the osmotic pressure in and out of the cell, but the other mineral-transferring pumps will take their cue and regulate the magnesium, potassium, and calcium levels of the cell interior as well. Now we know better, it is WATER that started it all for energy generation in the body cells, and not just those minerals per se, so I hope you be wiser now and no longer be duped into buying and swallowing more mineral-supplements in order to be healthy wealth again.

Only when we realize what damage dehydration can cause will we take seriously the need for strict adherence to hydrating (drinking water for) the body regularly and well. The quantity and timing of water daily intake is very important.

Everyone knows water is essential. What is not fully realized is what happens when the human body is not provided with adequate water on regular basis. Also, what is meant by the "the body begins to survive on the constant verge of failure"?

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Let's hope this revision on asthma and allergies will enlighten more people about the real cause and remedy, for good.

What is asthma?
It is said people have asthma when they become short of breath, without any warning, to the point of nearly suffocating. Several thousand people die from suffocation due to asthma every year.

Sometimes the onset of asthma is associated with repeated dry coughs with each breath. There is always an associated wheezing when exhaling, without an apparent infection in the lungs.

Asthma affects more than 18 million Americans, mostly children. Asthma and allergies are the human body's crisis calls for water. They denote a state of dehydration in the human body. They herald continuing degeneration of the body until other complications of dehydration get established and can cause early death.


From the vantage point of the new medical science, the following conditions should be considered labels placed on the physiological processes in the human body that denote a form of rationing and resource management when there is a limited supply of free water and other primary elements in the human body:

3.Hypertension, or high blood pressure
4.Type 2 diabetes
6.Autoimmune diseases

If you don't drink water regularly every day of your life, and don't understand the significance of pain, shortness of breath, and allergies as signs of dehydration, you will force your body into a disease stage. Any of the above conditions will herald the beginnings of body decay produced by local or general water shortage and the associated chemical environmental changes.

Reversal of autoimmune conditions is not easy and not always possible. TO reverse them requires an in-depth understanding of the importance of the acid-alkaline balance and the metabolic aspects associated with dehydration, such as the loss of a range of amino acids, insufficient absorption or loss of vital minerals like zinc and magnesium, and the absolute need for essential vitamins and fatty acids.

My experience and research tell me that the human body possesses a number of highly sophisticated emergency thirst signals. We need to be aware of these newly identified indicators of water shortage in our body. All you may need to do to cure some of your health problems is drink water instead of other fluids. Free water availability for the body is the key, not bonded-water as ingredients in beverages,colas, sodas, alcohol, 'sporty-designer-drinks', etc.

Question: What has all this got to do with asthma?

Answer: Asthma and allergy - conditions mainly treated with different kinds of antihistamine medications - are important indicators of dehydration in the human body. It is not the house dust mites which is (assumed) responsible for asthma sign/symptom, neither were these bugs (again assumed) are the 'culprits' behind half of all allergies worldwide.

Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates the thirst mechanism, for increased water intake. Some people also mistaken thirst signal for hunger signal and they eat more often than required and gain extra weight. Histamine also establishes a system of rationing for the available water in the drought- stricken body.

Histamine is the most noble element employed in drought management of the human body. Histamine is not the 'villain' that we have been led to believe due to our limitation of knowledge about the human body.

In dehydration, histamine production and its activity increase greatly, and this generates the emergency thirst signals and indicators of the water-rationing program that is taking place. Increased histamine release in the lungs causes spasms of the bronchioles, making them constrict. This natural spasmodic action of histamine on the bronchial tube is part of the design of the human body to conserve water that normally evaporates during breathing - the winter "steam." Average adult lose average of 1 liter of water just by respiration, and more water is lost during colder weather. Bear in mind that water is also used by the body to create heat energy to maintain the core body temperature (37.6*Celsius)for inner organs optimal and normal functions. Hot or warm drinks do not raise the core temperature of the body. You sweat after hot drink because the body is cooling (lowering) the core temperature through evaporation of heat via sweat.

In dehydration, lung tissue becomes very vulnerable. The air sacs in the lungs have very thin walls and need water to keep them moist at all times. Yes, during the hottest or coldest weather. The constant flow of air through these air sacs also evaporates the available water in their lining.Dehydration automatically reduces the amount of available water in these tissues and causes damage, unless the rate of airflow is reduced .

In essence, this is the rationale behind the blockage of airflow through the lungs in asthmatics. They are not sick, or 'attacked' by dust-mites, or virus, or bugs as we are led to believed by the doctors/specialist, but they are thirsty, more correctly put, prolonged-dehydrated.

Histamine is responsible for cutting down the rate of airflow through the lungs. It causes constriction of the bronchioles that are attached to the air sacs. Histamine also stimulates the production of added amounts of thick and viscous mucus that partially plug the bronchioles and protect the lining of the bronchioles themselves.

All these actions , in natural process, of histamine in dehydration are carried out to protect the delicate passageway of the human body that are in direct contact with the outside air and could easily become dried up and parched if not protected.

More can be said about histamine,later.

If any scientist want to test the reality of the first-cause of asthma, just increase the water intake of the patient and not change the house environment of house/duct mites(if any). Compare the same with an increase of water intake and reduce the antihistamine drugs(if any). The positive result will prove the point that it is the water that will cause the over-production of histamine to return to normal and the the wheezing asthma is gone, naturally.

Hope the CEO of A*Star (Singapore)can have a review in this discovery of water-cure protocol formula. Watch this and You Be The Judge, (Source: )

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Vaccines for Asthma ?

Under science section of The Straits Times Saturday, April 25 2009 Page D8 & D9, Liaw Wy-Cin ( some scientific research work, which is funded (SGD$ 36 million,four-four projects have been awarded)by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star).
1.COUGHing up a cure for asthma: Professor, Chua Kaw Yan is trying to find a vaccine for the illness by studying dust mites. She is a specialist in children's diseases, examining a vaccine specimen for dust mite allergy, responsible for 80 per cent of asthma cases worldwide. She has just won A*Star grants for three research projects involving dust mites.

: that the simple fact remains, as the children bodies physiology increases with the multiplication of more various body cells, the demand for more water has been neglected by parents/health-care giver, hence, dehydration set in at early age and cause asthma and allergies. This signs/symptoms are then complicated and effects compounded with more drugs prescriptions, until they pay attention closely with their water intake and proportional sea-salt intake. It is not the dust mite or other foreign agents/virus that first caused (etiology)asthma or allergies, but the body physiology mechanism has been compromised due to cellular dehydration and these additional agents only trigger the sign / symptom. The children/adults who are still suffering from asthma/allergies can only be help when they increase and monitor their daily water intake. They are not sick, as per se, defined by present mainstream definition which underlying paradigm which is based on "solid" paradigm. Unless the research team change or shift to "solvent" paradigm, they are just wasting their time and efforts, and the grants awarded. Period.

2.Scientists to study natural cancer buster: Dr Koichi Okumura,45, (from the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, which comes under the National University of Singapore) has just received a grant that will allow him to study the role of a tumor suppressor in the human body known a Pten (pronounced as "p-ten")."Hopefully, this will open the door to new drugs, but this will still be another 10 years away," he said.

