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My Search for Magnetic Springs

The Saratoga Water Witch

30 May 2013 · Saratoga Springs, NY, United States · 

My Search for Magnetic Springs

My second trip to Saratoga four years ago was one of exploration, finding all the existing springs and researching the lost waters. While there, I picked up a video entitled, “Historic Views of the Spa City.” There among the photographs of the past, was a picture of “Magnetic Spring Baths.”

Well, that left me determined to get back to America’s spa city, Saratoga, N.Y., as soon as possible. In the interim, I pondered how the proprietors of Magnetic Spring Baths might have “magnetized” the water. Now understand, for the previous 15 years I’d been playing with the researchers and scientists who were studying and processing waters that were structured, ionized, vortexized and magnetically charged within their laboratories with excellent results . So, my mind was in the lab.

On my journey back to research the magnetic water of its day, the “magnetic water” of Saratoga, I pondered. Did the owners of the spring use solid magnetic s? If so, positive or negative? Did they just stick a magnet on pipes and call the water magnetic, or did it truly effect the water? Did they use electro-magnetics? If so, was it direct current or alternating current? Did they use coils with possible knowledge of vector angles? All these are among the “magnetic water” experiments of today . Most importantly, were they as effective in health as experiments today were beginning to indicate?

Well, the water nymphs were hiding their smiles and laughter. As soon as I got my hands on what I consider to be the bible of Saratoga’s remarkable waters, (Dr. Grace Swanners book, “Saratoga, Queen of Spas,”) I found (on page 177), Magnetic-Peerless Spring among the springs along High Rock Avenue. Peerless Spring was a spring of relatively low mineral content, which “… had acquired its name from the fact that the tube through which the water came to the surface was found to be highly magnetized. This is not an unusual occurrence in mineral springs. The tubing's of many of the springs have been found to be so strongly magnetized, that steel tapes could not be used to measure their depth. ”

In other words, the waters came out of the ground magnetized by earth’s paramagnetic rocks and natural magnetic fields! The water spirits hid their smiles no longer at my “Well Duh!” Nature had already created the processes- and done it better. This is something I have continued to find in a great deal of non-corporate research and scientifically discovered processes done artificially today. It changed my main focus from the laboratory to nature.


The Magnetic baths ran as the only bath house in Saratoga to claim electric bells, steam boilers and porcelain tubs, and did so, until the spring ran dry in 1914. “Old Red” a spring high in iron content and in close proximity to Magnetic Spring is not magnetic to any obvious degree. Conversely, the admittedly limited analyses available show the Magnetic Spring low in iron although similar in other minerals to “Old Red.”

I found it hard to gather any leads to other natural occurring magnetic waters, except for a rumor of one in or once in, Colorado. That was it.

Several weeks later, at the annual summer conference of the USPA, there, slated to lecture, was Howard Remick, speaking on Japan’s natural magnetic water called, “Nariwa” (titled“Naturally Bio-Energized in Japan’s Magnetic Mountain.”) I’d found, in Japan’s Nariwa water, a source of earth-magnetized water. Or so I thought.

“Nariwa” water comes to the surface out of the side of a volcano. Locals have used this spring with many claims of substantiated health and longevity. Using the most exacting standards, Japan’s OHNO Institute on Water and Health ( has spent in excess of a million dollars in researching, validating and cataloging the waters’ effects and benefits to health. Studies from 3 to 30 months (and continuing) show improvement in cellular absorption, detoxification, hydration and stability and in kidney function. It has been further proven to benefit our body’s pH level, and symptoms related to diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and hypertension, Multiple Sclerosis and other dis-eases. Significant improvement in age-related diseases such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s has been reported. This coincides with the traditional knowledge among the local peoples who have cataloged the spring’s effects for generations. Consideration should be given to the fact that the local people use this water for bathing. No official testing on “Nariwa” used for bathing, rather than drinking, has been documented.

Personally, I have found the effects of a half liter bottle in my bath water invigorating, leaving me with a clearing balance. I’ve also misted myself with “Nariwa” experiencing an electrical-like resonance over my outer skin after doing so. When I mentioned this to a friend who is employed at a noted government lab working on membrane permeation, he replied, “condenser action” with an ease indicating familiarity with the research on the “magnetic” waters.

Oh yes, I mentioned I thought I’d found “earth” magnetized water.
Well, the spirits smiled still. True, the water comes out of the earth naturally magnetized, but meteorites from space imbedded in the limestone of the volcano magnetize it. Earth water, space magnetized. The lesson? When it comes to water, don’t assume anything, because anything’s possible.

Fortunately “Nariwa” is low in mineral content, thus helping to isolate waters’ natural magnetic properties. We can then assume some similar aspects and overlaps in what the magnetic element adds to any water. Considering the cataloged health benefits of Saratoga’s mineral waters, the additional magnetic properties of “Magnetic Spring” would likely have added the effects common to all magnetized waters. Harder to speculate on, is the synergistic reaction creating properties and effects beyond the expected capability of the sum of the combined ingredients. The many species of water are holistic in personality; the benefits are on many levels with multiple systems functioning within the “living” water. His is just one of the many reasons that man cannot duplicate nature’s healing waters.

Saratoga’s historic waters are perhaps the finest example of the highly individual pharmaceutical aspects of healing waters. Each of the 80- plus varieties of water tested, being distinctly different when viewed from a medical/pharmacist perspective . Among those now gone and untestable by state of the art science was water of very special personality known as “Magnetic Spring.”


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