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Disturbed sleep,

particularly in the elderly.

The human body will not have a restful night's sleep if it is short of water.
A full eight(8) hours' sleep will further dehydrate the body because much water is lost in respiration and possible perspiration under heavy bedcovers or blanket comforter.

If the body receives water and a little salt, recommended to use sea salt , sleep rhythm will be reestablished immediately. The following letter is from a man who found my Water Cure program instrumental in relieving many problems , including an interrupted sleep pattern. His story highlights a number of the perceptive symptoms of dehydration I have pointed out already.

My name is D.H. and I was turned on to your Web site by a friend on the internet. Firstly, I read much of what is on your Web site and have been impressed by the content. In fact, I opened a chatroom on paltalk devoted to directing people to your site and discussing the benefits of drinking water with salt . I have been on The Water Cure for about three weeks now and I can definitely say I'm feeling better. My blood pressure is lower and my heart rate is around 58. I seem to sleep better at night and I have better energy level during the day. Also, I have a peaceful feeling now and seem to worry less. All in all it has been a positive experience. I thank you for promoting The Water Cure and I have joined your bandwagon to spread the good word. Thanks again for helping others unselfishly. D.H.

Re-run previous post about pasteurized milk

The amount of calcium in pasteurized milk is still the same, but the life-form(energy) is no more in the pasteurized milk. Read on to know the truth about the wise choice in not drinking pasteurized and homogenized cow milk.

"Low fat, High calcium Milk"
is a bad joke for human nutritional science of longevity. (I am serious and I am not laughing at this statement)

Let every kind brings forth its own kind, and feed its own kind with its own milk for first food.

Cow milk is sincere milk for baby-calf; mother milk is sincere milk for human infants.

"Mom , what did you feed me when I was a baby?"
Dear son, when you were born, I fed you with my breast milk.

"Is it because you cannot afford cow-milk formulas like our neighbour, Joneses?"
Not really, son ...(with a smile)... you see all mothers' breast milk is the sincere milk for the babies. All mammals feed their babies with their own milk until they are weaned from it.

Fresh milk versus Pasteurized milk discourse begins...

Food from a Biophysical Point of View. Food is primary a carrier of information.
Lets take a look at the essence of the word food in general terms (and the German meaning of the word food) before we embark upon our discussion about the two most important food substances for the human body -- water and salt. Water = H2O; salt=Na Cl (sodium chloride).
The German word for food is Lebensmittel, which literally translates to "means of life" or "transmitter" or "conveyer of life". Food carries substance ; it is a carrier of life force / energy / information / consciousness . But what happens when food looses its life force through various methods of preparation/packaging, by chemical alteration or deconstruction? In actuality, processed fresh food no longer is a "conveyer of life," but becomes instead, a "conveyer of death." That's what happened to all cow-milk formulas in the market today. Even when, from its chemical structure, it is still made of the identical matter as prior to its preparation. Pasteurization destroys the information content of milk.

From Living Food to Dead Food.
Living food re energize, while dead food kills. The famous Oxford studies shows us what happens to food when it gets changed through processing. They analyzed cow's milk scientifically from both a chemical and biophysical aspect. From a biochemical aspect they saw that the cow milk had a very high calcium and protein content. They checked the electromagnetic frequency pattern in the lower frequencies. By doing so, they found that the fresh cow milk had a natural, holistic structure (the orderly structure of the elements creates a blueprint), where different frequency patterns of an energy spectrum could be detected. From a biochemical viewpoint, the detected elements, like calcium and protein, are of great importance. The biochemist talks of the importance of calcium for building bones in the baby calf and of the protein necessary for its muscle growth. After this analysis, the fresh cow milk was pasteurized. After analyzing the pasteurized milk they found that it still contained the same calcium and protein. From a chemical standpoint, the milk hadn't changed and it could still be fed to the baby calf because it contained all the essential elements.
However, when this pasteurized milk was fed to a calf for three weeks it died.

How is this possible, if chemically viewed, the chemical nutrients were intact? What changed through the treatment of the milk that resulted in the calf's death?

Through pasteurizing, the crystalline structure of the fresh cow milk was destroyed, resulting in the destruction of its inherent geometric structure. The result was that no detectible energy or a totally altered form of energy was found. The pasteurized milk was no longer alive. Living food re energizes, while dead food kills.