Note: Cancer is a compromised lifestyle disease, and he logical way to help people is to educate the public about natural eating, water drinking, and normal lifestyle. Drugs Kill: Water Cure simplify all the jargon in the present entrepreneur's medical communities.

3.Hunt for drug-resistant TB genes: More tuberculosis (TB) patients are growing resistant to a key TB drug. Doctors do not know patients have a more virulent strain of the bug until they see that regular medicines have no effect.

When human body over time is deprive of natural ingredients for normal physiology process, it is capable to survive another day by natural alteration of DNA. This phenomena is then detected by the researcher and just given a new term - virus. Now the self-illusion begins: look for anti-virus/ vaccine, while the body is still seek for the natural ingredients to survive, not drugs, but water is the main and major ingredient for all life restoration. Dehydration leads to inflammation, in turn lead to infection, in turn lower the natural immune systems and in turn alter the DNA:; all these surviving mechanism are imbeded right in the DNA. Genome study will not solve the public sickness until the nature wisdom is acknowledged and followed. Honesty is the first chapter in the book of medicine wisdom. Not innovation, creativity or capitalism.

4.Cholesterol drugs may fight cancer: Professor Shazib (National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine) has just worn a grant to study drugs, statin (simvastatin),over three years. "The study can help us understand the mechanisms of how cancer is formed and to assess the potential use of statins to prevent or treat breast cancer," he said.

Note: Try the natural method if you are suffering from cancer, review .

5.Diabetes, which affects about 13 per cent of adults in Singapore, is the most common cause of blindness here. Narrow blood vessels in retina could be a sign of kidney failure. The Singapore Eye Research Institute (Seri) will need up to SGD$20 million yearly to run, double its current budget, said its new head, Professor Wong Tien Yin, 41.

In brief, diabetes is due to over time of water and salt shortage in one's daily lifestyle. Not all liquid drinks can be used by the body as water.

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Who knows? (2)

The correct answer to whether this world would go on without us is :
"Who knows?"
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In Christianity, the Earth melts, but a new one is born. Since it needs no sun, figuratively speaking, - the eternal light of God and the Lamb (Lord Jesus Christ) having eliminated night, figure of speech - it's clearly a different planet than this one.

Since the late 19th Century, when, beginning with electrons, we got down to manipulating the most fundamental particles of the universe, human life has changed very fast. Alas, not for the better.

One measure of how fast is that, barely a century (100 years) ago - until Marconi's wireless and Edison's phonograph - all the music ever heard on Earth was live performance. Today, 2009 A.D., a tiny fraction of 1 percent is. The rest, i.e.,99 percent is electronically reproduced or broadcast, along with a trillion words and images each day. Welcome to Internet! Or be caught in the electronic-spider-web!

Those radiowaves don't die - like light, they travel on. Speak kind words today, for we have to swallow them one day. The human brain also emanates electric impulses at very low frequencies (8 Heartz): similar to, but far weaker than, the radio waves used to communicate with submarines.

Paranormalists, however, insist that our minds are transmitters that, with special effort, can focus like lasers to communicate across great distances, and even make more things happen. That may seem far-fetched, for some readers, though, but it's also a definition of prayer. A pray-er is a religious person who prays prayers for things to happen.

Experiment on yourself: think about these words and say to yourself or for somebody you know. Joy, natural, bliss, happy, laughter fun, cheerful, life's healthy, gleeful, delight, hearty, simple, deliciously tasty, dreamy, variety, heavenly bliss, refreshing, pleasure, goodness, enjoy, carefree, smile, friendly, celestial peaceful.

The emanation from our brains, like radio waves, must also keep going - where? Space is now described as an expanding bubble, but that architecture is still a theory. Reality is when the time-dimension and space-dimension merged as one. Along its great mysterious interstellar curvatures, perhaps it's not unreasonable to think that our thought waves might eventually find their way back here.

Or even that one day - long after we're gone, unbearably lonely for the beautiful world from which we so foolishly banished ourselves - we, or our memories, might surf home aboard a cosmic electromagnetic wave to haunt our beloved Earth. Welcome Home again, the second time !

Like a gap in the forest when a giant tree falls, new growth will rush in. Gradually, the asphalt jungle will give way to a real one.

The pockets of wild palm nut trees deep in the Amazon, or of the durian* fruit trees in virgin forest of Borneo, or of tea trees in Burma's jungles, aren't accidents. Once, humans were there too. The wilderness swallowed them and their memory, but its shape still bears their echo. As will Garden of Eden in Jerusalem, East of Eden.
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*durian= a tropical fruit with torny shell envelopes the fragrant creamy taste fibrous meat.

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The Primary Properties and

Functions of Water in the Human Body

Water, water here, water there,
water above, water below, water everywhere,
yet not enough did we drink.
Water inside, water outside, water everywhere,
still our bodies did shriek and shrink.

[shriek, verb, to make a very high, loud sound, 
shriek with joy/pain/fright etc; shrink, verb, to 
become smaller or to make something smaller 
through the effects of heat or water; to become 
smaller in amount,size or value]

1. Water is the bulk material that fills empty 
spaces in the human body. There is no vacuum in 
between cells.

2. Water is the vehicle of transport for the 
circulation of blood cells.

3. Water is a solvent for the materials that dissolve 
in it, including oxygen. Those who never drink 
enough water over time will surely develop 
respiration disease.

4. Water is the adhesive that binds solid parts of 
the cell together. Just as ice has sticky effect, so 
water seems to become sticky at the cell 
membrane. It is responsible for holding things 
together (integrity) and forming a membrane or 
protective barrier around the cell.

5. The neuro-transmission system of the human 
brain and nerves depend on rapid movement of 
sodium and potassium in and out of the 
membrane along the full length of the nerves. 
Stroke is caused by water deficiency. Water that 
is loose and not bonded with something else is 
free to move across the cell membrane and turn 
the element-moving pumps.

6. Some of the element-moving pumps are 
voltage-generating pumps. Thus, efficiency of 
neuro-transmision systems depends on the 
availability of free and unengaged water in the 
nerve tissues. All beverages are 'engaged liquid' 
and not free & unengaged water for the body 
to use; in fact, these processed drinks further tax 
the existing water from the body systems, hence 
produce a dehydration effect.

In its osmotic urge to get into the cell, water 
generates energy by turning the pump units that 
force potassium into the cell and push sodium 
outside the cell - just as water turns the turbines at 
a hydro-electric dam (reservoir) to make electricity.

The error of "solid" paradigm explain: up to now, 
however, it has been assumed that all energy 
storage in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - the 
substance that "burns" and gives out "heat" to 
"cook" any of the chemical reactions required for 
the cell to function - is from food intake. This is 
why water ,"solvent" paradigm, has not received 
much attention as a source of energy in the 
energy-generating systems in the human body. 
But, eventually growing number of common-
sense readers are waking up to this discovery of 
"solvent" paradigm and has experience the water-
cure effects for their own health.

