Monday, August 22, 2016

The Definition For Cancer Should Be : (*)

The real power which has the ability to initiate the manifestation of cancer in human body is the power of our psyche. If we could only understand this power, cancer treatment could take an entirely different approach in the future. We would NOT be chasing and killing the cancer cells to the very end , with normal cells often being murdered and killed in the process. We would find the distorted power within the psyche and accurately know how it works. This knowledge would enable us to enter the energy dimension and adjust the distortion, and would allow the sick mutated cells a chance to reverse the process.

To review (*)
1. Cancer is a physical manifestation of the result of a psychic energy blockage and distortion. For this reason, treatment has to start with the heart, not with the body, regardless of the names given, such as lung cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, ovary cancer, prostate cancer, etc, all these merely tell the location of cancer, that's all. At this point, very few people clearly recognize the interconnected relationship between the human psyche and the healthy body.

2.Cancer is a signal of the desire for improvement in the quality of life and is an impetus for real change for the best. The growth in the number of cancer cases reflects that the lifestyles of a growing of people do NOT match their inner desires. Currently, improvement in modern life quality focuses primarily in the material area. The energy of the human psyche is often distorted. In certain terms, humanity has reached a dead end.

3. Cancer is a Turning Point in Life. cancer patients need to learn how to bring forth suppressed emotional energy and redirect this energy to transform and improve their quality of life. 

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