Sunday, July 27, 2008


Some of these conditions include:-
1. Obesity.
2. Raised low-density cholesterol in the blood circulation.
3. Raised triglycerides.
4. Cholesterol plaque formation in the arteries.
5. Coronary thrombosis.
6. Osteoporosis.
7. Osteoarthritis.
8. Heart failure.
9. Repeated strokes,'baby' stroke / permanent stroke.
10.Juvenile diabetes.
11.Alzheimer's disease.
12.Multiple sclerosis.
13.Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease.
14.Muscular dystrophy.
15.Parkison's disease.
17.Cancers, depend on the area of the body, as add as prefix.
18.AIDS. (????)

How many lay men/women know what all the above terms really means to their health condition? Jargon meant to simplified the complication or is it meant to complicate the simplicity, in medicine practice? I was one of those many confused layman once upon a time until I pray and ask for wisdom to ask, seek and knock to learn the basics of living.

Remember, prevention in nine-tenths of any cure. One ounce of prevention is worth more(better) than pounds of treatments/'cure'. If you keep at it, you will not be one of the millions (still counting) who suffered unnecessary to the point of needing surgery.

Remember to regularly drink your own personal quota need of water. This will save you from other problems associated with water deprivation of the trillions of cells of your body.

Do not underestimate the value of regular exercises, particularly walking, wherein the movement of the large muscle mass helps you keep a stress-free physiology.

The thirst sensation is not a reliable indicator for water intake; you can be dehydrated and yet not feel thirsty. The sequence of water deficiency occurrence in the body is first dehydration at local area, then thirst, then body adaptation, then pain, then chronic dehydration at the regional area, then cells mutation (cancer), end with pre-mature death.

The following conditions are produced by persistent daily lifestyle, dehydration in the fourth dimension, time: the time it takes for the damage to slowly erode the body, emerge, and show itself in a characteristic way that can be identified and labeled according to various symptoms we routinely came across.

These conditions, actually are state of cells dehydration, have been labeled "diseases of unknown origin" (etiology) by the current conventional mainstream medical establishment. Who are behind this scam? Pharmaceutical Industry (PI) players.

Healthy visitor, friend, there may come a time when you will become impatient with your body problems and think you should do something about them. make it a principle to consult more than one/two person; there are too many knife-happy or laser-specialist- "experts." Surgical operations, whether minor or major, are not always the answer to your health problem; indeed they may add to it. They have the same opinion, they always recommend conservative treatment as a first "must" in your condition. Forewarned is to be forearmed. Every person of insight acts with forethought.

Creation of jargons around different ways the human body shows it is dehydrated seems to have given the conventional mainstream medical establishment license to treat these manifestations of dehydration with bizarre and unnecessary protocols. Some doctors thought they are helping the patients merely by giving label or name to the sign/symptom of the medical condition.

See the listed conditions above and ask the doctors what is the first cause of these "names/labels" ? Make sure none of them take you around a merry-go-round-tour to more disease-names, but to the destination which you are looking for, your health.

What has been discovered for the first time in the history of modern science -- based medicine is the way to prevent and cure degenerative diseases of the human body -- simply and naturally with water. The Cause of these health problems has been discovered and exposed for every one's benefit. Yes, even doctors who were suffering from the pain of the diseases also benefited after they tried out for themselves. Many young and old doctors were humbled by the simplicity of this discovery, water cure:drugs kill.

In short, prevent dehydration to prevent dis-ease!

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