7. Water is the central regulator of energy and 
osmotic balance in the body. Sodium and 
potassium stick to the protein of the pump and 
act as the "magnet of the dynamo" when water 
rotates the pump proteins. The rapid turn of these 
cation (pronounced cat-i-on)pumps generates 
energy that is stored at many different locations 
in three different pool types.

a.ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) is one type of 
energy storage pool.
b.Another energy storage pool is guanosine tri-
phosphate (GTP).
c.A third system is in the endoplasmic reticulum 
that captures and traps calcium . For every two 
units of calcium that are trapped, the energy 
equivalent of one unit of ATP is stored in the 
connection of the two calcium atoms. For every 
two units of calcium that are separated from one 
another and released, one unit of energy - to make
a new unit of ATP - is also released. This 
mechanism of calcium entrapment as a means of 
energy storage makes the bones structure of the 
human body not only its scaffolding but also its 
Fort Knox - like investment of your cash in gold 
reserve. Hence, when there is severe dehydration 
- and consequently a decreased supply of 
hydroelectric energy - the body taps into the 
bones for their stored energy. Thus, the primary 
cause, etiology, of osteoporosis is persistent 

8. The foods we eat are the products of energy 
conversion from the initial electrical-energy-
generating property of water. Fresh fruit is always 
better energy generating food compared to dried 
fruits; simple reason being the presence of 
'distilled-water' found in fresh fruits.

All living and growing species, human included, 
survive as a result of energy generation from 
water. One major problem in the scientific 
evaluation of the human body is the lack of under
-standing of the magnitude of our body's 
dependence on energy from hydroelectricity.

For instance, during the first few months of 
pregnancy, any mother-to-be who neglected the 
need to increase water intake as the fetus grows, 
will experience 'morning-sickness', back-pain, or 
nausea's feeling, all these are sign/symptoms of 
body 'crying' for more free water due to the 
multiplication of cells and increased demand for 
energy. As the body weight increases, the water 
intake should be increased accordingly.

Drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota 

(32.53 ml multiply by your present body weight
(kg), every 90 minutes. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-
salt in your daily diet, for every 1250 ml water 
intake per day.

Pain is a sign/signal produced by dehydration in 
the human body. Pain may be common but it is 
not normal.

9. The electricity produced at the cell membrane 
also forces the nearby proteins to align them-
selves and get ready for their chemical reactions.

Blood is normally about 94 percent water when 
the body is fully hydrated (red cells are actually 
"water bags" that contain the colored 
hemoglobin). Inside the cells of the body, there 
should ideally be about 75 percent water. Because 
of this difference in water levels outside and 
inside the cells, an osmotic flow of water into the 
cells normally occurs. Diffusion. There are 
hundreds of thousands of voltage-generating 
pumps units at the cell membranes, much like the 
turbines used in hydroelectric dams-reservoir. 
The water that flows through them rotates these 
pumps. This rush of water creates hydroelectric 
energy. At the same time, and as part of the same 
process, elements such as sodium and potassium 
are exchanged. This we can see the reason , why 
professional endurance sportsmen like 
marathoners, tri-athletes, drink saline-water, or 
take in banana (being rich in potassium and 
carbohydrates),during the race. Muscle cramps is 
due to insufficient of water and sodium , hence 
the conversion of energy is compromised and 
muscle tissue failed to receive energy to continue 
on performing, and muscle twist.

Only water that is free and can move about - the 
water you drink - generates hydroelectric energy 
at the cell membrane. Coffee, alcohol, milk, tea, 
colas, beverages, though used water as part of 
their ingredients, is not free-water to be ready 
used by the body.
The previously supplied water that is now busy 
with other functions cannot leave its binding 
position to rush elsewhere. This is why water by 
itself should be considered the most suitable pick
-me-up beverage and should be consumed at 
regular intervals during the day. If you should 
wake up to urinate during mid-night, it is good 
for the body if you drink one glass of water and 
then continue your sleep. Remember that it is not 
the long uninterrupted sleep-hours that determine
the quality rest, but the availability of free-water 
during the sleep which decide the body is 
recharged promptly with energy for the morning. 
And you know that infant never care what time it 
is to ask for another sip of water, he/she just cries 
loud until the thirst signal is answered with water; 
not every cry is for milk, though.

The good thing about water as a source of energy 
is the fact that any excess water is passed out of 
the body. It manufactures the needed energy to 
top up the reserves in the cells (trillion of them) 
and then leaves the body (carrying with it the 
toxic waste of the cells). It is not stored. Body 
wisdom from the Wise Creator!

When there is dehydration because a person is not drinking enough water (for one's own body weight), the cells become depleted of their ready energy. They then have to depend more on energy generation from food that is consumed instead of water. In this situation, the human body is pushed into storing fat and using its protein and starch reserves, because it is easier to break these elements down than the stored fat. Bear in mind that water is also needed to break down fats for energy. Due to this natural fact, many overweight people grow to be obese, eating more sweet stuff for energy, but neglect the fresh free-water to solve their energy-crisis, and later health-crisis. Their bodies are engaged in perpetual crisis management of dehydration. These people need our simple help: they are not 'sick', they are thirsty and dehydrating. Share with them the water-cure protocol formula and help them regain the quality of health and life.

The word hydrolysis (loosening, dissolving, breaking, or splitting by the participating action of water ) is used when water becomes involved in the metabolism of other materials. Activities that depend on hydrolysis include the breakdown of a protein into the different amino acids that have been used to make that particular protein, and the breakdown of large fatty particles into smaller fatty acid units. Without water, hydrolysis cannot take place. It follows, then, that the hydrolytic function of water also constitutes the metabolism of water itself.

Water metabolism is never taught or emphasized in many medical schools and hence graduated young doctors-to-be , alas, also never quite understand the water healing primary properties and functions when they are told about water-cure protocol formula cure many incurable diseases (which is actually dehydration-dis-ease manifestation)

What this means is that water itself needs to be broken down first - hydrolyzed - before the human body can use the various components in food. This is why we need to supply body with plain water before we eat solid foods. 30 minutes prior to meal time, drink one glass of water. And avoid drinking tea, coffee, sodas, cola, after meal, for these drinks will further overload the digestion system beside its dehydrating effects.

MonoSodium Glutamate taste 'good'?

How to Avoid MSG silent killing.

Mono sodium glutamate (MSG) is one of the most common and hazardous food additives on the market. MSG is reportedly more toxic than alcohol, tobacco and many drugs. MSG is an excitotoxin, so it tricks your brain into wanting to eat more and more foods containing the ingredient, even if you are already full. Side effects of MSG include: obesity, eye damage, headaches, depression, fatigue and disorientation. Food manufacturers know that health-conscious consumers try to avoid MSG, so it is oftentimes not listed in a product's ingredients. MSG is banned in organic foods.
Here's a list of ingredients that ALWAYS contain MSG:

Autolyzed Yeast -- Calcium Caseinate -- Gelatin Glutamate -- Glutamic Acid -- Hydrolyzed Protein -- Monopotassium Glutamate -- Monosodium Glutamate -- Sodium Caseinate -- Textured Protein -- Yeast Extract -- Yeast Food -- Yeast Nutrient

Learn more ,goto

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who knows?

If that most wondrous of all human creations - a child - is never more to roll and play on the green Earth, then what really would be left of us?

What of our spirit might be truly immortal?

What will remain of our greatest creative forms of human expression?

