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2.How Water Cure :

Premenstrual Disorders; Suicidal:

Note: I received the following two letters from A.C. and included them both because I want to explain the relationship of PMDD to water-metabolism disruption.
From A.C.
My husband and I are avid health-lovers, and members of the Grain and Salt Society.

Almost 3 years ago I was diagnosed with severe PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and clinical depression. I tried all the recommended treatments, from Prozac to wonder creams, to herbal concoctions, you name it, and I tried it. None of it worked.

After 2 and half years of intense suffering, my husband and I discovered DrF.Batmanghelidj, M.D. and his amazing 'water cure'. After reading his book Your Body's Many Cries for Water, the solution to my problems became clear as day to my husband and me. I started self-medicating with water hydration ; natural Ocean harvested salt from The Grain & Salt Society, pure-grade L-Tryptophan, exercise and nutritional support. It has been 6 months since I started this regimen, and I can say with utter confidence that all my symptoms have completely disappeared.

For your information, I suffered the following symptoms before this treatment:
*Severe PMS (moodiness, irritability, uncontrolled anger)
*Clinical depression
*Chronic fatigue
*Irregular menstruation
*Hormonal imbalances (testing showed higher than normal prolacin levels, indicating possible prolactin-secreting adenoma)
*Menstrual migraine
*Seasonal allergies

Because of the immerse success I had in treating my disorders with these simple natural methods, I have created a website dedicated to women who suffer from PMDD, and I promote this natural, simple and effective cure heavily. I have also supplied links on my Index page for interested persons to The Grain & Salt Society, and Dr. B's site .

It is my intention to share this information with as many people as i can, as PMDD is an extremely debilitating condition, with many more women suffering from its effects than is generally known. If Dr B and Global Health Solutions deem it appropriate, I would appreciate it greatly if they would have a look at my non-profit site and its contents, and help me to promote this natural cure.

In fact,I would be very curious to hear Dr B's professional comments about my story of self-healing using his research. My opinion is that conventional medicine is not doing enough to help women with this PMDD disorder, and many are led astray by large pharmaceutical corporations' sponsorships of misleading propaganda and promotion of drugs such as SSRIs, without fully researching or making public the real causes and proper treatment for this female malady. I look forward to your comments,


Note: The physiological preparation for the women monthly menstrual cycle demands increased water intake and dilution of blood by at least 15 to 25 percent. The blood must be dilute and thin in consistency to prevent circulatory disturbance when part of it is shed with the outer layer of endometrium of the uterus. This process involves the water-regulatory actions of histamine and its subordinate operators. These chemicals not only produce pain but could also influence neuropsychological/physiological activity of the brain. In a book by Carl Pfeiffer called Nutrition and Mental Health : An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry, histamine has been shown to influence emotional states of the body. Additional proof is in fact that all tricyclic antidepressant drugs are very, very strong antihistamines. However, water and salt are infinitely more effective, natural, and less harmful antihistamines and alleviate the health problems associated with excess histamine activity in the body - hence A.C.'s observations.


A.C. (letter 2)

I am delighted to hear from you, thank you very much for replying. yes, of course you may use my letter in your new book, this is wonderful! Out of curiosity, what is the title if you don't mind me asking? I would love to read it when it is published. Right now my husband is reading your book ABC of Asthma, Allergies,and Lupus, and I am patiently waiting my turn.

As for getting tryptophan without a prescription, this is a long story. My husband and I searched high and low for pure-grade tryptophan ; as you know it is so very difficult a product to get hold of without a prescription, but it is not impossible. We knew that we could get it through a doctor's prescription, but being new to the city we live in, we had not yet developed a sufficient relationship with a doctor for me to feel comfortable discussing this unconventional treatment method for my problems. you might understand I had so many dissatisfying experiences over the past 3 years in this particular arena of my health dealing with conventional medicine that I wanted to circumvent the good doctors where possible. Perhaps some would consider this unwise, but I did not feel that there were any risks. My dear husband and I had done our homework and felt fairly confident that we were on the right track. Anyway, the upshot of it was that we eventually found a company in California that sells pure-grade pharmaceutical tryptophan, at $xx a bottle. Ouch! :-) But the benefits far outweigh the cost, and that is more important for us. We investigated the company (just to be sure) and everything checked out, so we went ahead bought the tryptophan without prescription.

