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{STEP 7} 

"I resolved to stop accumulating and begin the 
infinitely more serious and difficult task of wise
distribution. "ANDREW CARNEGIE 

IF THERE IS ONE CONCEPT that I must get 
across to you it is that we are not alone. I don't 
mean that little green men will land in your back-
yard, but that we as humans are connected to one 
another - and what we do, think and feel affects 
others. The seventh and final step to attracting
money is caring for your community and the 
world as a whole. 

I recently saw a show on the History Channel 
that taught the history of the prison system. In the
late 1800s several large prisons were built in the
United States. The idea behind these prisons 
wasn't reform; it was punishment. The prisoners
were kept in absolute solitude for years on end. 
This drove legions of prisoners insane and lead to
solitary confinement being regarded as the 
highest level of punishment. 

Humans are social creatures and we can't exist 
without contact with others. We are formed of the
same substance and we connect with one another
constantly. This affords us special opportunities. 
As we learn and experience personal growth and
success, we can't help having an impact on every-
one around us. As one person is raised up, it 
naturally lifts those around them, while providing
inspiration and hope. 

When you view everyone as interconnected, 
you'll realize that as you attract more money into
your life, you have the opportunity to effect 
change in others. This is the seventh and final
step to attracting money - caring for your 
community and the world. This works hand- 
in-hand with giving - but it's not just about 
money. It's about sharing your time, knowledge 
and the lessons you've learned. Your success is a 

Step 7: Help Your Community and Your World 

great catalyst for doing good in the world. I'm 
constantly looking for ways to give back, as well 
as connect with others in meaningful ways. Due 
to the time I spent homeless, I find homelessness 
a crisis that's very close to my heart. I know it 
can happen to anyone because I experienced it 
firsthand. I wanted to do something to help. I 
didn't want to simply offer food or clothing. 
There are many charities that already meet those 
needs. What I wanted to do was something that 
could help people rescue themselves financially 
by teaching them the techniques and skills to be 
financially successful. It's called Operation YES
YES stands for Your Economic Salvation and is 
a project that I'm working on with several 
partners. Our mission is to end homelessness 
and stop foreclosures. 

The spark for Operation YES arrived like every 
other inspiration I've had. Here's the story. I 
heard about the economic stimulus package that 
was offered several years ago. The government 
decided to give out checks for $300 or $600 to 
everyone. I heard this and thought, "That's a nice 
thought but it's not going to make a real 
difference." I figured that most people would buy
clothes, pay a bill or even pay down some debt. 
But it wasn't going to change their lives or help 
them become financially sound. As I was sitting 
there, I thought, "You know, someone should do
something that really makes a difference." And 
that's when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Why 
not me? I'm someone. I know enough about how
hard it is to start your life over from nothing. 
Why couldn't I do something? So I did. 

I figured that if I can teach people to raise their 
self-esteem, then they'd have a real chance to 
improve their life. Self-esteem is important when
you're on the bottom rung of life. You feel like a
failure. You feel like the lowest most insignificant 
person alive. But you're not! It's just your 
perception and mindset of the moment.Those who
are both broke and homeless suffer from a double
whammy. Operation YES teaches people how to 
rebuild their self-esteem, so they have hope, can 
feel worthwhile and that they can accomplish 
positive things. 

Once the homeless have recovered their self-esteem, I teach them 
about the Law of Attraction and how they can attract anything they 
want, including money and opportunities. Operation YES shows people 
that this basic rule of psychology can change their lives permanently 
and they won't have to worry about ending up on the streets again. I 
tell them that what they focus on will increase or expand. This means 
if they focus on being homeless and broke, they will get more of that 


in their lives. Unfortunately most people who live on the street only 
focus on survival. 

In order to see the opportunity to improve their lives, they must 
think differently while focusing on a new and better life. They must 
use the Law of Attraction and see their end result not the reality of 
the moment. They have to stop and think about what they want. This 
seems obvious to you and me, but how often do average people with 
the house, dog, two cars and three kids stop to think about their lives? 
We are creatures of habit with comfort zones. And we stay in them, 
even if our comfort zones produce negative results. It can happen to 

The third level of Operation YES is to teach the homeless 
entrepreneurial skills, much like the ones I've described in this book. 
They can work for anyone from a bank president to a homeless person. 
I'm living proof that these skills work. The ones who really understand 
these principles, know they can generate income from pursuing things 
they love rather than trying to eke out a living flipping burgers or 
bagging groceries for someone else. They can create their own lives, 
their own incomes, and never be dependent on anyone else ever 

I choose to help the planet by helping those in severe need. 
You may choose a very different avenue but it's important that you 
participate in your community and your world because whatever you 
send out will come back to you. Emotions of goodwill and love for 
people you don't know, will create tremendous flow of those same 
emotions back to you. It's an awe-inspiring thing to see. 

