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{STEP 5} 


You have brains in your head, you have feet in 
your shoes, you can steer yourself in 
any direction you choose. - DR. SEUSS 

"Spirit is substance which forms itself according 
to your demands, and must have a pattern from 
which to work. A pan of dough is as willing to be 
formed into bread as biscuit. It makes as little 
difference to Spirit what we demand."
—Frances Larimer Warner, Our Invisible 
Supply: Part One, 1907

In order to get where you want to go in life, you 
must be able to visualize the results. In several of 
my books, particularly The AW actor Factor, I 
write about the concept, "Nevillizing" your goals.
It's a word my friend David Garfinkel coined to 
explain an amazing process for attracting 
whatever you want - even money

"Neville" refers to Neville Goddard, a famous 
mystical writer. I've collected his books and even 
have autographed editions signed with his 
message, which is, "Assumption hardens into 

He believed that if you're trying to attract money
or anything else in your life, you don't just say,
"I want money. I'm going to attract money. I now
 have money." You don't say any of those 
affirmations. What you do is go to the end result
and imagine what it would be like to have 
those things in your life right now. The process 
of 'Nevillizing' is the fifth step to attracting 
money into your life. 

Let me explain this to you. 

It's important to focus and get emotionally 
involved with your goals. Let's say that you want 
to attract $250,000 in the next 12 monthsThis 
is a big goal for many people. When you sit and 
imagine what your life will be like, focus on the 
details. What bills will you get to pay? Think 
about sitting at your desk or kitchen table and 
physically writing the checks to pay them off. 
How does it feel? Put a stamp on the envelope 
and pop it in the mailbox. Are you smiling? 
Feeling proud of your accomplishment? Let 
those feelings and emotions consume you. 

Now imagine what will change in your life.
Would you live in a different home? If so,
spend some time thinking about what it 75 


would be like to drive up to that house and know
that you live there. Would you take an exotic
vacation to the Caribbean? If so, imagine all the
places you would visit. Imagine the beautiful
ocean waves and the sand through your toes.
What does it feel like to gaze across the beautiful
shore and know that your success gives you the
freedom to be here? This type of emotional
connection to getting what you want is what I
mean when I say to "Nevillize" your goal. 

Use this technique for every single goal you want
to accomplish. Now you may be wondering about
all those people who tell you to do positive
affirmations. These affirmations do put you in a
positive frame of mind. But when it comes to
actually achieving your goals, you will have
much more success if you make that emotional
connection in your mind, where you can feel,
hear and experience what it will be like to
actually have what you are striving for. Positive
affirmations can keep you focused and on track.
And once you experience something in your
mind, you have created a big shift in belief. But
saying something doesn't necessarily change your
underlying beliefs, but experiencing it - even if it
is only in your mind - allows your subconscious
mind to believe it is possible

Did you know that your subconscious mind can't
tell what's real from what's imagined? If you 
don't believe me, watch a really scary movie!
You body will respond to the idea of physical
danger and send adrenaline flowing through
your body. This will make your blood pressure
rise and your heart pound. Your subconscious
mind prepares you for a flight or fight response,
even though your conscious mind knows it's just
a movie. Well it's obvious that if the subconscious
mind responds this way to fear, it will also
respond in the same manner to good events - such
as you attracting $250,000 this year. If you create 
that emotional connection, the mind reacts as if
it's real. If your mind can scare you out of your
wits at a movie, it also can convince you that
you will attract $250,000 this year


You may be just like I used to be. You won't
believe it until you test it out. So, test it. Imagine
that you will attract a specific amount of money
over the next 30 days. It may be $1000, $2000,
$5000 - whatever you feel is reasonable for you.
You don't know where it will come from, but you
know it's coming. 

You must be very clear that it will happen and
that it will be a specific amount. Now close your
eyes and imagine opening your 


Step 5: Nevillize Your Goals 

mail and finding a check for exactly the amount
you want. Feel that excitement, amazement and
joy? Imagine running into your house and telling
your spouse, children, and friends how you
attracted the money

One of my Texas seminar attendees was intrigued
by this idea, but skeptical. Who wouldn't be? She
understood the concept, but wasn't sure it would
work for her. So I asked what amount she'd like
to receive in the next 30 days. She wanted to do
some small home repairs and paint one of the
rooms in her house,and it was going to cost $750.
So we sat with our eyes closed, and went through
a vision of what the room would look like
completed, as well as how she would show it off
to friends. We also visualized how fantastic she
would feel as she attracted the money seemingly
out of thin air. She went on her way and about
four weeks later I received an email. 

