Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hippocratic oath : do no more harm in healing

We are lying to the patients, fellow doctors.

After experiencing the modern scientific, technological and materialistic civilization, it has become clear that the very existence of life on this planet may be endangered by the rapid degeneration of human health in the modern world, and that the life sciences, including the modern medical approach, have been inadequate to preserve human well-being from such universal decline.

Not only internal treatments and external surgical applications, but also the techniques of modern diagnosis itself, are frequently harmful to human health. In view of these circumstances, the renaissance of traditional wisdom based upon a more total comprehension of cosmology, including the arts of health and diagnosis, has become absolutely essential to recover humanity, individually and collectively.

When it became clear to me as a student of world peace, pursued through research in political science, that the reconstruction of humanity is the decisive factor in laying the foundations for the development of a peaceful unified world, I began to study the natural order of humanity, encouraged by senior teachers - namely Mr. George Ohsawa, Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa, Prof. Shigeru Nanba and others -- and discouraged by the lack in modern educational facilities of teachings on the medicine for humanity. I began to stand on the streets, observing thousands of people: their body structure, their way of walking, their expression, their faces, their behaviour and their thinking. Every day I observed the countless variety of human manifestations on this present earth. It became very apparent that all physical, psychological, social and cultural manifestations of human activities depend upon our environment and dietary habits.

It became clear that even so-called hereditary factors are nothing but the result of the past environment within which our ancestors lived,and what they were observing as their daily diet.

The understanding of these factors in relations to our daily condition, I noticed, was only possible by comprehending the order of the universe and its applications, and not by analytical and divisional methods of research.

It is my sincere wish that this introductory book "YOUR BODY NEVER LIES" may help every reader understand the present conditions of health of oneself, one's family, relations, friends and whomever one may encounter, and may serve as a starting point for society to recover total health and achieve freedom and happiness, toward the eventual realization of one peaceful world.

When everyone reads everyone else,
Love and compassion prevail.
When everyone reads the art of nature,
health and peace prevail.
Unwritten words are living everywhere,
And they are coming forth from the universe,
When we read them all without missing a single word,
We have opened the book of the secret of eternal life.

Michio Kushi

Knowing is the beginning of freedom.
The art of knowing is the art of realizing freedom.
All suffering comes from ignorance:
Ignorance of what I am, ignorance of who I am, of what we are.
The art of knowing is the opening of the secret of life,
And a path for health, happiness and eternal life.

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