When you start to think bigger than yourself and what you want, 
you release the limitations from your life that were blocking more 
money from coming your way. You may be wondering why this has 
any effect on money. Money is only one resource, as is love, caring 
and abundance. It is our own human beliefs that separate the ideas of 
human kindness and charity from money. Some think that money and 
pure altruism cannot exist together. Not only do they exist together - 
they're intertwined. The resource of money is not separate. 

If you don't care about the people around you or treat them as if 
they don't matter, you'll stop the flow of possibilities. This includes 
your financial prosperity. Creating a vehicle for good that you feel 
passionate about is the final step toward true prosperity. 

Step 7: Help Your Community and Your World 


I enjoyed a moderate amount of success before I completely 
understood these principles. In fact, what really started my journey 
of intense personal growth, and what motivates me to continue, is 
my intrigue with how some people overcome negative and hopeless 
situations to succeed and others don't. I've come all the way from the 
streets to a really nice life, yet I couldn't really verbalize or explain 
how it happened. This concerned me. I was afraid if I didn't know 
what caused my success, I might lose it. 

Of course I now know that the reason I succeeded without really 
understanding the power of the Law of Attraction was that I figured 
it out intuitively and used it unconsciously. I was determined to 
try anything, and through trial and error, some things worked, so I 
continued to do them. It wasn't until later I understood about asking, 
or giving or any of the concepts that are an integral part of true and 
lasting success. 

I realized that when I focused on what I really want, I would 
attract it. When I was stressed and worried about my situation, things 
got worse. I'm not a fan of pain and suffering, so I went with what 
worked. It wasn't until later that I realized the awesome power our 
minds possess. It's a little scary that I just wielded that power willy- 
nilly at one time. Now I'm aware and it's this awareness that allows 
a higher form of knowledge to flow through me, allowing me to 
accomplish things that I never could've on my own. 

If we believe something to exist, so it is. Now those words really 
underscore the power you have within you. You shape the world you 
live in and have the power to reshape it. Yet so many people waste 
this power on habitual thoughts and old beliefs that originated with 
others. Changing your thoughts alone will not produce your desired 
results. You must also take inspired action. The awareness that you are 
connected to a tremendous source of power will guide your actions. 
There is a great exercise that really illustrates the power of your mind 
and how a new mindset can be the catalyst for tremendous change. 

Imagine that you're in a dark room where every comfort has been 
provided to you. The room is completely dark preventing you from 
reaching out for those things you desire. You were told that the room 
has lights, so you instinctively grope along the wall, where you're 
accustomed to finding a switch. 

For many hours you pass your hands up and down the walls 
as far as you can reach until your arms ache. About the time you're 


ready to give up the search, you keep going, determined to locate the 
switch. You're determined to enjoy the good things awaiting you, so 
you sustain your search, knowing that you'll ultimately find a way to 
turn on the light. 

After more searching, you pause to rest. You wonder where 
that switch could possibly be. "It must be here, and I will find it," 
you say to yourself, and again you pass your hands over the walls, 
although you feel certain that you've already gone over every inch 
of wall within your reach. This time your thoughts and movements 
are not quite so tense, although equally determined. As your hands 
move slowly up and down, your mind sparks the idea that the switch 
might not be on the wall at all. You pause for a moment. Next, you 
think that the switch might be on the floor. But reason steps in and 
argues, "Impossible. Who ever heard of a light switch being placed on 
the floor!" 

"But," the suggestion persists, "why not try? You've gone over 
everywhere you thought it would be. What the heck, try the floor." 

Then you reach out across the floor with your foot hoping to find 
something feeling like a light switch. Instantly your toes brush against 
an unfamiliar object. You put your hand on what seems to be a push 
button, but no light appears. Nevertheless, you now feel quite sure 
that you've located the switch. 

Pause, and ask yourself, "How does this thing work? It won't 
push and it won't pull." Back comes the answer within yourself, like 
a spoken word. "Sideways." You move it sideways, and the room is 
flooded with light. Your joy at finding a responsive intelligence within 
yourself cannot be expressed in words. It is a rapture of the heart that 
many others have felt at various times. 

This story is a mirror of how holding onto the correct mindset 
helps you meet your goals. At first you reach out for what you know, 
and the answer is not there. It's at that point you begin to search and 
open yourself to other ideas. Even when you encounter obstacles and 
become frustrated, you still search for answers. The answer comes to 
you from what seems like thin air, but it's the universal intelligence 
helping you reach your goals and giving you the answers. This is 
because you stayed focused on your goal. 

