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Days in Seletar Hash House Harriers.

Living in the atmosphere of an affluent and prospering society, I was caught up with many ideas and aspirations to get rich quick (monetary wise). The salary as an aircraft maintenance technician did not look attractive to me any more. Through a colleague, I joined a social "jog-cum-drinking" club (called Seletar Hash House Harriers). Here, I befriended a wide spectrum of people. There were those with professional status: doctors, bankers, musicians, engineers, lawyers, teachers besides soldiers, salesmen, drunkards and the unemployed. Such club is found all around the world. Once a week, the members would rendezvous at a place to play games and have some fun. Almost always there was a van around with a free flow of beer and other drinks. Fun was always song-singing mixed with vulgarity and drunken shouting. Such a stupored state would continue till the wee hours of the morning. Here, I experienced the "Lifestyle of the (frustrated) Rich and Not-So-Famous" people. Slowly and steadily my belly grew like the old-timer/veterans.

He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.
will u be lost? I was lost, but now I am found.

Alcohol versus Vasopressin.

Who has sorrow?
Who has woe?
Who has strife?
Who has complaints?
Who feels hurt without cause?
Who has bloodshot eyes?

They who tarry long over wine, they who go to sample mixed wine.
Look not upon wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup or glass, when it goes down smoothly. In the end it bites like a serpent, and stings like an adder.
Your eyes will see strange things, and your mind will utter upside-down things; yes, you will be as one who lies down in the heart of the sea, or as one who lies down upon the top of a ship's mast.

"They struck me; I did not feel it!
They beat me; I did not know it!
When shall I awake?
I will seek it yet again."

That was my life in my early 20s as a drunkard and ruined by alcohol, beer, whisky, strong liquors. Those were my wasted years , wasted time in life. I joined the Seletar Hash House club and I became a victim of alcohol.

Alcohol versus Vasopressin.
Alcohol has been shown to prevent vasopressin formation and its function. Vasopressin, a hormone, controls the act of producing the very small "showerhead" perforations in the cell wall to let only water (H2 O) molecules into the cell itself. This is part of the mechanism of reverse osmosis that the human body employs to deliver filtered water molecules into vital cells, like brain cells and growing fetus.

Vasopressin is the agent engaged in the drought-management program of the human body. No vasopressin, means no "showerhead", in turn cause cells not properly serviced with fresh water, thus, result dehydration at cellular level. This is the effect of alcohol dehydrating the cells in the brain, thus cause all drunkards to have hangover like bricks on their head after the drinking session, every time. We need water , not another round of those beer or wine. Now we see the truth.

Mother-to-be take care your water intake. When alcohol consumption(also other dehydrating agents such as caffeine, coffee, colas, soft drinks, tea) by the mother prevents the secretion and the needed actions of vasopressin, the same effect is produced in the child-fetus, way before it's birth. The mother's brain structure is already formed, but the fetus' is not. It is still in progress. Even after it is born into this world. Go see newborn baby's top head "popping" up and down.

The lack of vasopressin can result in the child's brain not developing normally, and in some cases, not complete in development. remedy: increase high-content, nutrient density foods like fresh fruits and green & colourful vegetables/fresh herbs is best for mother-to-be and child.

Vasopressin deficiency continue...the child's lungs may also develop with abnormalities that could lead to cystic deformation. Google the word "cystic" and learn more if you wish.

because of the vital role of water in regulating all functions of the human body, it is not accurate to blame most developmental abnormalities entirely on DNA malformation, as has been the case up to now. It is the first dehydration not corrected that cause the DNA to change itself. Dehydration could be a contribution factor. This need a paradigm change from solid paradigm to solute paradigm to understand better body physiology and symptoms manifestations.

So, son and daughter, learn the truth of any subject, and let us do the right things to our bodies for oursleves from here. Please don't pass the buck, for I know it's easier to blame our parents'genetic code.

Read the post in this blog "NORMAL CHILDBIRTH" (testimony) for inspiration. Sing "Healthy birthday to you, healthy birthday to you, ..........!"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CD Part 2(What cause Crib Death?)

The formula milk ('pasteurised cow-milk') the infant drinks may also contribute to CD. There is a marked difference between human mother's milk and cow's milk, this we know. Though both are mammals, but they are of different kind. Cow's milk is more concentrated and has more fat and proteins than human milk. To worsen the issue here is, pasteurisation process is used during the manufacturing of formula-milk-powder. It is the vibration-frequency in the cow milk that gives life to the calf. can you reproduce this same frequency to your baby when you feed your baby with formula cow-milk. That is proven in bio-physic test. A calf was given pasteurised-fresh-cow-milk, and it died within a few weeks. Lesson learn: Never temper with the power of nature.

You have already know this fact. Cow's milk by nature design is meant for the need of a calf that stands and begins to move and runs around in the first hour of life. It's own mother cow milk with high calcium enable it to grow enough to stand upright to suckle its mother's udder, or else it will die of malnutrition.

But it is different for a newborn infant. The newborn child is immobile for the first several months of life. Its primary need is to continue to develop its nerves system to completion, not build strong legs or arms muscles, as yet. The mother's breast milk is perfect. No other substitute will do.

Herein lies the reason for the difference between the NATURAL CONSISTENCY and DESIGN of human milk, for infants, and those of cow's milk, for calfs. Anyone who 'buy' into the dairy industry mind-programming advertisements and agents like doctors or health institutes, or modern nutritionists, may be forgiven for their ignorance, but then again, the nature law of health respect no one. Either we gladly follow it, or be ready to pay horrendous price to deviate from it. Revise other posts related on milk from this blog; it is never too late to revise, for that is how truth is experience. Aspire never tire .

When cow's milk is formulated for human consumption and given to infants as their only source of water -- often parents are told not to give infants water -- the metabolic system of the infant is burdened by digestion of the concentrated formula-cow-milk. Concentrated milk can have detrimental effects. Infants has no ptaylin enzyme yet, remember, therefore nature provide the mother milk as the perfect 'food'.

Autopsies of infants who had dies in road accidents showed an obvious partial blockage of the coronary arteries of those infants on formula milk, and not of those infants who were breast feed. This is a significant revelation that has not been made known to the public. Perhaps you have already know this fact all along. Good, let's share with people who are still wondering about CD(Crib Death).

S I D S .


For any parent, losing an infant/child of any age for that matter, during its sleep is one of MOST DEVASTATING TRAGEDIES IMAGINABLE.

SIDS is acronym for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Also called Crib Death / Cot Death (CD), SIDS is the name given to the unexplainable and unpredictable death of an infant/child in its crib, i.e., during sleeping. Why?

Rock bye-bye baby? or rock a by baby on the tree top... Young parents to be aware of your baby need for water, for former is too young to ask for the latter.

Every year, 7 000 to 8 000 babies , age between a few days and a year old, die inexplicably while asleep. The greatest frequency is among infants 2 to 6 months old. Diagnosis relies on exclusion of other causes and is based on autopsy examination. For any parent, losing an infant during its sleep is one of most devastating tragedies imaginable. This can be prevented from happening if only parents know about constant hydration of human body. Some mother were so fearful of SIDS, they kept vigil and neglected their own need to rest, which in turn caused their own health to deteriorated.

What cause crib death (CD)?
Vomiting up milk and then choking on it is usually not the cause of infant death.
CD is not caused by infections or colds.
CD is not the result of a contagious disease, though some doctors may have us believe. Just blame the 'germs' mentality; and move on with life is easy when the CD victim is not your baby. The primary cause of CD is not really known. Really?

THE ONLY plausible event that might be responsible, from the perspective of the paradigm shift , from solid to solvent paradigm, is the constriction of bronchioles due to unintentional dehydration and heat-management programs of the body, when the infant is possibly bundled too much and the room is warmer than it should be. This is call infantile asthma.

PONDER AND ASK THE DOCTOR(S): If childhood asthma can kill a few thousand annually, even when treatment is available, why should asthma not be considered as a primary cause of death in infants CD who have no means of expression when in deep sleep? Keeping vigil is one thing, do the parents. caregivers know the sign to look out for before CD strikes?

(more in CD Part 2) click here

Why Medical Qigong?

Scientific Proven - No Operation - No Medication - Painless - No ill Effects

We Specialise In :
Brain Tumor (Headaches, Migraine, Insomnia);
Nose Cancer (Sinus, facial Spasm, hearing Disorder);
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Lung Cancer (Asthma, Weak Heart, Hypertension);
Leukaemia, Skin cancer;
Breast Cancer (Chest Discomfort);
Colon Cancer (Bowel, Urine Disorder, Kidney, Slimming);
Cervix Cancer (Polycystic Ovaries, Pregnancy Problem);
Hand/ Leg Problem, Minor & Major Spinal problem.

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The Earth is dying
People are crying
The environment is wavering
Pollutants are destroying

For what we have
And what others gave
Proving Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
More trees we save

Reduce your wastage
Before the ice age
So as to live to a good age
That has a heritage

Re-use your unwanted goods that are still new
Causing rubbish to be few
For the Earth to have dew
So that people can feel

Recycle your things in the attic
That have not been touched a tick
Something you have thrown in a fit
So others can have it

Reduce, re-use and recycle
The three steps to conservation
Earth's only hope for preservation
It is what gives us motivation

So do not hesitate
To save our precious Earth
From the ways of old
Before we get cold

(Source: Write Fiesta:An Anthology of Students' Writing Vol.5. p44, Maris Stella Learning Carnival, 9 April 2007)

"How To Deal With Back Pain

& Rheumatoid Joint Pain." This is the title of a book by F.Batmanghelidj.

