Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When we become dehydrated, histamine sees to it that the available water in the body is well preserved and distributed according to a priority of function. The rate of histamine production in the human body increases exponentially when the body becomes more and more dehydrated.

Supplying the human body with water causes a disappearance of histamine from areas where it should not be present. With adequate water supply, histamine production, and its excess release, is inhibited proportionately. This relationship of water to histamine has been demonstrated in several animal experiments. It is now physiologically apparent that water by itself has very strong natural anti-histaminic properties.

Immune System Suppression

There are certain white cells that are sensitive to histamine and that strongly inhibit the activity of the immune system in the bone marrow. There are twice as many of these white cells as there are cells that stimulate the immune system. Thus, dehydration that can cause the production and release of more than a certain amount of histamine may, in the long run, suppress the body immune systems at its central command station, the bone marrow.

Since there is a greater-than-normal rate of histamine production and storage in prolonged dehydration, a stimulus for the release of histamine from its immune system side of activity will produce a greater quantity of its release into the tissues. Tissues are a group of cells. At the same time, antibody production and efficiency, which have already been suppressed because of dehydration, will be inadequate to deal with foreign agents such as pollen and other antigens. The enormity of this problem becomes apparent during the pollen season when the eyes get invaded with these foreign agents. The tear-producing glands need to wash the offending pollen away from the delicate membrane of the eye - the conjunctiva - since antibodies are not adequately available to neutralize the pollen. This is the reason why histamine activity for secretion of water onto the delicate membranes covering the eyes and the nasal passages becomes exaggerated.

It is a naturally installed need-driven response. So don't fight it with drugs/drug lotion. "Water wash" is the only way of getting rid of the offending pollen types that are not neutralized by antibodies. This is how allergy to pollen occurs.

If you were to ask me : "Do you mean to say I can prevent asthma and allergies by drinking more water?" my answer would be yes, yes, and yes again. First "yes" for asthma, second "yes" for allergies, and final "yes" for more water. You can do it naturally, with no medication and at no cost. That is the difference between the solid paradigm ,drug-approach, from the solvent paradigm, water-cure approach. Water will do it because of the primary role of histamine in water regulation and drought management of the human body. Again, you are not sick, but your body is just thirsty and dehydration had set in. So just drink water and rehydrate yourself.

It is now clear that chronic dehydration is the primary cause of allergies and asthma in the human body. Increased water intake - on a habit-forming, regular basis - should become the treatment of choice.

In those people who have attacks of asthma or allergic reactions to different pollens or foods, strict attention to adequate daily water intake, with addition of some salt (recommend sea-salt), should become a preventive measure.

People who suffer from allergies and asthma will also have other indicators of dehydration. They will definitely develop other very serious health problems if they do not take their bodies' need for regular intake of water seriously. If you have any doubts about this information, read Andrew Bauman's letter, which was posted in this Healthy Wealth blog.

If you suffer from allergies and asthma, you MUST begin by drinking water, enough for your present body weight, on regular basis. And do not drink other products such as coffee, sodas, colas, alcohol, tea which can 'rod' the water from your body. You SHOULD stop taking caffeine .

Those with normal heart and kidney functions should begin drinking two glasses of water a half hour (30 minutes) before each meal, and one glass of water two and a half hours after the meal. When you increase your water intake, you also need to increase your daily salt (recommend sea-salt for cooking) intake to make up for the salt lost during increased urine production. Read more about salt found in this Healthy Wealth blog.

Fortunately for Andrew Bauman, he discovered the medicinal effects of water and salt and is still alive. He has reversed the variety of problems produced by dehydration, save one condition that is gradually improving. Mr. Bauman's case history highlights the serious implications of allergies during childhood, which can lead to the development of serious diseases later in life if positive steps are not taken to hydrate the body, drink water, adequately.

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