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What kill Michael Jackson? Water Cures:Drugs Kill

Wednesday, August 26

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - - Lethal levels of a powerful anesthetic killed Michael Jackson, according to court documents that placed the pop star's personal physician under mounting police scrutiny.

The documents, which shed light on one of the last remaining questions about Jackson's sudden death two months ago, raised the possibility that the death will be ruled a homicide and that criminal charges will be brought against the singer's personal physician, who was with the star the morning he died.

Cardiologist Conrad Murray has been the target of a manslaughter investigation for weeks, but the Los Angeles County Coroner's office on Monday would not confirm or deny that the death was ruled a homicide.

"We have not released the findings and the case is still under a security hold," said Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County coroner's office.

Responding to reports that the coroner had declared Jackson's death a homicide, Winter told AFP: "We have not said that."

A fatal cocktail of drugs, including the anesthetic propofol, whose trade name is Diprivan, was administered to the pop icon hours before he died, according to the documents unsealed Monday in Houston, Texas and tied to the investigation into Jackson's death on June 25 at age 50.

Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran "reviewed the preliminary toxicology results and his preliminary assessment of Jackson's cause of death was due to lethal levels of propofol," according to the Los Angeles search warrant affidavit.

Murray administered propofol and other drugs to Jackson -- at the star's insistence -- to treat his insomnia, but was worried Jackson had developed an addiction and "tried to wean Jackson off of the drug," the affidavit said.

The Jackson family issued a brief statement, saying it "looks forward to the day that justice can be served," but noting it has "full confidence in the legal process."

La Toya Jackson -- the star's sister -- told ABC News that she is "thankful to the investigators for uncovering the truth to the world."

ABC television said La Toya would sit down for an interview with talkshow host Barbara Walters on September 11 to explain why she believes her brother was murdered.

The affidavit revealed that Murray confessed to investigators two days after the star died that he had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of propofol nightly during the six weeks prior to the event that sent shockwaves throughout the world.

On June 22, he halved Jackson's propofol dose to wean him off the drug and also gave two other sedatives -- lorazepam and midazolam.

The following night, he administered the latter two drugs but withheld propofol, and the star was able to sleep. But throughout the next night, Jackson stayed awake.

"Jackson remained awake and at approximately 1040 hours, Murray finally administered 25 milligrams of propofol, diluted with lidocaine via IV drip to keep Jackson sedated, after repeated demands/requests from Jackson," according to the affidavit.

Murray was monitoring Jackson closely, it stated, but then stepped away from his bedside to use the bathroom. When he returned two minutes later, Jackson had stopped breathing.

His attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and the singer was declared dead at about 2:00 pm local time (2100 GMT).

As part of their investigation, police and federal agents raided Murray's offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Houston, Texas, as well as a Las Vegas pharmacy that provided the drugs.

Murray told investigators he was not the first doctor to administer propofol to the King of Pop, who referred to the drug as his "milk," LAPD detective Orlando Martinez wrote in the affidavit, citing the cardiologist.

Medical experts said the cocktail of drugs apparently given to Jackson was extremely dangerous and police would need to determine whether administering it was tantamount to medical negligence.

"If all of these drugs... are also shown, this would be a classical case of acute combined drug toxicity," forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht told CNN.

Jackson is due to be buried at a cemetery in Glendale, California on September 3, his family announced last week. They had originally planned to bury him on August 29 -- the day he would have turned 51.

Drinking Kombucha for cure?

Kombucha Reconsidered
Written by RWM
Saturday, 08 August 2009

Kombucha Culture

I hadn't thought about drinking kombucha tea until recently, when I saw a row of brightly colored glass bottles on a shelf in my local supermarket. For the uninitiated, kombucha is a fermented drink popular in the Eastern half of the world, and goes by many names, including "Mongolian tea." Since at least the 1960s, it has been popular in natural food circles in the Western world as an alleged elixir. Some people claim that kombuchas has been around for centuries, but it more likely developed in Russia about 100 years ago. A similar product, called kvass, is still popular in Russia and Latvia.

It was surprising to see this odd-tasting cocktail holding its own against all the popular high-fructose corn syrup drinks in the supermarket's cooler section. Kombucha, at nearly $4 per bottle, is several times more expensive than its competitors. Breaking into the monopolistic beverage industry with an odd tasting health drink cannot have been easy, and yet a young man named G.T. Dave has done just that with his GT's Kombucha and Synergy lines of beverages. There was Mr. Dave's brand at eye-level, right next to the full line of Lipton and Snapple products. Mr. Dave started his Millennium company at age 16, while still a student at Beverly Hills High School.

Mr. Dave believes that his mother's kombucha habit kept her breast cancer from metastasizing or recurring. "After a week of emotional turmoil," according to the Synergy Web site, G.T. "was relieved to find out that her breast cancer had not spread and that the pungent tasting cultured tea that she had been drinking was part of the reason why."

I was amused to read his description of the Synergy kombucha manufacturing process: "Each batch is gently placed in a warm and spiritual environment where the walls are painted purple and spiritual music is played. Though it may sound silly, the most important thing that we do when making our batches is to give them LOTS of love."

So I bought a bottle of the cranberry flavored drink and had it with my lunch. Kombucha is a fermented mixture of fungi, bacteria, black tea and sugar. Little white strands of fungi appear in the drink and are supposedly an integral part of the fizzy drink. There is also a small amount of alcohol. I found it all pleasant in a weird way. I liked the way it made me feel and I have been consuming one bottle per week.

I thought this would make a good feel-good, end-of-summer type article for the newsletter, a sort of "go thou and do likewise" for our health conscious readers. When I began investigated the actual medicinal properties of Kombucha tea, I thought I would be overwhelmed with information. Not so. For something that has been around for so long, there are only 38 scientific articles in PubMed on the topic of kombucha. Most of these are technical studies on the nature of the bacteria and yeast in the brew. Only a few of these are clinical. Compare this to the more than 3,000 PubMed-listed articles on regular "Chinese" green tea!

The word "kombucha" doesn't seem to have entered the English language until about 1990. The first PubMed-listed article on kombucha was published in that year and was an attempt to debunk German health claims made by and for Dr. R. Sklenar's Mushroom Infusion.

In the 1990s, kombucha became popular in certain circles, especially among people with HIV/AIDS. Some doctors began to express concern over this development, since they felt — without much evidence — that the bacteria or yeast in kombucha might badly affect people with compromised immune systems (Gamundi 1995). In the same year, 1995, that the enterprising Mr. Dave founded his Millennium company there was however the first report of serious harm associated with use of this type of beverage. But it was not to be the last.


--Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

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White House Chef, Cristeta Pasia-Comerford

She is one of 3 to be honored this year by the Bank of Philippines as an outstanding Filipino overseas.

For the United States, White House Chef, serving homegrown vegetables straight from the garden is just like preparing food in her native Philippines - healthy and simple.
This Filipino-American Cristeta Pasia-Comerford, the first woman and first minority to serve on the executive Chef in the USA White House, credited the American First Lady for making sure her family eats steamed, organic vegetables from the garden Michelle Obama planted in April.

Mrs.Obama is a very hands-on person when it comes to knowing healthy meals for the family.

Welcome to Bandung City

lung cancer patient still living: herbs help

Lung Cancer: She Is Still Alive After Stopping Treatment

Two Other Friends Died After Five Treatments

Swee was diagnosed with lung cancer. She went to China for treatment: chemotherapy, cyroablation and radioacative iodine seeds implantation. Her son said: The doctors assured us that the tumour will go away but at the same time warned that the cancer can spread to other parts of the body. There is no guarantee that it will not spread. Swee was asked to continue going back to China but she ran out of funding – the only way was to sell the family house where 5 of her children were living in. Desperate the son came to see our help.

Swee was prescribed herbs. In August 2009, nearly two years on herbs, Swee’s son came to our centre.

Chris: Besides taking our herbs, did she take any other medicine from elsewhere?

Son: No. She only took your herbs.

C: Any complaints?

Son: So far, everything is okay. No complaints.

C: It’s been two years since you first came to see me.

Son: Yes, about two years.

C: I heard about her friends who went to China . . . . .

Son: They had all passed away.

C: How do you know?

Son: They all stayed nearby our place in Medan . There were three of them who went together to China for treatment. Out of the three, my mother is the only one who survived until now.

If you wish to read this story, click this link:

Happy reading.

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We Can Stop "hate speech"

Just stop hate speech.

Our best insurance (if any) against the spread of violent teaching and hatred is not the court, but our education system, and in a democracy, by using free speech to fight/stop hate speech. Our society at large, 44 years old, is mature and wise enough to tell what's right and wrong.

Rather than relying on the police, this time around, all members of the public should be encouraged to report hate speeches. This is part of Republic Singaporeans' civic duty as much as their obligation to report on suspicious activities in their neighbourhood. Let the court decide when free speech croses the limit of tolerance and becomes hate speech.

A miracle or mirage?

Iron deficiency causes Chronic cough?

Yes, women, men, and children need iron.

Iron deficiency may help explain why some/many otherwise healthy, non-smoking women/men had persistent coughs.