Two weeks after the seminar, out of nowhere, she
received a $602 refund from her insurance
company. A couple weeks later, she received a
$150 rebate on a television she'd bought the
previous Christmas - more than 10 months
earlier. This totaled $752 in just 30 days. Some 
would say that these things would have happened
anyway, but would they? When was the last time
you got a refund out of the blue on your
insurance? And that rebate should have been paid
months earlier - why now? There's a simple
reason for all this - she learned how to attract it. 

Keep in mind that it's your responsibility to act
when a source of money is attracted to you. It 
doesn't always arrive as a check - it may be 
something that you can sell, or an opportunity
to earn something additional. 

I received a letter from a gentleman who wanted
to find a way to earn $1000 prior to the 
Christmas holidays. He was on a fixed income 
and wanted to visit his grandchildren. He used
this technique to Nevillize his goal of $1000. 
Not long after, a neighbor lady was helping him
clean out a spare bedroom when they ran across 
a flute that his daughter had played in school 
more than 40 years earlier. The daughter didn't 
want it back, but offered to put it on eBay for 
him and see what he could get. It turns out the 
flute was solid silver and brought in more than 

A few weeks later, an administrator at the local
community college (who knew this man was an
avid hobby photographer) called and asked if he
would be interested in teaching a leisure studies
course on photography for seniors. He 
immediately said yes and learned that it  77 


paid $325 for the semester. Because he was open
to new opportunities, he received more than his 
$1,000 from selling the flute and teaching a 
class. So don't have preconceived notions about 
how the money will arrive or you will cut off the
flow before it even starts flowing. Just be open
to receive it and you will attract it. 


Once you understand how powerful this
technique is, you'll naturally begin to expand it
to every area in your life. If you want to create a
new and exciting business, then visualize your
new office space, think about how your bank
balance will grow, and imagine your day 
speaking to clients, customers and employees 
who are helping you to achieve your dreams.
How will it feel to sit in your office and see 
what you've created? Allow those feelings to 
flow through you. You feel pride, gratitude and
the sweet taste of success. 

Many people marvel at how this works.In reality,
it's not hard to understand. You are telling your 
mind to pay attention to the avenues and 
opportunities that will help you meet these goals.
Does this mean these opportunities don't exist? 
No. It just means your mind filters them out 
because you haven't told it that these 
opportunities are important. Remember when we
discussed the fact that the minute you buy a 
certain color car, it seems like everyone else has 
that same color? Once you buy a certain color 
car, your mind moves that color car up the 
'important' list and you suddenly notice them 
everywhere, all around you. 

This is exactly how the mind works when you're
attracting opportunities. You're telling yourself 
that these opportunities are important so it should
sit up and take notice. That's how it worked for 
the man who sold the flute. That instrument had 
sat in his closet for 40 years. 

This is what happens when you start thinking 
about those opportunities. If you set your goal at
$250,000, or whatever amount, and have no clue 
how it will happen, then you must allow your 
mind to help you work on it. 

I frequently speak to people who are convinced
that all the good opportunities are taken. When 
I tell them that there is no end to the creative
possibilities, I usually get a blank stare. 

I like to spend some time everyday reading
inspirational personal and business stories. Not
only do these increase the positive feelings 


Step 5: Nevillize Your Goals 

that help me attract more money into my life
they also get the creative juices flowing for the 

I have always liked the story of Starbucks. If 
you'd have told me back in the 1970s that one 
day a $4 cup of coffee would be the cultural 
norm, I would have told you that you were crazy! 
Of course I would have said the same thing about 
cell phones - but that's another story. 

Howard Schultz is the man responsible for 
making the $4 cup of coffee a way of life. He 
was originally a coffee maker salesman and one
of his best customers was Starbucks and Co. in 
Seattle. At that time the company sold 
coffeemakers, beans and other items, but did not
sell cups of coffee in their stores. He fell in love 
with Starbuck's way of doing business and had a
vision that premium coffee by the cup was the 
wave of the future. He wanted to work for 
Starbucks and they said no.But Howard held onto 
his vision and pestered them for a full year until
they finally agreed to hire him as their director of 
marketing in 1982. One quote that I love from 
Schultz is, "Life is a series of near misses. But a 
lot of what we ascribe to luck is not luck at all. 
It's seizing the day and accepting responsibility 
for our future." 

Schultz had a vision of people sitting in a coffee 
shop sipping fabulous brews and enjoying life, 
just as he'd seen on a trip to Italy. The company
resisted his idea and soon he quit to start his own
coffee shop. It was wildly successful and in 1982 
he bought the original Starbucks for $3.8 million. 
Today, Starbucks is a multi-billion-dollar 
business. And it's all because Howard Schultz
visualized this idea of a little neighborhood 
coffee shop where people could enjoy great 
coffee. It was a really simple idea when you think 
about it. He persisted and focused on his dream.
When obstacles appeared, new doors opened to 
get around them. 


