Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Water in our Body

Seventy percent of our body (adult) is water. SEVENTY (70%) PERCENT!
The following list gives the percentage of water in various body parts:

Teeth 10%, Lungs 80% ,
Bones 13%, Brain 80.5% ,
Cartilage 55%, Bile 86% ,
Red blood corpuscles 68.7% , Plasma 90% ,
Liver 71%, Blood 90% ,
Muscle tissues 75%, Lymph 94% ,
Spleen 75.5% , Saliva 95.5%, Gastric juice 95.5%.

When we reflect on how extensively water is involved in the functioning of the human body, we cannot help but be held in awe. Consider some of the more important functions of water metabolism in the human body. Medical students seldom learn or remember what was taught anywhere, and tend to approach body treatment by drugs approach. Sad but true, water cure : drugs kill many unsuspecting patients today.

1. Water supports all of the nutritive processes, from digestion and absorption to utilization and excretion. From the moment food enters your mouth, every process necessary to transform it from a food to blood, bone, muscle, and tissue -- no small feat -- depends on availability of water. Some people say they have never see a miracle. What then is the process that turns a fresh apple into blood and bone? You see how we take things for granted ?
A deficiency of water anywhere along the chain of process that create these miracles of life in us soon manifest itself in disturbances of these natural operations.

2.Water holds nutrients in solution and transports all food necessary for life to the various parts of the human body. have you ever wondered how, after eating, the nutrients in the food wind up at just the right place to supply each organ, indeed each cell, with what it needs to carry on its duties? We all know that our food contains vitamins, minerals, protein (amino acids), carbohydrates, fats, and the other basic nutrients of life. But how are they being extracted and distributed ? You guessed it -- by water ! The human body employs water to extract them, carry them all to the proper place, and drop them off in the exact amounts needed at exactly the right time. Awesome ! Perfection unsurpassed. Society should reflect the same synergy and exactness. There would be a lot less stress/distress and strife. I'd wager.

3. Water holds wastes and toxins that it picks up from the cells (trillion on them) and carries them to the organs of elimination. The process by which toxins are produced in the human body as the by-products of food decomposition and as cellular wastes will also increased when not sufficient water is made available on daily basis. We must emphasise the importance of getting rid of them as soon as possible. Carbon dioxide overload, nitrogen from protein metabolism, urea, and ammonia are but a few of the toxic substances that must be collected, diluted, and expelled from the human body, daily. Water carries them to the four organs of elimination -- bowels, bladder, lungs and skin -- for disposal, daily. What an exquisite arrangement. At one and the same time, water brings in what we need and carries out what we don't. Multitasking of water is the nature characteristic of life.

4. Water is essential constituent of all cells and tissues and of all body fluids. Without sufficient water you/your body would have no saliva. You wouldn't be able to swallow ! Your tongue would stick to the inside of your mouth. You wouldn't be able to talk. Since gastric juices are practically all water (95.5%), without water the food in your stomach couldn't digest. Your vital lifeline, the blood, is over 90 percent water. The organs that perform the functions of life are all more water than anything else.

5.Water keeps the various mucous membranes of the human body soft and prevents friction between tissue surfaces. Your are not sick, you are drying up when your joints pain, have you think of water deficiency. Without some kind of lubricant in your body, organs would stick together and tear. Bones would grate on each other and chip rather than glide smoothly at the joints. Muscles would lose their suppleness and not function adequately. All your inner organs swim in an ocean of fluids that is mostly water, literally.

6.Water is chief agent in regulating body temperature, serving much as does water in the radiator of a car. One of the major reasons water balance in the human body is so CRUCIAL to our HEALTH is this relationship to temperature control and regulation. An internal temperature change of only a few degrees can mean death. The human body is constantly giving off water from the kidneys (water-deficits can cause kidneys failure), bowels (lack of water in diet cause constipation), lungs ( prolonged dehydration cause asthma) and skin ( water deficiency cause skin wrinkle and roughness). Perspiration cools the skin when it evaporates. All this helps maintain body temperature, 37.5 Celsius. Prolonged indoor air-conditioning causes the body to lose more water via respiration and body temperature sustenance.