Now imagine yourself in the same room under the same 
conditions. After several attempts at feeling around in the dark, you 
feel tired, more or less discouraged, and you reason with yourself, 
"Oh, what is the use? There may be a light switch in this room, and 

Step 7: Help Your Community and Your World 

the room may contain everything I require and again it may not." But 
something indefinable within yourself convinces you that not only 
is the light there, but so are the things you enjoy and desire. You say 
"Well, if everything I enjoy is here, what a pity that I cannot find the 
switch! I wonder why the light was not already turned on for me." 

This is a typical reaction for many people. They say, "It's not 
my fault, it's the crazy mixed-up world we live in! It's my family, my 
boss, the President and I can't help it." They blame everyone and 
everything when they have the ability to overcome the issue - but 
refuse to understand that they already possess that power. 

Once you recognize that there's a universal intelligence that can 
and will respond, you also understand your own responsibility to act 
on it. Just like being in the dark room, you had to act in order to find 
the answer. Even when you didn't have a clue why things weren't 
working or what might work. You must keep trying and wait for the 
spark of intuitive intelligence to appear. 


You must never quit. I encounter people everyday who seem to 
have QUIT tattooed on their foreheads. It's as if they have made up 
their minds way in advance that they will give a new idea X amount of 
effort and that's it. They may decide that rather than 100% effort they 
will give 95%, but usually it's more like 30% or 40%. They don't really 
want to commit, so when they fail, they have a ready-made excuse. 
They can distance themselves from becoming emotionally attached to 
the outcome. 

We all have our low points or our own personal 'crises of faith.' 
Persistence is the ability to maintain your action and outlook regardless 
of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting. When 
you work toward any big goal, it's normal for your motivation to ebb 
and flow like waves hitting the beach. 

Sometimes you'll feel motivated; sometimes you won't. But it's 
your action that will produce results. Persistence allows you to keep 
taking inspired action, even when you don't feel motivated. Then 
you still produce results. Over time, persistence will enhance your 
motivation, as the quest becomes almost like a puzzle you must solve. 
It's just like trying to find the light switch. The persistence to keep 
looking and thinking of other possibilities will motivate you far beyond 
your limits. If you keep taking inspired action, you'll eventually get 
results. These results will continue to motivate you. For example, you 


may become much more excited about attracting money when you go 
to your mailbox and find a check you didn't expect. 

Persistence doesn't mean you blindly stumble forward no matter 
what. You must be willing to step back and evaluate your progress 
and stay on the path toward your goals. Persistence means you keep 
searching for answers and plugging away consistently at your dreams. 
Persistence is not stubbornness and this can be a difficult lesson to 
learn. Many people were raised to believe that once you set a goal 
you should stick with it and go down with the ship if necessary. This 
is why people stay in jobs they hate, live for years in a location they 
don't care for and spend their time with people they don't like. They 
are living in guilt - not persistence. 

As you grow, your dreams and desires will change. They will grow 
and morph into something way beyond what you can imagine. When 
I was studying at Kent State to become a journalist, I never imagined 
that several decades later I'd be speaking to more than 17,000 people 
in Lima, Peru or scale the heights of Machu Picchu - but I did. 

Speaking of Peru, I spoke there because of two young 
entrepreneurs named Raul and Hugo. These men live in a third- 
world country, yet they dream BIG. They wanted me to speak to their 
country. At first their goal was to have me speak to 35,000 people 
and meet the President of Peru. Sometimes, things change as you 
make progress to your dreams. Instead of speaking to 35,000 people, I 
spoke to 17,000. Instead of meeting the President of Peru, I met with 
television reporters that promoted me to the entire country. Raul and 
Hugo kept their vision while they took inspired action and adapted 
the event as new information became available. Meeting them was 
a thrill. And speaking to the crowd they gathered was one of the 
highlights of my life. I expect even bigger things to come. 

My dreams have grown and changed and so will yours. You can't 
guarantee that the goals you set today will still be the ones you want 
to achieve a year from now. In order to make room for new goals, we 
have to delete or finish old ones. Sometimes you'll get a spark that's 
so compelling and inspiring, that there's no way to go back and finish 
your old one. They may have to be abandoned half-finished. I've 
always found it uncomfortable to do this, but I know it's necessary to 
follow that intuitive spark. Let go of the idea that you must complete 
everything you start because sometimes what you learn partway 
through that one idea, leads to an even better one. Follow the lead of 
intuition and it will show you how to discern the true path. 

Step 7: Help Your Community and Your World 

Mark was a closet writer when I met him. He worked in a local 
accounting firm and had dreams of publishing a book to help college 
kids learn basic financial principles. He worked on it on and off 
for years and everyone in his life knew he'd been working on this 
book forever and doubted that it would ever be finished. Finally a 
college administrator walked into his office. After talking a bit, the 
conversation turned to how much of a need there is to teach young 
people how to handle money. Mark told the administrator that he 
was working on a book about it. The administrator asked if he'd be 
interested in teaming up and co-authoring the book. 

