Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogs worth the time revisiting?

Why revisit blogs and why bloggers blog?
Is it worth the time commenting the blogs?

Read the posts/fables as twisted fiction/fact with a moral, or read them as entertaining self-help, it doesn't matter - either way you risk profoundly disturbing the status quo of your mind, but nothing worthwhile ever occurs in this life without a bit/lot of disturbance preceding it and the personal pay off could be huge - for both of us.

Of course some of the characters you'll relate to, some you won't. By the same token, some of them won't relate to you either, but that's life and let's not get silly about this - the important thing is that when you recognize yourself in any of the characters, you learn to love yourself, or at least like yourself more as a result.

These comments/stories are inspired by the 'miracle' of healing that comes to every life at the most unexpected moments and in the most unlikely ways. May it come to you at precisely the moments you need it most, in the ways that suit you best, and may all limitations to your perfect peace, fulfillment, moment-to-moment satisfaction and contentment,whether self-imposed or apparently and otherwise, be instantaneously and incrementally removed with every passing word.

Do you need more covers for your life?

Always read with care;
Do more than read; absorb;
Do more than post, love;
Do more than exist, live;
Do more than touch; feel.

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