Wednesday, July 30, 2008

S I D S .


For any parent, losing an infant/child of any age for that matter, during its sleep is one of MOST DEVASTATING TRAGEDIES IMAGINABLE.

SIDS is acronym for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Also called Crib Death / Cot Death (CD), SIDS is the name given to the unexplainable and unpredictable death of an infant/child in its crib, i.e., during sleeping. Why?

Rock bye-bye baby? or rock a by baby on the tree top... Young parents to be aware of your baby need for water, for former is too young to ask for the latter.

Every year, 7 000 to 8 000 babies , age between a few days and a year old, die inexplicably while asleep. The greatest frequency is among infants 2 to 6 months old. Diagnosis relies on exclusion of other causes and is based on autopsy examination. For any parent, losing an infant during its sleep is one of most devastating tragedies imaginable. This can be prevented from happening if only parents know about constant hydration of human body. Some mother were so fearful of SIDS, they kept vigil and neglected their own need to rest, which in turn caused their own health to deteriorated.

What cause crib death (CD)?
Vomiting up milk and then choking on it is usually not the cause of infant death.
CD is not caused by infections or colds.
CD is not the result of a contagious disease, though some doctors may have us believe. Just blame the 'germs' mentality; and move on with life is easy when the CD victim is not your baby. The primary cause of CD is not really known. Really?

THE ONLY plausible event that might be responsible, from the perspective of the paradigm shift , from solid to solvent paradigm, is the constriction of bronchioles due to unintentional dehydration and heat-management programs of the body, when the infant is possibly bundled too much and the room is warmer than it should be. This is call infantile asthma.

PONDER AND ASK THE DOCTOR(S): If childhood asthma can kill a few thousand annually, even when treatment is available, why should asthma not be considered as a primary cause of death in infants CD who have no means of expression when in deep sleep? Keeping vigil is one thing, do the parents. caregivers know the sign to look out for before CD strikes?

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