Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love Live In The Present

There is one more aspect that stands in the way of loving relationships : the "Past-Present-Future Syndrome." (PPFS)
Unfortunately, most of us carry around a lot of attitudinal baggage as a result of our past experiences. We have either been burned in a relationship --- rejected or mistreated in one way or another --- or we have done that to someone else. Either you are a victim or victimizer. We move on , but we hold on to all the negative feelings resulting from unsuccessful interactions and we load/overload ourselves down with them and carry them wherever we go, including whenever we have a fresh opportunity to relate. We are like people who decide to go shopping but carry with them all the past purchases they have ever made. That doesn't allow much of a free hand to assess new merchandise, let alone carry it home.

Here is what is important to know about the past : IT IS OVER !
The past cannot touch you. You can let go of it. You can forgive yourself for whatever you have done, you can forgive others for whatever they have done, and you can start fresh every day. yes every day is fresh. Doesn't that make sense ?
Doing anything else is so encumbering ! If you carry all your past hurts with you, they inevitably colour your present, and you perpetuate them right into the future. If you carry them with you, they never go away. learn from them and let go of the past.

If you see no prospects for a bright future , it is usually because you are holding on to your past. When you base your projections on a past that has not been good, you are holding on to that, fearing that it will recur in the future -- and of course it will, because you are carrying it along with you .

If you are always nurturing the present, making your present as positive and pleasant as possible, the future will be pleasant and positive because THE FUTURE IS ONLY REAL WHEN IT BECOMES THE PRESENT .

lighten your load. Try to let go of your emotional baggage/luggage. There is no time to waste in the present. It is all we have, the present moment for the present living in Healthy Wealth! remember, love is in the air! It's another of those elements that is totally yours for the taking. Love is unlimited. Open yourself up to it. Go for it.
You don't have to feel that it is not meant for you to experience.

Smile, breath, communicate from your heart. See the other person as someone with whom you can share a pleasant interaction. It is such a relief when you do . Love is one of the easiest elements to incorporate into your life ! Everyday! We know you can do it from this moment on. Just start today ! and remember, WE LOVE YOU ! Live in the present.

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