This simple small book comes with lay person explanations, and easy to follow posture exercise to deal with human pain, especially the back and joints.

Singapore reader may like to loan it from National Library, its call number is 617.564BAT-(HEA)

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Zinc & Iron

Zinc deficiency is common, but not normal for the body physiology, in parts of Africa and Asia and other countries where people consume large quantities of cow milk, which is high in calcium and low in zinc, and of starches and fibers, which interfere with zinc absorption. Administering iron to a zinc-deficient person is EXTREMELY RISKY.

Not only does iron stimulate bacterial growth, but, by aggravating zinc deficiency, it weakens the body immune system of the person being supplemented.

Many metabolic related diseases have been said to be caused by 'virus', which is business motivated to boost the drugs/supplements sales to the unsuspecting consumers.

Remember, never take iron supplements unless you have diagnosed iron deficient. Pregnancy is the possible exception to this rule, check with your obstetrician.

The best test for iron deficiency is a blood test called the serum ferritin level. Ferritin is a protein that carries iron, and low ferritin levels are a common sign of body's iron deficiency. Because the human body has a limited capacity for iron absorption, it does not make any sense to take in more than 20 milligrams of elemental iron at a time if you have a documented iron deficiency.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Even low-dose iron supplement can .. harmful.

When Indonesian school children who are not iron-deficient take iron pills, they fail to grow normally. (Source: P.Idjradinata, W.E.Watkins, and E.Pollitt. Adverse effects of iron supplementation on weight gains of iron-replete young children, lancet, Vol 343(1994),pp.1252-54.)

When iron supplements are given to Somali nomads or Masai people, their rate of infection increases, even though their iron deficiency is corrected (Source: Nesse and William, Why We Get Sick, p.29).

The high frequency of NEGATIVE RESPONSES to iron supplements in Asia and Africa may reflect the interaction between iron and zinc.

Parents Forewarned. Parents with infants and growing children, beware of the milk-formulas with 'enriched iron, calcium' for strong bone and 'high IQ' gimmick advertisements.

Iron in food or pills interferes with zinc absorption and supplemental iron can aggravate zinc deficiency, which profoundly depresses body immune function.

The recommend daily allowance (RDA) for zinc, 12 to 15 mg/day, is based on the assumption that 40 percent of the zinc that is swallowed is absorbed into your body.

Actually, only 17 to 35 percent of the zinc you eat gets absorbed, depending on what you eat with it. Starch and fiber interfere with zinc absorption, as do calcium and iron. (Source: P.Johnson et al. Zinc bio availability from beef served with various carbohydrates or beverages, Nutrition Research, Vol.10 (1990)pp.(55-62).

Lack of stomach acid, (if after 45 years old) which may be caused by infection or acid-lowering drugs (like antacids), also interferes with zinc absorption.

Water Cure Asthma

When a growing child do not drink sufficient plain water as his/her body cells/weight increase, the body will adapt water priority rationing in its water management systems. This is accomplished by more production of histamine when the body is undergoing dehydration state.

But excess histamine at the lungs aveolio will constrict these 'grape like' air sacs, and hence produce the wheezing sound and difficulty in breathing. This phenomena is the body's survival method to prevent further water loss through breathing respiration process. Doctors just name it 'asthma'. Physiology term it as cellular dehydration of lung.

Remedy: is to rehydrate body with water. Avoid all dehydrating product/beverages like coffee, soft-drinks, caffeine products, tea, or alcohol. Eat one fresh banana every day. Do not drink more than a glass of fresh orange juice a day, because it promotes more histamine production. For the details of water drinking formula, you can find it in previous posts in this blog. For first-aid, just drink two glasses of water if the patient feel the symptom is coming on.

Let us help the children everywhere to eradicate asthma. They are not sick , but they are dehydrating. Share this information with your family doctor. Thanks.

New Health visitor can read this post

We must change today...

because only change is constant.

Today, it's no longer business as usual.
Today, smarter heads and hearts prevail.
Today, it's no longer sickness as usual.
Today, change the order of things.

It's very important and needful to always remember and remind each other this simple principle, every organ and its system in out human body has its limitation and specific requirements, so that we can give our body systems the respect due to it. Why would I allow drugs to destroy me? Even if it doesn't immediately destroy me, it often, if not always, interferes with the natural healing processes that go on inside the body; this lead to eventual harm. I would not allow my body-temple to be a reservoir for drugs. Would you?

Because our body make-up is organic, all our systems and bodies must also be fueled and sustained by organic substances or compounds, which should be derived from organic plant foods, and not otherwise. fresh fruits with seeds and fresh herbs with seeds shall be our substance. Man-made material --be they organic or inorganic -- should be avoided. Natural things need no heavy/seduction advertisements, while the unnatural/denatured MUST be touted and used many gimmicks to advertise, in order to seduce, confuse and reduce the consumer. Be THE CUSTOMER, not a consumer.

Today, it's no longer business as usual.
Today, smarter heads and hearts prevail.
Today, it's no longer sickness as usual.
Today, change the order of things.

Today We Must Change. . .

our outlook in health care to survive sanely and wisely in the 'proverbial forest' of medical world. The high risk of deaths caused by preventable mistakes within worldwide hospitals does not include the moderately high risk of hospital-acquired infection (HAI), which is one of numerous complications that patients/visitors are likely to get.

Yearly, over 2 million (2 000 000) people in United States of America, alone, pick up infections in hospitals ; of these, some 90,000 die.(Source:Sharon Thomas A,2004,p 139) "Hospital-acquired contagions account for about one-half of all hospital complications. Therefore, we are dealing with a problem on a massive scale. ...from a public health perspective, every hospital is a micro-bug magnet." said Sharon, a registered nurse with over 19 years of legal consultancy experience advising lawyers on numerous cases in which hospitals have been accused of preventable errors.
Bugs are HIV, TB, syphilis, pneumonia .. you name it, and you'll have it. Airborne diseases like TB and pneumonia can easily spread from one infected patient to the rest of the patients in the same ward and beyond. Worldwide, countless die !

Doctors typically do not comply with hand-washing guidelines more than 50 percent of the time. Thenext time you consult the doctor, ask when was the last time he/she wash hands before doing check up on you. You have the right as a customer-consultee.

Today, it's no longer business as usual.
Today, smarter heads and hearts prevail.
Today, it's no longer sickness as usual.
Today, change the order of things.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Anemia =Iron Deficiency in the Body?

Anemia, the best-known effect of iron-mineral deficiency, which is the name given to a state in which the number of red blood cells is lower than normal. Anemia is not the same as iron deficiency, however. There are many different causes of anemia, which include folic acid deficiency, vitamin B12deficiency, disorders of the bone marrow, and conditions that increase the rate at which red blood cells are broken down in one's spleen-organ.

Iron deficiency, when mild, may not produce anemia, but may still cause fatigue, immune defects, or fungal infections of skin. Women with chronic fatigue and mild iron deficiency who are not anemic improve their energy after taking low doses of iron. LOW DOSES. 20 milligrams per day is all that's needed, no more .

Low dose of iron supplements (plant-base, not petroleum-base) can cure people with recurrent boils on the skin, but only IF those people have mild iron deficiency. presumably, correcting iron deficiency improves metabolic and immunity.

Friend, it is unfortunate that most commercial iron pills contain 60 to 300 milligrams of iron, far more than are needed or than can even be absorbed from a single pill. It is easy and dangerous to overdose on supplement when one is ignorant about basic body natural requirements. High-dose iron supplements, taken orally or by injection, increase susceptibility to bacterial infection.


because it promises a lot of pleasure and fun , but in fact, full of empty nutrients for the body. Fast fad fat fake false food ? (Anyway,may I have your order sir?)

Los Angeles has stepped up the war on OBESITY by preparing to ban any new fast food restaurants such as Burger King and KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) in its poorest and unhealthiest district.
In an attempt to encourage better eating habits among the area's mainly black and Hispanic population, California has become the first state to prohibit the use of artery-clogging trans-fats in all its restaurants and bakeries. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

"I will be back!" said the 'Terminator' mayor A S . MacDonald Restaurant will feed the Beijing Olympic athletes by the way. We Americans are really smart hypo_ _ _ _ _ _ .

The fastest food for the body is fresh fruits because it takes less than 40 minutes to complete it digestion cycle in our stomach. But the fast-food will stay more than 2-3 hours inside the stomach.

The Role Of Iron in Human Body

WARNING! Do not use iron supplements unless you are pregnant or deficient in iron. Why?

After the wrong kind of fat (trans fat), the nutrient most likely to cause rather than prevent infections disease is iron. Iron is unique among essential minerals, because there is no mechanism for its excretion once it is absorbed into the human body.

Whatever iron is absorbed must be either used or stored, and excessive storage of iron in the human body promotes the generation of free radicals. Excess dietary iron has been implicated by some scientists as a cause of cancer and heart disease. It also increases the risk of bacteria infection.

Except for the lactic acid bacteria like Lactobacilli, all microbes require iron for growth. Many of them produce special binding proteins to secure iron from their environments. Humans also produce iron-binding proteins that capture free iron so that microbes can't use it. An excess of iron overcomes this protective mechanism and increases susceptibility to bacterial infection.