Warning: Processed food is dead food and robs your human body of energy. Deadly Radiation from the microwave oven. Nursing mothers have been warned never microwave the breast milk before feeding to babies.

When Eating Food costs Energy.
Food is much more than the sum of its chemical components.
The original, organic calcium became inorganic due to its processing, which changed the structure/information. In order for the calcium to be assimilated in the intestines, it must be in its organic form. Otherwise, it becomes more of a burden to the baby's body because it no longer supports the metabolism and the body must use its own calcium reserves. Studies with school children showed that those who drank a lot of pasteurized cow-milk had the poorest teeth and weakest bone structure. If we eat dead food instead of living food, the human body gets only empty calories and no information. Avoid the latest trick from Coca-Cola Zero Sugar , zero calories products. Instead of receiving energy and vitality, the human body has to draw on its own remaining energy to digest and discard the dead food/chemicals. Although we have eaten food, we have actually robbed the human body of its energy instead of adding to its supply. Just like sending Trojan Horses into our own body systems, later when the diseases manifestation occurred we blame the external environments except our own folly. In other words,nutritional wise, we sabotage our body system.

Wisdom is the principal thing we all need everyday. It's never too late to be wise, it's never to early to revise, food wise.

Bicarbonate solution

Solution of bicarbonate of soda, stimulates the stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid (HCl).

Average adult can drink one glass(200ml)of water, half an hour before mealtime for better digestion.

Studies have shown that normal people will make enough stomach acid within 30 minutes of each large meals to reduce the pH of their stomach contents to between
pH 1 and 3.

pH 7 being neutral. Plain water is pH 7.

Human blood pH is between 7.35 to 7.45 (alkaline). All fruits, even though citrus fruits are slightly acidic, after digestion, will produce an end result of an alkaline effect. This is the natural reason why many diseases symptoms including cancers have been helped and cured when patients change their diet to fresh fruits and herbs. Fruits cleanse and detoxify, whereas green vegetables build new cells.

Organic acids (immediate compounds of metabolism) appear in the blood or urine, determine how well energy production, enzyme reactions, and other chemical operations are functioning.

Blood, Urine, and Saliva

are three normal body fluids which tell us many secrets about our body conditions.

2.The reason for using all three bodily fluid is because:
2:1 Urine is a good indicator of the human body's secretory ability and toxic load on cells;
2:2 Blood is a good indicator of toxicity and oxygen balance;
2:3 And saliva offers insight into a person's digestive capacities.

3. Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) tests for:
3:1 pH (acid/alkaline balance),(pH means "potential hydrogen")
3:2 redox (oxidation-reduction potential)
3:3 resistivity (mineral "competency" or amounts)

3:1 pH : the pH reading indicates whether the human body's enzymes are being properly released and if digestion and absorption of vitamins and other nutrients is adequate.

>>pH reading also alerts longevity specialists to the potential presence of environmental or industrial contaminants.

>>In general, the urine is a better indicator of pH changes than the blood because the blood pH level is very tightly controlled; however, both measures together, along with salivary pH, give a more complete picture of the human body's chemical balance. 3-dimensional image of pH in the body's biochemistry.

>>The acid/alkaline pH ratio indicates whether there may be an overgrowth of harmful microorganisms.

LAW OF NATURAL BALANCE: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for life sustenance.

>>The pH numbers refer to how many hydrogen atoms are present compared to an ideal or standard solution. Normally, human blood is slightly alkaline at 7.35 to 7.45;
urine pH can range from 4.8(acidic) to 7.5(alkaline), although normal being closer to 7.0 .

3:2 Oxidation- reduction potential :
(redox), refers to the degree of oxidative stress (free-radical burden) on the human body. If the values are low, the person is susceptible to serious illness.

Solution: You shall eat the herd of the field.
LAW OF NATURAL BALANCE: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for life sustenance.

3:3 Resistivity :
this factor is a measure of a tissue's resistance to the flow of electrical current, as opposed to conductivity, which indicates the ability to transmit an electrical current through a cell, nerve, or muscle. Different culture used terms like 'chi', 'prana', 'ump', 'energy'; it is an invisible factor but the effects can be measured.