One day, perhaps, we will learn to control our appetites, or our duplication rates.
More crucial to us still here on Earth, right now, is whether we humans can make it through what many scientists call this planet's latest great extinction - make it through, and bring the rest of Life with us rather than tear it down.

The natural history lessons we read and understand in both the fossil and the living records suggest that we can't go it alone for very long.

Medical Errors still growing, review link

Following discourse is for religious inclined readers only. Atheist (or Earthiest) or free-thinker are welcome to explore too.

Various religions offer us alternative futures, usually elsewhere, although Christianity, Islam, and Judaism (in alphabetically order only) mention a messianic reign on Earth lasting, depending on whose version, somewhere from seven to 7,000 years. Since these would apparently follow events that result in severe population reduction of the unrighteous, this might be feasible.

However, since these three religious disagree about who are the righteous, to believe any one of them requires an act of faith. Science offers no criteria by which to pick survivors other than evolution of the fittest, and into every creed are born similar percentages of stronger and weaker individuals.

As to the fate of the planet - Earth and its other residents after we're finally done with it - or it's done with us - religions are dismissive, or worse.

The post-human Earth is either ignored or destroyed, although in Buddhism and Hinduism, it starts again from scratch - as does the whole universe, similar to a repeating 'Big Bang theory.'

The correct answer to whether this world would go on without us is : "Who knows?"

Can we?

Worldwide, every four(4) days human population rises by one(1) million. However Faustian, the trans-humanist (sometimes called post-human) movement's discussion is compelling in its lure of immortality and preter-natural power - and almost touching in its utopia faith that a machine could be made so perfect that it would transcend entropy.

Question: Is there any one who has ever built a machine that is aware of itself? : without being able to feel, a supercomputer might calculate rings around us, but still never be able to think about its place in the world.

There is a chasm between mere objects and life-forms.

A more fundamental flaw, though, is that no machine has performed indefinitely without human maintenance. Even stuff without moving parts breakdown, and self-repair programs crash.

Salvation, in the form of back up copies, could lead to a world of robots desperately trying to stay one clone up on the latest technology to which competitive knowledge was migrating - an all - consuming form of tail chasing that hearkens to the behaviour of monkeys, who undoubtedly have more funs.

What is Life?

1.If you get cancer, the best thing to do is to go without care because you are never certain of getting cured, but you are certain that it will financially ruin your family. That is common fear many poor citizen have about unaffordable health care.

But, then again, being poor in financial standing has its blessings in disguise, for there are many poor peasants who outlived their own doctors whose prognosis's didn't come to pass, because being poor, they turned to the nature for last resort of hope and they were helped. The LORD causes the fruits and vegetables(herbs) for man to cultivate, for the service of men, that he may derive sustenance from the land.(Psalm 104:14)(Genesis 1:29)

2. The firmament is blue-water forever,
and the Earth will long stand firm and bloom spring.
But, man, how long will you live?

Let's Imagine Together ...

3.When we are down to eating our predecessors, what is left?
Embryonic stem cells Therapy is just present day advanced-cannibalism. Even if we're not driven to cannibalism, might we, too, face terrible choices as we skulk toward the future?

4.A generation ago, humans eluded nuclear annihilation; with grace, we'll continue to dodge that and other mass terrors. But now we often find ourselves asking whether inadvertently we've poisoned or parboiled the planet, ourselves included.
We've also used and abused water and soil so that there's a lot less of each, and trampled thousands of species that probably aren't coming back.
Our present world, some respected voices warn, could one day degenerate into something resembling a vacant lot, where crows and rats, if still survive, scuttle among weeds, preying on each other. If it comes to that, at what point would things have gone so far that, for all our vaunted superior intelligence, we're not among the hardy survivors?

The truth is, we don't know. Perhaps, you do, then share in the "comment box" below. Any conjecture gets muddled by our obstinate reluctance to accept that the worst might actually occur.

We may be undermined by our survival instincts, if those instincts dupe us into waiting until it's too late, that' bad and sad too. If they fortify our resistance in the face of mounting omens or woes, that is good.

More than once, crazy, stubborn hope has inspired creative strokes that snatched people from ruin.

5.It is never too late or too early to revise and be wise again for the rest of our journey.......

Use Water-cure. Rather be thankful for the timely warning, and do something about it.

Drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota (31.42 ml multiply by your present body weight(kg), every 90 minutes. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your daily diet, for every 1250 ml water drank.

Pain is a sign/signal produced by dehydration in the human body. Pain may be common but it is not normal.

To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success.

5. Picture a world from which we all suddenly vanished. Tomorrow. Snatched away to a dimension beyond this three-dimensions world. Or say that Jesus - more on Him later - 'rapture' us away to our heavenly glory somewhere across the galaxy.

For a sense of how the world would go on without us, among other places we must look to the world before us. We're no time travelers , but only imagineers of time, and the fossil record is only a fragmentary sampling. But even if that record were complete, the future won't perfectly mirror the past. Since some things we've done are likely irrevocable, what would remain in our absence would not be the same planet had we never started off in the first place.

Yet it might not be so different. There are still a few Earthly spots which invite us to wonder how nature might flourish if granted the chance.

Since we are imagining, why not also day-dream of a way for nature to prosper that doesn't depend on our demise? We are after all, scientifically categorised under mammals ourselves, warm-blooded, give birth to young, breast-feed them, nurture them, teach them,....

Every life-form adds to this vast pageant. With our passing, might some lost contribution of ours, humanly speaking, leave the planet a bit more impoverished?

Is it possible that, instead of hearing a huge biological sigh of relief, the world without us would miss us ?
We don't get out of this life alive and neither will the Earth. The world exists to serve people, because man, mankind, is the most honorable of all creatures.

6.We see the signs: Harmony is broken. The good are outnumbered. There is more injustice, exploitation, corruption, pollution, prostitution, degradation. We are facing it now. We take care of our bodies to live a linger life or longer life. We should do the same for the world. If we cherish it, make it last as long as possible, we can postpone the judgment day.

Can we?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Price We Pay

Maybe the one thing that every politician and every citizen will agree on is that medical care is CO$TLY. But when we buy medical care, as individual or as a society, how smart are we as consumers?

Are we buying what we ought to buy?

We attempted to answer this.
Our research at Dartmouth:First, we sorted the different procedures that doctors and hospitals charge for into three(3) categories:

1."Effective care" treatments are those for which there is strong scientific evidence that they save lives or prevent disability, such as vaccination against pneumonia and the use of certain drugs in people with a heart attack to limit the damage.

2."Preference-sensitive care" treatments are those that patients often want but for which the scientific evidence is shaky, such as chemo, radiation, and surgery for early prostate cancer.

3."Supply-sensitive care" treatments are ones that doctors and hospitals (rather than patients) choose but for which there is even less scientific evidence, like the use of intensive care unit(ICU) or office visit with specialists.

We, researchers, then carved up the nation into 306 medical care regions and studied what happened to patients in the Medicare(United States) system. What we found is frightening. Singapore also adopt the same pattern , but name it "Medisave."

The range in spending was big, with Medicare spending about 60 percent more per capita in some regions than in others, even after taking into account the age of the people enrolled and the local cost of living. Overall only about half of all patients received procedures classified as "effective care."