Your body normally expels about one gallon of water (for adult) every day, and that, of course by common sense, must be replenished each day as well. Given water's invaluable role, consideration MUST be given to obtaining the best water available.
There are three issues to consider in that connection.
1.When should we drink water?
2.How much should we drink? (Under normal condition)
3.And what is the best kind of water to drink?

Answers for: 1. Every 90 minutes for correct hydration. For the water diffusion rate is 0.001 cm per second. Upon rising from bed and upon just going to bed.
2. Drink 1/10 (or 10%) of your own daily quota every 90 minutes. Your own total amount (minimum under normal condition) is 31.42 ml multiply by your own body weight in kilogram. Say, 50 kg is your weight, then 31.42 (x) 50 = (your total water required per day).
3. Best kind to drink is distilled water.

IF YOU ARE THIRSTY, DRINK WATER. Your body is simply too darned smart not to let you know when it needs water.

Love Live In The Present

There is one more aspect that stands in the way of loving relationships : the "Past-Present-Future Syndrome." (PPFS)
Unfortunately, most of us carry around a lot of attitudinal baggage as a result of our past experiences. We have either been burned in a relationship --- rejected or mistreated in one way or another --- or we have done that to someone else. Either you are a victim or victimizer. We move on , but we hold on to all the negative feelings resulting from unsuccessful interactions and we load/overload ourselves down with them and carry them wherever we go, including whenever we have a fresh opportunity to relate. We are like people who decide to go shopping but carry with them all the past purchases they have ever made. That doesn't allow much of a free hand to assess new merchandise, let alone carry it home.

Here is what is important to know about the past : IT IS OVER !
The past cannot touch you. You can let go of it. You can forgive yourself for whatever you have done, you can forgive others for whatever they have done, and you can start fresh every day. yes every day is fresh. Doesn't that make sense ?
Doing anything else is so encumbering ! If you carry all your past hurts with you, they inevitably colour your present, and you perpetuate them right into the future. If you carry them with you, they never go away. learn from them and let go of the past.

If you see no prospects for a bright future , it is usually because you are holding on to your past. When you base your projections on a past that has not been good, you are holding on to that, fearing that it will recur in the future -- and of course it will, because you are carrying it along with you .

If you are always nurturing the present, making your present as positive and pleasant as possible, the future will be pleasant and positive because THE FUTURE IS ONLY REAL WHEN IT BECOMES THE PRESENT .

lighten your load. Try to let go of your emotional baggage/luggage. There is no time to waste in the present. It is all we have, the present moment for the present living in Healthy Wealth! remember, love is in the air! It's another of those elements that is totally yours for the taking. Love is unlimited. Open yourself up to it. Go for it.
You don't have to feel that it is not meant for you to experience.

Smile, breath, communicate from your heart. See the other person as someone with whom you can share a pleasant interaction. It is such a relief when you do . Love is one of the easiest elements to incorporate into your life ! Everyday! We know you can do it from this moment on. Just start today ! and remember, WE LOVE YOU ! Live in the present.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bob Butts offering $100,000!

How far will a layperson go to prove his conviction?

We know talk is cheap when no economic value is stake to what we talk about, especially public health issues. But read this OFFER from Bob Butts (in U.S.A).
Real freedom in action or just another insane layperson in auction? Read on and you decide.

Read from http://www.watercure2.org/reward.htm


This offer is only valid if the Northeastern Pa. news media will get involved after interviewing people who got well after using water cure when orthodox medicine said there was no help. If the people who got well convince the media that the water cure is true, and I'd stake my life on its truth, then I want them to promote stories in the news continuously across the area in which they serve.