Mark had a decision to make. Did he set aside his dream, or did 
he seize this opportunity? After some thinking about it, Mark decided 
that taking the co-authoring opportunity was the right decision. 
The book was published a year later and met with success due to the 
backing of Mark's coauthor and the university he worked for. Mark 
was soon out lecturing and teaching his passion to young people, an 
opportunity that might have languished and disappeared if he hadn't 
been willing to alter his dream. 

These days I set very big goals. I want to receive all there is out 
there. Does this mean that I set out on a path only to hop on another 
one when an opportunity presents itself? Yes! I have lots of different 
ideas and opportunities that come my way. In the early years I had a 
hard time deciding which ones I was supposed to take. I'd get these 
'gut' feelings like most people do, then I would try and "logic" my way 
through it. Needless to say I spent a lot of time on things that were a 
waste of time. I learned the hard way. 

These days I've learned to trust my intuition. Sometimes it's 
an emotional connection to the idea or maybe just a feeling about 
a person's potential. I talk to other personal development leaders 
everyday. There are a few that I will work with someday. I just know 
it intuitively. Over time you'll also develop this ability to know which 
opportunities to choose and which to turn down. 


I read about inspiring people all the time. I like being inspired 
and I want to be an inspiration to others. This is one of the leading 
ways to help improve the lives of people you don't know. We all have 
people who inspire us. But how do you inspire others? I think the first 
way is to be a good role model. People will watch what you do more 
than listen to what you say you're going to do. So in order to inspire 


people, you must do what you say you're going to do. It's sad but 
sometimes true that the more successful you become, the more people 
will come out of nowhere to tear you down. You can't be distracted by 
this noise. As long as you hold true to your principles, you will prove 
them wrong every time. And as you move forward, more supportive 
people will be attracted to you and your success. 

I've heard it said (heck I've even said it!) that people don't care 
what you know until they know how much you care. You can't swoop 
in and tell people what they have to do, how to do it, and expect 
them to listen. You can see this in today's high school classrooms. 
Kids aren't impressed by credentials or awards. They want to know if 
you care about them. Until you show that you care, they won't listen 
to a word you say. Adults are the same way. Take the time to make 
a personal connection with people before you offer any advice. Ask 
questions and take a genuine interest. 

Everyone goes through tough times. You've probably seen people 
that refuse to acknowledge that they've ever had a bad day. Don't be 
one of them. Encourage those who need a kind word, no matter how 
difficult their situation may be. Don't be afraid to share your tough 
memories and experiences. Those who are struggling often feel alone. 
They feel like nobody else has ever had it so bad. Let them know they 
aren't alone. 

Writers often talk about 'filling the well.' This is a reference to the 
fact that you can't be inspiring to others unless you get inspired yourself. 
I read many inspiring stories, blogs and watch inspiring programs and 
films to get and stay inspired. Look for people, ideas, environments 
and knowledge that you find inspiring and motivating. 

It's very important for you to become a great communicator, so 
you can get your message across to others. Listen to how you speak, 
as well as analyze the things you say to people. I've invested plenty of 
time and money to improve my communication skills. 

Always increase your knowledge. Nobody knows everything about 
anything. Learning and growing is an important part of becoming the 
type of person you want to evolve into. Learning from others is key, 
so listen to audio seminars or attend live events. Get books and read 
them. Don't just stick them in the 'to be read' pile (I know that trick!). 
Actually read, understand and act on them. 

I like to challenge people. It's an obligation I take very seriously. 
This doesn't mean I'm confrontational. I simply challenge people to 
get to the next level. This is where I got the nickname "Mr. Fire!" A 

Step 7: Help Your Community and Your World 

friend said I was always setting "a fire" under people to get them to 
follow their dreams. Well, I'm here to fire you up now. 

I like to ask people hard questions regarding what they're doing 
to make their dreams come true. I also want to know why they're doing 
it. I do this in every book or program that I produce. On occasion, 
when I'm tired or really drained, I may sit next to a person on a plane 
and never say a word. It will usually cross my mind that I may have 
been put in that seat because the person next to me needed me to ask 
about their life and challenge them to expand their thinking. When 
that thought occurs, I speak. 

Remember, the seventh and final step to attracting 
money is caring for your community and the world as a 
whole. I always want to be the person who inspires others, who cares 
and who makes a difference. You can do the same. 

Now let's put all seven steps together so you can begin to attract 
money now. 



• The seventh and final step to attracting money is caring for your 
community and the world as a whole. 

• Emotions of goodwill and love for people you don't even know, 
creates tremendous flow of those same emotions back to you. 

• You shape the world you live in and have the power to 
reshape it. 

• In order to get what you want in life, you must resolve to never 

• It's not your motivation that will produce results — it's your 
inspired action. 