The amount of iron needed per day for optimal health reflects a delicate balance between deficiency and excess. That is obvious common sense, but it is shocking to see unsuspecting individuals swallowing those multi-minerals pills every day.

(Anemia, blog on later post.)

Water Regulation of a Fetus. "Early-Pregnancy Morning Sickness"

How does a pregnant woman register her new level of water needs for herself and the growing demands of the child in her worm? You are going to learn a secret that has never before been recognized.

Before going any further, if a pregnant woman suffers or complains about "morning sickness", just use the water-cure formula as given. Increase her water intake in proportion to her weight increase throughout the pregnancy period. Avoid dehydrating substances such as coffee, colas, tea, alcohol. Every one kilogram of body weight needs at least 31.42 mL of plain water, daily. Drink 10% of this total amount every 90 minutes, or more frequent as the body produce more urine. Never go on salt-free diet.

The early-pregnancy morning sickness of a pregnant woman is a most meaningful thirst signal. She is not sick, but thirsty. Remember, each new cell that forms, about a trillion cell divisions will have taken place, has to be filled up mainly with water, by the time the fetus grows to be a full-term baby. In fact, so-called 'morning sickness', is the very first sign of dehydration of the mother and fetus together. It is brought about by the water-regulatory action of histamine.

Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates the thirst mechanism, for increased water intake. NOTE: just plain water (H2O), not any other liquid. Histamine also establishes a system of rationing for the available water in the drought-stricken body. Histamine is a most noble element employed in drought management of the human body. NOTE: Histamine is NOT the 'villain' that we have been led to believe due to our limitation of knowledge about the human body, that we are prescribed with different kinds of antihistamine medications. When the foundation be broken, what can the righteous do.

In dehydration, histamine production and its activity increase greatly, and this generates the emergency thirst signals and indicators of the water-rationing program that is taking place inside the body.

Histamine has many "nursing" responsibilities - it is a wet nurse to growing cells. Histamine will bring the new cells water and nutrients from its direct influence in expanding the blood and serum circulation. Histamine will rhythmically "pump-feed" the new cells with potassium. (Do you see the marvel of nature here? Way before we are breast-fed by our mother, our cells had been feed too. Awesome !) It is this feeding program that matures the new cell until it divides and divide yet again, and again, until a new life in the form of a fetus comes into being. Histamine is a most noble element in our human body.

Histamine also has responsibilities in antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-foreign-agent (chemicals and proteins) defence systems in the human body. Any antihistamine drugs used will only destroy these properties of histamine. Poor patients (people who have asthma/allergies) will continue to suffer from "correctly prescribed drugs but wrongly understanding of sign/symptom caused by dehydration" protocol. They are actually not sick, but thirsty. APPEAL: Doctors, please give them water, not drugs to re hydrate the cells. At a normal level of body-water content, these actions of defence are held at an imperceptive or unexaggerated level. But, in a dehydrated state of the human body, when much histamine is produced, an immune system activation will release an exaggerated amount of the transmitter from histamine-producing cells.

Dehydration at cellular level will reduce body immune/defence system. Remedy is to rehydrate the body, not pump in more drugs. Observation: people who never drink enough water fall sick easier and more often compared to people who drink water. When they take the pills, that is the only occasion the body has a chance of increased water supply. It is not the pills which the body is using, but the increased water level, to rebalance its chemistry. Hence, the recovery progress. Water cure, while drugs kill, the body. Recognize the real underlying shortage, correct that shortage, and you solve the sign/symptom. You never use drugs when your body is well, why use more drugs when it is down and out?
To evaluate deficiency disorders - water deficiency being one of them - we do not need to observe the same research protocols that are applied to the research protocols that are applied to the research of chemical products, like drugs. Identifying the shortage and correcting the deficiency is all we have to do.

Back to the 'morning-sickness'. This indication of the water needs of the growing fetus through the mother's sensory system is an important signal that connects the child's sensory system for its water needs to the mother's regulatory mechanisms.

Most pregnant mothers adjust or increase their water intake by the third month and the 'morning sickness' disappears, but some unsuspecting women don't and continue to live a life that promotes dehydration in the fetus as well as in themselves. The consequences can be catastrophic.

Why morning? Because of human body natural bio-rhythm of the waste elimination cycle during 4am to 12noon(8 hours). This elimination cycle is most intense and if free-water is not available or sufficient, then pain is registered with the brain. Headache, tiredness are also some of indicators of dehydration in the body.

When a mother continues to drink dehydrating drinks such as coffee, tea, caffeinated products and alcohol during her pregnancy and does not take in sufficient water (plain water = "cash$$$flow " for the body functions) she influences the physiological pattern of the developing child in her uterus. The child draws the necessary ingredients for growth from the mother's pool of resources. The desperately needed ingredients for normal cells growth include WATER, OXYGEN, and the AMINO ACIDS that are available in the mother's blood circulation via the placenta. Thus, the level of water intake and the composition of the amino acids (plentiful from fresh fruits and green /colourful vegetables) made available during intra-uterine life determine the assets of the growing child for natural development. These, in turn, establish a metering system that regulates the child's future growth and development.

The mother, just like the Mother Earth, is responsible for the marvelous creation of a healthy, natural chemical environment in which the child can grow through all the necessary normal development stages from a single fertilized cell, multiplied to a full-term baby, average of 9 months.

Dehydration itself causes the human body severe stress. The body establishes certain physiological and hormonal reactions to stress. The fetus is not protected from the physiological signals associated with the stress/ distresses of the mother. The indicators of stress that influence the mother's physiology and become the basis for her adaptive behaviour also register with the child.

The lifestyle of a pregnant woman can directly influence the chemistry of a developing fetus. If she develops an imbalance in her own chemistry, her fetus has to cope with the imbalance, too. It is true that the placenta acts as a selective barrier, but certain natural chemicals of the body go across the barrier, even in disproportionate amounts if these are present in the mother.

It short, the mother-to-be's range of body chemistry is a template for the development of her child-to-be.

Similarly, a woman who consumes an excess of alcohol/ is an alcoholic during pregnancy may produce a mentally fractured and unable-to-cope child. That is the cause of dehydrating effects of alcohol upon the body; not some kind of 'black-magic' spell or curse. The mother's brain and a fetus developing brain need much water.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Some of these conditions include:-
1. Obesity.
2. Raised low-density cholesterol in the blood circulation.
3. Raised triglycerides.
4. Cholesterol plaque formation in the arteries.
5. Coronary thrombosis.
6. Osteoporosis.
7. Osteoarthritis.
8. Heart failure.
9. Repeated strokes,'baby' stroke / permanent stroke.
10.Juvenile diabetes.
11.Alzheimer's disease.
12.Multiple sclerosis.
13.Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease.
14.Muscular dystrophy.
15.Parkison's disease.
17.Cancers, depend on the area of the body, as add as prefix.
18.AIDS. (????)

How many lay men/women know what all the above terms really means to their health condition? Jargon meant to simplified the complication or is it meant to complicate the simplicity, in medicine practice? I was one of those many confused layman once upon a time until I pray and ask for wisdom to ask, seek and knock to learn the basics of living.

Remember, prevention in nine-tenths of any cure. One ounce of prevention is worth more(better) than pounds of treatments/'cure'. If you keep at it, you will not be one of the millions (still counting) who suffered unnecessary to the point of needing surgery.

Remember to regularly drink your own personal quota need of water. This will save you from other problems associated with water deprivation of the trillions of cells of your body.

Do not underestimate the value of regular exercises, particularly walking, wherein the movement of the large muscle mass helps you keep a stress-free physiology.

The thirst sensation is not a reliable indicator for water intake; you can be dehydrated and yet not feel thirsty. The sequence of water deficiency occurrence in the body is first dehydration at local area, then thirst, then body adaptation, then pain, then chronic dehydration at the regional area, then cells mutation (cancer), end with pre-mature death.

The following conditions are produced by persistent daily lifestyle, dehydration in the fourth dimension, time: the time it takes for the damage to slowly erode the body, emerge, and show itself in a characteristic way that can be identified and labeled according to various symptoms we routinely came across.

These conditions, actually are state of cells dehydration, have been labeled "diseases of unknown origin" (etiology) by the current conventional mainstream medical establishment. Who are behind this scam? Pharmaceutical Industry (PI) players.

Healthy visitor, friend, there may come a time when you will become impatient with your body problems and think you should do something about them. make it a principle to consult more than one/two person; there are too many knife-happy or laser-specialist- "experts." Surgical operations, whether minor or major, are not always the answer to your health problem; indeed they may add to it. They have the same opinion, they always recommend conservative treatment as a first "must" in your condition. Forewarned is to be forearmed. Every person of insight acts with forethought.

Creation of jargons around different ways the human body shows it is dehydrated seems to have given the conventional mainstream medical establishment license to treat these manifestations of dehydration with bizarre and unnecessary protocols. Some doctors thought they are helping the patients merely by giving label or name to the sign/symptom of the medical condition.

See the listed conditions above and ask the doctors what is the first cause of these "names/labels" ? Make sure none of them take you around a merry-go-round-tour to more disease-names, but to the destination which you are looking for, your health.

What has been discovered for the first time in the history of modern science -- based medicine is the way to prevent and cure degenerative diseases of the human body -- simply and naturally with water. The Cause of these health problems has been discovered and exposed for every one's benefit. Yes, even doctors who were suffering from the pain of the diseases also benefited after they tried out for themselves. Many young and old doctors were humbled by the simplicity of this discovery, water cure:drugs kill.

