Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When urine becomes yellow...

it means that your body is become dehydrated and when the urine becomes orange,more concentrated color, then your body is truly dehydrated and some part of your body organ is suffering from that dehydration.

If you are taking antibiotic medication, it will also cause the urine to be colored.

Many elder citizens are suffering unintentional prolonged dehydration and many are suffering from various pain manifestations. Dehydration also affect the brain functions and cause memory lapse. Now, this is a major problem, and that is the reason we have so many people among the elderly sector of our society who are sick, because they are totally dehydrated and they do not recognize it.

My friend asked,"I drank alot of water daily, but every morning my urine is yellowish. How come?" My reply was," Beside the plain water, you still drink other dehydrating drinks like coffee every morning , and can-soda drinks. They will cause your body to adapt to these drinks and activate water-rationing management according to the body's organs survival priority. Kidneys being the most affected when water deficient in the body, daily. Hence, minimum of water is used to excrete the maximum waste products/ urea, and thus the yellowish color." Believe it or not, every can of Coke you drink, require another 32 cans (same size as the Coke's can) to neutralize it's dehydrating effects upon the body. On top of that, the body has not receive any water to service it's thirst/ dehydrating condition.

We should not wait to get thirsty to drink water, because water is the main source of energy. Especially for the brain. The human brain is too important an organ to be depending upon the blood glucose for energy like other organs, it has alternative energy source, the hydro-energy from water.

By the time you get thirsty, you will have lost energy from the water that you should have drunk and made available before you get thirsty. So, if you don't allow the gas tank of a vehicle to come dry before you stop and refill some gas, then why should you let and wait until your body become thirsty so that it stalls on the roadside , or bedside in the case of sickness, before you drink water? Have you observe the practice of intravenous drip, Saline IV, in hospitals? Those are severe cases of dehydration. Let's wise up and replenish your body before it goes 'dry'/dehydration.

People should drink water throughout the day. Every 90 minutes, just drink 10% (at least) of your own water-quota, which is 31.42 mL multiply by your present body weight(in kg). Use 1/4 teaspoon of natural sea-salt in your daily diet for every 1250 ml water drank.

The body need water to manufacture urine. You know, not to put pressure on your kidneys. When we drink enough water so that the urine is colorless, that is a good sign. You don't need a medical degree or Ph.D. to see the color of your urine.

That's why we should become observant to our urine production , quantity wise, and color, quality wise. And breathing, when we are short of breath, it means we are dehydrated. Get a drink of water and move on.

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