• As you grow, your dreams and desires will change - don't be afraid 
to jump on new opportunities that inspire you. 

• In order to inspire others, you must allow yourself to be inspired. 

Step 7: Help Your Community and Your World 


• Write down causes or movements you care about. 

• Find a way to help one of those causes or movements. 

• Write down a person you know of who needs help. 

• Find a way to help that person. 

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{STEP 6}


The best way to attract money is to think like an 
entrepreneur. - JOE VITALE 

THE REASON YOU WANT to have money is that you 
want freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, do any-
thing, live as you please and enjoy your life to the 
fullest. Money gives us the means to make this 
happen. By far the fastest way to accelerate your 
income is by becoming an entrepreneur. This 
doesn't mean just owning a business. The mistake 
many people make when they own their own 
business is that they move from working for some
-one else to working for the business. They don't 
gain any freedom at all and are tied to the 
business, as if they were working for a major 
corporation. They haven't altered their ideas to 
those ofa true entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurs are not interested in having a 
business to create a job for themselves. They're 
interested in creating value in as many areas as 
possible. This means that you will attract revenue 
in many ways. Some people refer to this as 
multiple sources of income. The beauty is that 
once you set it up, it doesn't require much direct
involvement on your part to keep bringing in 
revenue. Books are a good example of this. If 
you write a book, it sells for years, giving you an
ongoing stream of income. 

These types of opportunities pop up all the time 
and if you adopt an entrepreneurial mindset that 
allows you to see them, and commit to act on 
them, you may be shocked at what appears. One
of my favorite stories is how Fit-a-Rita came 
about. Fit-a-Rita is a sugar-free, all natural 
margarita mix that I created. I don't know any-
thing about creating a margarita mix. I do not 
have a background in food service or any clue 
how to bring this type of product to market. 
So how is it that I created a margarita mix? 


Instantly Ageless Live Demo

Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur 

Several years ago I was competing in a body-
building contest and was on a diet where the 
only beverage I drank was water and I closely 
watched what I ate. So one night I went out with 
several other people and they all had mixed 
drinks while I sipped my ice water. Back then I 
watched a show on CNBC called The Big Idea 
hosted by Donny Deutsch. He always said that 
your success is right where your problem is, right
where you complain about something. So when
you are about to complain about a service,product
or need for something, that's when you are telling 
yourself that there is an opportunity to earn 
money by fulfilling that need. 

So here I am sitting at this dinner wanting a 
margarita badly! I felt deprived and it just wasn't 
right! So I said, "Somebody needs to make a 
healthy bodybuilder's drink, a bodybuilder's 
margarita mix." 

Of course most everyone laughed, but some 
thought it was a good idea. It was then that the 
little twinge of inspiration hit and the light bulb 
went off in my head and I thought, "This is a 
good idea." I had no clue how to start making this
a reality, but I had learned to ask. I asked for help. 
First I talked with a medical doctor and then a 
nutritionist. We all got together and formed a 
company - Frontier Nutritional Research. These 
two professionals helped me compile an 
ingredient list that was low calorie and healthy 
for bodybuilders (and anyone else). My 
contribution during this phase was to be the 
original taste tester! Not exactly a tough job but
I wanted it to taste great. We went through 
numerous versions until we got one that tasted 
great and was healthy. 

All of this stemmed from one dinner where I 
wanted a healthy margarita. That problem led me
to come up with a solution. You never know 
where these ideas will lead. If you solve 
problems you encounter daily, then by default, 
you'll discover a need that you can profit from. 

When you start to think like an entrepreneur you 
see opportunities everywhere. And you start to 
create them. This is the sixth step in attracting
money into your life. These ideas can be 
Internet-based, intellectual property (like a 
book), food products or services. There are all 
sorts of paths you can follow. 

Anyone can learn to think like an entreprenur. 
As you know, I was once homeless and in 
poverty, so obviously I had to learn how to think 
differently. Now I teach others to expand their 
thinking and look for opportunities. For example, 
here's a testimonial from someone who 87 


just began my Miracles Coaching program taught
by Prosper Learning (used with permission): 

It is hard to put into words all the incredible 
changes Prosper Learning and the Miracles 
Coaching Program have helped me achieve. 

I'd started my journey towards awakening over a 
year before but subconscious limiting beliefs 
were holding me back. Joining Prosper is one of
the best decisions I've ever made. Working with 
JaneenDetrick, my personal Prosper coach has
allowed me to break through those old beliefs 
and replace them with new ones. I now know I'm
going to be wildly successful. I'm thrilled and 
perfectly comfortable with that but, here's the 
best part, I'm already seeing results. I've chosen
to start an online business helping clients 
promote their websites. Before I'd put up my 
own website, ordered business cards, done any
promotion whatsoever or even picked a name for
my business, my first client approached me 
completely out of the blue, hired me on the spot
for three months at $500 per month and the 
following six months at $1500 per month. I'm 
now officially an entrepreneur and the 
possibilities are endless! 

