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Piling on The Pressure

ENaC's (epithelial sodium channels) tasks do not end at birth.  It plays a vital role in regulating the amount of sodium in your blood and this, in turn, determines your blood pressure. If ENaC channels malfunction, your blood pressure can skyrocket, putting you at risk of a stroke.

Your kidneys are sophisticated organs that clean the blood, continuously filtering out toxins and waste products and flushing away excess water. Waste processing takes place in about a million individual units known as nephrons, where tufts of fine blood vessels, know as capillaries, are entwined with tiny tubules that act as urine-collecting devices.
Amazingly, the whole of your blood passes through the kidney twice every hour. The red blood cells and plasma proteins are retained in the capillary,  but the salts and water are forced out into the kidney tubule. Almost all of the sodium and much of the water that is filtered are subsequently reabsorbed as the fluid passes down the kidney tubules. What remains is stored in the bladder and excreted as urine.

ENaC channels in the membranes of the kidney tubule cells are responsible for reabsorption of sodium. As in the lung , sodium uptake is accompanied by water, which leads to an increase in blood volume and, because the circulation is a closed system, raises the blood pressure. A diet high in salt (sodium chloride) is bad for you because more sodium is taken up, which drags more water with it, increasing your blood volume and therefore your blood pressure.
Conversely, if blood sodium levels are low, insufficient water is retained by the body, leading to a fall in blood pressure. This is why it is important to ensure that you eat enough unrefined sea salt in a hot climate , where a lot of salt is lost through sweating.

Mutations in any of the three genes that make up the ENaC channel affect blood pressure.  Those that lead to increased ENaC activity cause a hereditary form of hypertension known as Liddle's disease, whereas those that reduce ENaC activity result in low blood pressure. The latter are particularly dangerous as they lead to a life-threatening salt-losing syndrome in newborns and infants.  Because sodium uptake is reduced, less water is reabsorbed, so that the child quickly becomes dehydrated and the blood concentration of other ions ( especially potassium ) becomes unbalanced.  The disease is fatal unless it is quickly recognised and treated.

Fortunately, mutations in ENaC are rare. However, it is thought that one reason for the greater incidence of high blood pressure and its attendant complications in black people than in Caucasians is because they have relatively common variants in their ENaC channels genes that predispose them to increased sodium uptake.
Why this is the case is uncertain, but one suggestion is that people living near the Sahara evolved very efficient mechanisms for absorbing salt as it was in such short supply. While this is advantage when salt is only rarely obtainable, it becomes a handicap in our present world where much processed food is very high in salt.

Aya Soliman most unusual start in life .

Aya and Mahmoud (Pic:HarryPage)

Aya Soliman, born two days after her mum Jayne died, is 16 months old and the spitting image of her mother

Aya's mum died 2 days before she was born. 

Now she's 16 months old(2012), talking and ready to walk ....

Little Aya Soliman is the image of her mum... her ears, the shape of her hands, even her laugh.
It makes her proud dad Mahmoud delighted to see the similarities, but it's also bittersweet - because Aya was born two days AFTER her mum Jayne suddenly "died".
Tragic Jayne's heart was kept beating long enough to give her unborn baby girl a fighting chance of survival - but then her life support machine was switched off.
Shellshocked Mahmoud had to watch helplessly as his daughter, born 15 weeks premature and only just bigger than his hand, battled to live against the odds.
Now, 16 months on, Aya is almost walking and has said her first words - Dadda and Mama. In an exclusive interview with the Mirror, Mahmoud says: "Every time I look at Aya I think of her mum. She does things her mum did, like purse her lips in a certain way or the way she'll hold up her hand.
"It makes me smile to see. And like any father it makes me so happy to hear her first laugh or see her take her first steps. But at the same time it's a constant reminder that Jayne isn't here."

Jayne and Mahmoud Soliman (Pic:HarryPage)