Tests on women with chronic coughs and iron deficiency showed that a simple iron supplement often cleared up the coughs.

Women also are more likely than men to suffer from otherwise unexplained chronic coughs.

During period-menstruation women lost much iron and blood.

Body immune function can be affected by iron deficiency, which is defined as having low iron levels, sometimes to the point of anemia.

A study on women with chronic cough who were found to have normal lung function, with no signs of asthma or other respiratory disease and no evidence of acid stomach reflux that could explain their coughing. All of them had iron deficiencies. And they all had signs of swelling in the back of the mouth, and red, inflamed mucous membranes. Their vocal cords were also very sensitive, making them cough and choke easily, such as after vigorous laughing.

One Dr Caterina Bucca (University of Turin) gave these women iron supplements to improve their iron stores. When these had normalized - after about 2 months - they were checked again. After iron supplementation, coughing and signs of inflammation in the mouth and vocal cords were improved or completely resolved. It was found that the hypersensitivity was nearly gone or vastly improved in all of these women.

Because iron helps regulate the production of protein in human immune system that control inflammation, an iron deficiency might make the upper airway more prone to inflammation, leading to this chronic cough.

Not drinking enough water for one's body weight will also cause inflammation. Follow water-cure protocol formula:

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Offence is the best Defence

To the present citizens and Cabinet Ministers of Republic of Singapore:
Offense is the best Defence.

1. Not less difficult is to make them believe, that offensive operations often times are the surest, if not in some cases the only means of defense.
Republic of Singaporeans at large, Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament must exercise that option.

2.Reforms are strong symbolic moves to ensure the defense of an emerging democracy. But the opportunity for further reform in Republic of Singapore was squandered because momentum was lost.

3.Republic Singaporeans now should and must break through 44 years of intolerance by affirmation of this nation's pluralistic and democratic idealism.

4. Clearly offense proved to be the best defense.

5.Away with corruption, nepotism and oppression of the past and from the past.

6.It is a big relief for our nation that respected voters overwhelmingly chose the one sensible candidate.

7.There remain many more important areas where reform has to be revived and accelerated.

8.A long agenda awaits in ares of corruption, human rights abuse and legal reform.

9. Bureaucratic reforms have been neglected and real good governance has remained a problem to this very day.

10.We have to believe the Prime Minister's promises if we believe in ourselves. He is in that office because we choose and vote with democratic intent.

11. The key is in using offence as the best defense. The key is in appointing a new cabinet compromised of people with vision, competence, compassion and most important, selfless credibility.

12. Without general public support, good intentions cannot generate effective programs in nation building.

13.Cabinet Ministers MUST have support not only from political parties but from the public at large, who make up the greatest percentage of support for the new Prime Minister. We, Republic Singaporeans are destine to be people of high integrity and credibility.

14.To turn any defensive posture of yesterday into a strong offense for future Republic of Singapore, the new cabinet Ministers MUST capitalize on proven strengths, management of the economy and respond, not react, to the present world's challenges, not just our domestic homework.

15. The economy is the foundation, real welfare programs in public health, education and employment will be the cornerstone of sustainable progress, and international engagement will pull 3rd*Generation Republic Singaporeans forward.

16. In a dynamic world, we, Republic Singaporeans either MUST lead or be led. A strong sound foreign policy is a necessary means of survival. The present Cabinet Ministers have every opportunity to catch up for the lost time, and , perhaps, leave a lasting 3rd generation legacy for many years into our future and our children's future in this island-state, Republik Singapura! Maju Lagi!

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Body Alcohol Content (BAC)

If a human body's blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds 300mg/100 ml, it has reached a point where a person crossed over from harmless intoxication to alcohol poisoning.

No drinker knows when alcohol poisoning set in.

Downing more than 8 drinks in a row would cause your BAC levels to exceed 500mg/100ml, which is fatal.

At such levels, the alcohol affects the human brain's control over the person's consciousness, heartbeat and breathing. It also impairs the gag reflex, increasing the risk of victims choking on their own vomit and suffocating.

Constant vomiting will lead to dehydration, which causes irregular heartbeat, kidney failure and decreased blood supply to the brain, leading to coma.

Breathing will also become irregular and the person's blood pressure will fall dangerously low, depriving the brain of oxygen, which can cause come or severe brain damage.

In some hospitals, oxygen therapy, where pure oxygen is pumped into the lungs through a machine, is carried out to increase the supply of oxygen to the body. Any obstruction in the airways will also be cleared to ensure normal breathing.

Even if a person survives alcohol poisoning, he/she could suffer irreversible brain damage and memory loss.

It is not always easy to tell if a person has reached a dangerous level of intoxication. Drunk people often display the same symptoms such as unconsciousness, slurred speech and vomiting. All these are due to cellular chronic dehydration.

Some signs that set alarm bells off:-
mental confusion,
inability to wake from unconsciousness,
constant vomiting,
slow or irregular breathing,
low body temperature and
bluish skin color or paleness.

Women need to be more careful and aware of alcohol poisoning as they suffer more effects from alcohol than men and generally at a faster rate too.

Teenagers, who have a smaller body mass, are also more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol because they have not built up a tolerance for alcohol. They are also less able to judge their own levels of intoxication.

Effects of Alcohol:Dehydration or Death

Those taken by wine is not wise.

Jones with his classmates from an international school in Singapore gathered for a party in his hotel room , during a school trip to Hanoi in Vietnam, and started playing drinking games.

Before he knew it, Jones ,14-year-old Singaporean had downed a full bottle of Black label whisky, neat, within two hours. Everyone was just trying to drink as much as he could.

He started feeling weak all over and could not stop vomiting. He also felt very cold and his heart began racing. At first, he thought it was just food poisoning. Then he realized his vomit was green, as he recalled.

Because he and his friends were drinking on the sly, they did not dare tell their teachers about his condition. He endured another 3 days of constant vomiting before his friends took him to a doctor. he was prescribed medication that finally made him feel better. He was dehydrated and didn't know it.

The bout with binge drinking made Jones vow never to do it again. Now 27 and working in Paris in the fashion industry, he still remembers the excruciating pain and discomfort of the experience vividly.

Jones is one of the lucky ones. In march 2008, in Singapore, Zhu Shaoyun, paid for her drinking binge with her life. She had downed a jug of beer and knocked back a bottle of Cordonbleu brandy - neat - in half an hour. She died from alcohol poisoning.

This is the result of consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time.

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Fables fabulous fathering freedom

Telling of fables always has stronger in impact on your psyche than fact, causing you to enter a mild, childlike trance state wherein you find yourself quite happy to suspend critical judgement just long enough (for a barefoot commentator) to pop a series of nuggets of potentially precious transformative data into your personal circuitry, which will contribute immediately (it is hoped) to your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and material well-being, in a far more efficacious way than would happen if you simply read a straight-ahead self-help manual.


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Blogs worth the time revisiting?

Why revisit blogs and why bloggers blog?
Is it worth the time commenting the blogs?

Read the posts/fables as twisted fiction/fact with a moral, or read them as entertaining self-help, it doesn't matter - either way you risk profoundly disturbing the status quo of your mind, but nothing worthwhile ever occurs in this life without a bit/lot of disturbance preceding it and the personal pay off could be huge - for both of us.

Of course some of the characters you'll relate to, some you won't. By the same token, some of them won't relate to you either, but that's life and let's not get silly about this - the important thing is that when you recognize yourself in any of the characters, you learn to love yourself, or at least like yourself more as a result.

These comments/stories are inspired by the 'miracle' of healing that comes to every life at the most unexpected moments and in the most unlikely ways. May it come to you at precisely the moments you need it most, in the ways that suit you best, and may all limitations to your perfect peace, fulfillment, moment-to-moment satisfaction and contentment,whether self-imposed or apparently and otherwise, be instantaneously and incrementally removed with every passing word.

Do you need more covers for your life?

Always read with care;
Do more than read; absorb;
Do more than post, love;
Do more than exist, live;
Do more than touch; feel.

Hope or hype?

The only constant factor in all known existence is change. Furthermore, that change is unpredictable by nature. It is only in the acceptance of being in the state of not knowing what comes next, that one finds enlightenment and hence joy in the absolutely unfathomable mystery of life and death.

You'll probably agree with me that we're all of us inmates in this loony bin we're created here on Earth, and it is for this precise reason I am proud to provide this post/warning to what can only be described as a totally insane text, and hope you derive as much pleasure and benefit from it as I have.

On the initial read-through I was amused and bewilded.

On the second run-through, although I still had some mild feelings of queasiness and disorientation, I was starting to wonder if these wasn't perhaps something in what s/he was saying/posting.

By the third time around, I was forced to admit, bemusedly, that this collection of loosely-woven histories (every moment spent is just another history in the all histories, right?) of a group of highly bizarre individuals was in fact of the utmost profundity and importance to the world.

What initially appeared as utter nonsense, suddenly came alive to me as a living metaphor for the absolute absurdity of the so-called real-life stories of the countless people I have had the privilege of drawing into conversation, during the course of my extensive comment-'travels' on this crazy planet.

This is an unlikely expedition into the deeper realms of the human psyche.

