Sunday, July 27, 2008

National Day Supplement Readers' Contest


This is where I won't be alone, For this is where I know I'm home. (song lyric "Home" by Kit Chan)

Where is the one place in Singapore that feels like home for you?

Maybe it's you old school. Maybe it's the Botanic Gardens, a mall like Far East Plaza, or the park where you had your first kiss.

Tell us where it is and why it means so much to you, and your special place could be features in The Straits Times National Day Supplement.

FIRST PRIZE - $3,000. SECOND PRIZE - $2,000. THIRD PRIZE - $1,000.

Send your entry as An essay, poem or short story (not more than 500 words).

Or A photo or photo montage (high-resolution digital format only).

Or a video file (.mov or .avi formats, minimum 1 min, maximum 5 min)

Send your entries together with your Name, NRIC, Contact Number to

I sent one essay (498 words) on 26 July 2008. HOME.

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