Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best Time to Eat..

is during the APPROPRIATION CYCLE(12 NOON TO 8 P.M.)
After twelve o'clock we enter the daily eating period. If you are hungry, this is the best time to eat, but there are some important rules to observe here. Remember that human digestion takes more energy than anything else you do.

You want to eat a meal that will not deplete your own body energy supply, even though it will demand some digestive energy. Eating food is likened to investing in financial stock market. Be concern with the food-counter and benefit the maximum dividend from your investment, daily. Don't let meltdown happen to you.

You have eaten the food. Now it is time to give your human body a chance and time to extract, absorb, and utilize the nutrients (if there is any) in that food. No absorption can take place until the food has entered the intestines. A properly combined meal will be out of the stomach in approximately three(3) hours and ready to be absorbed and assimilated.

Junk food can remain in your stomach anywhere from 8 to 12 hours or longer. Longer period means more energy needed and used by the digestion system. Eat early enough so that food has left your stomach before you go to sleep. Sumo wrestler purposely eat near their retiring time to hasten the body weight gain to enter his respective weight category.

A full night's rest (beginning well before midnight as often as possible) will permit your body to complete the assimilation cycle before it again enters the elimination phase around 4 a.m.

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