And in the regions where medical spending was higher, the percentage of patients getting "effective care" was generally lower.

What was higher in the big-spending areas was "supply-sensitive care." So when we spend more on medical care we are just buying more expensive care, not higher quality effective care and certainly not health. The Wrong Remedy, in short.

Our studies also show that in regions where there was more medical care, people were more likely to die following such common events as hip fracture, colon cancer, and heart attacks. It's hard to understand at first why, if medical care is mostly ineffective, it might increase our chances/possibilities of dying, until you realize just how dangerous medicines and surgical procedures are.

In 1999 we woke up to a report by the Institute of Medicine that mistake made by doctors and hospitals were killing a stunning number of people - between 44,000 and 98,000 people a year.(Source from To Err Is Human: Building a Safe Health System,Washington,DC:National Academy of Sciences, 1999).
Even the lower figure represents more deaths than due to car crashes, breast cancer, or AIDS.

That alone might make us think twice about visiting our doctor, but it gets worse: mistakes account for a minor fraction of the total untimely deaths caused by modern medicine. There are many more "iatrogenic deaths" - people killed by doctors - because many more die untimely from medicines or procedures even when medical care is standard practice and the doctors perform flawlessly. It is not the doctors' fault, but the knowledge which is in use that is obsolete, though, more machines were invented. The underlying principle of nature is the real issue of health.

How can people die from "correct" medical care? This is a fair question we all can ask the medical communities, as human as they are, so are we.
Some people have a fatal allergic reaction to a medicine or an anesthetic. Others develop blood clots or pneumonia after surgery of have a fatal heart rhythm during a catherization. Others acquire drug-resistant infections (note: human body is naturally designed to detest/resist any substance which is not organically compatible with it's nature DNA, through infections manifesting signs of inflammation)after being treated for another disease. Things can go wrong even when the doctors at hand are doing everything right.

An expert (name withheld for personal reason) at Johns Hopkins estimates that these iatrogenic deaths total about 225,000 a year (the Institute of Medicine estimate even more), which, if it were classified that way, would make medical care the third largest killer in America. (Source from Barbara Starfield, "Is US Health Really the Best in the World?" JAMA 284 (2000):483-485.)

A brighter future? Try water cure protocol as preventive measure daily. In 1989, the Scientific Secretariat of the 3rd Interscience World Conference on Inflammation, etc. invited me to make my presentation of histamine at their conference. The abstract of my presentation "Neurotransmitter Histamine: An Alternative View Point" is attached. [Note: The same can be found at] These, and many other articles on the topic of the "molecular physiology/pathology of dehydration,"are also posted on my website,

Not only the primary cause of body pain and the body degenerative diseases of the human body seem to have emerged from my research, the uncanny simplicity of their prevention has also become clear - prevent dehydration to prevent disease !!

To show you how stagnant medical thinking at prestigious medical schools is, and how it is hurting the public, I have taken the liberty of adding my rebuttal letter to Dr. Valtin of Dartmouth College, School of Medicine to this letter.

My dear Dr Eisenberg, if you ponder the way the water industry has grown in the past 10 years, you will realize that my information, presented in my books, newspaper and magazine articles, (water cure:drugs kill, how water cured incurable disease), in addition to many thousands of radio interviews, has already impacted the public's desire to stay healthy.
Some secondary schools are teaching my books. In California they passed a resolution to throw soda-vending machines out of the schools. The rising new generation of Americans, hopefully other developed/industrialized nations follow suit, is becoming acquainted with the information on preventing thirst.

If medical schools, such as Harvard University, wish to remain as significant as they are, they need to engage in the research of the "solvent" paradigm. This blogger hope the National University of Singapore (NUS)will do just that. You are so beautifully situated to engage in this topic; it would be a crime to let the opportunity pas you by. I know you are impressed by Chinese medicine, but tell me, if people learn to prevent body pain by drinking water, how many would go to an acupuncturist for the hell if it? No malice intended here.

If you go to my website and wish to have some of my educational products to share with others, doctors, in your office, please let me know, I will send them to you as a gift.

Feredooy Batmanghelidj, M.D.

NOTE: During the thirty one (31) months of his imprisonment, Dr Batmanghelidj treated more than three thousand(3000) peptic ulcer sufferers with water alone. He conducted extensive research during his political-prison stay into the medicinal effects of water, and discovered water could prevent, relieve, and cure many painful, degenerative diseases. Pain is in fact the body's "cries" for essential ingredients which are running low, and water is one of the most important ingredients.

He found Evin prison(Iran) an "ideal stress laboratory," and despite being offered an earlier release, he chose to stay an extra four months in prison (voluntarily) to complete his research into the relationship of dehydration and bleeding peptic ulcer disease. A report of his findings was smuggled out of Iran and became the editorial article in the June 1983 issue of the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, which was reported on by the New York Times science section.

Request The Straits Times of Singapore to publish this article, if at all possible, for the benefits of this nation,too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of all the domains in which

I have traced the consequences of social capital, in none is the importance of social connectedness so well established as in the case of health and well-being.

There is something mysterious here - a benefit of human social organizations that is apart from the rules that the organizations impose on their members. Some day (hope it is today) we may learn the biologic mechanism for this benefit. The mysterious nature of it, though, shouldn't prevent us from using it to keep ourselves healthy, any more than not knowing how bacteria caused disease prevented people in the 1860s from saving lives by constructing sanitery sewer and water lines.

Social organizations, like reules, are not part of the natural world; they are things we create. if we really want to be healthy, we can create them, nurture them, and give people as many opportunities as possible to be part of them. That could mean everything from ramping up federal jobs programes to revitalising town hospitals.

Not only the hospitals disintegrating, but our entire latticework of social organizations in Singapore (and USA) is crumbling. We are so 'success', that we forgot to ask questions. How important it is to rebuild it, healthy wealth.

Medicine's progress in

curing cancer is also somewhat disappointing when you consider the billions $$$ we have invested in it. The newspaper trumpet the uplifting victories - such as Lance Armstrong's beating testicular cancer before dominating the Tour de France - but muffle the losses in small obituaries. The most recent one was in Singapore, Richard Stanley, deceased CEO of Development Bank of Singapore.

In the last 25 years, the five-year survival rate for cancer has improved from about 50 percent to a little over 60 percent.

Most of the boost has been for cancers that can be spotted early and cut out by surgeons, such as cancer of the colon and breast. For cancers that hide well or spread quickly, most notably lung cancer, medical care is nearly useless; "breakthroughs" in treatment are usually measured in a few extra months or even extra weeks of survival.

Overall, cancer mortality in the United States/world is unchanged in the last 25 years and higher now that it was in 1950 ( even after taking into account the aging population factor) because a rise in the number of younger people developing cancer has swamped any improvement in treatment. A recently as the mid 1990s, an expert trying to measure the benefits of medical care ignored cancer because he considered the effects of treatment negligible.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

source from

Too Smart, Too Educated and Too Demanding

No healing For Those Who Acted Too Smart, Too Educated and Too Demanding

Nut underwent palliative surgery after receiving 14 cycles of chemotherapy. At first the treatment showed good response. Then the CEA started to increase from 5.7 in November 2002, to 24.6 in March 2003. In short, Nut’ story was a story of disappointment – an illusion at its best.

