Thursday, April 2, 2009

Healthy Wealth (water-cure protocol)

is the best blog about public health I've read in years. If you want to know why it seems so hard to eat right, be active, stop smoking, and do all those other healthy good things, read it right away. This Healthy Wealth blogger compellingly explain how our society makes it so easy to do things we know are not good for us, and so hard not to.

The important message : it is not enough just to take personal responsibility for our own actions - we also have to work for changes in society that make it easier for everyone to stay healthy.

A brilliant call to action for both individuals and the nation, Healthy Wealth here offers a clear and compelling road map for improving our lives.

This blog is highly readable, interesting and informative. More important, it offers the reader an approach to good health that is balanced and practical. Risks are placed in proper perspective and attention is given to the relative contributions of our own behaviours and the external influences and environment that promote or hinder good health.


Kenny said...
My blog. Refernce of drug.
Would you mind to exchange the links?

Its ME said...

Water Cure Protocol Formula:
1. Every 90 minute, drink 10 percent of your personal daily water quota. This water quota is 31.42 (ml) multiply with your present body weight (measured in kilogram).

2. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in your daily diet for every 1250 ml water intake. (Body weight is about 40 kg)

Welcome Kenny and all readers to spread this simple water cure incurable diseases formula, for the betterment of humankind, free of charge.
For healthier and more satisfying enjoyment of sexual life with your own spouse, drink a glass of water prior to love making, and you need not use any drug-enhancing methods anymore. Sperms are dry prior mixing with the fluid from prostate gland; hence dehydration also affect quality of sperms and later will result prostate cancer overtime. Happy living and happy loving, to all of you.