Saturday, August 1, 2009

Your Largest Organ:Skin talks

your Skin tells your Health

Wet skin: this condition is easily detected if the palm is unusually wet.
The palm as well as all other surfaces of your body should maintain a condition of slight moisture, but not of wetness.
The cause of this wet skin condition is the over consumption of liquid, including watery cooking, beverages, fruits, juices, milk, and all other fluids. Sugar and other sweets also produce water within our body.

Wet skin indicates thinner blood, rapid metabolism, faster pulse, and excessive perspiration and urination.
This wet skin condition produces various physical and mental disorders, including epilepsy, vertigo, diarrhea, fatigue, dull thinking, forgetfulness, detachment of the retina, glaucoma, hair loss, and pains and aches in various parts of your body such as the ears, teeth and gums.

Dry skin:

Rough skin:

Oily skin:

Doughy skin:

Healthy and normal skin: should be clear, smooth, slightly shining, and slightly moist.
A beautiful skin develops naturally as a result of a balanced diet and water intake daily.

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