To say it has truly been an amazing experience 
and an incredibly wise investment would be a 
huge understatement, Faneen and Prosper have 
helped me open up the door to the riches of the 
universe and for that I will be eternally grateful. 
— Adrian McCluskey, British Columbia Canada 


The vast majority of self-made millionaires 
weren't born into money In fact they came from 
modest backgrounds.What made them million-
aires is this entrepreneurial mindset and a very 
strong drive to succeed. 

So here are some questions for you - "How badly 
do you want to succeed? How strong is that drive 
to attain the life you say you want?" It can be 
yours, but you must take the necessary steps for 
it to happen. Mindset is what separates the 
financially empowered from thosein bondage to 
their jobs, bills and old expectations. It also 
separates the modestly successful from the 
tremendously successful. It could be your 
neighbor, your friend or even a family member 
that chooses to understand and use these concepts
to change their lives. 


Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur 

In order for you to be a millionaire, you must 
think constantly about multiple streams of 
income. I know a pair of fellow writers who 
make money from books and articles, but also 
have rental property. They are also investing in a 
chain of franchise restaurants in Thailand and a 
cherry orchard in Australia. These two ladies 
have also partnered with a radio host to produce a
group of financial radio shows across Canada and
own a percentage of the business generated by an
international speaker and lecturer. I asked them 
how these widely-varied streams of income came
about and here is how they described it: 

Well it's interesting to look back on it now, as we 
never could have guessed we'd be here just three 
years ago. We're writers and that is really our 
skill set, so early on we did a few deals with 
people we thought had great promise to trade our
skills for something they needed. There was a 
radio host who wanted to write a book so we did
that for him as well as his second book and 
agreed to own a percentage of his business in lieu
of payment. Now he's hit it big with this new 
radio show and so have we, as we now are part of
the production team. Another person we did a 
similar agreement with,was a man who was try-
ing to get on the national speaking circuit. We 
helped with his book and in return, a percentage 
of his speaking fees come to us. 

When we started doing better and had some cash,
we wanted to look at ideas that would bring us in
-come and also help others. Anyone can park 
their money in the stock market but we wanted to
do something different and help other entre-
preneurs. We heard about a chef who was start-
ing a franchise of little restaurants in Thailand 
and we thought it was a great idea because it
gave the local people an opportunity to work 
toward owning their own restaurant after the 
tsunami devastated the area. The cherry orchard
came about from an Australian Realtor that we 
helped with a book.She told us that some of the 
farmers near her parent's house were reclaiming
old vineyards to produce cherries which are in 
short supply in the southern hemisphere during 
their summer. We just liked the idea and 
provided some financing and we continue to 
look for ideas that help us diversify and keep
attracting money 89 


There are a couple of interesting points about this 
story that I want to talk about. First, they were 
looking for opportunities even before they had 
cash flowing in. They were willing to trade skills 
they had for future streams of income. This can be
beneficial for everyone involved. Relationships 
created this way are often much more profitable in
the long run than they would be if there was just 
an exchange of cash for service. So don't think 
you have to have cold hard cash to get started. 
Be creative and see what happens. 

The other item I want to point out is how well 
diversified these two are. They live in Texas, yet 
their money comes from the United States, 
Canada, Thailand and Australia. Don't be afraid 
to do business around the world. To say you only
want to stay within the United States limits your 
opportunities. It is much like saying, "Yes,I want
to attract money but I'll only accept cash." Don't 
limit yourself. These ladies just followed the 
leads provided as they came along and it's turned
out well for them. Besides they can hop over to 
Australia to check on the investments and deduct
the trip! What a deal! 


The whole idea of creating multiple streams of 
income will have a big impact on your finances. 
But they don't all have to be big. You may start a 
stream of income that produces an extra $100 or 
$200 each month. Is that worth doing? Yes. Not 
only will you continue to grow this income,but 
you will add other streams as well. It's not about 
making a big score every time, but more about
diversifying your flow of money so that no
matter the economy, or anything that happens in
one sector, you'll still have a great income. 

Once the money starts flowing, it's easy to forget
what a big difference it makes in your life. Let's
start with $500. If you earn an additional $500
per month what does that mean? That's an extra
$6000 per year that can pay down your debt,
provide you a great vacation or go into an
investment or enhance a retirement fund. Now
that may not sound like a lot, but let's assume that
you keep that income stream for five years. Now
that's $30,000 - that's a serious chunk of change. 
One of the mistakes people make is evaluating a
stream of income based on a monthly or yearly 
amount, rather than factoring in the full ongoing

I can't tell you the number of times I've heard
really smart people say that owning a rental
property isn't worth making a few hundred 


Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur 

per month. Yet that property will be around for
years consistently producing income, as well as
gaining in value over time. Real estate and many
other long standing solid streams of income are 
often discounted by those who listen to every 
piece of bad news on television. They focus on 
the hassle of getting it going and the risk involved,
not the value of the revenue stream. 