In short, prevent dehydration to prevent dis-ease!

Simple Cell Basics.

One of the basic tenets of biology (bio means 'life', logy means 'study', bio-logy means 'study on life'), one we all learned in school, is that all living creatures are composed of tiny cells that can only be seen using a microscope.

We also learned that when one egg cell from the female and one sperm from the male unite they start multiplying exponentially - two, four, eight - until they (actually is 'we)become a sphere of cells that glows with the potential to form an entire body with a liver, an eye, a big toe, or curly locks of auburn hair.

All living creatures are composed of tiny cells that can only be seen using a microscope.

The cell-structure similarity between species is one of many facets of the oneness we share with all of nature, and the oneness within ourselves - the powerful mind-body-spirit connection that promotes health and healing. In a practical sense, the realization of the oneness of all life can help us heal ourselves. Interestingly, we can also use the same energy consciousness to heal other species because their biology works in similar ways.

Testimony: Over the years, I have had many cats and dogs brought to me by their owners. One dog was "Wolf," a gorgeous shepherd-wolf mix with a hole between two of the chambers of his heart, which could be heard as a severe heart murmur.

Wolf's prognosis was dire; he would have to be put down. Elaine brought Wolf to me in her car. He was not particularly sociable, and I had to go out to the car and slide into the backseat beside him. Wolf looked at me with great suspicion as I began talking to him, reassuring him that I wanted to help him. He let me place my hand on his chest so I could send healing energy to his heart. After about eight minutes, he uttered a low growl. I knew the session is over.

Elaine returned with Wolf once a week for several weeks. He would wiggle a happy welcome, lick my face, and allow longer and longer healing sessions, always uttering that low growl when he had enough. When Elaine took him to the vet after a month of treatment, the vet was astonished to hear Wolf's heart beating normally with no signs of damage. He lived a long and happy life with his owner. Wolf showed me how Cell-Level Healing can be used to help our canine (K9) friends and other companion animals. (Dr Joyce Whiteley Hawkes,Ph.D. A scientist became a healer)

From the smallest parts of our cells, a world of beauty and diversity has unfolded on this extraordinary planet, located on an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy at some wondrous longitude and latitude of the vast universe. We share this mysterious oneness at a deep level of structure, function, and consciousness. Although we cannot explain it, our recognition and experience of biological oneness can lead us beyond ourselves to embracing healing for our families, our communities, and our world. In short, love your neighbour like you love yourself.

Singapore dogs owners can check out this place for dog massage

National Day Supplement Readers' Contest


This is where I won't be alone, For this is where I know I'm home. (song lyric "Home" by Kit Chan)

Where is the one place in Singapore that feels like home for you?

Maybe it's you old school. Maybe it's the Botanic Gardens, a mall like Far East Plaza, or the park where you had your first kiss.

Tell us where it is and why it means so much to you, and your special place could be features in The Straits Times National Day Supplement.

FIRST PRIZE - $3,000. SECOND PRIZE - $2,000. THIRD PRIZE - $1,000.

Send your entry as An essay, poem or short story (not more than 500 words).

Or A photo or photo montage (high-resolution digital format only).

Or a video file (.mov or .avi formats, minimum 1 min, maximum 5 min)

Send your entries together with your Name, NRIC, Contact Number to

I sent one essay (498 words) on 26 July 2008. HOME.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Natural Crystal Salt ...

.. contains all the minerals and trace elements of which the human body is comprised. we are familiar with 94 natural elements (stable as well as unstable).

In 1869 Russian scientist, Dmitri Mendeleev arranged the elements that reveals their underlying nature at a glance. His method evolved into the Periodic table Of Elements used today. Apart from inert gas, all of these elements can be found in crystal salt. Hence, crystal salt contains all natural minerals and trace elements that are found in the human body. We perceive crystal salt as being the totality of all natural elements.

Vitamins and proteins are neither found in water nor in salt. However, when we analyze water and salt in the body, we find that vitamins and proteins are nothing but partially complicated molecular chain links of elements, which we can find individually within the salt as well as in the body. water, salt and light, as energy forms, can construct highly geometrically structure chain links, that are --biochemically -- identical to vitamins and proteins. This is what gives the sole* such a significance as a life-builder and well worth taking a closer look at. *The word sole is derived from the Latin word for sun "sol", as it is the liquid materialization of sunlight. Sole means "liquid sunlight" or "liquid light energy." Ye are the salt of the earth.

All life-giving processes in our universe, from the macrocosm to the microcosm, are closely interlinked to the energy potentials that are released when water merges with salt. These diamagnetic energies that are released by the combination of salt and water, act implosively (temperature decreasing) according to nature's blueprint. The blend of water and salt, the so-called sole, is the "mother soup" of all life forms and a flexible, physical representation of pure sun and light energy.

When water and salt combine, life begins.


When water and salt connect, the negative poles of water molecules surround the positive ions in the salt and the negative ions in the salt are surrounded by the positive polarized particles of the water molecules. This changes the geometric structure of the water and the salt, and creates something entirely new, a third dimension. The water is no longer water per se, and the salt no longer salt per se. The elements have liberated themselves from their initial restrictions, given up their polarities by the resonant effects, and reached a higher form of energy. Just like the sperm cell fertilized the egg and form another new life. Both the sperm and egg no more themselves per se.

The willingness of the water to give up its own identity, in return, liberates the salt from its manifested identity - to overcome the powers of the gridwork and to separate sodium from chloride. Both elements are ionized, which releases their stored energy and information.

The same effect could be attained without water in the smelting process, extracting metal from ore, and would require a temperature of 1,500 degree Fahrenheit.

The first nutrient the human body needs is water. Water is a nutrient. It generates energy. Water dissolves all the minerals, proteins, starch, and other water-soluble

Thursday, July 24, 2008

' Water & salt and

light combined, new life begins.'

As I was reading Ray Chee's "The Amazing Heart" (page95 to 97 of 250 pages) on the subject "salt", many statements were made about the negative effects of salt. One of them, .."salt caused hypertension "(in human body). That is based on traditional premise.

I suggest these literature for any serious researcher for future reading / R&D.
1."Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life" (Chapter 13,Minerals Are Vital, page 239to 252 of 285 pages)by F. Batmanghelidj,M.D. Author of 'Your Body's Many Cries for Water.

2."Water & Salt. The Essence Of Life. The healing power of nature" (page 97 to 143,of 255 pages) by Dr. Med. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira. The latter is a biophysicist, is the head of a scientific research project on the biophysical connection between water and salt. it is his greatest interest to convey the scientific connection between life-force, geometry and consciousness, in a basic form, accessible to the lay person.

3."The Memory Of Water" (page 12-13 of 166 pages) by Michel Schiff: Homoepathy and the battle of ideas in the new science. Published by Thorsons 1995. 'This book challenges dogma and censorship in science'.-Jacques Benveniste.

Dear friend, when we speak of salt, and as we scrutinize its properties, we mean salt in its original form: holistic, wholesome, unaltered, natural salt, as it has crystallized in the Earth over millions of years.

When we speak of "table" salt that is sold in the market, supermarket or hypermarket, we refer to it as sodium chloride with additives, which is what "table" salt really is. Na Cl : Chemical formula for sodium chloride, industrially produced table salt.

Little is known about the biophysics of salt, as it has managed to escape closer scientific investigation. We hope that there will be other scientists coming forth to undertake research about this intensely interesting subject, salt - the white gold of Earth. Salt is equally important for our human body as is water.

Just a packet of Golden Raisins?

I bought some dried raisins from Mustafa Centre, Singapore, recently. Label reads Golden Raisins. Ingredients: Raisins, Sulphur Dioxide added as preservative. Imported by: MOHD MUSTAFA & SAMSUDDIN CO. PTE. LTD, SINGAPORE.

Innocent dried-fruit (raisins) for children, or pastries purposes?

Not so 'innocent' for your tender heart, if you really learn about Sulphur Dioxide. Human body blood system is liken to the municipal water management system we use every day.

Microorganisms can produce toxic anaerobic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, which form highly corrosive acids - e.g.,sulfuric (sulphuric) acid - that break down pipes and cause other problems.

Besides, erosive or corrosive drugs and chemicals are not uncommon in fixed and flexible piped systems. These tend to attack the walls of normal pumps (for human, it is the heart) and pipes (for human, it is the blood vessels). The human cardio-vascular- system is not exempt from these attacks. Chemical "corrosiveness" or degree of damage is usually a matter of chemical concentration, dosage, frequency and duration of exposure or intake.

Lack of pure water for instance, will increase the intensity, degree or frequency of such damage, which is why we must drink enough only pure water, daily. Soft drinks use carbonated water and high concentration ingredients ( One drop of aspartame is 100 times the sweetness of natural sugar. Hope you get the point, which the soft drink industry has known a ll along. They employ qualified chemists to do exploit to hasten the need for their products. Smart businessmen get richer, unsuspecting consumers get poor health and wealth.

Aspartate is a direct by-product of aspartame - the popular artificial sweetener that is used in about five thousand (5000) different food products. Aspartate and glutamate (in MSG) do not need to undergo change to register their presence in the body like other neurotransmitter. They act directly on the human brain cells that regulate some aspects of the human reproductive systems - possibly also growth.