No healing For Those Who Acted

Too Smart, Too Educated and Too Demanding

Mr. Nut was a 56-year-old male. Sometime in January 2001, he went to see a doctor with a history of bloody stools. A colonoscopy indicated colon cancer. An ultrasound scan demonstrated multiple metastases in the liver.

Nut underwent palliative surgery after receiving 14 cycles of chemotherapy. At first the treatment showed good response. Then the CEA started to increase from 5.7 in November 2002, to 24.6 in March 2003. A CT scan showed the liver lesions were larger compared to the previous examination.

In short, Nut’ story was a story of disappointment: after the operation and chemotherapy, there seemed to be high hope and encouraging sign. The tumour shrunk and the CEA went down. But that high hope did not last – an illusion at its best. A few months later, the tumour grew in size and the CEA shot up.

Nut came to see me in Penang in December 2003. He spent more than an hour interrogating me about our therapy. He was looking for options and wanted to go to Singapore to seek further treatment after this. At the end of our meeting I said this to him: Go home and think what you want to do. There is NO NEED for you to see me again. Should you decide to take the herbs, then this is the prescription.

To my surprise, Nut came to our centre in late December 2003 and decided to take our herbs.

On 19 January 2004, we received a long note about Nut suffering from stomach spasm and wind. The note said: This stomach spasm pain had been a somewhat persistent occurrence since my first colon-rectal operation in January 2001. Nut complained that this pain had recurred since taking the herbs. The Stomach Function herb did not seem to work. Then there was this remark: … with my current diet, there are very little left to eat.

In another long note, dated 23 January 2004 he wrote: I have never been much of a rice eater by nature, and much as I’ve tried hard to eat, the advised brown rice and plain veggies, I am finding it harder and harder to consume… The medicinal herbal tea recommended – I find them foul smelling and vile tasting. I am beginning to suspect that some of these teas are contributing towards my wind stomach condition.

On 30 March 2004, Nut made an appointment to see me in Subang Jaya. He came and shouted at me saying: I am not getting any better. My blood test results showed that the values had increased.
He demanded: What have you got for me? Can you cure me or not?
My answer to him was plain and blunt: No we cannot cure anybody.
He replied: I have wasted three and a half months of my time. You did not say that you cannot cure me before. He walked off and left.

Comments: Of the many hundreds or thousands of cancer patients I have met and helped, Nut’s case stands out as one of the outstanding one. I am documenting this episode, not because I am angry or upset about it, but I am hoping that by writing this many others who come after him can all learn some lessons from such a case. Let me point out the following:

1.Liver cancer patients are often bad tempered and are angry people. So, those of you who have to care for such patients, take note. In the face of such rudeness and bad manners, try to show understanding and love. Such behaviour is part of the hazard of people suffering from liver cancer.

2.Very often, I have told patients this: healing is your responsibility and it must come from within. It would be a mistake to think that others have magic bullets to cure your cancer. Such thinking is misguided.

3.When Nut was diagnosed with colon cancer, the medical report indicated that he underwent palliative surgery. What this means is that such surgery is not meant to cure! In actual fact, Nut had already lost his battle even before he started the fight.

4.Besides colon cancer, Nut had liver metastases. Fourteen cycles of toxic chemo drugs did not cure him. He did know where else to go to for help and came to us. When I first met him in December, I knew from our conversation that he would be a very difficult patient to handle – he appeared too smart and too educated. Patients who are arrogant and acted as if they know everything generally have difficulty following our therapy.

5.It came to me as a surprise when I learnt that Nut decided to take the herbs. I understand he was desperate. And I must say most patients who come to see us for help are in the same category – lost, helpless, desperate and hopeless.

6.As all those who come here already know, we require patients to sign the Release of Liability form before they see us or take our herbs. The first clause in this form said: I have on my own free will come to seek advice and help from Dr. Chris Teo and members of his CA Care with regards to my illness. I acknowledge that there is no guarantee or promise that the herbs provided by CA Care can benefit or cure my sickness. Nut signed this form when he came to see me on 19 December 2003. Nut’s wife also signed another form when she came to collect the herbs later on. So his outburst was illogical and ill mannered. He had forgotten that by displaying such arrogance, the real loser is himself, not anybody else.

7.Generally when people are in trouble and need help they will follow and listen to our advise. But when they become well or unwell, they will speak with different tongues. Sometime, we become their punching bags or scapegoats.

8.Unknown to many, how patients present themselves would indicate to me if he/she can make it or not. His/her attitude, facial expressions, emotional problems, lifestyle, commitment, family support etc. are observed and noted – all these enable me to assess and figure out the REAL person we are dealing with. If a patient thinks he/she comes here wanting a quick fix or magic bullet, let it be known – we have none! Such thinking is grossly misguided. Cancer is a systemic disease of the body, mind and spirit. It is a result of a constant abuse of the body over years. The tumour is just an expression of such abuse. Removing the tumour is never a cure or the answer if the underlying cause of the problem is never addressed or corrected.

9.Nut, according to his medical report suffered from rectal bleeding for seven months and he ignored the signal that the body was sending him. Was he ignorant or was he stubborn? He wanted to play the game according to his own rule? Be warned – in cancer game, you seldom or can never win. Chances are you will lose badly and dearly. Again, the medical report indicated that in 1996, Nut contracted hepatitis B but he still drank alcohol about a couple of times a week. He smoked approximately 30 cigarettes per day. Is this not a blatant abuse of the body? I dare say to anyone, if you persist with such habits, don’t blame others or God if you find yourself in bottomless pit. You cause your own cancer!

10. Nut was a plantation manager. From what I know, such people (not all?) have colonial mentality. They are regarded as gods in their kingdoms or estate. They would bark at their assistants, clerks and illiterate workers. Their wishes were obeyed and never questioned. They give orders not receiving orders. It is hard for such a person to follow this holistic path of healing. Nut protested about his diet. He could NOT eat what he likes anymore. To him, the herbs were foul smelling and bad in taste. His notes to us showed his anger and hatred towards what he was doing. Under such stress nobody can find any healing?

11. Nut is not the only person who felt this way. From my experience, only THREE out of ten patients who come seemed to benefit from our work, the remaining seven failed for reasons like this. But what are we to do? If you are unhappy or NOT prepared to walk this journey, go elsewhere for other options.

Option to recognise the nature will always heal slowly, surely and naturally. Goggle Healthy Wealth, share Healthy Wealth and spread healthy wealth with one and all, while time still permit us. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bleeding Tongue healed:

Your book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water was mentioned to me several years ago by a co-worker, but I skeptically disregarded this recommendation, having suffered my entire life with a medically unrecognized problems. I was thoroughly disillusioned with all medical professionals. The problem I call "extreme dry mouth" with muscular/tissue hypertension, because I've never seen, heard of or read about a similar case in my 54 years. I now recognize it is a symptom of dehydration.