This blog deals radically with the theme pf quantum personal transformation, something occurring with greater and greater frequency and intensity in people's lives at this time, as the thrust for evolution accelerates against a backdrop of impending catastrophe.

Welcoming Ramadan in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung weather : wind speed = 32 km/hour; Air temperature = 17 - 31 degree Celsius; Humidity = 35% - 85%.

Ramadan is a month-long dusk-to-dawn fasting month for able body Muslims worldwide.

Welcoming Ramadan in Bandung, Indonesia.
Drink fresh fruit juices , instead, for breaking fast.

1. In Indonesia, traditional treats for breaking the Ramadan fast such as sweet black tea, kolak or biji salak( fruit with its peel like snake-scale skin),both kolak and biji salak are types of sweet condiment with coconut milk and palm sugar, should be avoided so as not to accelerate aging or develop diabetes.

2.Sweet treats, kolak and biji salak increase blood sugar levels, desperately needed by people who fast, the high content of refined white sugar is bad/unhealthy for you.

3. The high level of sugar triggers the organ pancreas to work harder to produce insulin. Too much insulin can be toxic to cells and hasten aging. It also exerts strain on your pancreas, which could damage it, causing diabetes.

4. A healthier alternative to quickly increase blood sugar levels after fasting would be to drink fruit juice. Fruit juices that are low in fiber can quickly increase blood sugar level.

5. To be able to keep your blood sugar level stable during 14 hours of fasting everyday needed smart diet management. drinking lots of fresh fruit juice before and after breakfast meals is good to increase blood sugar levels.

6. At the dawn meal however, one should eat fruit along with its skin/peel to get the fiber. With fiber, the human body release sugar gradually, giving a stable source of energy. Fresh fruit also contains needed water and electrolytes.

7.Red rice (brown rice/cargo rice), whole wheat bread, cereals and oatmeal should be the food of choice during dawn meals because of their high fiber content.

8. One should continue to exercise during fasting. Light exercise such as walking or stretching is ideal.

9.Common mistake during the fasting month is to stop exercise. This is wrong because you need to exercise to be fit. Another mistake is exercising in the dawn. Because the human body is getting ready for nutrients absorption/assimilation between 8 pm till 4 am.

10. One needs to drink to restore the loss of fluid/water during exercise. So, do light exercise half hour before breaking fast. However, people with diabetes should wait until fast breaking before exercising.

Thank you Samuel Oetoro, nutritionist.

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Chemo, Chemo, Chemo and She Died Within Two Years

We would like to highlight this case study:

Chemo, Chemo, Chemo and She Died Within Two Years

As with most cancer patients, Tin underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy after the surgery. She had full faith in her oncologist. According to her husband, Tin received Avastin towards the end of her chemo-treatment. Tin also underwent radiotherapy. On 19 July 2009, Tin’s husband came to Penang . Her condition was deteriorating. The doctor had requested the family to take Tin home. At most she would survive for another 2 months. Tin needed oxygen to help her breathe. All in all, the family had spent approximately S$200,000 for the treatment. Tin’s husband told us: Please try to save my wife.

May her death be a lesson to the numerous many who come after her.

Have a Blessed Day,

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Porridge and Atherosclerosis

Dear respected reader and blogger, remember that the human body - organs will repay you with continuous health and wealth for the effort you make.

Porridge and Atherosclerosis

It is encouraging to learn that many doctors are now also advising artheriosclerotic patients with a high cholesterol level of the benefits of eating porridge. Water cures.

The term atheroma, which is derived from the Greek word for porridge, was first used in 1904. When Morchand initiated the term atherosclerosis, a different name for arteriosclerosis. It is interesting to see that both names point to a process that involves the arteries, in one way or another, depositing fats.

In a shot spell of time I had seen more than 1,000 patients in India, I was pondering on the fact that vascular diseases did not appear to be very common there. I do not doubt however, that this respite will be shot-lived when I think of the so-called "civilised" food/drink products that are being imported into India; for by doing so I am convinced that Indians are also importing some of the modern western health problems derived from those imports. Adding injury with insult.

Take a humble lesson from nature.
We are born from nature we belong to nature and we should obey the laws of nature.
No one can break the laws of Nature without being broken in return.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Fight for Understanding(2)

Why fight for understanding?

Because we all need it to make sense of sanity in present mounting insanity in the background and front line of citizenry public life in health and wealth.

It has been with great conviction that those people, bloggers, including myself, have fought for the acceptance and understanding of our disciplines, which now benefit from the vast amount of deep research and diligent work carried out over the years, decades, with the sole objective of getting our message out, Water Cures : Drugs Kill, across to as many of the public as possible, worldwide.

It is so distressing to see groups, money, selfish attitudes/altitudes and misunderstandings (read as 'miss the understandings') being constantly responsible for a great number of rifts that could easily be avoided, if everyone joined forces and worked holistically together for a more understanding society for good.

Sadly, jealousy which is lousy, can also play a major role in destroying what could otherwise have been so good. Healthy Wealth is a dedicated blog site from all, for all, by all, to all. We deserve each other to be "our brother's keeper and sister's keepers".

This same problem is apparent in the drug industry, where the primary consideration appears to be profit$, more $$$$$$$ ,latest spelling for healthy; money, money, more money. Regrettably, many companies, instead of ploughing back their profits to improve the quality of products, seem to have been reaping the benefit$ at the expense of the public health, and are trying to destroy what was once good ;HEALTHY WEALTH undermined by FILTHY LUCRE.

Medicine has traditionally divided the human body study-logy into so many specialties and subspecialities based on the different body organs ' way of revealing their water shortages. Each of these groups has its own rituals for investigating within its "fiefdom." The pharmaceutical industry has accommodated physicians and has designed medications that are used in that particular "domain" of medicine. This is why, when dehydration manifest itself in more than one organ or domain of the human body, the patient is forced to see many different specialists to address his or her organ-specific symptoms. Hence the use of so many different pills and treatment procedures, in the same person, for the same underlying cause - dehydration. Here is demonstrate how water alone naturally reverses multiple health concerns.

It is never too late or too early to revise and be wise again for the rest of our journey.......

Use Water-cure. Rather be thankful for the timely warning, and do something about it.

Drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota (31.42 ml multiply by your present body weight(kg), every 90 minutes. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your daily diet, for every 1250 ml water drank.
Pain is a sign/signal produced by dehydration in the human body. Pain may be common but it is not normal.

To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success.

When I look at how ruthlessly those powerful industries go about their work, business-as-usual, do so little to further the deeper research and search into what Creator-God has created for Man (woman is in the Man, man is in woman) the foods for his healthy wealth existence and the herbs for healing, my lion-heart is deeply saddened. Their selfish attitudes are focused purely on economic growth and profit$ at any co$t - even human lives - is a society where understanding and compassion is far from their minds and hearts.

Unfortunately, this problem exists in every country where enterprising-people put profit before the well-being of others. I have sometimes watched with tears in my eyes as health inspectors, who are from government agencies, cleared the shelves of the natural products Creator-God gave Man to help himself. It is heartbreaking to see such 'elected' powers destroying what was slowly building up to be such a great help to humanity.

I am so appreciative when i meet people who put their heart and soul into helping other and show understanding and compassion to their fellow human beings. The extent to which they are prepared to go to achieve this is often beyond human understanding. Altruism is real for these special lovely souls. Once or twice in my lifetime, I have come across this wonderful experience. Hoe the same goes for you, too.

It is comforting and encouraging to know that there are some people we can turn to in life who have the ability and understanding to understand problems and are willing to help. Have ability coupled with willingness to succour is real understanding. Having just ability and not willingness to save is just miss-understanding.

I have always made an effort to correct myself when I have been too impatient about something, and cannot be faulted for striving to understand people's real needs:health & wealth. Health is the capital of wealth, when we lose our health , we bankrupt our wealth.

I have always done my best to understand the great needs of this huge selfish world in which we live together, where we ought to be each other's keeper, even though we are not siblings.

Example: I have never felt embarrassed in recommending(water-cure protocol: to those people with painful knee joints that they place a fresh cabbage leaf over the knee, leave it there overnight and feel how much better the knee is the following morning.

Along time ago, I was treating a hospital matron in the same way. I met her General practitioner in a corridor and he looked at me and said, " Jan, you are an intelligent man, so how can you possibly think that putting cabbage leaves on the matron's knees , increase water drinking, will cure her problem?"

I told the GP it wasn't a cure, but a help. Immediately - as anyone else would probably do - he asked , ' But how does it work?'
One explanation is that there is acidity in a cabbage leaf that draws out any inflammation, but there are all kinds of possible reasons.

Simply put, one cannot argue with result.To understand the understanding or to miss understand the understanding is in one's hand everyday. If something works, then I say that it does not matter how it works, as long as it is of help. Many GPs and specialists can win their status quo protocols but lose the patients' lives.

Over the years, I have witnessed so many things and people that are beyond human understanding, doctors inclusive.

Yes, for the cure of knees pain, use water-cure protocol formula.

Ferocious war of ideas cannot dent this water-cures: drugs kill phenomena.
In order to prevent coronary heart disease, it is essential to take safe proactive steps to control arteriosclerosis. The condition can indeed be reversed. Low cholesterol diet is essential, follow a macrobiotic diet for a while.

