Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Iron deficiency causes Chronic cough?

Yes, women, men, and children need iron.

Iron deficiency may help explain why some/many otherwise healthy, non-smoking women/men had persistent coughs.

Tests on women with chronic coughs and iron deficiency showed that a simple iron supplement often cleared up the coughs.

Women also are more likely than men to suffer from otherwise unexplained chronic coughs.

During period-menstruation women lost much iron and blood.

Body immune function can be affected by iron deficiency, which is defined as having low iron levels, sometimes to the point of anemia.

A study on women with chronic cough who were found to have normal lung function, with no signs of asthma or other respiratory disease and no evidence of acid stomach reflux that could explain their coughing. All of them had iron deficiencies. And they all had signs of swelling in the back of the mouth, and red, inflamed mucous membranes. Their vocal cords were also very sensitive, making them cough and choke easily, such as after vigorous laughing.

One Dr Caterina Bucca (University of Turin) gave these women iron supplements to improve their iron stores. When these had normalized - after about 2 months - they were checked again. After iron supplementation, coughing and signs of inflammation in the mouth and vocal cords were improved or completely resolved. It was found that the hypersensitivity was nearly gone or vastly improved in all of these women.

Because iron helps regulate the production of protein in human immune system that control inflammation, an iron deficiency might make the upper airway more prone to inflammation, leading to this chronic cough.

Not drinking enough water for one's body weight will also cause inflammation. Follow water-cure protocol formula:


Emma said...

I am a runner and didnt realise that my iron would be depleted through exercise and this led to me believing i had plateaued in terms of my fitness goals where in reality, little did i know that iron deficiency was the real cause! I am on iron supplements and my levels have come back up but now I have the added side effect of constipation, so i’ve adjusted my doses (as recommended by my nutritionist) and hopefully this will help to correct this - very worrying though for a while of feeling constantly tired and 'drained.

Its ME said...

Hello Emma, we thank you for sharing your experience here.

For constipation, I humbly suggest you increase your daily water intake. drink 10% of your daily water quota(which is 31.42 ml times your own body weight[kilogram]) every 90 minute. And use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every 1250 ml of water intake, daily in your diet.

Glad to know about you and your blog too.

Its ME said...

Hi Emma, if your are reading this comment,

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