My tongue first manifested white patches of seemingly dead skin about 17 months of age. Until about 6 weeks ago,other signs of dehydration were obvious (but unrecognizable until I read your book ) - constant runny nose, watery eyes, puffed eyelids, susceptible to colds and flu.
These latter signs cleared almost immediately once I increased my water intake. By the time I was in school, my entire tongue was coated with a white layer that could be peeled off my tongue in strips often accompanied by skin (membrane), laying bare a raw, sometimes bleeding tongue.
No one suggested water - iodine perhaps or yeast medication, but never water. Wisely, I would not allow doctors to experiment with different drug remedies for something they couldn't identify. Aside from my apparent weakened immune system, I was healthy, so just accepted the condition as my lot in life and stopped searching for answers.

I followed the eating principles of Natural Hygiene as outlined in the book by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond "Fit for Life and Living Healthy." Great emphasis was placed upon eating high-water-content foods and omitting animal meat, dairy products and concentrated foods from the diet. However, personal circumstances made it impossible for me to adhere to this regimen, and signs of dehydration re-appeared again.
Within the past year my tongue has appeared reptilian, skinny, long, hard, shiny and thick at the apex. Living with this diseased state proved painful and embarrassing, especially the speech distortion caused by the swollen tip (apex0 and drooling caused by excessive saliva secretion. (Deficiency of salt in one;s daily diet can cause saliva to drooling during sleep)

Since June 2001, I have been enjoying eight 10-ounce glasses of water with sea salt each day and although the pain and drooling have gone, my tongue is still swollen in places in spite of daily local massage to increase circulation. The white membrane/dead skin apparently now is developing a healthy pink membranous layer underneath.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, thank you for your intelligent diligence in revealing that chronic dehydration is a causative agent in the production of disease conditions; you have shown great courage and perseverance in dealing with bureaucratic medical "authorities." I thank and admire you greatly.

Sincerely, R.E.N.
Ottawa, Canada

Cold or shiver.

Normally, shivering is an involuntary response to cold that kicks in once core body temperature drops below 36.6 degree Celsius or when skin temperature falls below 28 degree Celsius.

This is usually beneficial, as the muscle contractions generate heat, but in cold water it only serves to increase the rate at which the human body cools. That's because the increased blood flow transfers more heat from the core to the body's extremities, fingers and toes.

It is the availability of fresh water, which determine the core temperature is maintained for optimal functions of the various inner organs of the body.

It is a misconception that hot drink will warm up the inner body, or ice-cold/chilled drink will 'cool' the body.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Infection after chemotherapy led to death

HOW do you deal with a cancer that attacks blood?

Early diagnosis and treatment improve the odds of beating this fast-spreading blood cancer, or acute myelogenous leukaemia (AML).

But it was an infection, soon after his latest round of chemotherapy, that led to the sudden death of DBS chief Richard Stanley yesterday.

In fact, doctors had felt that Mr Stanley's AML was treatable when it was diagnosed in late January. Mr Stanley, 48, went to see a doctor when he had flu-like symptoms, including fever and a cough, over the Chinese New Year holidays.

Tests over the next three days confirmed he had AML.

The bad news came just nine months after he became chief executive of Singapore's biggest bank. He took leave, for up to six months, and began chemotherapy treatment at once.

In a staff memo then, DBS chairman Koh Boon Hwee said doctors felt Mr Stanley's condition was treatable and full remission was possible.

Haematologists who spoke to The Sunday Times yesterday explained that AML is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes abnormal white blood cells. These leukaemia cells build up in the bone marrow and blood, so there is less room for healthy cells. The causes of AML are mostly unknown.

It is a very serious illness and the cancer can worsen very quickly if not treated. Dr Benjamin Mow, consultant haematologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, said: 'If it is not treated, the person can die within three months.'

Patients have even died within two to three weeks of diagnosis due to complications from the disease or during treatment, said Dr Koh Liang Piu, senior consultant at the National University Cancer Institute.

Even with treatment, chances of recovering fully come with caveats. A normal, healthy person might have a 40 per cent to 50 per cent chance of recovery. But the elderly or sickly will have less than a 10 per cent chance, said DrKoh.

A relapse is common, occurring in three or four out of every 10 'cured' AML patients, he said.

In the less serious cases, the patient will have to go through four cycles of chemotherapy as treatment. The more serious and risky cases will need both chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, said doctors.

Because AML patients lack white blood cells needed to fight infection and disease, they have to be isolated during treatment to minimise the risk of infection.

Their single-bed isolation wards are specially cleaned. The few visitors who see them have to wash their hands and wear a face mask before entering the room. Such care is needed because, often, it is infections which lead to death among AML patients - especially after chemotherapy treatment.

Said Dr Koh: 'After chemotherapy, the patient's immunity is very low for the next two to three weeks. This is when the risk of infection is very high. Usually, death happens during this period.'

In a statement yesterday, DBS said Mr Stanley contracted an infection after chemotherapy, after which his condition 'deteriorated rapidly' in the last 48 hours.

Mr Stanley was treated at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. His doctor, consultant haematologist Dr Freddy Teo Cheng Peng, could not be contacted yesterday.

Infections can come from anywhere - from airborne bacteria to the pre-existing bacteria carried by the patients themselves. In very serious infections, such as blood or lung infection, the patient can die within hours, said Dr Koh.

Internal bleeding is also a common cause of death among AML patients, the worst being bleeding in the brain. This can happen suddenly and results from a lack of healthy platelets which help to form blood clots.

Said Dr Mow: 'Usually when the patient no longer responds to chemotherapy or becomes very sick, it might be too late to do anything else.'

FRIENDS and family on Saturday night flocked to the wake of DBS Group Holdings chief executive Richard Stanley, who died on Saturday morning after a short battle with leukaemia.

His body is resting at the Singapore Casket and his funeral will be held tomorrow at the Church of St Teresa in Kampong Bahru Road.

In a statement, the bank said Mr Stanley, 48, died at 8.36am.

His family 'kept vigil all night long and were by his side as he slipped away peacefully', added the statement. He is survived by his wife, Ms Koh Li Peng, and three children.

Mr Stanley was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukaemia in late January and had been responding well to treatment.

After two rounds of chemotherapy, his doctors believed that his cancer was in remission. But his weakened immune system made him susceptible to infection, said the bank. His condition rapidly deteriorated over the last 48 hours and he succumbed to the infection.

When will the present oncologists ever learn there are many alternatives, safer and more effective treatments for any types of cancer beside the chemotherapy? Perhaps they will never want to depart from the status quo, yet. Or perhaps they will now.

2.How Water Cure :

Premenstrual Disorders; Suicidal:

Note: I received the following two letters from A.C. and included them both because I want to explain the relationship of PMDD to water-metabolism disruption.
From A.C.
My husband and I are avid health-lovers, and members of the Grain and Salt Society.

Almost 3 years ago I was diagnosed with severe PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and clinical depression. I tried all the recommended treatments, from Prozac to wonder creams, to herbal concoctions, you name it, and I tried it. None of it worked.

After 2 and half years of intense suffering, my husband and I discovered DrF.Batmanghelidj, M.D. and his amazing 'water cure'. After reading his book Your Body's Many Cries for Water, the solution to my problems became clear as day to my husband and me. I started self-medicating with water hydration ; natural Ocean harvested salt from The Grain & Salt Society, pure-grade L-Tryptophan, exercise and nutritional support. It has been 6 months since I started this regimen, and I can say with utter confidence that all my symptoms have completely disappeared.