There are may extremely encouraging feedback from arteriosclerotics after they had decided to take the bull by the horn, proverbially, and work positively towards improving their health, quality of life, and in turn their wealth, too.

It may take some initial effort to adjust to a natural (or new to some people) regime, but the necessary changes need not be too drastic. Bear in mind, always remember that it is your own health and wealth that is at stake and the effort will therefore be more worthwhile.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Best Immunization is Natural Immunity

How Optimizing the Immune System . . .

The human body immune system can be optimized to prevent infection, minimize the impact of allergies and protect against disease.

It goes without saying ,though I am saying it again(sorry for repeating the same things), that for optimal health one should not smoke , and should limit alcohol and drug consumption as much as possible.

It is also important to get regular exercise, daily sunshine, rest and sleep (9-10 hours) since all these lifestyle factors affect immunity.

Stress reduction is also important since stress/distress will cause an adverse effect on the adrenal glands, which manufacture hormones that augment immunity.

This immune-enhancing diet/lifestyle is described here applies equally to infants, children, teenage, young adults and adults, both male and female alike. An immune-enhancing diet/lifestyle employs the following basic approaches: Enjoy,

1. Eat more organic raw vegetables.
Organic vegetables are free of dangerous pesticides and contain 2 to 5 times more nutrients than non-organic vegetables. Organic vegetables also taste much better. If you cannot obtain organic vegetables, you can rinse non-organic produce in a sink of cold water with a half-cup of distilled white vinegar for 30 minutes. This will remove much of the pesticides. In long run, you will save even more by eating organic vegetables through a more healthier body and enjoyable life. The transition is really worth the value, i reassure a wide variety. Vegetables are best eaten raw; however, it is certainly acceptable to lightly steam them until your body gets used to the roughage. Iceberg lettuce has minimal nutritional value. Better alternatives are kale, Swiss chard, collards and spinach. Carrots are fine in small amounts (one medium-sized carrot daily), but they are high in sugar and pro vitamin A, which , in excess, can lead to low blood sugar reactions .

2. Drink more water and fresh vegetable juices. Avoid drinking tap water that contains harmful chemicals like chlorine and, in some cities, fluoride. Avoid softened or distilled water as it contains no minerals, has the wrong ionization, pH, polarization and oxidation potentials, and tends to drain the body of minerals. freshly juiced vegetables are a convenient way of getting concentrated organic vitamins, organic minerals and other organic healthy nutrient , especially vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Avoid all caffeine, coffee. Coffee acts as a diuretic, causing the loss of important trace minerals.

3. Eat more healthy fats. Your brain need more healthy fats than your other body parts for survival daily. Healthy fats provide the omega-3, -6 and -9 essential fatty acids. Hempseed oil is best source. If your skin is on the dry side, eat more. If your skin turns oily, reduce the dose. Fish oil and flax seed oil is an alternative to hempseed oil. Raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds are also good sources of these healthy fats. Avoid peanuts, peanut butter and peanut oil at all costs. They contain mold and aflatoxin, a known immune suppressor. In mycology (the study of fungi), no peanut sold in USA is free of aflatoxin, even organic ones. Go learn the insight from "Good fats and Oils".

4. Avoid white refined sugar. Sugar impairs immunity and promotes yeast and fungal overgrowth. Sugar in any form suppresses immunity and must be eliminated as much as possible from your daily diet. Avoid hidden sources of refined sugar in things like pop drinks and in most package cereals. Use stevia-herb instead if you want natural sweetness in your diet. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame must be avoided because of their harmful to children and their many adverse health effects to any user.

5. Avoid trans-fatty acids.

6. Avoid commercial milk and dairy products.

7. Avoid bottled fruit juices.

8. Eat local seasonal fruits.

9. Use sea salt. Avoid regular table salt.

10. Avoid microwave ovens.


My Fight for Understanding

Why fight?

Many times during my life I have been aware of the true meaning of the word 'understanding'. I have possibly learnt this the hard way, but, in so doing, it has enabled me to display a great deal of understanding when it is needed - although, when I have not met with the understanding I seek in return, I experience a sense of failure.

One needs to be willing to cooperate with what is being offered and one must be prepared to show this same understanding in return.

Understanding is essential in the present world in which we live together. We are all conscious that this nation, Republic of Singapore,(or your country)is becoming increasingly selfish - a matter of 'I am all right'. We live in a world where we must offer support to each other and not act though we are some of the first people to live on this Earth.

Why fight? When Cain murdered his half-brother, Abel, and his God-Creator asked him where his brother was, Cain replied rebelliously, (high tone with arrogance) "Am I my brother's keeper?!!"
Yes, we are.

Why fight?
We have to help each other, but we must also have understanding from both sides, accepting the reality of life and recognising what we can and cannot do in truth.

Forgiveness, this is all part of real life. It is wonderful to experience forgiveness, but if one repeats the same mistake over and over again, more than seventy-times-seven(?), forgiveness will not be so forthcoming, and understanding will go out of the window. It is very important and needful, though, to try to understand both sides of a situation.

I experienced tremendous love and understanding from the Healthy Wealth. Not only are the postings here very grounded , but the sole aim of these postings is to help alleviate human suffering and misunderstandings or un-understanding. The welfare of the public is the top priority, then the blogger, then networking .

This Healthy Wealth has stood the test of time, so far, for well over 20 months and maintains these fundamental principles. I am often overwhelmed by the tremedous sense of love and understanding within this Healthy Wealth and the enthusiasm to inform, educate, entertain and protect the wealth well-being of the public.

I am thankful that I was introduced to this blog Healthy Wealth. It is with immerse pleasure that today I can see the fruits of all their healthy hard work.

Healthy Wealth versus filthy lucre? Yes, when I see any doctors/barefoot-doctors/angels striving to maintain the high standards of public healthcare in our profession, than I am extremely proud to be associated with those colleagues who, selflessly did/do their own best to alleviate human sufferings.

We have worked diligently on educative matters and have succeeded in promoting public safety and healthy awareness cannot be taken for granted anymore today, I am privileged to have been associated with them. You are one of them.

From Mentor Minister LeeKuanYew of Singapore on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 in Parliament session: "We’re here today, we have this building, we have all these facilities, and all around us is evidence of our accountability. Without being accountable, we would not have been re—elected and there would have been no Singapore of today."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chris Chatted with Jonathan Chamberlain

We have uploaded our latest newsletter: Chris Chatted with Jonathan Chamberlain by the Batu Feringghi Beach , Penang .

Who is he? Chamberlain is the author of CANCER The Complete Recovery Guide, Cancer Recovery Guide, and 20 Things I Would Do If I Got Cancer.

He also has a website: Actually, it is through this website that I got to know Jonathan.

Welcome to Penang ! It was our pleasure to have the opportunity to play host to Jonathan when he visited Penang in July / August 2009. One evening, Chris and Jonathan sat by the beach in Batu Ferringhi and chatted until the sun disappeared from the horizon. The video clips below are impromptu recordings of our casual conversation that evening.

Click here:

Happy reading,
Dr Chris Teo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do Doctors Scale?

Are you are doctor?

For the life of me, I could never figure out what drives people to want to be doctors.

Certainly there is the prestige and cachet. Smart, driven, helping fellow man, etc.
The doctors live in their big homes on the top of the hill, which their new Mercedes are more than capable of delivering them to, while the rest of population live in the foothills, looking up longingly at their lofty status and accumulating wealth. But that was then.

21st century, Today they get the status, but no longer the wealth. That goes to option-gobbling CEOs, actors, money managers, and subterranean-dwelling class action lawyers, or so it seems.

What happened? Who wouldn't pay a king's ransom for a doctor's healing powers?

The health insurers that popped up to handle corporate medical spending put their foot down in the early 1980s. Managed care became the corporate buzzword. Insurers said, "You can have whatever health care you want, as long it's on our approved list." Health maintenance organizations gave Singaporeans and other citizens a taste of socialized medicine. Faceless administrators, random doctors, long waits, rationing of limited resources - it felt like the Moscow plan.

By the mid 1990s, workers revolted and demanded choice. They got it at the expense of higher deductibles, co pays and a nightmare of other bureaucratic hassles. Medicare squeezed even harder. Their reimbursements followed strict schedules, with very few exceptions. Hospital stay got shorter. And doctors got caught in the squeeze, making less per patient, and they all had to go back for additional training - in filling out complex forms. Productivity became the buzzword. If you cut back office visits to 12 minutes from 15, you could see 20% more patients and make the same amount of money.
"Twenty years of college down the drain", to paraphrase John Belushi.

But doctors are a proud bunch - it's not about the money, well, sort of. It is about the patient. Doctors will do everything they can for their patients to make them better. It's that Hippocratic oath they take :

I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses . . .

Oh, wait, that's the original one. Here's the short version of the modern one :

I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant : I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow . . . I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of over treatment and therapeutic nihilism . . .I will prevent disease whenever I can I can, for prevention is preferable to cure . . . If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter . . .

