Saturday, April 11, 2009

NIH, the most advanced in medical research(?)

The National Institute of Health (NIH) , United States of America, the most advanced center of medical research in the world, has failed society even more miserably. How?

1. Firstly, why has NIH not studied the medical effects of water?
2. Why has NIH not separated the possible positive impact of water taken to swallow a pill from the "medication" itself?
3. Why has NIH not studied what happens to a person who does not regularly drink water?
These are their initial mistakes.
4. Why do you think the NIH converted these mistakes into a sting operation?

The American Medical Association (AMA) was invited ,since 24 July 1990, to become the harbinger of the good news of water cure diseases to the public. Their ultimate silence clearly expose their flagrant violation of public trust. Many Medical Associations around the world are just following the same attitude.

The unkindest cut of all is the way the mainstream medical community still prefer to adhere to business as usual and ignores the good news of water cure many diseases . Fundamentally, this basic ignorance of the manifestations of the water needs of the human body is the primary reason for the high cost of health care , which keep going upward, in our society, without a hope of improvement in the way it is presently designed -- a very bad design that only serves its operators and not the health-care-needing public.

Can we do some proactive actions about our sad situation? Any suggestion from any reader are most welcome and appreciated.

Following is my proposal to all:
Real doctor cannot be richer financially than the patients, when one does, then profiteering from the patients illness is happening. Real doctor is to keep the people's health-care going, not keep the sick-system going.

Here is an option to all readers : Adopt this water-cure-dehydration health treatment, you only give me S$0.10 a day as long as you are well and healthy. That will be S$36.50 per year of 365 days.The consolidated amount will be channeled to further the public awareness of this scientific paradigm-shift in health-care business, water cure, easy. Should you fall sick or your present sickness deteriorate, as your agreed health-care giver-cum-consultant, I will give you $10.00 a day until I troubleshoot your cause of sickness and remedy it completely. The money is to be used for purchase of fresh fruits and drinking water only. In short, I am "paying" for your medicine. How about that? I believe all people can be helped to remain healthy, if only we are really concern about them. Not just lip service but heart service.
You win and I win,win-win situation, in this new health-care policy. A policy which emphasize the resposibilities between both health-care giver and receiver. A SEAL policy: Safety, Excellent, Accountability and Lean. Any taker? To sign up, e-mail me. Free trial period of 30 days. You may like to visit or and learn more about "water cure "before signing up with me, if you are still interested /sceptical about water cure .

"Onset Preventive is the only Cure."

Slogan "prevention is better than cure" is just another lip service made to maintain those 'money milking public' industry of sickness-care.

One of the more obvious reasons why medicine has become so complicated and costly is the fact that the research and production of pharmaceutical products --- and eventually their patient evaluation --- has become monumentally expensive. To boost the sale of regularly and heavily advertised products, not only do highly paid medical representatives present their sales pitch, "buy one, get one free", but doctors are also enticed into promoting the drugs by the "perks" offered. Patients continue to use them because they are not cured.
They are not supposed to be cured ! They are only treated! This is the ideal way that commercialism and capitalism in medicine can thrive. While the patients holding on hope after hope, till it is too late to reverse their worsening conditions. This is not the only shameful loose end in presnt day medicine.

Technique-oriented advancements in medicine are made possible as a result of "gadgets" production. This , too, adds to the cost of medicine. Teaching hospitals and research institutions depend heavily on funding from the industrial side of the health care system. Thus, research in medicine has traditionally been directed according to the wishes of health care industrialists who release funds for their own profit-generating projects.

***Proverb 29:7 The righteous consider the cause of the poor, but
the wicked regard not to know it.******************

Now comes a moment of great rejoicing. It has been discovered that the human body possesses a variety of sophisticated indicators when it runs short of water -- emergency indicators of dehydration and thirst. The human body has many more than the one "dry mouth" indicator of water shortage. Equally obvious, the greatest tragedy in medical history is the fact that medical professionals have not understood the human body's variety of calls for water. They have traditionally resorted to using chemicals and "procedures" to deal with chronic dehydration of the human body. A monumental mistake, but a blatant fact!

Chronic cellular dehydration painfully and prematurely kills. Its initial outwards manifestations have until now been labeled as diseases of unknown origin. The secret of caring for a patient is caring for the patient. Not the patient's affordability. Try water cure and be delivered from dehydration induced sickness, today. All that we need to understand is how to make the human body stronger naturally and stop actions that would make it vulnerable. SEAL.. Once the public becomes aware of this paradigm shift in medicine, and begin to realize there are no commercial aims at encouraging them to treat their present body's dehydration with plain water, a science-based transformation of the health-care system will become a welcome reality, in this country and other countries. SEAL .

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