If these people fail to convince the media, I will give a check for the $100,000 to the salvation Army or they may offer me a choice of some other worthy agencies so long as that agency has no high paid help or bureaucracy. Under no circumstances will I give one cent to any agency that solicits money to fund the phony medical research that has been either deliberately or stupidly designed to make sure no high profit health problem is solved.

The testimonies by the people cured of so-called incurable diseases and my own experiences will prove beyond doubt that the only thing that has ever prevented the solution to any high profit health problems is the money made on them.

My friend and water cure expert, Jim Bolen and I would be more than happy to debate the top medical researchers in the country on live TV to prove that the water cure is infinitely superior to anything orthodox medicine has to offer. It is time that people know the truth that medical science is designed to fail. It is a business like all business and no business will endorse anything that will put itself out of business."

Bob Butts.
I am looking for generous sponsor(s) to emulate this offer in Singapore. Any one who have tried the water cure protocol and convince the press is welcomed to contribute/comment.

the Family Heartbeat.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Discovering Yourself Your Good Health

There is a whole world for you to explore and discover outside your body.

Yet, discovering yourself and your good health may explore your own world even more whole.

Why my blog is "Healthy Wealth?" Explore onward ...(read on)....

Why use or get involved in Chinese Medicine? It is a reasonable question, because for many of us Chinese Medicine is culturally specific;Chinese medicine for Chinese race only, Western Medicine for the Westerners race only, Malay Medicine for Malay race only, Indian Medicine for Indian race only, and so on. Strange thought but it is a common perception we held until we study to understand the universal application of medicine for mankind. Medicine is never racist, but some practitioners are racist in attitude.

The concepts logical, commonsensical, and understandable -- much more so than modern science, in fact.
I have found this is also true for patients. Chinese Medicine provides a comprehensible framework which explains the pattern of symptoms ---often seemingly random--- from which people can suffer. This can be very empowering for the patient, who may be able to understand the real nature or condition of their illness for the first time in their life.

There is a fine line between the physicians'/doctors'/specialists' legitimate need to control access to potential harmful procedures and substances and the maintenance of a secrecy which is designed to shroud the profession in mystery. Or perhaps in self-mythology? I discovered that the doctors cannot cure , it is our human body that cure it's own with one cardinal condition that we just do not hinder it's nature law of self-healing operation. This is reflected by the fact that there has always been a hierarchy of treatment in China, from the "barefoot doctors" to the Emperor court physician, titled:"Imperial Physician." Western concepts have their counterparts, the GPS ,general practitioners going up the hierarchy 'ladder'(proverbial) to the Chief Surgeon. Man with all his pomp but without insight is like the animals that perish.
In Singapore, patients class-wards decide the expertise services you will receive.

Self-treatment comes in many forms. Having to resort to medicine was traditional regarded as something of a failure for the Chinese physician, health was maintained through the careful self-cultivation of good habits, and by balancing all aspects of one's lifestyle, diet, exercise and other factors. The Chinese physician's function is an educator to impart his deep insight to the people. The ancient Chinese physician's allowance/salary was suspended when those under his care fell sick, and his pay only resume when the patients recover. Unlike present medical service transactions and ethics erosion among the medical community we experience now.

Diets, exercise, and other lifestyle factors are areas where every body can exert an influence on their existing and future health, the objectives are often easy to achieve and maintain, and the methods are inexpensive -- or even free. Like free air.

Concepts and ideas take time to understand. Simply reading all the information is unlikely to lead to a full or meaningful understanding of the concepts, at first. It is my experience that a proper perspective and right appreciation can only be reached after a certain amount of time has elapsed in study and practice of the ideas. Re-vision is the keyword here. Take your time and enjoy yourself --- read the sections as often as you like, and return to them as necessary. Your own time is the most valuable "commodity"; investing it wisely, you will have more of it through longevity.
People worldwide have always striven for good health and longevity, and here is just my modest effort to explain the environmental, both external and internal, causes of diseases and how to avoid them, and healthy diet and information to expand your overview and nano-view understanding of medicine, discovering yourself and your good(or gold) health is your initial capital for all future investments and wealth.