What do you have to do to become a technician?
Yeah, there's a technical school. You need a high school diploma to get in. It's a pretty good job, these guys/gals make good money.

still didn't get it. Who pays for all this medical stuff? It's both nobody and everybody. If you are over 65 years old, we all pay for your Medicare via taxes. Medicaid adds to our tax bill the expenses of others unfortunate enough not to be able to afford health care. By 2004, there were 40 million beneficiaries and 900 million claims costing US$200 billion.

How do you get productivity out of that? People are sick and dying. Doctors are needed. To me, cutting visits by 3 minutes doesn't count as real productivity. That's not scale. In fact, I wasn't sure doctors scale. It's a service business. Each one of them is on their own. If there was some way to package doctors' collective knowledge and sell it in some kit - now, that would count. I just didn't see it. Without Silicon Valley - like scale, I suspected there was no hope. Maybe medicine was doomed to ever-increasing costs and I was wasting my time. It wouldn't be the first dead end I'd marched down.

Here are some other wacky stats. One third of Medicare beneficiaries have four or more chronic conditions. 55 of the sickest Medicare beneficiaries accounted for 47% of Medicare expenditures in 2002.

But the cliff is coming. From 2006 through 2011, Medicare reimbursement are legislated to drop 5% per year. That's just fact, we're not at all sure how the industry is going to deal with it, but compensation ain't going up. Are you fidgeting reading this fact?

So, if you are wondering what field of medicine to go into, this chart might help.
1.For family doctors, internists and pediatricians, from 1999 to 2003, the total charges, gross dollars that their practice collected, was up by 20% or so. Sounds good, but if you then look at their compensation, dollars in their pocket at the end of the year, it rose barely 8% to around 150 grand. Not that that's anything to sneeze at. the reason for this is that reimbursement rates were cut. It takes seeing more patients just to go sideways comp wise.

I seemed to recall that 25-year-old second-year investment bankers made that much and didn't have to wash their hands. Didn't seem right.

2. On the other hand, noninvasive cardiologists, those who run echoes and nuclear imaging, saw almost the opposite. Over those same years, their charges only rose 9% but their comp jumped 25%, to 350 grand. Start adding in CT scans and MRIs and the numbers go up even more.

Pause and think. Why is that?

Because they have the toys - imagers, scanners, whatever. Anyone with toys breaks out of that pay-per-15-minute-consultation quagmire.

Shake your head?

3.Only certain types of surgeons make more on average than cardiologists. And even that is suspect, their pay is dropping. It's all about the toys.

4. The other specialists with toys are radiologists, of course, and the gastroenterologists with their GI endoscopies and, you know, colonoscopies and the like. They're a pain in the ass - ba-dum-bum - but it's a lucrative profession.

Doctors are pretty good at memorization. You've heard about Medicare and the reimbursement cliff and the US$1.8 trillion spending number?
Well, there's only one real way to solve the problem of runaway spending on health care in this country.
Okay. I have your attention.
Just keep the people from getting sick in the first place.

Or maybe it was just a feeling of schadenfreude for doctors, the high priests of the false god of ultimate healing.

Forget that. It's all about taking control. One by one, industries are being democratized. Power is shifting from producers and service providers to users. We manage our own money, we control our own banking, we pick our own wireless plans, we comparison-shop online, we buy songs instead of albums, we print our own photos. Power to the people - everywhere except medicine. In a small way, I had decided to take control from my overcharging, wham-bam-eight-minute-consulting, rubber hammer-wielding doctor(s). Maybe with the right tools or toys, we'll all take control.

I have this almost chemically induced craving for big change - for quantumentalism. It just had to be out there. I'd look under rocks if I needed to.

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There is Hope to Normalcy

We wish to highlight this interesting healing case:
Hopeless Case Restored to Normalcy

In 1993, when I was first diagnosed with cancer, the doctor said: If there is a 1% chance of recovery, I will tell you. It has been 13 years since she was first diagnosed with cancer. During a routine visit to see her oncologist, this was what the doctor said to her: Oh, I am so surprised that you can walk in after so many years.

If you wish to listen to her, click here:

Thanks to Dr. Chris K H Teo and his wife, Ch’ng Beng Im.

Foreign Genetic Material -

We humans can get diseases from monkey and other animal tissue used in the production of vaccines.

Vaccines such as MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella; combined MMR, given to infants at fifteen months and again at four to six years of age)
and polio are attenuated in living organisms or cell cultures (kidney cell cultures of monkeys). Why they use monkeys; because scientists still hold to the myth that human evolved from primate-monkey and conclude that monkeys' cells should be closer to that of human.

The rubella portion of the MMR vaccine is cultured on the cell-lines of aborted fetuses.

It is technologically impossible to exclude all possible risk of vaccine contamination. One such risk is the infestation of the sample by various viruses that cause deadly diseases and that have such a long latency period that a causal connection is almost impossible to detect. And now the five Giant Pharmacy are racing their test to produce H1N1 vaccines.
A live vaccine produced by conventional procedures can become a carrier of unknown genetic modifications or mutations-any number of viruses, for example. It is not the mutation of the virus on itself which the drug-companies want us to believe; but it is the effect of injecting the vaccines into the body that could stimulate the mutation of the virus(if any in the first place).

Animals that are contaminated with a virus and whose cells are used to make a vaccine for human use can inadvertently transfer that virus. Once injected into an infant, this virus could stay dormant for many years, only to surface at age forty as brain cancer. A virus can infect any cell in the human body and cause malignant transformation : In other words, a virus can change a healthy cell into one that is malignant (cancerous).

Necessary to vaccinate your baby?

Is Vaccination Necessary ? .... Who decide?

For most diseases for which vaccines are given, disease and death rate had already fallen dramatically prior to widespread vaccination.

For example, mortality from diphtheria was already reduced to six per 100,000 children in 1940 - before the introduction of the vaccines. Mortality from measles was already less than one per 100,000 infected in 1955, eight years before the vaccine was produced.

In both cases, the diseases had already become less deadly before the introduction of vaccines.

The decreasing incidence of childhood diseases parallels improved sanitation and hygienic practices rather than vaccination programs. Prior to vaccinations, infectious disease deaths in the US and England declined steadily by an average of about 80 percent during 20th century, with measles mortality declining by 97 percent. Poverty, crowded conditions, poor nutrition, lack of access to medical care and unsanitary conditions are far more likely to contribute to the development and spread of disease than the absence of a vaccine.

Even the most outspoken vaccine advocates admit that vaccine shots are not 100 percent effective. Measles epidemics in populations with an immunization rate of close to 100 percent are not uncommon.

Fife, Scotland, despite a vaccination density of 96 percent, experienced a measles epidemic in1991-1992, followed shortly by outbreaks of measles in other parts of the country, even tough there was a high density of MMR vaccination. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR; combined) is given to children at fifteen months and again at four to six years of age.

The same can be said about Tamilflu which has contribute to the high rate of H1N1 swine-flu cases in USA and England. This vaccine further weakens the already compromised immunity of the patients.

Medical literature documents a surprisingly high incidence of vaccine failures for measles, mumps, polio, small pox, influenza and numerous other contagious disease in vaccinated populations. One of the theories as to why this occurs is that vaccination results in immune suppression, which then creates an increased susceptibility to infections. it is not the mutation rate of the H1N1 virus which cause the patient to die, but the suppressing effect by the Vaccines.

Vaccinations Cause Disease?

Vaccinations can Cause Disease . . .How?

There is ample evidence, if one looks for it, of serious problems with vaccines. it is not the focus of this post to detail the may examples of the ineffectiveness of vaccines, or the negative reactions, or the deaths as a result of immunizations. However, following are some examples of immunization incidents, which will give you an idea of some of the problems inherent in vaccines, bearing in mind not all cases are reported to the authority in real practice by doctors.

1. Of the 145 children who died of crib death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS) in Los Angeles County alone from 1979 to 1980, more than one-third had received the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccines less than a month earlier. These SIDS cases were significantly more than expected for a vaccine purported to be "safe and effective." Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus (DPT; combined)is given to children at two, four, six, fifteen months and again at four to six years of age, then every ten years thereafter.

God have mercies upon these children. It doesn't make sense that doctors on the one hand advise parents to avoid early childhood contact with allergens, and then, on the other hand, promote vaccinations that expose children to allergens.

2. In 1988 the British national Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES) in Great Britain concluded that there was a relationship between neurological illness and DTP immunization in children aged two months to thirty-six months. Children who experienced a serious acute reaction to the DTP vaccine were found to be at risk for later chronic nervous system dysfunction.

3. It is a matter of public record that Jonas Salk, inventor of the injected polio vaccine, testified to a Senate sub-committee that the oral polio vaccine has caused most of the polio outbreaks since 1961.

4. The Ohio Department of Health reported that 2,720 children developed measles in 1989 despite the fact that close to three-quarters of the cases occurred in previously vaccinated children. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even reported measles outbreak in a documented 100 percent vaccinated population. Either the vaccines are not working or the children had be vaccinated with wrong kind of substance. According to the CDC, among school-aged children, measles outbreaks have occurred in schools with vaccination levels greater than 98 percent. These outbreaks have occurred in all parts of the country, including areas that had not reported measles for years. Half of the reported pertussis cases in Ohio from 1987 to 1991 occurred in children who were vaccinated.

