Sunday, August 23, 2009

Effects of Alcohol:Dehydration or Death

Those taken by wine is not wise.

Jones with his classmates from an international school in Singapore gathered for a party in his hotel room , during a school trip to Hanoi in Vietnam, and started playing drinking games.

Before he knew it, Jones ,14-year-old Singaporean had downed a full bottle of Black label whisky, neat, within two hours. Everyone was just trying to drink as much as he could.

He started feeling weak all over and could not stop vomiting. He also felt very cold and his heart began racing. At first, he thought it was just food poisoning. Then he realized his vomit was green, as he recalled.

Because he and his friends were drinking on the sly, they did not dare tell their teachers about his condition. He endured another 3 days of constant vomiting before his friends took him to a doctor. he was prescribed medication that finally made him feel better. He was dehydrated and didn't know it.

The bout with binge drinking made Jones vow never to do it again. Now 27 and working in Paris in the fashion industry, he still remembers the excruciating pain and discomfort of the experience vividly.

Jones is one of the lucky ones. In march 2008, in Singapore, Zhu Shaoyun, paid for her drinking binge with her life. She had downed a jug of beer and knocked back a bottle of Cordonbleu brandy - neat - in half an hour. She died from alcohol poisoning.

This is the result of consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time.

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