Monday, May 12, 2008

Bob Butts offering $100,000!

How far will a layperson go to prove his conviction?

We know talk is cheap when no economic value is stake to what we talk about, especially public health issues. But read this OFFER from Bob Butts (in U.S.A).
Real freedom in action or just another insane layperson in auction? Read on and you decide.

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This offer is only valid if the Northeastern Pa. news media will get involved after interviewing people who got well after using water cure when orthodox medicine said there was no help. If the people who got well convince the media that the water cure is true, and I'd stake my life on its truth, then I want them to promote stories in the news continuously across the area in which they serve.

If these people fail to convince the media, I will give a check for the $100,000 to the salvation Army or they may offer me a choice of some other worthy agencies so long as that agency has no high paid help or bureaucracy. Under no circumstances will I give one cent to any agency that solicits money to fund the phony medical research that has been either deliberately or stupidly designed to make sure no high profit health problem is solved.

The testimonies by the people cured of so-called incurable diseases and my own experiences will prove beyond doubt that the only thing that has ever prevented the solution to any high profit health problems is the money made on them.

My friend and water cure expert, Jim Bolen and I would be more than happy to debate the top medical researchers in the country on live TV to prove that the water cure is infinitely superior to anything orthodox medicine has to offer. It is time that people know the truth that medical science is designed to fail. It is a business like all business and no business will endorse anything that will put itself out of business."

Bob Butts.
I am looking for generous sponsor(s) to emulate this offer in Singapore. Any one who have tried the water cure protocol and convince the press is welcomed to contribute/comment.

the Family Heartbeat.

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