Real health is a sense of joy and fulfillment, an appreciation of living ; achieving real health is entirely our own responsibility. We are bestowed with the ability to respond to good things.
The many different facets of our lives contribute to our overall health. Real Health Medicine looks at the big picture, showing us that health problems cannot viewed in isolation.
Good health is so much more than merely the absence of disease. There are many people who rarely, if ever, consult a doctor, but it does not automatically follow that they are healthy, in the truest sense of the word, Real Health.

Heal-Thy-Wealth, healthy wealth, revealing a completely different approach to health from that of conventional Western medicine, or Chinese medicine, or Malay medicine, or Indian medicine, or cultural medicine, or Ayurveda medicine, or Tibetan medicine, or Jews medicine, or allopathic, or orthodox, unorthodox medicine, etc.

Basic concept #1 : Live closer to nature and the changing season.

Basic concept #2 : Natural energies flow have a great influence on well-being.

For illustration: Water causes new plant to grow in the spring to create Wood, which in turn is destroyed in the Fire of summer to return to ashes and Earth, which, is the source of ores yielding Metal, which, being cold, causes condensation to appear as Water. As long as you understand your own energy flow and grow more in harmony with your natural surroundings, your real health is a real reality.

Chinese Medicine's holistic approach goes far beyond the physiology of Western medicine. "The enlightened person eats when hungry and sleeps when tired." This means living in harmony with the energy of the seasons and with the particular requirements of your mind and body, which empowers you to influence your own health destiny. But many are doing the opposite of eating when tired and sleeping when hungry.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Keep Kidneys and Bladder.

How are your kidneys and bladder today?
"I had mine donated to my sibling" or "I had mine replaced" or "They broke down and I have to go for dialysis , so troublesome to my family and ........"
Sad news indeed.

To maintain well-functioning kidneys it is essential to drink liberal quantities of water, monitoring the amount sufficiency by using your body weight as the reference to calculate the portion.
The human kidneys are among our most important detoxification organs beside our lungs, liver and skin. Our kidneys filter our blood while extracting pollutants. The urine flows from the kidney through the ureter into the bladder and is passed on through the urethra.

Women tend to suffer from urinary tract infections more often than men because the female urinary tract is only 0.9 inch long, a shorter journey for bacteria to travel. But men are 7 times more likely to have kidney stones than woman. Truth worth repeating : To maintain well functioning kidneys it is essential to drink liberal quantities of good water : at least 1 ounce of good water for every 2 pounds of your body weight. Metric equivalent is 31.42 ml of good water for every 1 kilogram of your body weight. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every 1250 ml water drank.
Water quantity and quality and regularity,every 90 minutes, is sufficiency in simplicity.

Most people not only drink insufficient quantities of good water, but also, the wrong kind of water. Beverages, sodas, colas, soup, alcohol, pasteurized can drinks are not he same as plain good water, though chemically similar, bio physically different. The colour can tell you about the quality. This leads to the accumulation of residues and toxins that cannot be properly disposed of, damaging the kidneys.

Support the proper functioning of your kidneys by drinking sufficient living water, low in minerals and non-carbonated. You may like to check out natural artesian water, FIJI Water, www.fijiwater.com This is even more important if you are already suffering from kidney or bladder problems.

The sole(so-lay) drinking therapy even breakdown and dissolves kidney stones and gall bladder stones. Passing the stones can sometimes be very painful. However, the endeavour will be worthwhile, as the human body will have healed itself on it own. Just provide the basic materials, water and crystal salt. Atoms intelligence at work when sufficient water is present. Search internet for : "original Himalayan crystal salt".
It cannot be repeated often regularly enough: Drink sufficient of plain good water to flush out toxins and to regenerate your body system. Daily rehydration is the only prevention to kidneys failure and dialysis. Once ounce of (water) prevention is better than one pound of (drugs) 'cure'. Bear in mind, even our brain need water as energy source. Again, water cure :drug kills. Think water heal-thy wealth daily. "thy" is old English word for "your".