>>With low resistivity(means "high conductivity"), there is typically a congestion or buildup of mineral salts. Commonly know as 'stones'.

>>On the other hand, high resistivity("low conductivity") means a lack of organic minerals, which indicates the need to further evaluate the individual for specific deficiencies of these vital elements.

Solution: You shall eat the herd of the field.
LAW OF NATURAL BALANCE: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for life sustenance.

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The Singapore Education Awards

Said Dr Andy Nazarechuk, Dean, University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
“The SE Awards helps to set benchmarks in educational excellence and shares best practices with all of our educational organisations. By recognising excellence we elevate the overall value of the educational process and it also shows our students that we care about the efforts that are put in to create a positive educational experience for them."

Education and Facts
"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated."

Education begins with love for truth.
It's all about you.

Know the truth, learn the facts and do the right, then your mind will be educated.

Popeye eats Spinach

from the can, that is how the cartoon animation we watch from television. Popeye only squeeze the most two canned spinach to have powerful biceps. Entertainment world full of imagination though.

For Longevity Foods, we eat spinach raw:

CAUTION AND CAUTION: Oxalic acid is a key ingredient in the development of kidney stones. Individuals who are prone to kidney stones should not include too much spinach in their diet. Just eat the amount that fill your bare fist is enough per day.

Spinach: A powerful source of free-radical fighting antioxidants, spinach is also rich in many important nutrients and should be included in your longevity diet.

While spinach contains plenty of organic-iron, it is not a good source since the oxalic acid found in spinach binds to iron, so that less that 5% of the iron is actually absorbed by the body.

Law of Natural Balance: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for sustenance.

Your empty stomach(volume) though has the size of your two fists put together, it can be 'force' 80 times of this empty size. Just eat two fresh fruits, like an apple and a pear, your stomach is already 'filled'. Wait for another 30 minutes, your stomach is ready for another round of food intake. Spread your food intake throughout your own waking hours. 'Three-meals a day' concept has caused many sickness when people stuff too much quantity within the 20 to 30 minutes, and expect the stomach to 'digest all those amount within the next 30 minutes to 2 hours.
In fact, cooked food takes longer time to digest compared to fresh raw food like fruits and vegetables.

Cruciferous vegetables : Bok choy, collar, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, radishes, and turnips contain a type of flavonoid that activates liver detoxification enzymes. Toxicification happens to anyone who avoid these wonderful and powerful detoxificators vegetables daily.

The crucifers are noteworthy due to a wide array of sulfur-containing compounds, but also contain anti-cancer and antioxidant vitamins, all in organic form. They regulate white blood cells and cytokines; white blood cells are the scavengers of the immune system and cytokines act as " messengers," coordinating the activities of all your immune cells.

Since the organic sulfur compounds can inhibit thyroid function, they are best cooked (but not overheat )to reduce this tendency. Steamed mustard greens or kale with onions, garlic, and flaxseed oil (added after steaming) is a highly recommended and delicious longevity dish.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods

The key to healing is not the use of powerful drugs, but rather, knowing the patients biochemistry and the optimal conditions or "terrain" for the human body function.

2.Examine the relationship between the external environment -- molded by a person's emotional and physical stress exposure, dietary choices and other lifestyle habits -- and the internal environment of the body.

3."Biological terrain" describe the conditions, general health, and activity level of cells in our human body. Each type of bacterium, fungus, or virus thrives in a precise biochemical medium.
3:1 Viruses requires a fairly alkaline environment to function, whereas
3:2 fungi favor a more acidic environment;
3:3 bacteria can thrive under various conditions, but
3:4 these three microorganisms at the cellular level can be stimulated to grow best in high-sugar conditions.

4.The components of your blood, urine, and saliva afford insight into the way your human body functions. By sensible monitoring (not the present hospital settings which we see today in practice) biochemical changes in these body-fluids and by making appropriate changes in personal diet, personal lifestyle, and personal medical treatment, one's personal health, wealth attached, can be re-established and disease(called 'wealth robbers') retarded or possibly reversed.