The couple met in Abu Dhabi four years ago where Jayne, a former ice skating champ, worked as a coach and Mahmoud was a telecoms specialist. In an exclusive interview with the Mirror, he explains: "We were friends at first and then it just happened. You know when you get that feeling someone is perfect for you? That's what it was like. She was so bubbly and she loved me like I was the only person that mattered."
Within months, Mahmoud, 30, asked what her reaction would be if he asked her to be his wife.
He says: "I remember she said, 'Woah' but I only wanted her to consider it. Two weeks later we went for a meal and she said, 'Do you remember you asked if I'd consider marrying you? Well, I would.'"
Jayne converted to Islam before their April 2007 wedding and changed her name to Aya Jayne, meaning "miracle". But neither had any idea how prophetic that name would prove to be.
With Jayne 12 years older than Mahmoud, they wanted to try for a family straight away. They were traumatised after Jayne miscarried but delighted when she became pregnant again two months later.
They were both petrified something would go wrong but, when they saw their child's tiny heart beat during the one-month scan, they started to relax.
"Every day we'd sing to Jayne's bump and started to call the baby Sparky as she'd always be moving in the womb," recalls Mahmoud. But in January last year, with Jayne just 25 weeks pregnant, she came home feeling unwell.
Mahmoud recalls: "She said to me, 'I've got a headache' and cradled her head in her hands. Suddenly she vomited on the floor and I went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water. But then I heard a thud that shook the whole house. I shouted her name, hoping to hear her laugh. But when I went back upstairs, I saw her collapsed on the floor."
As Mahmoud bent down to lift his stricken wife, she affectionately called him by his nickname. "Moody Shmoody, don't hurt your back," she said.
"Those were the last words she ever said to me," he says. "I thought it was a fit, or something to do with the pregnancy. I never thought it was serious."
Jayne was airlifted to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford but a scan revealed she'd suffered a massive brain haemorrhage, brought on by an undetected cancerous brain tumour rupturing a blood vessel. "They told me there was nothing they could do," recalls Mahmoud. "I asked them to operate in case they could help her, but they said she was already brain-dead and there was no point."
However, doctors were able to shine the slimmest slither of hope onto Mahmoud. If they could keep her heart beating for two more days, they could give her steroids so their baby's lungs could grow stronger, taking her odds of survival from below 50% to way above it.
But Mahmoud says: "Even then they didn't know if Jayne could hold on. Sometimes on life support, people's bodies just give up."
But Jayne's heart did keep going, and Aya Jayne - named after her mum - was delivered by Caesarean section on January 9, two days after her mum had officially died.
"Those 48 hours were the most joyful and heartbreaking of my entire life," says Mahmoud. "I could barely function. But I knew that I had to stay strong - I was all Aya had."
Mahmoud couldn't bear to sit in while the op was carried out. Instead, one of Jayne's best pals held her hand, and later told Mahmoud how their 2lb 1oz daughter was placed onto Jayne so they were cheek to cheek. As Mahmoud first met his daughter, his wife's life support machine was being turned off.
"Jayne never met Aya - they had physical contact but Jayne was already dead," he says. "It really upsets me because Jayne didn't even get to see her, just to hold her once. It seems so unfair. But I truly believe Jayne stayed strong for Aya. She'd done everything she could to give our daughter the best chance."
For the next three months, Mahmoud kept a bedside vigil as Aya battled for life in an incubator. He had dreamed of the moment he could bring her home but, when that day arrived last March, he was terrified. "I was worried something would go wrong, I was so nervous," he says. "But my mum had come over from Egypt to help, so I got on with it."
In their home in Bracknell, Berkshire, photos of Jayne are everywhere.
Mahmoud plans to get Aya onto the ice rink as soon as possible so she can follow in her mum's footsteps, and her ice-skater friends are lining up to take her for her first lesson.
There's also a huge box filled with videos, cuttings, cards and photos that Mahmoud will keep for Aya until she's old enough to understand.
"I haven't watched a video of Jayne yet, I'm not ready," he says. "But when I do, Aya will be with me. I'll make sure she knows how amazing she was, and how much I loved her. Sometimes, when I'm putting Aya to bed, I'll tell her that her mum's watching over her. Or if she does something like her mum, I'll tell her.
"I still feel Jayne is watching over us. I see her in my dreams sometimes. She tells me I'm doing well. When she goes to leave, I ask if we should come with her but she says no. Then I wake up, and realise it was a dream but I wish it wasn't."

Drawing Life from Death

(except from  The Spark Of Life , Electricity in The Human Body, by Frances Ashcroft) [Time 8:23AM, 24/08/2016, counter @ 2088 3098]

Aya Soliman had a most unusual start in life, being born by Caesarean section two days after her mother Jayne was declared brain death.
Jayne, a champion ice skater, had a fatal brain haemorrhage when she was twenty-five weeks pregnant. She was flown by air ambulance to hospital in Oxford, but died shortly after arrival .
Although Jayne's brain was dead, doctors decided to keep her body alive to provide vital time for her daughter's lungs to mature.

Within the womb, the fetus floats in a cushioning sac of water. Its developing lungs are filled with fluid and it does not breath air, but obtains all the oxygen it needs via the umbilical cord that links it to the placenta. At birth, the water withing the lungs must be rapidly removed as the newborn child switches over to breathing air.This is achieved with the help of specialized epithelial sodium channels (ENaC channels) that are present in the cells that line the lung.
At birth the ENaC channels open, allowing sodium ions in the lung fluid to flow down their concentration gradient into the lung cells. because sodium ions  drag water with them, the lungs quickly dry out and so long as ENaC channels are present and functional, the lungs are rapidly cleared of fluid. Without ENaC, however, babies are at risk of drowning in their own fluid at birth, and may suffer from 'wet' lung.

During normal development ,  a rise in  steroid hormones switches on ENaC production a few weeks prior to birth, ensuring the lungs are fully mature when the baby  is delivered.
At twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, however, lung development is incomplete and the number of ENaC channels in the cells lining the lung is still very small. A chemical called surfactant that reduces the surface tension of the tiny air sacs in the lungs and so prevents their collapse is also low. Thus if a baby must be delivered early, and conditions permit, steroids are administered to the mother before birth. These cross over the placenta and help her premature baby's lungs mature. As a mother's womb is the optimal incubator for a baby, Jayne's body was kept alive (but brain death) on a life-support machine while steroids were given to provide her daughter with the best possible chance of life.