Many people who regularly take/drink artificial sweeteners develop a false hunger, and up to 90 minutes after their intake seek food and eat more than they would normally. As a result, they often gain excess weight. Aspartame may also cause a major disruption in the communications systems of the human body with detrimental effects. In certain people with diabetes - a dehydration problem - aspartame has caused diarrhea and intestinal bleeding.

Thus lesions or impairments to the walls of blood vessels will increase the inner roughness of walls, which increases frictional drag, like the water pipes. The added drag, in turn, will set off favorable hydrodynamic conditions that hasten the accumulation of plague and the acceleration of plague formation, and progression.

Abnormal growth or inflammation, lesions, ulcers and the likes, possibly caused by chemicals, et cetera, and even an embedded cyst in an artery wall could activate similar conditions that lead to the dreaded occlusion of artery.

Remember that some food are made for selling (very long shelf-life) some food are for eating (like the nature produce). We must choose them wisely for our parents, children and grand children and grandparents. We all depend on nature food without denatured chemicals. Lesson learn for me : Choose fresh raisins, if available.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Breast Cancer Case Report 6

Interesting reading for survival of breast cancer, go to

Walking is ...

the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.

First we crawl, then we WALK , at times we run.

Try walking every chance you get. Many benefits from just walking more than sedentary lifestyle. Walk the stairs instead of using the escalator or lift even if you are in a hurry. Be amazed with the speed you can walk than the lift.

Slow pacing while using your hand phone will help you think better, due to more neurotransmitters being produced when there is walking. That's how feet reflexology works for the body. Little steps add up quickly, and compound interest accumulates.

Use break times wisely, by walking around your workplace or home or anywhere. Fresh air is always better than air-conditioned room. Do whatever it takes to keep your bones and body moving and you enjoy walking very far and very long. Remember your water , of course. Smile!

Sunrise, sunset.

Sign Up For Singapore Marathon 2008.

Registration for the Standard Chartered Singapore marathon began on Monday, 21JULY 2008.

Organisers are also aiming to raise $500,000 through its Run-For-A-Cause initiative to help the needy in a partnetship with Community Chest. To sign up for the race, marathoner-to-be please go to

Singapore Islandwide Prostate Screenings

subsidising by the Singapore Urological Association (SUA) at all public hospitals until Friday (25July2008).

Men aged between 50 and 75 years enjoy a subsidised rate of S$8 at participating hospitals. For more information, call SUA Secretariat at 6273 3839.
Changi General Hospital (Thursday, 24JULY,2008); Singapore General Hospital (Friday,25JULY,2008) Time: 9am to4pm.

4 Simple Steps to ...

Vibrant Health.

Most of us are unconscious of the ongoing work our bodies' cells do in terms of self-healing and repair, from our first breath to the final breath.

Observe the 4 most vital steps to better health which can lead to better wealth too, are :-
STEP 1, balancing the water and salt content of the body;

STEP 2, exercising the muscle mass of the body to enhance the efficiency of brain function;

STEP 3, avoiding beverages that dehydrate and make the body more toxic;

STEP 4, and eating a nature-balanced daily diet of proteins and vegetables in a ratio of 20% protein (not high-protein milk) and 80 percent vegetables, legumes, and fruits, with as little starch and sugar as possible.

It is the high starch and sugar content of the modern diet that makes a person fat/obese. Higher protein and fat contents, as found in all fresh fruits and plants,herbs,veggie, of the diet do not make you fat!

If you stick to these 4 Simple STEPS recommendations, I am confident that you will seldom fall ill and will live a long and productive life.

I do hope you will share the information in this blog (Healthy Wealth with others who might need it. Thanks for healping me grow healthier and wealthier in living.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Typical Case History

J.B., a company administrative secretary, developed peptic ulcer disease when she was thirty-three(33) years old. The usual medications - antacids that neutralize the acid in the stomach - could not give relief. Stronger prescription medications (which are actually very strong histamine-blocking agents that temporarily stop acid production in the stomach) would at best partially relieve her symptoms of severe dyspeptic pain.

On and off, the disease recurred several times a year for a number of years. On a number of occasions, she had to seek her doctor's advice for her stress and ulcer pains on a weekly basis.

A few years ago, during one of these periods of persistent stomach pains that seemed reluctant to yield to the effect of very strong medications, her doctor -- with much caution -- told her that severe peptic ulcer pain seemed to have been satisfactorily relieved with ordinary tap water. J.B. was encouraged to increase her water intake anytime she developed stomach pain to see if this could be effective. the treatment worked.

For a numbers of years now, J.B. has followed this advice. With the slightest indication of her pain coming back, an increase in her daily intake of water makes it disappear. As a result of a program of drinking eight98) glasses of water a day, J.B. no longer suffers from ulcer pains. She has no more need for any medication other than the water she now drinks regularly to prevent the pains from recurring.

The explanation for the occurrence of heartburn as a signal of water deficiency is very simple. When we drink water, it is immediately passed into the intestine and absorbed. it seems that, within a half hour(or 30 minutes), the water is once again secreted into the stomach from the base of the dents in the mucosa. One of the major events that take place is a backwash of the mucus layer that expands and stores naturally secreted bicarbonate that neutralizes the acid on its surface.

For the cells under it, the mucus layer lining the stomach is a preventive insulation against the acid, which is poured on food/mixed with food for the process of digestion. This backwash of the mucus by the water we drink is an ESSENTIAL part of the maintenance of the protective system of your stomach wall. Water flowing thorough the mucus layer brings about the expansion and thickening of this protective layer in your stomach. Mucus is 98% water and 2% scaffolding that holds the water in place. the water in turn dissolves the bicarbonate that acts as the buffer for the acid that will try to pass through the mucus. This is a constantly active process.

Dehydration alters the consistency of the mucus barrier, rendering it ineffective as a buffer against the acid in your stomach. It allows the acid to go through and reach the cells below, thus causing pain - "heartburn." Heartburn is named such because the pain region is around the heart we describe it to people, but it is not the heart is "burning", it is the stomach is dehydrating. So just rehydrate your body faithfully, daily, will solve the pain.

Can someone pass the water, please?

(I will be back. Go for water break)
P.S. A hydrated mucus barrier is uniform in consistency and prevents acid penetration. That is why your stomach in protected from its own acid. Dehydrated mucus becomes stringy and allows acid penetration.



I've had a digestive problem for many years. I burp and belch when I,m hungry or too full.

I try to eat five small meals a day to avoid being hungry. Doctors have advised me not to bend down or lie down after eating. One doctor said I said I may have a reflux problem.

Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, hours after my last meal, and belch for up to 15 minutes. I am above 50 and weigh 55kg. What is the root of the problem?

Question by troubled. (From TODAY (Singapore), Tuesday JULY 22,2008, page 25.You can read the reply from Dr Ong Wai Choung , Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology, Singapore General Hospital)
What is the root of the problem? Its me reply,"Unintentional-prolonged-dehydration set in."

Remedy: using his weight ,55kg ,multiply by 31.42 ml = 1728.10 ml of water daily.
Round this figure up to 1800 ml. He should drink 180 ml of water every 90 minutes. Quit all coffee, can drinks, alcohol.

In the same way you don't let your car(if you have one) run out of petrol before you refill the gas tank, the human body MUST NOT be allowed to become dehydrated before you drink your water.
*Water should be drunk before meals. The optimum time is 30 minute before eating. This prepares the digestive tract, particularly in people with gastritis, duodenitis, heartburn, peptic ulcer, colitis, or gas-producing indigestion.

*Water should be taken anytime you are thirsty - even during meals.

*Water should be taken two and a half (2.5) hours after a meal to complete the process of digestion and correct the dehydration caused by food breakdown.

*Water should be taken first thing in the morning to correct dehydration produced during long sleep.

*Water should be taken before exercising to have it available for creating sweat.

* Water should be taken by people who are constipated and don't eat sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables. Two to three glasses of water first thing in the morning act as a most effective laxative.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Work of Art and Science is...

each patient or person. Yes, you are one of us, humankind.

Each patient/person is a work of art and science.

Disease theory has no logical relation to person -- you see, in 'disease theory' it does not matter what person has the disease -- therefore, the common complaint that patients are overlooked in the treatment of their diseases is another way of stating that in the intellectual basis of modern medicine patients and their diseases are not logically related .

The treatment of "disease" without regard to the persons they afflict has brought clinical medicine to a crisis of confidence as great as the one it faced 100 years ago. Others have expressed dismay at the inadequacy of current clinical practice. Others have attacked its excesses. The inappropriate use of drugs, for example, accounts for well over half the episodes of cardiac (heart) arrest that occur in the hospitals and medical centers.

In most cases, clinical errors occur because of therapeutic mistakes by doctors (iatrogenic) who overlooked the individual characteristics of the patient being treated.

Many studies on iatrogenic (doctor-caused) injuries concluded that 180,000 citizens are killed in hospitals by their doctors every year, because of professional mistakes.

Disease theory has outlived its usefulness. Any regulated health care system that relies on rigid protocols for the treatment of disease will trample the individual needs of sick citizens. The only way out of the crisis which is worsen daily, is for the individual -- not the disease entity -- to become the FOCUS OF CARE. physicians must be trained to understand the kaleidoscope model of health. Patient must audit the doctor's currency and up-to-date knowledge in the treatment offered. Though a patient is sick, but he/she is still a CUSTOMER; NEVER LET THE SYSTEM TURNS YOU INTO A consumer!

