Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Foreign Genetic Material -

We humans can get diseases from monkey and other animal tissue used in the production of vaccines.

Vaccines such as MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella; combined MMR, given to infants at fifteen months and again at four to six years of age)
and polio are attenuated in living organisms or cell cultures (kidney cell cultures of monkeys). Why they use monkeys; because scientists still hold to the myth that human evolved from primate-monkey and conclude that monkeys' cells should be closer to that of human.

The rubella portion of the MMR vaccine is cultured on the cell-lines of aborted fetuses.

It is technologically impossible to exclude all possible risk of vaccine contamination. One such risk is the infestation of the sample by various viruses that cause deadly diseases and that have such a long latency period that a causal connection is almost impossible to detect. And now the five Giant Pharmacy are racing their test to produce H1N1 vaccines.
A live vaccine produced by conventional procedures can become a carrier of unknown genetic modifications or mutations-any number of viruses, for example. It is not the mutation of the virus on itself which the drug-companies want us to believe; but it is the effect of injecting the vaccines into the body that could stimulate the mutation of the virus(if any in the first place).

Animals that are contaminated with a virus and whose cells are used to make a vaccine for human use can inadvertently transfer that virus. Once injected into an infant, this virus could stay dormant for many years, only to surface at age forty as brain cancer. A virus can infect any cell in the human body and cause malignant transformation : In other words, a virus can change a healthy cell into one that is malignant (cancerous).

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