The first step in Nevillizing your goal is to ask 
yourself what you want. This sounds easy, but 
isn't for many people. What you want may 
change as you go along. But for now, decide 
what the overall plan is. Now I've met many 
people. Some were highly educated and, having 
completed their schooling, and started their 
careers. Most found themselves in a career they 
hate! It happens, but you have to be willing to let 
go of what others expect of you, or the guilt of 
considering how much time you've spent on your
current path, and ask, "What do I really want?"  79 


Some people immediately know what they would
like to have in their lives and they can instantly 
start to Nevillize that idea. But what if you ask
yourself what you really want and get a big fat 

I recently heard about a young mom from North
Carolina, named Karen. She was in this 
predicament. She was married with a young 
daughter. Though she'd been trained in criminal 
justice, she quickly found the prisons and courts 
to be very negative and depressing places to 
work. When her daughter was born she had the 
opportunity to stay home and be a full-time mom.
At that point, she decided to figure out what she 
really wanted to do with her life. She'd worked as 
a temp in many jobs, including one doing
background checks. She knew she liked office 
jobs, but wanted the flexibility of staying home 
and raising her daughter. She just couldn't find 
anything she really wanted to do. 

One day while watching an afternoon talk show, 
Karen saw a couple whose nanny abused their 
child. It turned out the nanny had a long criminal
record. Karen was appalled as her daughter was 
about the same age and she couldn't imagine 
hiring someone to watch her child without doing
a full background check. This sparked an 
inspiration. Karen wanted to save other parents' 
children from the same fate these people had
suffered. And she wanted to do it from her 
basement. The next day she got her hometown
paper and looked at the ads placed by parents 
seeking nannies and babysitters. She called 
them and offered her services. Several of them
jumped at it. Her business was born and has 
continued to grow. 

That was 15 years ago. Karen was recently 
named one of the top 10 business women in 
North Carolina and has even appeared on Oprah's 
talk show. Karen was patient and kept searching 
for what she wanted, so when that little spark of
inspiration happened, she was ready. She is 
passionate about her work and that enables her 
great success. 

If you ask yourself what you want and don't get
an answer, continue asking. Think about the
parameters you want, just like Karen did. And 
before you know it, that spark of inspiration will
appear in your life. Don't forget to act when the
inspiration comes. It may be when you least 
expect it. 

Also, keep in mind that you can turn any 
complaint into a want. In other words, if you are 
saying, "I don't want to be broke," then the 
opposite of that complaint is your want, "I want 
to have money." You can work through this 
process with any complaint you have. As 


Step 5: Nevillize Your Goals 

I described in my book, The Attractor Factor
your complaints are the springboard to creating 
your intentions. 

Another lesson we can learn from Howard 
Schultz is to dream big. He once said, "I'd 
encourage very one to dream big, lay your 
foundations well, absorb information like a 
sponge, and not be afraid to defy conventional 
wisdom. Just because it hasn't been done before 
doesn't mean you shouldn't try it." 


I encourage everyone to have a Vision Map. This 
is a tool that helps you constantly keep your 
vision in front of you. You may have a bulletin 
board, a notebook, or one of the new vision board 
software programs that you can download on the 
Internet. Whatever method you use, they all have 
the same function. Your Vision Map will have 
your goals in writing - but that's not enough. You 
must have a visual tool as well. For example, if 
you're planning to build your dream home, you 
should cut out pictures of homes you want and 
put those on your Vision Map. Then display it in 
a prominent location, where you can see it every 

This may feel a little weird at first but it 
accomplishes several real points. The most 
important of these is to help you Nevillize what 
you want. If you are forced to find a picture of 
what you want, it makes you be very specific and 
it also allows your mind to easily grasp and 
imagine the reality of it. It's not just a blurry, 
half-formed idea, it's a concrete full color 
rendition of how your life will be. 

When you picture your financial success, don't 
just include photos of piles of money. Insert 
pictures of how your life will be. Will you drive 
a Mercedes and live in a three-story house? Put 
those pictures in. Where will you vacation? 
Europe? Japan? Australia? Add those as well. 

Now here is where your limiting beliefs may start 
shouting again. You may say, "I'm not talented 
enough to succeed at that level." But you are. In 
fact you can increase your talent just as easily as 
you attract money into your life. 

I recently read Daniel Coyle's excellent book 
The Talent CodeThe premise of the book is to 
explain anomalies that produce massive amounts 
of talent. He notes that there are certain places 
that have a specific mix of training, motivation, 
and coaching that produce exceptionally talented 
people. This finding means that talent isn't 
necessarily something we're born with. It's 
something we can create!  81 


The ideas in this book inspired me tremendously 
and also helped explain some strange events in 
my own life. For example, back in 1969 I failed 
high school geometry. I couldn't tell a parallelo-
gram from an isosceles triangle. I had to retake 
the course the following year, but this time I got 
an "A." How did I go from an "F" to an "A?" The
answer was that I had a different teacher who 
intuitively knew the best way to help me learn. 
This teacher, Mr. Ron Posey, had me follow a 
strict process. He was extremely specific, all the 
way down to using a particular notebook, putting 
protectors around the three holes in the pages, 
handwriting meticulously, and much more. It 
drove some students nuts, but it helped me get 
straight As. According to Coyle, that second 
instructor was a brilliant coach intuitively using 
The Talent Code's secrets. 