But I'll be honest with you: I don't care about or 
even like rental property. Maybe you don't either
 - but some people do and do very well at it. 
Keep in mind that you can choose what you are
involved in, but you don't have to try something
just because someone else is doing it. 

How about intellectual property? A book for example. 

I've also talked to well-known people who
discount the idea of doing a book. They just don't
think it's really worth it as you generally don't
make much for your first effort. However, if you
keep going as I have, the stream of revenue from
over 30 books is substantial, and it juskeeps
flowing without my active intervention. 

When you're evaluating a potential source of
income, it's important to keep a few things in
mind. First, it should be flexible when you're
starting out. You may have to work around 
your full-time job. Flexibility gives you the
opportunity to attract money without being
tied down to a set schedule or numbers of hours every week. 

I also like opportunities that can grow over time.
While it's great to get $500 each month, it would
be even better if you had the possibility to grow
that amount and eventually generate $1,000 or
$1,500 per month. Another thing you want to 
keep in mind is that you want the income to
continue. Is it sustainable? You don't want to
necessarily put in the time to get the income
started if it's only going to last a few months or
only a year. This is especially true if that same
amount of time and effort could potentially
produce the same income stream that continues
for years. Eventually, you also want that income
stream to function without you having to manage
it every day. 

It's vital that you do what you love. This is why I 
suggest you look at your hobbies as potential ways
to produce income. You enjoy these already or they 
wouldn't be your hobbies. One of the worst things
you can do is get into a business that you don't like
just to make money. Your emotions will inhibit
your ability to attract money because you don't
really like the business in the first place. After a
while it will feel like a weight around your neck
and you'll dread it. This is not a formula for
success. Go with what you love and the money
 will follow. 91 


While you can pony up the big bucks for a number 
of business opportunities, why do that if you don't
have to? I like ideas that cost little or no money to
start. This means that if you're willing to work hard,
you will make a profit from the very first dollar and
you won't have to carry any debt or worry about
making payments. The idea is to achieve freedom
and that's more difficult to do if you saddle yourself
with additional responsibilities and debts. 

I know a lady named Janet who was laid off from
her executive assistant position a couple of years
ago. There were few opportunities and she was
tired of commuting from her suburban home in
Florida to downtown Miami to work. She took
stock of her skill set and found it extensive. She
read an article on the Internet about virtual
assistants who work part time for several 
executives and communicate by phone and email.
Janet now works from home and has two other
assistants working for her who also work from
home. She makes more money than she ever did
being physically in the office and gets much
more work done without the commute and
distraction of co-workers who used to walk into
her office just to chat. Janet is a good example of
someone who basically loved her job, but it just
wasn't working well for her. Now she can use
those same skills and still provide a valuable
service to her clients. 

I see numerous people who think they have to look
at something totally different than their current job
to attract money but it's just not true. I know a man 
named Jerry who loved his job at the hospital in
Taos, New Mexico. Because he'd struggled with
post traumatic stress in the past and had gone 
through training to counsel others, he soon became
a post traumatic stress consultant to the hospital
staff members. He quickly realized the need for
knowledgeable people to help medical human
resource departments deal with this issue. Jerry
has retired from his normal floor duties and now
gives seminars all across the state to medical 
organizations and conferences on how to cope
with post traumatic stress on the job. He also is
working on an informational seminar. It will be
available online soon for other hospital 
administrators. They will then be able to learn
what they should do when faced with individuals
suffering from post traumatic stress. 

Both of these examples meet most of the 
requirements for great sources of income.
And they keep producing, capitalizing on
the Internet. 


Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur 


Many people know me from my appearance as the
star of the movie, The Secret , but few really know
that I started my career as an Internet marketer. 
Back in 1995 I wrote one of the few Internet
marketing books that existed. In fact I wrote
several books on general marketing as well. So 
believe me I know the power of the Internet. I
also know that it can give you enough business
to change your life. 

