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Let's hope this revision on asthma and allergies will enlighten more people about the real cause and remedy, for good.

What is asthma?
It is said people have asthma when they become short of breath, without any warning, to the point of nearly suffocating. Several thousand people die from suffocation due to asthma every year.

Sometimes the onset of asthma is associated with repeated dry coughs with each breath. There is always an associated wheezing when exhaling, without an apparent infection in the lungs.

Asthma affects more than 18 million Americans, mostly children. Asthma and allergies are the human body's crisis calls for water. They denote a state of dehydration in the human body. They herald continuing degeneration of the body until other complications of dehydration get established and can cause early death.


From the vantage point of the new medical science, the following conditions should be considered labels placed on the physiological processes in the human body that denote a form of rationing and resource management when there is a limited supply of free water and other primary elements in the human body:

3.Hypertension, or high blood pressure
4.Type 2 diabetes
6.Autoimmune diseases

If you don't drink water regularly every day of your life, and don't understand the significance of pain, shortness of breath, and allergies as signs of dehydration, you will force your body into a disease stage. Any of the above conditions will herald the beginnings of body decay produced by local or general water shortage and the associated chemical environmental changes.

Reversal of autoimmune conditions is not easy and not always possible. TO reverse them requires an in-depth understanding of the importance of the acid-alkaline balance and the metabolic aspects associated with dehydration, such as the loss of a range of amino acids, insufficient absorption or loss of vital minerals like zinc and magnesium, and the absolute need for essential vitamins and fatty acids.

My experience and research tell me that the human body possesses a number of highly sophisticated emergency thirst signals. We need to be aware of these newly identified indicators of water shortage in our body. All you may need to do to cure some of your health problems is drink water instead of other fluids. Free water availability for the body is the key, not bonded-water as ingredients in beverages,colas, sodas, alcohol, 'sporty-designer-drinks', etc.

Question: What has all this got to do with asthma?

Answer: Asthma and allergy - conditions mainly treated with different kinds of antihistamine medications - are important indicators of dehydration in the human body. It is not the house dust mites which is (assumed) responsible for asthma sign/symptom, neither were these bugs (again assumed) are the 'culprits' behind half of all allergies worldwide.

Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates the thirst mechanism, for increased water intake. Some people also mistaken thirst signal for hunger signal and they eat more often than required and gain extra weight. Histamine also establishes a system of rationing for the available water in the drought- stricken body.

Histamine is the most noble element employed in drought management of the human body. Histamine is not the 'villain' that we have been led to believe due to our limitation of knowledge about the human body.

In dehydration, histamine production and its activity increase greatly, and this generates the emergency thirst signals and indicators of the water-rationing program that is taking place. Increased histamine release in the lungs causes spasms of the bronchioles, making them constrict. This natural spasmodic action of histamine on the bronchial tube is part of the design of the human body to conserve water that normally evaporates during breathing - the winter "steam." Average adult lose average of 1 liter of water just by respiration, and more water is lost during colder weather. Bear in mind that water is also used by the body to create heat energy to maintain the core body temperature (37.6*Celsius)for inner organs optimal and normal functions. Hot or warm drinks do not raise the core temperature of the body. You sweat after hot drink because the body is cooling (lowering) the core temperature through evaporation of heat via sweat.

In dehydration, lung tissue becomes very vulnerable. The air sacs in the lungs have very thin walls and need water to keep them moist at all times. Yes, during the hottest or coldest weather. The constant flow of air through these air sacs also evaporates the available water in their lining.Dehydration automatically reduces the amount of available water in these tissues and causes damage, unless the rate of airflow is reduced .

In essence, this is the rationale behind the blockage of airflow through the lungs in asthmatics. They are not sick, or 'attacked' by dust-mites, or virus, or bugs as we are led to believed by the doctors/specialist, but they are thirsty, more correctly put, prolonged-dehydrated.

Histamine is responsible for cutting down the rate of airflow through the lungs. It causes constriction of the bronchioles that are attached to the air sacs. Histamine also stimulates the production of added amounts of thick and viscous mucus that partially plug the bronchioles and protect the lining of the bronchioles themselves.

All these actions , in natural process, of histamine in dehydration are carried out to protect the delicate passageway of the human body that are in direct contact with the outside air and could easily become dried up and parched if not protected.

More can be said about histamine,later.

If any scientist want to test the reality of the first-cause of asthma, just increase the water intake of the patient and not change the house environment of house/duct mites(if any). Compare the same with an increase of water intake and reduce the antihistamine drugs(if any). The positive result will prove the point that it is the water that will cause the over-production of histamine to return to normal and the the wheezing asthma is gone, naturally.

Hope the CEO of A*Star (Singapore)can have a review in this discovery of water-cure protocol formula. Watch this and You Be The Judge, http://www.watercure2.org/Video/tlv/flv/YBTJ%20WATER%20CURE.htm (Source: www.watercure2.com )

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