5.An excess of toxins in one's diet and environment tends to increase the production of acid within cells, this is common fact and common sense to use in daily healthy living, forcing the human body to compensate by producing a strong alkaline chemical reaction in the blood, which in turn, tends to favor the growth of fungi. Bear in mind, normally, human blood is slightly alkaline at pH 7.35 to 7.45 only. Each decimal point is measured in logarithm power. The pH numbers refer to how many hydrogen atoms are present compared to an ideal or standard solution.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods

Include these foods which are rich sources of various vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients your human body needs to maintain and sustain optimal health, on regular basis.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Not cooked, raw.
1.Carrots: The fiber in carrot dilutes bowel carcinogens( cancer agents) and binds to toxins that, if left in the colon (large intestine), could lead to a number of health problems, including colon cancer.

When eaten raw, carrots are efficient colon-cleansers, which tone the bowel, reduce the re-absorption of estrogen, and lower cholesterol.

Two carrots every day supply enough beta carotene to cut the risk of stroke in half among men who have signs of heart disease.

Women who ate five or more servings of carrots per week had a stroke rate 68% lower than those women who ate only one serving.

However, diabetics may want to limit the amount of carrots they consume since carrots contain high amounts of natural sugars.

For those people with bleeding sinus or gums problem, chew one carrot after meal to help yourselves.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods

(Allium sativa) is a natural chelating agent, meaning it helps the human body detoxify itself of certain disease-causing heavy metals.

One-half to one clove of garlic a day will reduce cholesterol by 9%, which will lower the risk of heart disease by 18%.

Garlic has also been shown to decrease blood pressure by making arteries (blood vessels carrying oxygenated blood from heart to other body parts) more soft and flexible; it also prevents abnormal blood clotting.

Note:Should any doctor prescribe any drug and tell/hint you to stop eating any natural food from nature, like herb, vegetables or fruits, then you should change to another doctor who has the knowledge of body natural biochemistry updated. Because common sense tells us that those drugs will only suppress and further cause imbalance to the diseased body's biochemistry, which is the reason for you to fall sick. I advised my mother to ignore her doctor 'advice' to eat more vegetables, because she was prescribed with drug to 'thin/dilute' her blood to prevent blood clotting for her heart problem. Now she is better off without those medication-drug, supposing to 'improve her condition', which didn't but caused her biochemistry to go further away from the balance state of normal health.

Law of Natural Balance: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for sustenance.

Garlic is rich in fructo-oligosaccharides, a sugar used by the friendly bacteria in the body's intestines.

Garlic is well-known antibiotic, natural and safe, that effectively kills many harmful viruses, fungi, and unfriendly bacteria. Explore nano-biochemistry for enlightening one's body life.

Deodorized Garlic contains significantly less allicin, the active ingredient in garlic responsible for its characteristic odor, and may be ineffective if used for therapeutic purposes. So beware again , not to be taken for another ride by the advertising methods which only taking a "free-ride" on the natural goodness of all natural untempered foods from the ground. Most supplements products fall into this method of promotion. The human body need all the senses to work together to maintain its balance every moment.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods
This vegetable has 4.5 gram of fiber per cup (200ml size). Fresh fiber with natural distilled water content has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, control hypertension, and assist in excess weight loss.

One cup, which contains only 45 calories, supplies more than your daily requirement of the natural antioxidants vitamin C and beta carotene, both of which play a major role in preventing heart related disease. In fact, all diseases are related to the heart's performance and blood quality.

Broccoli may also fight cancer - it contain sulforaphane, a substance which blocks the growth of tumors . Bear in mind that no individual substance can provide any fighting power on its own, all substances in the food are naturally 'packed' organically for the benefits of the human body and animal body. Any health food product promotion of any single, double or triple substances/components only, is naively underestimating the true functions of human life.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods

4.Cantaloupe: Rich in natural antioxidant vitamins, one half of a cantaloupe supplies your entire RDA of beta carotene and 113 mg of natural vitamin C.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods
(Here I am discussing about natural soybeans, not those genetic modified soybeans from USA, which are sterile and without life substance , hence it can't reproduce life-energy to maintain optimal health. Of course the animals fed with this genetic-modified soybean will grow fat and need to be sold off fast before they die; business profits matter in any enterprise.)

Substituting natural soy protein for animal protein may decrease total cholesterol by as much as 10%, LDL cholesterol by 13% , and triglycerides by more than 10%, but without decreasing the "good" HDL cholesterol.

