Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CD Part 2(What cause Crib Death?)

The formula milk ('pasteurised cow-milk') the infant drinks may also contribute to CD. There is a marked difference between human mother's milk and cow's milk, this we know. Though both are mammals, but they are of different kind. Cow's milk is more concentrated and has more fat and proteins than human milk. To worsen the issue here is, pasteurisation process is used during the manufacturing of formula-milk-powder. It is the vibration-frequency in the cow milk that gives life to the calf. can you reproduce this same frequency to your baby when you feed your baby with formula cow-milk. That is proven in bio-physic test. A calf was given pasteurised-fresh-cow-milk, and it died within a few weeks. Lesson learn: Never temper with the power of nature.

You have already know this fact. Cow's milk by nature design is meant for the need of a calf that stands and begins to move and runs around in the first hour of life. It's own mother cow milk with high calcium enable it to grow enough to stand upright to suckle its mother's udder, or else it will die of malnutrition.

But it is different for a newborn infant. The newborn child is immobile for the first several months of life. Its primary need is to continue to develop its nerves system to completion, not build strong legs or arms muscles, as yet. The mother's breast milk is perfect. No other substitute will do.

Herein lies the reason for the difference between the NATURAL CONSISTENCY and DESIGN of human milk, for infants, and those of cow's milk, for calfs. Anyone who 'buy' into the dairy industry mind-programming advertisements and agents like doctors or health institutes, or modern nutritionists, may be forgiven for their ignorance, but then again, the nature law of health respect no one. Either we gladly follow it, or be ready to pay horrendous price to deviate from it. Revise other posts related on milk from this blog; it is never too late to revise, for that is how truth is experience. Aspire never tire .

When cow's milk is formulated for human consumption and given to infants as their only source of water -- often parents are told not to give infants water -- the metabolic system of the infant is burdened by digestion of the concentrated formula-cow-milk. Concentrated milk can have detrimental effects. Infants has no ptaylin enzyme yet, remember, therefore nature provide the mother milk as the perfect 'food'.

Autopsies of infants who had dies in road accidents showed an obvious partial blockage of the coronary arteries of those infants on formula milk, and not of those infants who were breast feed. This is a significant revelation that has not been made known to the public. Perhaps you have already know this fact all along. Good, let's share with people who are still wondering about CD(Crib Death).

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