Sunday, May 4, 2008

To prevent Diseases of the Locomotion System

Diseases of the Body Locomotion System

Human body's motions are the most marvelous and beautiful motions to admire of all motions in nature.

Many fancy names/labels, as far as a layperson is concern, were given to diseases of our body locomotion system such as infections arthritis, degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic processes, gout, rheumatism of the fibrous tissues, osteoporosis, injuries, etc. These medical jargon in used are not helping the patients at all to recover from those pain and symptoms.

The primary causes of rheumatic or arthritis or ,layperson says "Joint Pain", are lack of exercise (joint movement) and water and crystal salt and poor nutrition over a long period of time. A simple term to replace all these fancy labels is dehydration dis-eases. Once you heard this "dehydration", you can remedy the underlying cause for the pain, by re hydration. Contributing factors to a poor diet include :excessive consumption of animal proteins, sugar, table salt, refined flours and alcohol. Coupled with the lack of good water, the human body is not able to flush/excrete the toxins and byproduct waste from the body system.

With all rheumatic processes we can find re-crystallized deposits in the joints. It is especially important to drink liberal quantities of good quality water with rheumatic problems to relieve the pain caused by the initial aggravation effects. Pain is just the body 'signal' to your conscious mind that localised area is dehydrating, and more good water is needful to balance and to stabilize the inequilibrium condition. Slowly, the human body starts to break down, metabolize and excrete the crystalline deposits in the joints. This process will initially aggravate the symptoms and pain. In order to minimize these effects, it is recommended to drink liberal quantities of good quality, living water that is low in minerals. Only this kind of water can support the body in removing the loosened toxins. The more water we drink the less pain we will experience during the initial aggravation of the symptoms. The rule of thumb is : Drink at least 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of your present body weight. In metric measurement, use 31.42 ml of water for every 1 kilogram of your body weight. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (better still if hand-picked original Himalayan crystal salt is available) for every 1250ml water drank, daily. Never use table salt produced from factory. The difference between these various salt is in the geometrical structure and organic minerals availability.

Patients take NOTE:Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis principal cause are deterioration of the cartilage and wearing out of the tissues, all due to the prolonged dehydration which had occurred until the pain is registered. Forget what you've been told or bombarded from the dairy industry about calcium found in cow milk or special formula high-calcium supplements pills. Even though milk calcium contains abundant calcium, it is of no use to our human body because our system cannot breakdown cow's milk. No breakdown, means no absorption, in turn means no metabolism. "High Calcium Is Good For Your Bones!!!" is just another marketing hype. if we want sufficient (not excess) organic calcium in our diet, both bio physically and bio-availability for our body to work with, we need to eat nuts, whole wheat, sesame products and legume. These foods contain amino acids in readily available forms.

Besides, chemically stable, the stabilized frequency found in nature unprocessed sources of organic calcium with other elements such as potassium, magnesium and others (total 94 elements) are needed simultaneously for the body to regenerate and rebuild new bone cells and other cells. Isolated calcium pills or cow milk version just would not work. It is always to late to find out the result of these modified food for the human body. Therefore, just be simple and humble, choose the natural source of organic calcium rather than the market hype 'calcium-pills'. Be a customer who know what we need , not just a consumer who is told by the market people what you should have for our well being. Though we read the label "organic" on the bottle, it means the source is organic, but after the factory process ,all organic properties nature, substances/elements were transformed to inorganic form. That's the catch. And all those recommendation by big names, doctor so & so don't count, as far as your body natural biophysics needs and functions are concerned. Heard of "drug politic?" or 'endorsements fees"?

Apply the truth and set you locomotion system free again . Choo! choo! , smooth and steady until good ripe old age without anymore joint pain. Healthy wealth to you friend.