In reality there is no "good" and "bad" cholesterol. Review previous post on "cholesterol is just cholesterol" in this blog, if you wish. In short, those "bad"(so-called by the mainstream) cholesterol were actually your own body produced cholesterol which were over produced to compensate for your negligence to supply sufficient natural fresh food and healthy-water , overtime. The remedy to reverse this "bad" cholesterol is simple, change your present diet/lifestyle and use water-cure protocol daily. Natural positive results guaranteed by Law of Natural Balance. Wake up! (if you are still in lullaby), customers (if you one of us), we have been taken for a sick-ride again by the industry players for too long, now.

Soy helps to reduce blood fats by boosting thyroid hormone levels.

Soybeans are excellent for reducing cancer risk since they contain several anti-cancer agents. Remember, that cancer cells only develop in acidic environment, where organic elements and water are deficient. For example, the soy isoflavone genistein diminishes the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues to inhibit proliferation.

Do you know why "the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues" happens? Ask your oncologist/doctor friend to enlighten you in your next consultation. If not so soon, take it from here.
When one's diet and lifestyle overtime cause the acidic environment to increase faster than the human body can balance it back to normal level , at blood ph of 7.35 to 7.45 for optimal health,daily , some cells will trigger 'survival mode ' to continue to live on but with their DNA genetic code altered (also due to the excessive acidic environment present). Some cells will die prematurely and further contribute more acidity to the surrounding region(or tissues). The next generation of cells(of daughter-cells)will continue the reproduction cycle but with inferior and degenerated DNA genetic code.

The body-wisdom knows exactly where these 'renegade' cells( I call them 'desperadoes-survivor-cells', doctors called them 'tumor/cancerous cells') are developing and proliferating. Hence the common and normal blood supply to the affected area(or tissue) is biochemically 'shut-off'/suspended to curb the re negation further. With the survival code still in tact with these renegade-cells, they now tap and 'construct'/hijack the normal blood circulation, hence the ""the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues" happens.

Law of Natural Balance: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for sustenance.

Studies have shown that genistein and daidzein protect against estrogen-related cancers.

Fermentation of soy products does not seem to alter the activity of the isoflavones, and may enhance the anti-cancer activity.

Fermented soy products include miso, soy sauce (discern the other ingredients mixed in the bottle before you buy), and tempeh.

Fructo-oligosaccharides , found in soy products, support the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria, particularly Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

When health-promotion flora growth in population, they crowd out any toxic bacteria that may be present. Healthy cells beget more healthy cells, no need to trigger 'survival' mode to renegade from the healthy DNA genetic code, no cancer cells.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods
6.Citrus Fruits:
Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes contain large amounts of vitamin C, fiber, distilled water and phytochemicals such as coumarins, known as to help prevent abnormal blood clots from forming. The potassium in citrus fruits helps lower blood pressure. Doctors MUST prescribe citrus fruits, instead of drugs, to help patients with high blood pressure.

Pectin from grapefruit pulp reduces blood cholesterol levels.

Orange juice, freshly squeezed, a rich source of folic acid, is particular effectively in reducing LDL cholesterol. Pregnant women encourage to use these natural folic acid, instead of tablets. Asthamtic , please drink ONLY one glass of fresh orange juice , per day, because it cause more histamine production in your body. All asthamics had be found to shortchange/rob their bodies of water, hence their bodies natural overproduced histamine to compensate for the shortage od frsh water availability for normal functions. Use water-cure protocol to reverse the asthma symptoms.

Make sure the fruits juice is fresh-squeezed and unpasteurized and that you are not allergic to orange juice. The allergic is again due to cellular dehydration, overtime.

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Melamine is an organic base and a trimer of cyanamide, with a 1,3,5-triazine skeleton. Like cyanamide, it contains 66% nitrogen by mass and, if mixed with resins, has fire retardant properties due to its release of nitrogen gas when burned or charred, and has several other industrial uses. Melamine is also a metabolite of cyromazine, a pesticide. It is formed in the body of mammals who have ingested cyromazine.

It has been reported that cyromazine can also be converted to melamine in plants.

Melamine combines with cyanuric acid to form melamine cyanurate, which has been implicated in the Chinese protein export contaminations.

