Friday, July 11, 2008

Is Your Doctor(s) Versus ...

Your "Doctor Within" Your Body.

The following statements are not meant to reflect badly on the dedicated sincere staff employed within the sick-care system, who daily render compassionate service to the unfortunate sick. They are not to be blamed for the fundamental mistakes in standard treatment protocols in mainstream medicine. The blame is directed at the medical professionals in powerful positions and the national health institutes worldwide that have the power to correct the public health problem, but have shown reluctance to do so.

We must understand that persistent dehydration, whether knowingly or unknowingly, brings about a continuously changing new chemical state in the human body. When a new dehydration-produced chemical state becomes fully established, it causes many structural changes, even to the genetic blue-prints of the human body. This is why prevention of dehydration is CRUCIAL. This is why childhood asthma is a major health issue with me, as is noninfectious earache in infants, can ultimately cause genetic damage, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer in their later years.

Understanding chronic dehydration will clear the way for the development of an infinitely more people-friendly health-care system.

We are in the 21st century, yet even at this stage of our present development, the outward manifestations of regional dehydration have not been understood by us in medicine. Instead of reducing drugs "thrown" at patients , we have not succeeded at limiting a drug solution-health concerns; rather, we have constantly expanded the list and thrown more super-drugs at them. We have truly caused a costly CHAOS in the name of modern medicine, with no end in sight.

We NOW have significant problems that beg URGENT SOLUTIONS.

"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them." - as Albert Einstein observed.

Is your doctor versus your "doctor within".

"What the problem, friend? I have medical savings, medical insurance coverage for my whole family and my present company will take care of my medical bills, anyway. If I get sick, I go to my doctor and he will give me a shot to fix my immune system." If you think likewise, then, let's be real wise.

Unfortunately, our medical system is not the answer. You see, we don't have a health-care system in many countries, we have a disease-care system. Instead of caring for the health, the system is caring for disease. Disease is fussed over. People and doctors are not spared, suffering from obscure and "glamorous" diseases are given the medical red-carpet treatment. Millions of dollars, hundreds of journals and some of the best minds in medical community are devoted to disease. Medical students spend most of their time studying rare diseases and practicing crisis medicine, instead of learning the PREVENT disease by protecting the people's "doctor within" them. And health? What happened to "health?". "Health" gets lost in the shuffle.

Mercenaries(greedy doctors) can conquered the land(body) for the paymaster(patient), but killing the innocent citizens(organs) together with the enemies(diseases). It's a purely mercenary relationship, not a friendship.

Look for a friend to be our "doctor within" first. Not all our friends are doctors, neither are all doctors our friends. Be wise and discerning.

Our national and international medical system has been captured by the disease-loving "Band-Aid philosophers" of medicine, who pay homage to such high-tech procedures as coronary artery bypass surgery, chemotherapy, plasma electrophoresis, PTCA (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty), CAT scan and lately, MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans. Layperson is kept in the dark about these terms.

((PAUSE)): Reflect on this , "The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvellously. Health is worth more than learning." ))

Those surgeries and machines are exciting : it's high-tech glamour. HIGH-TECH GLAMOUR! Just like aerospace maintenance specialist, what doctor wouldn't want to be in a sophisticated latest equipped operating room, replacing one heart with another? Isn't the chance to play God more fun than trying to teach people, the sick people, to eat right and think properly? Sure it is, but it doesn't work. There is no Band-Aid that can restore anyone's good health once it's gone.

Our medical system has been led astray. And so our medical researchers concentrate on building new hearts, not on keeping the old ones strong and healthy. Even titanium used on aircraft components find it's way into our human knees! But how can raw metal work with raw flesh? We just reschedule for another surgery if the patients outlive the titanium insert. The cycle continues. Latest hospitals, competing with others, are filled with tons of amazing machinery that can do everything but give people back their health. Bigger and better machines, more surgical techniques, artificial human organs; it's a wonder that there's any room left for patients in our medical system. Anyway, take your queue number and wait, they say.

Doctors are paid large fees to perform surgery, office procedures and laboratory tests. They are paid very little for spending time listening to their patients, for carefully going over their medical and personal histories, for teaching them how to change their life-style. Survey yourself:How many of us ever heard doctor(s) detailed their patient in water drinking, beside the general statement like 'drink more water' ? Should you consult any doctor the next time, ask :Doctor,"How much to drink?"; "When is the right time to drink?"; "Why should one drink?"; "What is the side-effect?" , after all that's the purpose of consultation period. Anyway, please pay up the consultation fee before you leave . Thanks and come again, if you have any health problem. The cycle continues.

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