Back in 1972, when I learned how to fly a single-
engine plane, I went through a 10-week course. 
It was the hardest thing I'd ever done. I either 
flew a plane everyday or was in ground school 
studying everyday for five days a week, all day 
long. I thought the curriculum was intense. It 
wasn't until I read The Talent Code that I realized 
Kent State University's flight school was teaching 
me exactly the way I needed to learn - by 
stretching me beyond what I thought was doable. 
But how does all of this work to increase talent? 
What were my geometry teacher and that flight 
school doing to turn a below average kid into a 
straight A student and a licensed private pilot? 

The Talent Code explains the three things needed
to increase talent and go toward greatness. One 
essential element is the spark of inspiration
Something has to ignite your desire, much like 
viewing that afternoon talk show about an abused 
child sparked Karen's inspiration to start a 
business doing nanny background checks. 
This spark of inspiration happened to me in 1970
when I met Rod Serling, creator of the famous sci
-fi TV series, The Twilight ZoneI had always put
authors up on a pedestal, but I realized Serling 
was human and if he could be a famous writer, 
then I could too. I put myself through a self-
study program that contained over 10,000 hours 
of writing, reading,writing and even more reading. 

My writings were rejected for years,and yet I 
tried again and again (and again and again) to be 
published. My first book wasn't published until 
1984. The spark of inspiration was Rod Serling. 
This "spark" is what begins a huge, deep trans-
formation. It's the way to start unlocking talent. 
It's interesting that Malcolm Gladwell's book, 
Outliers, confirms this amount of time as key in 
becoming successful. There is something 


Step 5: Nevillize Your Goals 

magical about the 10,000-hour mark that pushes a 
person from trying to being successful. The 
amount of practice is the second key ingredient.
You can't expect to jump right into success and
be able to handle it. You must practice in order 
to increase your ability and expand in a 
knowledgeable, sustainable way. Bill Gates didn't
jump right into the chairman's seat at Microsoft.
He started in his dorm room. Leading up to that
point in time, he had also spent untold hours 
writing code for his vision of a user-friendly
computer operating system. He had no magic
abilities whatsoever. He created that talent by
spending thousands of hours practicing. 

The third ingredient is to have a great coach. In
the spring of 2009, I took private tutoring lessons 
with Berlitz instructors to learn Spanish, for a
speaking engagement in Lima, Peru. While I had
books, courses, and CDs on how to speak Spanish
- there's nothing like having a personal coach
there to guide my learning. When I failed
geometry the first time, but excelled at it the
second time, it was due to a better coach. I
learned to pilot a plane in a short amount of
time, due to great teachers. These days I have my 
own " Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching Program "
for people wanting to improve or breakthrough
their own barriers. I know from personal
experience that a strong coach is needed for
success and accomplishment. In fact, it's a

The great news is that you can develop any
talent you want with a combination of these
three elements. So don't allow your old beliefs to
stand in your way of dreaming big dreams. Just
because you may not have the knowledge and
skills right now does not mean that you can't
attain them in the future. As the subtitle of The
Talent Code states, "Greatness isn't born. It's
grown." So don't ignore that spark of inspiration
or the desire of your heart. 

Remember,the fifth step is to Nevillize your goal.
Want to be financially free forever? Well, what
would that feel like? Imagine you're already
there. Soak up the good feelings. That's the fifth
step and a proven way to program your mind to
attract money now. 

But we have another two steps to go... 83 




The process of 'Nevillizing' your goal is the fifth
step to attracting money. 

When it comes to achieving your goals, you will 
have greater success if you make the emotional
connections in your mind, where you can feel, 
hear and experience what it will be like to 
actually have what you're striving for. 

It's your responsibility to act when a source of 
money is attracted to you

Once you understand how powerful Nevillizing 
is, you'll naturally begin to expand it into every 
area of your life. 

If you ask yourself what you want and don't get
an answer, continue asking. 

Turn your complaints into wants. 

You can't expect to jump right into success and 
be able to handle it. You must practice in order 
to increase your ability, and to expand in a 
knowledgeable and sustainable way. 


Step 5: Nevillize Your Goals 


• Pick a money goal that excites you and write it 

• Imagine what it will feel like to have that goal 
accomplished right now. 

• Write a script of your life after that goal has 
been achieved.  85 

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