How Vaccines Work . .. .

How Vaccines Work Against the Baby and your body ?

Traditional Chinese medical practitioners believe that measles, mumps and chicken pox are beneficial childhood diseases that boost immunity and help rid the body of harmful poisons. And there are doctors, myself Sultan Rona, MD, MSc., included, who believe that childhood illnesses are important to the maturation and development of the immune system. A healthy immune system defends against allergies, infections, asthma, eczema and even cancer. Suppressing normal childhood illnesses could very well backfire on the population as a whole.

Common childhood illnesses are seen by some to protect against more serious, life-threatening conditions. This how the immune system responds to an invader. If the infection with measles happens at a time when there are already antibodies against the measles virus present (i.e., within the first few months after birth in the child who has been immunized ) the immune system cannot react fully to the infection, giving the virus the chance to become persistent, and to develop later as an autoimmune disease or other chronic allergic problem.

Measles, mumps, rubella (German measles) and chicken pox, which enter the body through the mucous membranes, serve a necessary and positive purpose in challenging and strengthening the immune system of these membranes. In contrast, the respective vaccines of these diseases are injected by needle directly into the body system of the child, thereby bypassing the mucosal immune system. As a result, mucosal immunity remains relatively weak and stunted in many children, complications which may be linked to the rapid increase in asthma and eczema now being seen.

Bear in mind these vaccines also contribute inflammation due to the cellular dehydration caused by the physiology of the body using available internal water to detox and excrete the foreign genetic material which were used in the production of these vaccines. In a way, vaccines had cause unintentional dehydration to the body and in turn bring about inflammation, which in turn again set the cause for infection. In fact, water cures, while the vaccines-drugs kill the cells life prematurely. nature is never in hurry, all things are accomplish in due time.

The Anti-Vaccination Movement Worldwide

The anti-vaccination movement worldwide

In the beginning there is no vaccination program.
Then it was started by a group of enterprising scientists who convinced the doctors and politicians the need for population vaccination for better longevity. Filthy lucre charlatans.

The anti-vaccination movement is no longer a cult.

It may surprise you to know that about one-third of the four million babies in the United States and Canada and other countries worldwide every year remain unvaccinated at age two. this "failure to vaccinate," as it is termed by vaccination proponents, is largely due to concerned parents, some are doctors themselves, who, after considerable personal research, reviews, consciously choose to forgo or change how their own children receive medical vaccinations.

Authority figures in the medical profession and the government claim that such decisions are based on dangerous erroneous conclusions, on ignorance, poverty, conspiracy paranoia, and constitute a hidden form of child abuse.

Today, the anti-vaccination movement is no longer a cult. led by a new wave of respected scientists and health care professionals, the unvaccinated population is expanding at a remarkable rate. many popular books have been written on the subject, including the shocking best seller "The Medical Mafia" by one Dr.Guylaine Lanctot (here's the key Inc., 1995) , a brave Canadian physician who lost her medical license in Quebec for daring to advise the public against conventional immunizations.

While freedom of speech and expression may be enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it does not, apparently, apply to the medical profession.

I am not novice in this medical field and the following details are not intended to sway your personal opinion one way or another about conventional vaccinations. They will, however, prove and provide information that will clarify why natural alternatives may be preferable to conventional vaccinations. I am mainly concerned about the safety of vaccines in use.

As a physician, it is part of my training and belief that it is better to do nothing than to do harm. And in the case of vaccinations, i question whether the benefits really outweigh the presumed risks, so-called.

While much has been written criticizing medical vaccines, there has never been a book/blog about reasonably safe and effective alternatives. Try Healthy Wealth blog-site if you care

As you will soon read, there is a great deal one can do to protect against infections disease with hydration, natural nutrition, natural vitamins, fresh herbs and common sense. Much attention has been placed on supportive scientific documentation for these alternatives, and readers worldwide are encouraged to look up the many references provided so as to more fully understand these options.

Many, myself included, question the ethics and wisdom of sacrificing even a small number of children in the belief that society will be free of an ever-expanding list of infectious diseases. A growing body of anecdotal and scientific evidence indicates that vaccines may not be as safe or as effective as claimed .

In fact, studies are increasingly pointing to the conclusion that vaccines represent a dangerous (DANGEROUS) assault on the immune system, leading to autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, juvenile onset diabetes, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as previously rare disorders like brain cancer, childhood leukemia, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), autism and asthma.

If you haven't made a firm decision about present vaccinations practice, I strongly recommend that you read what various experts have to say and formulate your own conclusions. Do not rely solely on the advice of your doctor(s), but do ask your doctor(s) about the risks and possible side effects, and then complement this information (source from ) with what has been written on this subject.

Why many people Say 'No" To Vaccinations . . .

The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization. - Robert Mendelsohn, MD

Threats, admonitions and medical ostracisms have, to date, failed to win back the millions opting out of the medical vaccination paradigm. However, anyone who decides against vaccinating their children is going against conventional medical wisdom and is likely to hear a message that goes something like this :

"The Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are not aware of any alternative methods to safely and effectively prevent these serious infectious diseases long term. Some individuals and groups propose that 'natural' substances that 'boost' a child's immune system are an alternative to vaccination. however, many people with healthy immune system have died from diseases that could have been prevented with vaccination . . . A child left unvaccinated is left to battle a disease organism without the help of the antibodies that the child's immune system would have developed through vaccination. While many unvaccinated children will survive such a battle, many will do so only after suffering severe complications that may lead to disabilities.
The American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Academy of family Physicians, and the CDC recommend that children routinely be vaccinated against ten serious diseases." (compiled from CDC and FDA documents, 1998)

These are strong words. yet, for a variety of reasons they are unheeded by millions. Medical vaccines have come under fire in the past decade. A growing number of informed parents and doctors worry that vaccines can cause illness and premature death in numbers much larger than generally acknowledged by pediatric and government authorities.

Increasingly, parental fears are fueled by the fact that the US government has set up the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which in the first five years paid over half a billion US dollars for vaccine-related injuries and deaths. High time we should have one such agency in our country Singapore to seriously investigate vaccine-related injuries and deaths among our community.

Added to this concern are government figures showing that less than 10 percent of doctors even report vaccine problems. Do parents really know if the benefits of immunization outweigh the risk?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vaccine Ingredients.........Dangerous Additives....

I am not against vaccination program but those additives in use.

Vaccines in use today contain a long list of potentially dangerous additives that are being injected into two-month, four-month, and six-month old infants whose immune systems are not fully developed.

The chemicals found in standard vaccinations are blamed by some experts for many adverse reactions. While the debate still ongoing to stop mass vaccinations , many more newborn babies are being injected with these vaccines because of the compulsory rules by the government of the day.

The adverse reactions may occur immediately or they may not make themselves known until years later.

The following are some of the ingredients found in vaccines:

Thimerosal - A preservative containing mercury that has been used as an additive in vaccines since the 1930s. While no severe, life-threatening reactions have been reported as a direct result of thimerosal, there is concern about this additives because of recent findings concerning the toxicity of mercury to the human nervous and immune systems. In addition, with children now receiving a dozen or more injections of mercury-containing vaccines, even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had raised some serious doubts and concerns about the safety pf this additive.

On October 22, 11998, the American FDA banned thimerosl from any over-the-counter drug preparation because "safety and efficacy have not been established for the ingredients..." Despite this ban, thimerosal continues to be present in vaccines given to Canadian and American and worldwide children.

Given the growing severity of immune diseases in children, especially asthma, shouldn't there first be studies aimed at the connection between immunizations and subsequent immune system impairment?
Conventional medical authorities demand proof of the safety and efficacy of natural remedies before they are to be recommended to children. Why isn't the same proof demanded for vaccinations?

In June 1999 the FDA revealed that infants who receive multiple doses of vaccines containing thimerosal would be exposed to total amounts of mercury that exceeded some federal guidelines. Most cases were too late to be redeemed.
After public pressure, on July 7, 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the US Public Health Service (PHS) released a joint statement acknowledging the dangers of thimerosal, short of prosecuting the drug companies which used it even after the ban. Despite these facts, vaccines containing mercury continue to be used by physicians who justify their use by minimizing the dangers of mercury. A rape is a rape, for there is not lesser degree of rape.

Formaldehyde - The toxicity of this cancer-causing chemical should be of great concern to parents, especially when infants and children receive over a dozen different needles containing this substance before they reach school age, at 7. It is no surprise that many health care-salesmen can safely tell you that all of us have certain degree of cancer in our bodies; for they know the long term effects of these vaccinations. Formaldehyde can cause allergic reactions on both an immediate and delayed hypersensitivity basis, leading to potentially chronic immune system problems.
According to the US Poisons Information Center: "There is no acceptable safe amount of formaldehyde if being injected into a living human body. It is a toxic substance and should be avoided at all cost." IT IS A TOXIC SUBSTANCE AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST. Any newborn baby is a fragile living organism and still undergoing its immune system perfection for another two years after birth.
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Mono sodium glutamate (MSG) - Many adults suffered from MSG overdose through food and drink, and vaccinations introduce this MSG to the infants. For tasting? MSG is a stabilizer known to cause adverse reactions in many people. In fact, there is a condition known as "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" that causes nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and diarrhea as a direct result of eating foods containing MSG. But for the infants, it is worse, because it is injected directly to the body bypassing the mucosal immune membranes.

