Monday, August 24, 2009

Offence is the best Defence

To the present citizens and Cabinet Ministers of Republic of Singapore:
Offense is the best Defence.

1. Not less difficult is to make them believe, that offensive operations often times are the surest, if not in some cases the only means of defense.
Republic of Singaporeans at large, Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament must exercise that option.

2.Reforms are strong symbolic moves to ensure the defense of an emerging democracy. But the opportunity for further reform in Republic of Singapore was squandered because momentum was lost.

3.Republic Singaporeans now should and must break through 44 years of intolerance by affirmation of this nation's pluralistic and democratic idealism.

4. Clearly offense proved to be the best defense.

5.Away with corruption, nepotism and oppression of the past and from the past.

6.It is a big relief for our nation that respected voters overwhelmingly chose the one sensible candidate.

7.There remain many more important areas where reform has to be revived and accelerated.

8.A long agenda awaits in ares of corruption, human rights abuse and legal reform.

9. Bureaucratic reforms have been neglected and real good governance has remained a problem to this very day.

10.We have to believe the Prime Minister's promises if we believe in ourselves. He is in that office because we choose and vote with democratic intent.

11. The key is in using offence as the best defense. The key is in appointing a new cabinet compromised of people with vision, competence, compassion and most important, selfless credibility.

12. Without general public support, good intentions cannot generate effective programs in nation building.

13.Cabinet Ministers MUST have support not only from political parties but from the public at large, who make up the greatest percentage of support for the new Prime Minister. We, Republic Singaporeans are destine to be people of high integrity and credibility.

14.To turn any defensive posture of yesterday into a strong offense for future Republic of Singapore, the new cabinet Ministers MUST capitalize on proven strengths, management of the economy and respond, not react, to the present world's challenges, not just our domestic homework.

15. The economy is the foundation, real welfare programs in public health, education and employment will be the cornerstone of sustainable progress, and international engagement will pull 3rd*Generation Republic Singaporeans forward.

16. In a dynamic world, we, Republic Singaporeans either MUST lead or be led. A strong sound foreign policy is a necessary means of survival. The present Cabinet Ministers have every opportunity to catch up for the lost time, and , perhaps, leave a lasting 3rd generation legacy for many years into our future and our children's future in this island-state, Republik Singapura! Maju Lagi!

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