The Internet is really unique because it's used by
almost every person living in developed 
countries around the world. It's easy to access,
costs little, and can put you in touch with
customers all over the world. It gives you the
opportunity to start small and then grow your 
business. You can have a business in conjunct-
ion with your day job while building your 
income. Doing business online also gives you
the option of spending more time with your 
children and family. For this reason alone, many 
people with small children choose to pursue this 

The ability to do keyword searches on Google can
also give you valuable information on what people
are really interested in. This is more difficult if 
you're starting another type of business. But online
information for Internet businesses is readily 
available. The range and type of opportunity on 
the Internet is vast, allowing you to match your 
passion and what you enjoy doing with what is 
available. Many of these opportunities are non-
traditional. I know a stay-at-home mom who loves
to play poker. She plays online and now has a very 
successful poker blog.She contributes online poker 
articles to one of the major poker Internet sites and 
gets numerous paid trips to Las Vegas to cover 
high-level poker events. Now this is a soccer mom
from Dallas who has no interest in moving her 
children to Las Vegas or living a gambling lifestyle
, but she can still make money off her world-class
skill right from home. None of the opportunities 
she enjoys were an option as recent as 10 years 
ago. New and different options are surfacing every
-day. You can take advantage of them, as long as
you're open to the possibilities. 

Most people have at least one or two things in
their lives that they're deeply passionate about.
Perhaps it's cooking or pets. Maybe it is gardening
or writing. If you have a true passion for some-
thing, it's well worth your time to try to investigate
the online opportunities and see if you can turn 
that passion and talent into some additional 
income - or perhaps a new career. 93 


You've heard me mention my blog several times. 
Blogs are free and if you develop a following, 
advertisers will want to pay you to place their 
ads on your website. This is probably the 
number one way that bloggers make money on 
the Internet. Now blogging takes discipline as
well as the ability to communicate. So if these
are qualities you possess, then it might suit you.
Once you start looking you can find blogs on
any subject and you can write one on anything.
I encourage you to write about something 
interesting that helps people. These attract the 
most readers. You may help people grow home
gardens, fix up their home, eliminate their debt 
and become financially secure, or whatever 
else fits your passion. Just be sure you can post
at least a couple of times every week or even
every day. 

Another area that has really taken off on the 
Internet is virtual learning. This doesn't neces-
sarily mean formal education. People take on
-line classes to learn everything from English
to novel writing. All you need is to be 
passionate and knowledgeable and you can 
turn that into an online course. I invented the
e-class way back in the late 1990s. Lessons 
and lectures can be sent each week to students
who may return their homework via email. 
Many people who used to teach classes in 
seminar or classroom setting have moved to the
Internet as it offers low overhead and you can
maintain larger numbers of students from all 
over the world. There aren't any geographical
limitations. Tutoring can also be lucrative in
the online realm and many school-teachers 
use this avenue to enhance their teaching
income during the school year and then add
income during the summer. 

Since the introduction of YouTube, online videos
have exploded. Now many businesses and even
authors are using videos to sell their product. If
you have the skills to create and edit these types
of videos, there are numerous opportunities 
online. I know of a young couple (he was a
television news producer and she was a school
teacher), and when their daughter was born, they
decided that it would be more practical for him
to quit his job and stay home to produce sales and
training videos for businesses. Now he earns 
more than he did working 70 hours per week at
the television station and he gets to enjoy seeing
their daughter grow. 

Even teenagers these days have significant video 
production skills. So don't think that age is a 
limitation. This holds true for any online 
business. Your customers have no clue if you're
19 or even 85, so there aren't any preconceived
notions. You are treated as a professional as 
long as you act like one. So use that to your 


Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur 

One area that almost needs its own category is 
eBay. Thousands of people use online auctions
to generate additional income. You can sell 
items lying around your house or you may 
purchase items in bulk and auction them off. 
You can even have one of their online store-
fronts that generate orders. These are 
extremely simple to set up and maintain. 
There is a lady named Maureen who got into
this line of business. She was trying to sell off
items from her aunt's estate. It went so well, 
she now advertises in her local newspaper to
buy whole estates and then sell the items online. 

There's really no excuse for not investigating the
various possibilities you have to earn additional
income from the Internet. While it's not the only
way it is certainly one of the easiest and most
inexpensive ways to get one of your streams of
income. This will allow you to start attracting
money immediately. 

Remember, the sixth step to attract money now is
to think like an entrepreneur. Anyone can learn to 
do this.When I was starting out as a writer, I didn't
have a clue how to think like that. I was also broke.
As I learned to see and act on opportunities every-
where, my happiness and income grew by leaps 
and bounds. 

We have one more step for attracting money 
now. If you're ready, just turn the page. 95 




• The sixth step to attracting money is to think 
like an entrepreneur. 

• In order for you to be a millionaire, you must set
up multiple streams of income. 

• Choose opportunities that will grow over time. 

• It's vital that you do what you love. Look at your 
hobbies as potential ways to produce income. 

• Most people have one or two things that they're 
deeply passionate about - turn these into your
first opportunities. 

• There's no excuse for not investigating the 
various possibilities for additional income 
that you can attract through the Internet. 

• Anyone can learn to think and act like an entrepreneur. 


Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur 


• Write down 10 things you love to do. 

• Consider which one you could turn into a product or 

• Write down ways you could sell your product or 
service online. 

• Take action today to make it happen. 

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