For your information, I suffered the following symptoms before this treatment:
*Severe PMS (moodiness, irritability, uncontrolled anger)
*Clinical depression
*Chronic fatigue
*Irregular menstruation
*Hormonal imbalances (testing showed higher than normal prolacin levels, indicating possible prolactin-secreting adenoma)
*Menstrual migraine
*Seasonal allergies

Because of the immerse success I had in treating my disorders with these simple natural methods, I have created a website dedicated to women who suffer from PMDD, and I promote this natural, simple and effective cure heavily. I have also supplied links on my Index page for interested persons to The Grain & Salt Society, and Dr. B's site .

It is my intention to share this information with as many people as i can, as PMDD is an extremely debilitating condition, with many more women suffering from its effects than is generally known. If Dr B and Global Health Solutions deem it appropriate, I would appreciate it greatly if they would have a look at my non-profit site and its contents, and help me to promote this natural cure.

In fact,I would be very curious to hear Dr B's professional comments about my story of self-healing using his research. My opinion is that conventional medicine is not doing enough to help women with this PMDD disorder, and many are led astray by large pharmaceutical corporations' sponsorships of misleading propaganda and promotion of drugs such as SSRIs, without fully researching or making public the real causes and proper treatment for this female malady. I look forward to your comments,


Note: The physiological preparation for the women monthly menstrual cycle demands increased water intake and dilution of blood by at least 15 to 25 percent. The blood must be dilute and thin in consistency to prevent circulatory disturbance when part of it is shed with the outer layer of endometrium of the uterus. This process involves the water-regulatory actions of histamine and its subordinate operators. These chemicals not only produce pain but could also influence neuropsychological/physiological activity of the brain. In a book by Carl Pfeiffer called Nutrition and Mental Health : An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry, histamine has been shown to influence emotional states of the body. Additional proof is in fact that all tricyclic antidepressant drugs are very, very strong antihistamines. However, water and salt are infinitely more effective, natural, and less harmful antihistamines and alleviate the health problems associated with excess histamine activity in the body - hence A.C.'s observations.


A.C. (letter 2)

I am delighted to hear from you, thank you very much for replying. yes, of course you may use my letter in your new book, this is wonderful! Out of curiosity, what is the title if you don't mind me asking? I would love to read it when it is published. Right now my husband is reading your book ABC of Asthma, Allergies,and Lupus, and I am patiently waiting my turn.

As for getting tryptophan without a prescription, this is a long story. My husband and I searched high and low for pure-grade tryptophan ; as you know it is so very difficult a product to get hold of without a prescription, but it is not impossible. We knew that we could get it through a doctor's prescription, but being new to the city we live in, we had not yet developed a sufficient relationship with a doctor for me to feel comfortable discussing this unconventional treatment method for my problems. you might understand I had so many dissatisfying experiences over the past 3 years in this particular arena of my health dealing with conventional medicine that I wanted to circumvent the good doctors where possible. Perhaps some would consider this unwise, but I did not feel that there were any risks. My dear husband and I had done our homework and felt fairly confident that we were on the right track. Anyway, the upshot of it was that we eventually found a company in California that sells pure-grade pharmaceutical tryptophan, at $xx a bottle. Ouch! :-) But the benefits far outweigh the cost, and that is more important for us. We investigated the company (just to be sure) and everything checked out, so we went ahead bought the tryptophan without prescription.

If you don't mind reading a small novel, I would like to tell you what happened before I started taking the tryptophan supplement, you might find this interesting.

About 6 months ago, before we had found this company to buy from direct, and shortly after reading your book, I had been experimenting with the 'cure' by getting tryptophan into my system through drinking a glass of warm whole milk before each night, and again in the morning, then doing 1 hour's brisk walking to get it through the blood brain barrier (as you explained in your book) and another hour's walk in the afternoon, all the while hydrating with water, etc. My husband and I were mightily impressed with the results just from these simple methods.

My depression had lifted considerably and I had some energy again (although not yet cured, my symptoms were beginning to alleviate somewhat). We had gone through such a tough time Doc B, we were on the edge of divorce many times, we really could not believe that the answer to my health problems could be so simple, so we were proceeding cautiously, thinking this is too good to be true. I continued with the warm milk for about one month, but before long the mucus-forming properties of the milk started aggravating my allergies and I had to stop the warm milk routine.

For the next month or so I did fairly well by simply eating the foods that contain tryptophan naturally, but I was by no means as well as I felt I could be if I could get my hands on pure pharmaceutical-grade L-Tryptophan. And as I expected, the real results of this treatment method started showing once I started taking the tryptophan in supplement form (starting with 1000 mg for 2 weeks, then 500 mg, then intermittently and so on).

It feels wonderful to be me again Dr. B. My husband and I refer to you as 'Dr batman' when we discuss your books and your work, and as this is a term of endearment for us as we have great respect for what you represent. I want to personally say a great big thank you to you dear Dr Batman! Your research and knowledge not only literally helped to save my life ( I was suicidal at one point, when my PMDD and depression was at its worst), but it was also instrumental in great part to saving a beautiful marriage, my mental health, and not the least, the psychological health of a beautiful 6-year-old boy, who no longer has to be confused and hurt by his Mommy's unexplainable mod swings.

Right now I am working through some psychological issues relating to my childhood, which, in my opinion, and according to some research I've done, plays a big role in triggering PMDD in some susceptible women. I am moving forward on solid ground at last,instead of treading water always fearing that I would drown from exhaustion (metaphorically speaking).

Dr Batman, what is your professional opinion about PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder? PMDD. I think I am on the right track when I say that primarily this disorder is triggered by 'stress,' whether this is life stress or stress through chronic dehydration. Conventional medicine says that PMDD is caused in some women who have an abnormal response to normal hormonal changes. In my humble layman's opinion, I think this is inaccurate, misleading, and nothing more than simple 'shooting into the wind' with nothing more than a theory. Do you know anything about PMDD? Is there a possibility you might do some research about this disorder and publish your findings? It would help so many women and their families, Doc.

I don't think I am that wrong in saying that severe PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome) and PMDD has been the cause of many a divorce and other family dysfunction. After all, I have experienced this aspect firsthand. And being a man, you are surely familiar with the jokes about PMS and the stigmatization in our society of this female condition! :)
PMDD is a very serious condition in my opinion, even life threatening because of the very real possibility of suicide and manslaughter when it reaches its worst levels. Anyone who spends some time speaking to women with PMDD (and their spouses and children) will soon realize the far-reaching effects of PMDD, not only for the sufferer but also for her loved ones as well.
The longer PMDD remains untreated (and conventional methods in my opinion are not adequate treatment), the worse it gets, even leading to more serious depressive illnesses. In my opinion people (and the medical community) are not taking it seriously enough. I think you can tell I feel quite strongly about this. ;-)

But now I think I have taken up too much of your precious time with my ramblings. :-)

Thank you again Dr.Batman, you are doing humanity a great service with your work. May you always find great happiness and success in all your endeavours.