Consciousness would add anxiety, which could undermine what might be achieved by instinct.

Aluminum gels -These substances are found in a wide range of vaccines, and have been associated with reactions like erythema and subcutaneous nodules. Aluminum is a neurotoxin , affects your nervous system, and has been liked to Alzheimer's as well as other nervous system disorders. Why wonder and ponder "where is Mummy/Daddy?" when the doctors inject me with these substances?

Antibiotics -
While penicillin is no longer added to vaccines due to its strong allergic potential, vaccines manufacturers routinely use similar antibiotics (anti = against, biotic = life form) to prevent bacterial contamination. Even trace doses of these drugs may cause sever allergies in susceptible people.
"Mummy , Daddy, please protect me," infant cries, "I need your breast milk to perfect my immune system, not these antibiotics." Please rescue me Mom, Dad, or anybody!

Foreign genetic material - click here

Dangerous Additives . . .

A major cause of the Roman Empire's decline, after six centuries of world dominance, was the replacement of stone aqueducts by lead pipes for the transport and supply of drinking water. Roman engineers, the best in the world, turned their fellow citizens into neurological cripples.

Today our own "best and brightest," with the best of intentions, achieve the same end through childhood vaccination programs yielding the modern scourges of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, appetite disorders and impulsive violence.

- Harris L. Coulter, PhD

Who is this Harris L. Coulter?

Harris L. Coulter, PhD is a medical historian and lecturer who has published in many areas including homeopathic medicine, cancer, and the dangers of vaccinations with two DPT vaccine danger classics: DPT Shot in the Dark with Barbara Loe Fisher, (which was instrumental in making the law compensating vaccine injuries) and Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality where he commented : 'I came to the conclusion that this, DPT, vaccination is having a very long-term serious effect on the American population in the sense of being directly responsible for the epidemic of violent behavior we are witnessing in our society today.'

He earned his PhD in 1969 from Columbia University, NY, in a dissertation entitled Political and Social Aspects of Nineteenth-Century Medicine in the United States: The Formation of the American Medical Association and its Struggle with the Homeopathic and Eclectic Physicians. Coulter has been considered the leading homeopathic historian of the late 20th century.

His most significant body of work is his four-volume treatise on the history of Western medicine, Divided Legacy: A History of the Schism in Medical Thought, which details the two distinct schools of medical thought and practice since the times of Hippocrates to the present: the rational approach and the empirical approach and in which he documents the suppression of Homeopathy by Allopathy (rational approach).

He has served on numerous medical advisory panels and boards, and has given input about the conflict between the American Medical Association (AMA) and homeopathy. From 1965 to 1975, Coulter was the director of publications for the American Foundation for Homeopathy, and from 1983 to 1989, he served on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy. Coulter was also an advisory board member of the Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research. Coulter is fluent in German, French, Spanish, Latin, Russian, Hungarian, and Serbo-Croatian.

COMMENT: Appears to have (in 1994) a mistaken belief in the value of vaccines as preventives. The Rational approach would be Rational mind based people, while Empirical would be Feeling based people. Always follow feelings. You can tell his weight by the fact his page was removed from Wikipedia, and kept off by the controlling Allopaths: See]

Classic quote:
"Society today is paying a heavy price in disease and death for the monopoly granted the medical profession in the 1920’s. In fact, the situation peculiarly resembles that of the 1830s when physicians relied on bloodletting, mercurial medicines, and quinine, even though knowing them to be intrinsically harmful. And precisely the same arguments were made in defense of these medicines as are employed today, namely, that the benefits outweigh the risks. In truth, the benefits accrue to the physician, while the patient runs the risks."—Harris Coulter (Divided Legacy Vol 3)

Vaccinations Can Cause Disease . . . .

The best immunity is natural immunity. It is normally found in 80 to 90 percent of the population under the age of fifteen. Because the contamination of a person by an illness mobilizes the body's defence systems, natural immunization goes hand in hand with being sick. Contamination from vaccines, on the other hand, short-circuit all the body's first line of defences. Artificial immunization adds to the disorder.
- Guylaine Lanctot, MD

How Vaccines Work Against the Baby . . . .

It is dangerously misleading and indeed, the exact opposite of truth, to claim that a vaccine makes us "immune" or protects against disease. In fact, it only drives the disease deeper into the interior and causes us to harbor it chronically, with the result that our responses to it become progressively weaker and show less tendency to heal or restore themselves spontaneously.
- Richard Moskowitz, MD

Meales, mumps, rubella (German measles) and chicken pox, which enter the body through the mucous membranes, serve a necessary and positive purpose in challenging and strengthening the immune system of these membranes. In contrast, the respective vaccines of these diseases are injected by needle directly into the body system of the child, thereby bypassing the mucosal immune system. As a result, mucosal immunity remains relatively weak and stunted in many children, complications which may be linked to the rapid increase in asthma and eczema now being seen.

Bear in mind these vaccines also contribute inflammation due to the cellular dehydration caused by the physiology of the body using available internal water to detox and excrete the foreign genetic material which were used in the production of these vaccines. In a way, vaccines had cause unintentional dehydration to the body and in turn bring about inflammation, which in turn again set cause infection.

Dogma vs. Fact . . . . .

There is no credible scientific data to demonstrate that the injection of multiple antigens into a baby, particular a baby under the age of one year, is safe and effective. There is no credible scientific evidence to negate the hypothesis that vaccines cause immediate or delayed damage to the immune system a well as neurological disorders ... - Stephen Marini, PhD

Doctors' dogma vs. Fact ...

Mainstream doctors regard vaccinations as dogma, never to be questioned or refused for any reason. This traditional dogma is enforced by various government agencies that blindly follow the dictates of the medical and pharmaceutical lobbies. Many are awaking to the fact the our medical communities have be hijacked by the pharmaceutical industries for more than decade already. Like antibiotics, cancer chemotherapy, the annual physical, mammograms and Pap smear tests, the validity of vaccinations is on the same emotional footing as motherhood and apple pie.

Vaccines are the only product sold for profit in North America that carry the risk of injury or death and yet are practically forced upon every healthy citizen. Until the late 1980s, few questioned the wisdom of this lucrative pharmaceutical enterprise. Regardless of the scare tactics and rhetoric, the fact is that parents in both Canada and the United States have the legal right to refuse vaccinations for themselves and their children.

To my Canadians and Americans friends in every province in Canada and every state in the US , you are allowed exemptions to compulsory vaccinations for religious, personal or philosophical beliefs. Anyone , including any health-care professionals, telling you otherwise is misinformed or, whether they mean to or not, are promoting a particular belief system.

Note: It is your constitutional right to educate yourself in health and medical knowledge, to seek helpful information and make use of it for your own benefit, and for that of your family. You are the one responsible for your health. In order to make decisions in all health matters, you must educate yourself. With this blog and the guidance of a sincere and honest doctor, you will learn what is needed to achieve optimal health.

Those individuals currently taking pharmaceutical prescription drugs will want to talk to their respective health care professional about the negative effects that the drugs can have on herbal remedies and nutritional supplements, before combining them.

Today, there are many natural alternatives to vaccination. be informed about the side effects and danger of vaccinations, immune-boosting strategies and your right to decide wisely with latest updates.

The US and Canadian and many nations governments, supported by questionable studies and with the financial assistance of vaccine manufacturers, promote compulsory vaccination of healthy children. According to those who have analyzed the studies, pro-vaccination papers are statistically flawed and illogical. Moreover, studies designed to look at the long-term safety of vaccines are virtually non-existent.

The fact is that vaccines can be dangerous. Informations regarding the safety and efficacy of immunization is not readily available to the general public. The powers that be are not likely to freely admit to the negative aspects of vaccines for the simple reason that there are millions of dollars and great political power tied up in the promotion of immunizations. So, it is up to the individual to question the dogma and probe for the truth.

All About Vaccination Alternatives

Many, myself included, question the ethics and wisdom of sacrificing even a small number of children in the belief that society will be free of an ever-expanding list of infectious diseases. A growing body of anecdotal and scientific evidence indicates that vaccines may not be as safe or as effective as claimed - Zoltan Rona, MD

Saturday, August 1, 2009

From Ralph W.Moss : Body sleep and cancer

I came home, removed a blue nightlight from my bathroom, and installed light-blocking shades on the windows in my bedroom. I also began to shut the door to my bedroom while sleeping. I am determined to never expose myself to light during sleeping hours, especially during the key melatonin-producing hours of 3 and 5 am. The results have been remarkable. My sleep has been better, I haven't had to get up at all during the night, and I awake more refreshed. There may be other, long-term benefits as well. In the next few newsletters I want to talk about how sleep patterns affects our health, particularly cancer. But first, a look backward.

