Monday, July 21, 2008

Womes Citizens Note:

THE Friendly Lactobacilli not only colonize your intestinal tract but grow well in your vaginal and urethra, where they prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria. The application of vaginal spermicides (for birth control) like honoxynol-9, found in many contraceptive creams, may kill the friendly Lactobacilli and give pathogens more ready access to your urinary tract.

Taking Lactobacilli by mouth or inserting Lactobacillus capsules into your vagina may restore genital tract symbiosis and prevent infection.

If you do need, after exhausting all known natural methods, to take antibiotics for bladder infection, remember that a 3-day course of treatment usually works as well as a ten-day course. This is not the same as completing only three days of a ten-day course, which can promote the growth of resistant bacteria. Avoid over treatment.


Rowena said...

Well they certainly don't disclose that information on the box of spermicides! Interesting remedy, although I think most women would rather chuck it down with water rather than inserting a pill into their vagina. Wouldn't it dissolve faster that way?

Its ME said...

All dried chemicals cannot react until water is present.

Of course the pill manufacturer already know about water-cure formula, but for business purpose this discovery is water downed by the industry players, worldwide.

The effeciency will be compromised if you use any pill not according to the instruction .

If one is to "chuck it down with water" , the chemical reaction process will begin way before it reach the intended place for the drug to have positive result.

This concept is the same used in time released pill, which actually imitating the natural fruits releasing their nutriets to the human body, gently and slowly.

You are right, it is the water.

See you again, and thank you for your comment here.