Generalist physicians (GPs) must become passionate experts at reinforcing the Pillars Of Healing (POH): They must create a healing relationship with their patients (not mercenary-relationship)with the patients and in analyzing each person's diata (diet), counseling individual changes; they must be able to instruct patients in establishing a healthful environment and understand the intricate chemistry of body detoxification, so that the treatments support the patients' body's processes of repair, rather than hinder them. Not just delegate these duties to nurses or assistants. The consultation fees must be proportionate to the time spent with the patient, personally.

This must become the standard of care, for individual practitioners, for managed care organizations, and for regulatory agencies. These endeavours will not fully replace crisis management, surgery, or the use of drugs. But, they will DECREASE the need for expensive and invasive treatments, decrease the frequency and severity of complications when such treatments are employed, and improve the overall effectiveness of person care.

CONVENTIONAL! TRADITION ! Conventional, disease-oriental medicine does not meet the present citizens' needs.

Conventional medicine is too often impersonal, ineffective, or dangerous. Any of you or your family members suffered under the conventional medicine before? This direction is contrary to the 'calling of true health restoring' care.

As a whole, alternative medical therapies rest on the concept that illness results from imbalance or disharmony. Supporting the patient body's capacity for healing by restoring "balance" within is their ultimate therapeutic goal.

This natural perspective MUST be in the practice of medicine and must guide the application of any medical science to the care of patients. Fulfilling that mission is the purpose of this Healthy Wealth blogsite. Let your doctor, GP or specialist know too.

The power to initiate change for the better lies within you and me, that is, us. It begins with your taking an active role/proactive in maintaining and promoting your own health.

Whatever you age or your present state of health, these five(5) steps, you can take immediately, to begin the process of better health enhancement and family wealth maintenance. They are:

1.Eat consciously. Ignore latest dietary fads. Nutrient density is the key to healthy eating. Spice your meals liberally with garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary.

2.Get enough physical exercise. Not excess. A total of 2 hours of walking (minimum) each day is best. Each minute of walking will activate the natural fat-burning enzyme in your system for the next 12 minutes. Cool. So 2 hours of walking per day, you have 24 hours natural fat-burning enzyme activation, even while you are sleeping. That's the farmers' secret to strong and able body.

3.Explore meditation. A period of quiet contemplation, prayer, or deep relaxation, stillness once a day improves your immune function and has remarkable recuperative power within.

4.Create a safe home. Body friendly home is peaceful and welcome to all family members. Then turn your attention to the safety of your work environment and your children's (if any) school/child care center safety.

5.Avoid drugs that disrupt your body's natural ability to heal itself. So-called latest 'wonder' drugs inclusive. Simple logic: when your body is not sick, you never use drug, then when the body's immune system is sick, why use drug(s) to further weaken the 'doctor within'.Conventional medicine thinking, obviously. Streets drugs and tobacco, whether legalised/illegal have no redeeming qualities. Drugs that lower stomach acid increase your risk of intestinal infection.

Alcohol and aspirin appear to have a two-tier effect on human body health. Very low doses may be beneficial; higher doses are potentially harmful, damaging the lining of your stomach and intestine, increasing the entry of intestinal toxins into your liver. Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

Antibiotics are the most important drugs ever develop, but their overuse had tragic consequences; it destroys your body's friendly flora and contributes to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Strategy to avoiding antacids, excessive use of pain relievers as aspirin, pain-killer pills, and unneeded antibiotics is to use water-cure protocol. Water cure many disease sign/symptoms, while drugs kill all living organism. Peptic ulcer patient is recommended to drink a glass of water every hour until the pain is gone. Your stomach lining integrity and structure thickness is directly proportionate to the amount of water you drink every day. Keep to your own water quota, formula can be found in previous posts in this blog.

Friend, implementing these five steps will do more than improve your health, well-being and indirectly your wealth. It will equip you to change the nature of the medical care you presently receive. Health care can only change for the better if you, the person/ patient, are an an active participant, proactively in setting priorities for your own care.

Taking charge of your own behaviour empowers you to assume a collaborative relationship with your doctor. Yes, make the doctor you're consulting be your "doctor". inform your doctor of the steps you are taking to improve your health and wealth. Present your goals and expectations. Request the informations that you need. You have the liberty to know all there is needed to know about your present health condition. All doctors should be able to explain your condition in the simple layman's term to you, not heavily jargonized.

If you are sick, explain the ways in which your illnesss has changed your life; express your feeling about the illness, and EXPECT that your doctor will listen, acknowledge you, and treat you with RESPECT. No one is too small to be heard. Though you may be 'sick', you are still a COMPACT PERSON, not a corpse, yet. If your requests are not met with respect, change doctors and register your dissatisfaction with the managed care organisation that employs or contracts with the doctor. The Ministry of Health can also help you. You deserve the best and effective treatment available.

The foremost demand of patients/person is for health care that addresses their personal needs, not the disease-care. That demand often remains unfulfilled, due to the concepts that underlie modern medicine are concepts of disease, not of person.

Each Patient/Person Is A Work Of Art And Science. Patient-centered diagnosis allows the person who is sick to be the CENTER of health care. It see through the obsolete notion that disease entities can exist in and of themselves. It unites science and humanism, allowing the power of real science to consistently support the artistry of personal health care. It allows us to see, with the tools of true science, that each patient/person is a work of art. A divine art in fact.

Doctor's primary "calling" is to customise the correct treatment to restore the person's well being, not generalise the disease.

You can print out this post and share with your doctor / friend.

Womes Citizens Note:

THE Friendly Lactobacilli not only colonize your intestinal tract but grow well in your vaginal and urethra, where they prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria. The application of vaginal spermicides (for birth control) like honoxynol-9, found in many contraceptive creams, may kill the friendly Lactobacilli and give pathogens more ready access to your urinary tract.

Taking Lactobacilli by mouth or inserting Lactobacillus capsules into your vagina may restore genital tract symbiosis and prevent infection.

If you do need, after exhausting all known natural methods, to take antibiotics for bladder infection, remember that a 3-day course of treatment usually works as well as a ten-day course. This is not the same as completing only three days of a ten-day course, which can promote the growth of resistant bacteria. Avoid over treatment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cell-Level Healing

So, what about those cells? Is there love after the laboratory?

Certainly ,after all, physical health begins in our cells. Likewise, healing must touch the cells, because illness also begins at the cellular level.

Did you know that individual cells seldom get completely sick all at once? Simple practices can help you support injured cells on the road to recovery.

Jerry,was a construction worker with a new diagnosis of multi sclerosis (MS). He had lost most of the strength in his dominant hand and could no longer wield a hammer or steady a nail driver. The vision in his right eye was blurred from time to time, and the unreliability of simple physical functions, such as sight and arm strength, frustrated him. We began healing work together, and within two(2) weeks his vision was normal. Several months later, Jerry arrived at my office carrying a heavy jug of water in his right hand. He thrust it into my face with a HUGE GRIN OF DELIGHT :) Three(3) months earlier, he had not been able to hold an orange in that hand. Both his eyes and the nerve cells in his body had healed.

The more you know about your body - and the cells of your body - the more you will appreciate how truly precious and sacred all life is.

Rather than struggle against the body and our sojourn here on earth, the body can be experienced as a sacred temple of the spirit and an expression of consciousness. This knowledge is the first step toward a life of fullness and oneness of spirit and physical existence - a seamless connection from Soul to Cell.-Joyce Whiteley Hawkes,Ph.D.

Means to Increase Body Immune System

Gratitude leads to devotion, resulting in compassion that flows naturally from the heart as profound healing.

Begins with the practice of appreciation, which can open you to receive good things.

You can control your stress level on daily basis. Control Your Stress level on Daily Basis is simple means to increase Body Immune System. Stressful and distressing life events and emotional distress impair your own body immune function, increasing susceptibility to colds sores due to herpes virus infection.

:Help children beating HFMD (in Singapore):Drink Water.(revisit older posts in this blog site.) Thanks.

On the other hand, a sensible program of daily relaxation and stress management through correct re hydration (drinking water) and using natural sea-salt in diet has been shown to reduce the frequency of herpes infection. It does appear clearly that the diaita(diet)of modern citizens should include a daily period of quiet reflection, meditation on things that encourages health, or prayers, as well as a daily period of walking or simple body physical exercise, for personal body optimum immunity.

1.Get enough sleep at night so that you can awaken in the morning without an alarm clock. The shocking-loud-alarm effect is distressing the body-vibration-senses in the long run.

2.Follow a diet of high nutrient density. Eat saponin-rich vegetables like soybeans(NON-GENETIC MODIFIED), CHICKPEAS, BEAN SPROUTS, TOMATOES, POTATOES (non-fried) and oats, and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins (spark plugs for enzymes) A and C like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Natural fatty acids is fine, but avoid foods with added fats, trans-fat. Overheated fatty acids turn into trans-fat, like fried food.

Prevent UTI ?

If you are a woman with recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), preventive regimens may help you avoid antibiotics. First, empty your bladder regularly, about every two(2)hours. Loading up with fluids without regular bladder emptying will do more harm than good.

NOTE: Holding in urine and distending the bladder damages the bladder's lining and increases the risk of bladder infection.