Despite our desire to shape a schedule to our convenience - to "burn the candle at both ends," if the spirit moves us-our bodies do have a built-in biological clock. This is the source of our circadian rhythm. The word "circadian" is derived from two Latin words, "circa" and "dies," which mean "about a day." Circadian refers to any process that shows a rhythmic behavior, especially a biological process, with a periodicity of 24 hours. Our biological clock is a natural pacemaker in the hypothalamus of the brain.

The first observation of a circadian rhythm in nature is said to be by a Greek geographer of the time of Alexander the Great, Androsthenes of Thasos. He described the diurnal leaf movements of the tamarind tree (Bretzl 1903). The first modern observation was by de Mairan, in the 1700s, who observed that clover leaves move even in total darkness. The famous botanist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) introduced the "flower clock," which works on circadian principles. In 1918, an otherwise unknown J.S. Szymanski showed that goldfish maintain 24-hour activity patterns, even in the absence of external cues, such as light and temperature changes (Danchin 2008).

Since 1994, circadian rhythms have been detected in microscopic one-celled organisms, such as cyanobacteria, which adds a kind of global dimension to the phenomenon. These blue-green algae have an internal clock that turns on two-thirds of its genome in the morning, and the other one-third in the evening.

For billions of years, life evolved to accommodate a simple day-night rhythm. During all that time, the only source of illumination was the sun, moon and stars, plus an occasional meteorite, volcano or firefly. Then, just a few hundred thousand years ago, hominids learned to control fire. This led to campfires, torches, oil lamps and candles. A relatively few of our busy ancestors may have "burned the midnight oil" to extend their work or study day, but most common folk went to bed with the setting sun and rose at the first hints of dawn. That was the rhythm of life. An aerial, nighttime view of the world at that time, had it been possible, would have shown almost complete darkness.

Then about 150 years ago, humanity learned to harness electricity. The first US electric power plant was built in 1882 but as late as 1930, only 10 percent of American rural homes even had electricity. The Rural Electrification Administration (REA) of 1935 started to change that. In a New England village that I know well people still speak of the northern end of town as the "dark side." At first I thought this referred to their low morals, but later learned this part of town did not get electricity until the 1930s.

To summarize then, our ancestors - from the beginning of one-celled life on earth until just yesterday - lived by the natural rhythm of the astronomical bodies, occasionally supplemented by some burning wood or whale oil.

Today, as satellite pictures readily show, much of the world is brightly illuminated night and day. In many areas, it is increasingly difficult to find true darkness. Light pollution rules the globe. Every night across America there are 300 million business lights, city lights and streetlights burning that serve no particular purpose except to publicize the existence of various commercial enterprises. Much of this use is frivolous at best, and does not increase one's safety or security, but it does block out the view of the night sky and causing various annoyances and hazards.

Light pollution is not just a constant annoyance but is governmental policy in many localities. We are now in a situation unimaginable to our biological ancestors. We stay awake for as long as we want, surrounded by street and store lights, home illumination, ever-larger television and computer screens, etc. Some of the street illumination creeps into your bedroom when you try to sleep. If you then have trouble sleeping, America has a cure for that too. Zolpidem (sold here as Ambien), one popular sleeping pill, had annual sales last year of $12 billion! This is a common, but hardly a normal, situation.

In previous decades people were thrilled to get electricity into their homes. Few people stopped to consider the subtle biological effects that this development might have on their internal biological clocks. Scientists are beginning to figure out what the long-terms effects might be, and some of them are very worried. Next week I will discuss the relationship of light-at-night to the elevated rates of cancer and other diseases.

--Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.


Kondo T, Tsinoremas NF, Golden SS, Johnson CH, Kutsuna S, Ishiura M., Circadian clock mutants of cyanobacteria. Science. 1994;266(5188):1233-1236.

Danchin, Antoine. Important Dates 1900-1919. HKU-Pasteur Research Centre (Paris).

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Eat Better, Work Faster

Many modern workers are harming themselves by eating faster (fast food/junk bits)in order to work better. But the secret is eat better, work faster.

Give your work productivity levels a boost - by eating wisely. Because productivity is inextricably connected to diet.

Here is the 'power' list for you to use:
1.Strawberries, carrots, smoothies , and flax seeds for improved eyesight.

2.Bananas,scallops, grapes with seeds, olives, kiwi fruits, romaine lettuce, spring greens and dark chocolate to control blood pressure and maintain better heart health.

3.Bell peppers, pumpkin seeds, apricots, cranberries, cloves, and garlic to prevent colds.

4.For long-term health and cancer prevention, your diet should include blueberries, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, leeks, broccoli, rye bread, raspberries, Portbello mushrooms and brussel sprouts.

5.To complement this, you should also make sure you get your daily amount of sufficient night sleep, 9 to 10 hours. "Golden hours" for the body is from 12 midnight to 3 am, when the body is correcting itself. Drink a glass of plain water before going to bed.

6.To do so, make digestion-aiding foods such as black beans and bran cereal a well as avocados, apples, brown rice, onions, grapefruit, soybeans, ginger, pineapple, melon and asparagus part of your daily dinner. Oh and don't forget to exercise. Walking is the king of all exercises. Walk at least two hour every day, so your body will activate its fat-burner enzymes, even while you may be sleeping at night.

Childbearing & Motherhood

Has Its Perks

"Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity(love) and holiness with sobriety" Paul wrote to Timothy. (Source, 1Timothy2:15)

Respected married women and mother-to-be, here is the revelation to this encouragement.

Want to be smarter, feel better and look more radiant?

Be a mum! Yes, you read that right.
On top of satisfying the maternal instinct, being a mother is rewarding in more ways than previously thought.

In caring for their child(ren), it is said that women have better memories; are smarter in having to exhibit perception, resilience, efficiency and emotional intelligence, and have a distinct glow due to the release of oestrogen during pregnancy.

What's more, as a result of breastfeeding, tension and stress levels also go down because the mother's body reduces the hormone oxytocin to create a relaxing effect.

Your Largest Organ:Skin talks

your Skin tells your Health

Wet skin: this condition is easily detected if the palm is unusually wet.
The palm as well as all other surfaces of your body should maintain a condition of slight moisture, but not of wetness.
The cause of this wet skin condition is the over consumption of liquid, including watery cooking, beverages, fruits, juices, milk, and all other fluids. Sugar and other sweets also produce water within our body.

Wet skin indicates thinner blood, rapid metabolism, faster pulse, and excessive perspiration and urination.
This wet skin condition produces various physical and mental disorders, including epilepsy, vertigo, diarrhea, fatigue, dull thinking, forgetfulness, detachment of the retina, glaucoma, hair loss, and pains and aches in various parts of your body such as the ears, teeth and gums.

Dry skin:

Rough skin:

Oily skin:

Doughy skin:

Healthy and normal skin: should be clear, smooth, slightly shining, and slightly moist.
A beautiful skin develops naturally as a result of a balanced diet and water intake daily.

Hippocratic oath : do no more harm in healing

We are lying to the patients, fellow doctors.

After experiencing the modern scientific, technological and materialistic civilization, it has become clear that the very existence of life on this planet may be endangered by the rapid degeneration of human health in the modern world, and that the life sciences, including the modern medical approach, have been inadequate to preserve human well-being from such universal decline.

Not only internal treatments and external surgical applications, but also the techniques of modern diagnosis itself, are frequently harmful to human health. In view of these circumstances, the renaissance of traditional wisdom based upon a more total comprehension of cosmology, including the arts of health and diagnosis, has become absolutely essential to recover humanity, individually and collectively.

When it became clear to me as a student of world peace, pursued through research in political science, that the reconstruction of humanity is the decisive factor in laying the foundations for the development of a peaceful unified world, I began to study the natural order of humanity, encouraged by senior teachers - namely Mr. George Ohsawa, Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa, Prof. Shigeru Nanba and others -- and discouraged by the lack in modern educational facilities of teachings on the medicine for humanity. I began to stand on the streets, observing thousands of people: their body structure, their way of walking, their expression, their faces, their behaviour and their thinking. Every day I observed the countless variety of human manifestations on this present earth. It became very apparent that all physical, psychological, social and cultural manifestations of human activities depend upon our environment and dietary habits.

It became clear that even so-called hereditary factors are nothing but the result of the past environment within which our ancestors lived,and what they were observing as their daily diet.

The understanding of these factors in relations to our daily condition, I noticed, was only possible by comprehending the order of the universe and its applications, and not by analytical and divisional methods of research.

It is my sincere wish that this introductory book "YOUR BODY NEVER LIES" may help every reader understand the present conditions of health of oneself, one's family, relations, friends and whomever one may encounter, and may serve as a starting point for society to recover total health and achieve freedom and happiness, toward the eventual realization of one peaceful world.

When everyone reads everyone else,
Love and compassion prevail.
When everyone reads the art of nature,
health and peace prevail.
Unwritten words are living everywhere,
And they are coming forth from the universe,
When we read them all without missing a single word,
We have opened the book of the secret of eternal life.

Michio Kushi

Knowing is the beginning of freedom.
The art of knowing is the art of realizing freedom.
All suffering comes from ignorance:
Ignorance of what I am, ignorance of who I am, of what we are.
The art of knowing is the opening of the secret of life,
And a path for health, happiness and eternal life.