If you don't mind reading a small novel, I would like to tell you what happened before I started taking the tryptophan supplement, you might find this interesting.

About 6 months ago, before we had found this company to buy from direct, and shortly after reading your book, I had been experimenting with the 'cure' by getting tryptophan into my system through drinking a glass of warm whole milk before each night, and again in the morning, then doing 1 hour's brisk walking to get it through the blood brain barrier (as you explained in your book) and another hour's walk in the afternoon, all the while hydrating with water, etc. My husband and I were mightily impressed with the results just from these simple methods.

My depression had lifted considerably and I had some energy again (although not yet cured, my symptoms were beginning to alleviate somewhat). We had gone through such a tough time Doc B, we were on the edge of divorce many times, we really could not believe that the answer to my health problems could be so simple, so we were proceeding cautiously, thinking this is too good to be true. I continued with the warm milk for about one month, but before long the mucus-forming properties of the milk started aggravating my allergies and I had to stop the warm milk routine.

For the next month or so I did fairly well by simply eating the foods that contain tryptophan naturally, but I was by no means as well as I felt I could be if I could get my hands on pure pharmaceutical-grade L-Tryptophan. And as I expected, the real results of this treatment method started showing once I started taking the tryptophan in supplement form (starting with 1000 mg for 2 weeks, then 500 mg, then intermittently and so on).

It feels wonderful to be me again Dr. B. My husband and I refer to you as 'Dr batman' when we discuss your books and your work, and as this is a term of endearment for us as we have great respect for what you represent. I want to personally say a great big thank you to you dear Dr Batman! Your research and knowledge not only literally helped to save my life ( I was suicidal at one point, when my PMDD and depression was at its worst), but it was also instrumental in great part to saving a beautiful marriage, my mental health, and not the least, the psychological health of a beautiful 6-year-old boy, who no longer has to be confused and hurt by his Mommy's unexplainable mod swings.

Right now I am working through some psychological issues relating to my childhood, which, in my opinion, and according to some research I've done, plays a big role in triggering PMDD in some susceptible women. I am moving forward on solid ground at last,instead of treading water always fearing that I would drown from exhaustion (metaphorically speaking).

Dr Batman, what is your professional opinion about PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder? PMDD. I think I am on the right track when I say that primarily this disorder is triggered by 'stress,' whether this is life stress or stress through chronic dehydration. Conventional medicine says that PMDD is caused in some women who have an abnormal response to normal hormonal changes. In my humble layman's opinion, I think this is inaccurate, misleading, and nothing more than simple 'shooting into the wind' with nothing more than a theory. Do you know anything about PMDD? Is there a possibility you might do some research about this disorder and publish your findings? It would help so many women and their families, Doc.

I don't think I am that wrong in saying that severe PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome) and PMDD has been the cause of many a divorce and other family dysfunction. After all, I have experienced this aspect firsthand. And being a man, you are surely familiar with the jokes about PMS and the stigmatization in our society of this female condition! :)
PMDD is a very serious condition in my opinion, even life threatening because of the very real possibility of suicide and manslaughter when it reaches its worst levels. Anyone who spends some time speaking to women with PMDD (and their spouses and children) will soon realize the far-reaching effects of PMDD, not only for the sufferer but also for her loved ones as well.
The longer PMDD remains untreated (and conventional methods in my opinion are not adequate treatment), the worse it gets, even leading to more serious depressive illnesses. In my opinion people (and the medical community) are not taking it seriously enough. I think you can tell I feel quite strongly about this. ;-)

But now I think I have taken up too much of your precious time with my ramblings. :-)

Thank you again Dr.Batman, you are doing humanity a great service with your work. May you always find great happiness and success in all your endeavours.


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