Cranberry juice (fresh-pressed juice) inhibits the attachment of bad bacteria to the lining of your bladder. A single 8-ounces glass of natural sweetened(use raw honey) cranberry juice every day decreases bacteria contamination of the urine. For people who dislike the taste of cranberries, freeze-dried cranberry juice extract is available in capsule form. Three(3) to six(6) capsules per day are quite effective at preventing urinary infection.

If cranberry juice is not effective for you, use bearberry leaf (Arcostaphylos uva-ursi) extract, which contains the the urinary antiseptic arbutin. The dose needed is 500 milligrams 3 times a day. Do not mix bearberry leaf extract with cranberry, because bearberry only works in an alkaline urine and cranberry renders the urine acidic.

To achieve an alkaline urine when taking bearberry, avoid consuming meat, fish, poultry, or eggs. Vegetables, fruits, and dairy products (all in raw form) create a relatively alkaline urine, because of the way in which they are metabolized (changed form) in the human body. Even orange, or grapefruit juice, which are acid when swallowed, tend to create alkalinity in the urinary tract.

Human body will produce acidic urine prior to falling into 'sickness region.' You can purchase litmus paper from health store/pharmacy to monitor your own urine pH. Increase your daily water intake, more raw fruits, vegetables and reduce cooked food will reverse the acidic urine to basic (alkaline) urine.

Ray Chee authored "The Amazing Heart"

A Revolutionary View That Could Save and Lengthen Your Life!
the amazing heart nature's glory 1 bk

"Time is money ... life is time... life is more than money. Life is wealth."-Ray Chee

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Born to Live ... without sickness?

Not many can!

Finally a book like no other:
-Answers questions doctors can't! (Doctors, read this book with an open heart.)
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RAY CHEE is a chartered professional engineer with a bachelor (Honors; majored in Public Health Engineering) and Master in Engineering (Hydraulics) degrees.

You might have asked yourself : "What does an engineer have to do with the human heart and cardiovascular disease?" or "What can he contribute towards health?" The answer: "Lots!"........................... My wish is that this book would help save , or improve the quality of, at least one person's life. It would be worth all my effort and the years of writing it. When that happens, I would be very thrilled to hear from you.
I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have writing it. More importantly, it is my sincere hope that you will put the principles contained herein to the test and discover the truths for yourselves. To succeed, read and re-read this book until the truths sink in.

Wishing you hearty health,
Ray Chee

A Messenger of Hope
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do not bite at the Bait...

of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it.

"Cola is loaded with habit-forming caffeine so that once the victim becomes accustomed to the stimulant, he/she cannot very well get along without it. There is only one reason for putting caffeine in a soft drink - to make it habit-forming.' Said Dr Royal Lee of the Foundation for Nutritional Research.

Aside from tricking your body into thinking they taste 'good', there are no benefits in sodas. The ingredients that is the culprit here is a horrific concoction called phosphoric acid. These drinks also contain malic acid, carbonic acid, and erythorbic acid, among other things.

The malic and citric acids to be found naturally in fresh fruits and vegetables are of a nature that turns alkaline(basic) in the body system. The ones to be found in the soft drinks remain acid because they are fractionated and usually extracted with heat. Your body pH balance can be thrown into turmoil just by reading the label of the soft drink! Plus most sodas have our old nemesis, caffeine. When soft drinks are taken with food, it leads to fermentation instead of good digestion.

Human blood is slightly alkaline(basic), with a pH of 7.35 to 7.40. If a person's blood were to reach even the neutral level of 7.0 , that person/patient would be in great danger. The leeway between 7.35 and 7.40 is small; there is very little leeway before your blood is thrown out of balance.

Coffee and tea and caffeinated drinks happen to be pure acid in the body. The more acid in your body, the more your body will retain water in an attempt to neutralize it. This adds excess weight to your body.

* A cup of coffee contains about 80 milligrams of caffeine, and a cup of tea or one soda has about 50 milligrams.

*Chocolate also contain caffeine and theobromine, which acts like caffeine.

*Caffeine further dehydrates the human body - you urinate more than the volume of water contained in the beverage.

*Caffeine blocks the production of melatonin in the brain. Dr. Kenneth Wright Jr. discovered the melatonin-inhibiting effect of caffeine in 1994. This inhibitory effect of caffeine on the melatonin production by the pineal gland (location at your middle of your forehead) of the brain seems to last six t nine hours. melatonin regulates the functions of the body during sleep; it induces sleep. Thus, melatonin inhibition is one reason why coffee induces wakefulness.

*Caffeine intake on a regular basis by pregnant women can increase the risk of producing low-birth-weight infants. Because of the negative effects upon the nerves systems of both the mother and fetus. It can even cause spontaneous abortion or damage to the fetus. Mother-to-be, avoid caffeine is the right direction.

*Caffeine inhibits the enzymes used in memory making, eventually causing loss of memory. it has been shown to inhibit the enzyme phosphodiesterase (phospho-di-esterase), which is involved in the process of learning and memory development. Growing up children learn faster and better without soft drinks in their diet.

*Caffeine can be toxic to brain cells.

*Seniors and juniors citizens should not take caffeine. It can affect their normal brain functions, and their wit to survive may become less sharp. All enhancement programs will not benefit while caffeine is still in their diet.

*Five to Six cups of coffee drinkers a day are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks.

*Caffeine can damage DNA and cause abnormal DNA by inhibiting the DNA-repair mechanism. We were not fed with caffeine as infants, hence genetically, DNA was normal, until the habit of taking caffeine was started by ourselves later in life. Our parents' genes are not to be blamed. We did ourselves in.

*Caffeine has been shown to cause genetic abnormalities in animals and plants. Try giving your pets and plants and see its effects.

*Caffeine attacks the brain cells' reserves of energy and lowers their threshold of control, so that the cells overspend from their energy pool. Caffeine indiscriminately turns on many energy-consuming functions to the point of causing exhaustion. When brain cells that have been influenced by caffeine confront a new situation that demands their full cooperation, they have a shortfall of energy. This creates a delay in brain response -- hence exhaustion and irritability after excess caffeine consumption. Caffeine may cause attention deficit disorder in young people who consume too much soda. A can of Coke need another 32 cans of water to neutralize the dehydrating effects upon your body.

*Water by itself generates hydroelectric energy. caffeine in the same water stimulates your kidneys and causes more water to exit your body than is in the can drink. This exhausts your brain cells' reserves of energy.

Caffeine-containing diet sodas (example,Diet Coke) therefore, constitute a sort of double JEOPARDY to the human body in that caffeine causes many complications, while artificial sweeteners have their own detrimental chemical effects. Decaffeinated diet sodas may be particularly harmful in diet programs, especially if the sweetener is aspartame. Aspartame has been implicated in the increased incidence of brain tumors and seizures.

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it.
It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety. Are you the 'fisherman', or are the 'fish'?


You are going to read how this doctor rescue his own sister from permanent stroke.

(In his own words):"Talking about permanent pathology, let me tell you the story of my sister Shahla. We are a close family, and there is a particular bond between my sister and me. There is about thirteen years' different between us. When we were studying in England, away from home and parents, I was in charge. Even in later stages of her life, whenever she needed to make a serious decision, she would consult with me. As a family, we emigrated to America when living in our homeland, Iran, became hazardous after the mullahs took over in 1979 and Iran became a theocratic dictatorship. Most of us gravitated to northern Virginia, USA.

Shahla is a hard worker and a most reliable executive, and although she had a lot of upheaval in her life in exile she has not lost her cheerfulness and enthusiasm. She had recently started smoking cigarettes despite my contrary advice. She had also taken a liking to a glass of red wine now and then. She had come to Virginia to work with my younger brother, who had established himself as a developer in the area.

In the summer of 1989, Shahla wanted to relax after a lot of turmoil in her emotional life. She decided to spend some time beside the pool of her apartment complex. She was also trying to lose weight. She would spend most of her free time and the weekends at the poolside in the sun. She would also take the occasional drink of wine as she was relaxing on her poolside mat - an ideal of many people who wish to have a quiet, relaxing holiday.

On a Monday morning after a weekend by the pool, when she was working at her office, she notice tingling sensations in her left arm. Gradually the left side of her body became heavy and not sufficiently responsive. She got scared and called me. She left the office and was driven home. By the time I arrive, her left leg and left arm were in a state of partial paralysis. She could hardly move them. She was now dead scared. After a quick examination and a call to a doctor friend, I started to force into her. I managed to give her two jugs of water and one jug of orange juice with some salt, about six quarts of fluids. (1pint=16 oz. 1 quart=4pints) Her anxiety began to diminish. By the time the doctor had arrived, her arm weakness had perceptibly improved and she also had some movement in her leg muscles.

You might think that I should have called an ambulance and packed her off to the emergency room of a hospital. I did not do so because, other than receiving an intravenous drip to get some fluid into her, i believe she would have suffered other damage in the time she awaited medical attention. Anyway, she improved and improved and improved. By the late afternoon, she was well in her way to recovery. However, we needed to find out if there was any underlying local pathology in the brain that might have signaled its presence by manifesting muscle weakness on one side of her body.

A consultation with one of the local neurologists was arranged, and we went to him for an in-depth evaluation. After his examination, he confirmed a slight remaining weakness in the left side. Shahla was admitted to the hospital. After all the blood tests and noninvasive procedures such as CT scans and MRIs showed nothing, it was decided to do a cerebral angiogram to rule out a leaking aneurysm in the brain arteries.