There is a further twist to this story. It turns out that at birth ENaC channels are stimulated to open more completely by stress hormone adrenaline, which rises dramatically in the mother's blood during the trauma of labour. This may explain why babies born by Cesarean section, where this stimulus is lacking, may have more difficulty clearing their lungs than those born naturally, and why they experience a higher incidence of respiratory complications in the postnatal period.

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The Definition For Cancer Should Be : (*)

The real power which has the ability to initiate the manifestation of cancer in human body is the power of our psyche. If we could only understand this power, cancer treatment could take an entirely different approach in the future. We would NOT be chasing and killing the cancer cells to the very end , with normal cells often being murdered and killed in the process. We would find the distorted power within the psyche and accurately know how it works. This knowledge would enable us to enter the energy dimension and adjust the distortion, and would allow the sick mutated cells a chance to reverse the process.

To review (*)
1. Cancer is a physical manifestation of the result of a psychic energy blockage and distortion. For this reason, treatment has to start with the heart, not with the body, regardless of the names given, such as lung cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, ovary cancer, prostate cancer, etc, all these merely tell the location of cancer, that's all. At this point, very few people clearly recognize the interconnected relationship between the human psyche and the healthy body.

2.Cancer is a signal of the desire for improvement in the quality of life and is an impetus for real change for the best. The growth in the number of cancer cases reflects that the lifestyles of a growing of people do NOT match their inner desires. Currently, improvement in modern life quality focuses primarily in the material area. The energy of the human psyche is often distorted. In certain terms, humanity has reached a dead end.

3. Cancer is a Turning Point in Life. cancer patients need to learn how to bring forth suppressed emotional energy and redirect this energy to transform and improve their quality of life. 

The Secret To Healing Cancer Through Psychological And Spiritual Growth

A human being is more than just a physical body but consists of body, mind, social and spiritual dimensions. They must all be considered if one seriously seeks to heal the body.the modern medicine had many areas that needed to be expanded upon and improved and learn more about the effects of the human spirit and psyche on the physical body.

Cancer is much more than just a physical illness. Therefore relying on drug improvements and the current methods and philosophy of medical science to develop cancer treatment techniques is like climbing a tree to catch a fish.

When you red on there may be a resonant feeling of truth or you may wake up or enlightened  with a clear insight into your life. it does not matter whether it is you who has cancer or a friend, or a family member, or if you are an oncologist. I hope that this entirely new cancer treatment method derived from a very different understanding of cancer will lead you to a different thought paradigm. If you agree and are interested in promoting these concepts to fight cancer from mind and heart, you are welcome to join me and work with me and others like-minded .

Cancer is an illness that brings people face to face with mortality.

A new definition of Cancer - A Turning Point For A New Life. Cancer or any illness for that matter is a reflection of your life condition through your body. Cancer is not a cause, it is a result.
(Counter reads 20868461 @ 10:44AM, on 23/08/2016) The real causes of cancer are not what modern medicine thinks, such as carcinogenic food, chemical pollution, or free radicals, as some medical specialists have stated.

Take diet for example. Over emphasizing the belief that " eating carcinogenic food will cause cancer" only create fear in people and the stress from that fear will cause more harm to the body than the carcinogenic food itself. Thought, emotion and attitude towards life are much more deeply related to the body than the food we eat daily. Please remember : YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK, NOT WHAT YOU EAT.

Cancer is indeed a pathological change in genes. No doubt. However, what is the reason for this pathological change in genes? The biggest problem of present modern medical science is the fact that it is solely a material medical science. It is therefore not a true and complete medical science. The real cause of cancer cannot be found in the physical realm.

The real cause of cancer started in the realm of the human psyche. To put it another way, if the real cause in the realm of the psyche is not understood, not detected and not faced, any treatment that considers only the  body, the "physical matter" treatment, or so-called "generic technique treatment" only treat the symptoms, not the real cause.

This is why modern medical sciences so often reaches a state of "we cannot do anything more" with respect to curing cancer patients. When development of medical science not only takes our physical not only take our physical body into account, but also considers the role that the human psyche plays in physical health, it will then become a truly wholesome medical science.

Cancer should be seen as A Turning Point For A New Life in LIFE. This turning point is NOT about teaching you how to eat healthier food, or how to find more ways to defend yourself against cancer. This Turning Point is about teaching you HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BEST. It obliges you to honestly re-examine your self your attitude towards LIFE, to make you question yourself and ask what do you live for and to realize what kind of lifestyle you have. Through this kind of awareness, one can harness the power of cancer-causing change in genes and redirect it towards healing and the creation of a desirable lifestyle.

Majority of people including majority of medical professionals do NOT see this point. The whole medical-education establishment is geared towards physical medical science.  Cancer is the result of the effect of psychic causes, manifested in the physical body. The real power, which has the ability to initiate this manifestation process, is the power of our psyche.