Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lung cancer patient still living: herbs help

Lung Cancer: She Is Still Alive After Stopping Treatment

Two Other Friends Died After Five Treatments

Swee was diagnosed with lung cancer. She went to China for treatment: chemotherapy, cyroablation and radioacative iodine seeds implantation. Her son said: The doctors assured us that the tumour will go away but at the same time warned that the cancer can spread to other parts of the body. There is no guarantee that it will not spread. Swee was asked to continue going back to China but she ran out of funding – the only way was to sell the family house where 5 of her children were living in. Desperate the son came to see our help.

Swee was prescribed herbs. In August 2009, nearly two years on herbs, Swee’s son came to our centre.

Chris: Besides taking our herbs, did she take any other medicine from elsewhere?

Son: No. She only took your herbs.

C: Any complaints?

Son: So far, everything is okay. No complaints.

C: It’s been two years since you first came to see me.

Son: Yes, about two years.

C: I heard about her friends who went to China . . . . .

Son: They had all passed away.

C: How do you know?

Son: They all stayed nearby our place in Medan . There were three of them who went together to China for treatment. Out of the three, my mother is the only one who survived until now.

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