The procedure was conducted the next day. her brain arteries were as clean as a whistle. No aneurysm, no plague, no obstruction, nothing that would account for the temporary weakness on the left side of her body. They charged her thirteen thousand dollars (US$13,000) for three nights' stay in the hospital. She did not yet have insurance to cover such expenses. Needless to say, what rest she had at the poolside she paid for with her health and money. Why ? Because of a basically wrong understanding of the way the human body works.

She had severely dehydrated her brain by the intake of alcohol, heat of the sun, dieting without water intake, and the vicious cycle of the physiological events that are set in motion when there is severe dehydration. What her brain had done was to decommission a major part of its activity that would take her to the location where she could continue the damage-producing actions.

Even in genuine situations when there is a blockage of the arteries in a region of the brain, resulting in "rotting" brain tissue, adequate intravenous hydration has produced dramatic recoveries. In experiments in animals, if intravenous fluids are given within one(1)hour of blocking the main artery to a part of the brain that would permanently destroyed about 20 percent of the blood-deprived region, the rotting area will be reduced significantly. Such is the power of water in reviving even purposely oxygen- and circulation- deprived areas of the brain.

This was the reason why I forced water on Shahla as soon as I reached her. I thought that even if she had actually clotted one of the main arteries of her brain, the water would help open the surrounding capillaries and prevent expansion of the clot beyond its already formed areas. Equally, if the neurological manifestations were due to vascular spasm, then the water would relieve the constriction in the arteries -- and it did. There was no time to wait and see; a decision and an action were vital at the very moment that Shahla showed the onset of muscle weakness that was increasing. Today, she is well. She no longer smokes, and drinks wine only on festive occasion, but drinks plenty of water -- enough to give her lots of bubbly energy.

Edmund, the husband of my office manager, a very young man, had exactly the same type of paralysis and was taken to the hospital. His wife, Joy, was informed of the devastating crisis in their family. I was nearby when she received the information. I asked her if Edmund drank enough. Apparently he would seldom drink water. I asked her to get him to drink lots of water straightaway to prevent the damage from continuing. She did, and he recovered completely. It is now four(4) years since that episode.

The moral of these stories : Give stroke candidates lots of water -- if possible, before they actually develop clots and then neurological symptoms."

Dr.F.Batmangheldj, M.D.


Careful investigations upon all stroke patients revealed that they had unintentional caused prolonged dehydration in their bodies prior to the attack.

Our human body need water -- nothing substitutes for water. Coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol, and even cow-milk and juices are not the same as water.

First-Aid for Stroke manifestation: If you are nearby anyone complaining about numbness or weakness of arms or legs suddenly, immediately "force" that person to drink lots of water. Never mistake motion for action. 'Motion' is busy-ing without direction whereas 'action' is right correction. First-aid is not the time to give swimming lesson or arguing about 'expert' version; it is about rescuing patient.

Naphthalene Health Hazard

Mothballs or deodorant blocks contain naphthalene. I humbly advise all readers to throw away all mothballs or any products in home which contain naphthalene. The emitted gas cause nervous system disorder in long term. Let your poor neighbours know this simple fact.

In humans, exposure to large amounts of naphthalene may damage or destroy red blood cells. This could cause your body to have too few red blood cells until it destroyed cells. Humans, particularly children, have developed this condition after ingesting mothballs or deodorant blocks, or breath in its gas containing naphthalene.

Some of the symptoms of this condition are fatigue, lack of appetite, restlessness, and pale skin. Exposure to large amounts, whether concentrated form in short period or mild level for a long period, may also cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the urine, and jaundice (yellow coloration of the skin).

The International Agency for Research on cancer (IARC) classifies naphthalene as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Carcinogenic causes cancerous development in human body.

Many rural folk still use mothballs in their wardrobes to prevent insects invasion.
Try using natural fragrance instead, like screw-pine leaves or other local leaves found in your areas.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Soft Drinks kill human body 'softly' and slowly

by inhibiting the brain function of children.

An interesting observation at restaurant. There's a tremendous amount of economic pressure from the point of view of the restaurant owner(s) to serve customers something other than water. "Just say NO! to H2O(water)!" was a campaign, and the business-owner(s) were rewarding waiters for making sure the customers bought some soft drinks rather than drinking water.

That is because everyone is after a fast buck $$$$$$$$, even at the expense of some one's health. Good money for them, but sickness for customer, especially the children. These restaurants are no different from the pharmaceutical industry when they push something that the human body doesn't need. Of course, they don't know, they don't do it ,promoting soft drinks, knowingly. One cannot fault them. It's bad education, and we think that these soft drinks are synonymous with plain water.

Lovely and caring parents beware. Actually, a lot of our children who drink soft drinks actually become "stupid", but once you take the soft drink away from them, their education grades improve tremendously -- C's and F's become A's and B's.

So, there is something in caffeine that suppresses the enzymes from memory-making. And this is exactly how the plant survives, because caffeine is a toxic chemical -- it's a warfare chemical for the plant. Any insect that would eat caffeine will lose its art of camouflage, it's alertness, good reaction, good response, and becomes easy prey to its own food chain predator. How? Caffeine affected the nervous system!

Yes! caffeine is technically an insecticide, naturally. So is morphine and so is cocaine. These ingredients are the same family of drugs - neurotoxic substances. Due to it's soft and "slow" effects, it's victims are usually unsuspecting senior citizens and children with increased consumption. Children are young people, they have got many years to go, and unfortunately in a dishonest form of medical practice, they can become vulnerable.

Guide our children to be "Customer" , not be "Consumer". Parents and children must be aware of the "quiet or passive war", as we ourselves remain as passive observers.
This "slow suicide" is happening throughout the modern industrialized world.

Without recognizing the true value and natural value of nutrition as a life giving force, we simply stuff ourselves without sound consideration. We consume great quantities of wrong "processed material" thinking it to be food. But our human bodies continue to be hungry because the so-called food we are giving the body does not contain the correct information.

This kind of behaviour has turned us into Consumers rather than Customers.

Customers know their needs and how to satisfy them whereas advertisers dictate what a Consumer's needs should be. Hope you continue to be Customer and hold to your Customized needs of your human right to live healthily and richly.

Consumption only creates unhappiness. Those who are unhappy will constantly look for satisfaction, becoming driven by their needs for more. Meanwhile, the advertisements and commercials add fuel to the fire by telling us every day and night that we're lacking something and that they can give just what we need to become satisfied. We continue to search for happiness in the material-consumer world, but, unfortunately, will never be able to find it. We try to fill emptiness within ourselves through quick satisfaction, by consuming something. This will numb the empty feeling for a moment but will never be able to genuinely satisfy it. Due to "Dopamite" effect. In return, we become addicted because it leaves us wanting more and still lacking the real natural necessity for normal life. We become slaves to the desire that have been created by the industry for profit and we dive deeper into the frantic game of consumerism for a false sense of security from the accumulation of material things without real value, most of which we do not even need.

We always have a tendency to blame others. Maybe you are asking yourself why our present society has become so degraded and what we, as individuals, can do against the negative, materialistic industries, politics and false sciences. But the true answer can only be found within ourselves.

It always takes more than one to play the game - one who acts and one who accepts the action. The real one to blame will never be found outside, but deep within our own self. As long as there are people who demand that their 'doctors' treat their headache symptoms, there will always be doctors, according to the law of polarity, who will write them prescriptions. That's the consumer's attitude. For a Customer knows the body's customized needs. Therefore, the doctors are not to be blamed, it is we who are responsible. Not the restaurant owner(s) selling "soft drinks","hard drinks", or "whatever? drinks". Businessmen can only 'sell' to consumer, but not to customer.

If we change from within, our perspective and our actions will resonate this change, and the people around us will respond. The good news is - it is never too late to start!

Let us regain a sense for true quality of life. Discover your life's real calling, to realize your true self. Only then will you and me and others become truly free and independent to be inter-dependent.

The principle order of nature, in its holistic form, is actually very simple to comprehend. Nature will never deceive us. We, as human beings, are small cells in the bigger body of the Earth, which in turn is a small cell in the bigger body of the Universe.

I thank you so much for your generosity, being willing to take this time and share your existence and wisdom with us. Friend, it is my pleasure, and I thank you. I am here to be heard and you make it possible for me to be heard, and I am grateful to you. Indeed, it is people like you that will revolutionize medicine and public health and well-being, and that is what we need today.

"Normal people try to conform, and reasonable people do not conform, and look for real alternatives. Therefore all progress belongs to unreasonable people."


Without water, nothing lives in our human body.
Comparative shortage of water first suppresses and eventually kills some aspects of the human body.
Water is the main source of energy - water is the "cash flow' of the human body.No "cash", no energy flow. No energy flow, no life. Simple.
Water gives us power and 'electrical' energy for all brain functions, most particularly thinking. Children and students should be reminded of this natural fact.
Water can help prevent Attention Deficit Disorder in children and adults.
Water increases efficiency at work; water expands your attention span.
Water reduces distress , anxiety, and depression.
Water restores normal sleep rhythms. Insomnia take note.
Water integrates mind and body functions. Water increases ability to realize goals and purpose.
Water prevents the loss of memory as children age. Water helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and Lou Gehrig's disease.
Last but not least, water helps reverse addictive urges, including those for caffeine, alcohol, and some drugs.

Let our children grow up wise and healthy for the sake of humanity. Let them have enough water. Beating modern lifestyle dis-ease: Drink enough water. Peace.