NOTE:(If you want read this mail (below) with {photos} attached send to you ,kindly leave your e-mail address at the "comment" below and if time permit, I shall sent to you. Or you can write to )



1.What really is poisoned milk?

It is the milk powder mixed with "MELAMINE"

What is Melamine use for?
It is an industrial chemical use in the production of melawares.

It is also used in home decoration.
{" US resistant board" Melamine_Particle_Board___Laminated_Particle_Board
agm_garage_melamine }Photo

Do you understand?Melamine is used in industrial production,it cannot be eaten!Not for human nutritional health at all.

2.Why is Melamine added in milk powder?

The most important nutrient in milk is protein. And Melamine has the same protein that contains "NITROGEN". Only plant produce ,fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, can process the nitrogen in nature and transform it into organic-nitrogen which is suitable for human and animal consumption. Fresh air has correct ration of nitrogen gas, too. It is the overdose of nitrogen-element in the body system that starts the imbalance and cause degeneration leading to premature death.


Adding Melamine in milk reduces milk content and it is cheaper then original fresh milk, so it lowers capitalization. It can give the business man more profit!。 "The love for (more and faster) money is the root of all evil" is true. Money per se is not evil.

below is Melamine,doesn't it look like milk?
it doesn't have any smell, so cannot be detected。


3.When was it discovered?

Year 2007  US cats and dogs died suddenly, they found that pet food from China contains Melamine.


Starting 2008, In China , an abnormal increase in infant cases of kidney stones.

August 2008 China Sanlu Milk Powder tested with Melamine


Sept. 2008  New Zealand government ask China to check this problem
Sept. 21, 2008 Lots of food products in Taiwan tested with Melamine

4.What happens when Melamine is digested?

Melamine remains inside the kidney. It forms into stones blocking the tubes. Pain will be eminent and person cannot urinate. Kidney will then swell.

Although surgery can remove the stones, but it will cause irreversible kidney damage. It can lead to loss of kidney function and will require kidney dialysis or lead to death because of uremia.

What is dialysis?In fact, it should be called "blood washing"
it is filtering all of the body's blood into the machine and then go back to the body.


The whole process takes 4 hours and it is necessary to dialysis once for every 3 days for the rest of your life。

Here is a dialysis center

Large dialysis center


A small hole is required in the arm to insert the sub-dialysis catheter.


Why is it more serious in babies?Because their kidneys are very small and they drink a lot of milk powder. Please feed them with fresh fruit juice if they have weaned from mother breast milk. Nature is the best "chemist" in the world, better than all the human-chemists combined.

Here is a baby undergoing dialysis.


China currenty has 13,000 infants hospitalized .

It does not matter how much a human being took Melamine. The important point is "It cannot be EATEN!" Overtime, adults too will succumb to it's health deteriorating effects. Be wiser and not be taken again for a silly-ride by reports from media or health authorities (so-called) that "it is safe because the amount (Melamine) in very small and it takes an adult to eat a life time to experience the similar effect as in a baby ...."

5.What are the foods to be avoided?

Foods that contain dairy products should be avoided.

Remember: Foods with creamer or milk should be avoided.

6.Which companies are affected?

Hereunder are the companies affected with Melamine.

7.What do we do next?

Avoid the above foods for at least six months。 Read and research updated scientific findings on your own from neutral parties.

If you have snack bar, restaurant or coffee shops。
Stop selling dairy products for the meantime.

If you have infants at home, change to mother's milk
or find other substitutes.。

Finally, share this information with friends so
they will understand the risk of milk poisoning。

I am using fruits fresh juices and vegetables fresh juices instead of milk.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

Diabetes can become permanently established when there is DNA/RNA damage.

In this type of diabetes, the ability to manufacture insulin is lost. If prostaglandin E remains in general circulation long enough, it activates the hormone interleukin-6. This chemical works its way into the nucleus of insulin-producing cells and gradually dismembers the DNA/RNA scaffolding of the nucleus, decreasing its size and reducing its ability to function.

Thus water deficiency, if uncorrected for a long time, can in many people cause damage - sometimes permanent - to their insulin-producing cells.

Subsequently, even more damage to the diabetic body can occur. Some organs begin to suffer and become useless. A leg can shrink and become gangrenous, if not amputated ; cysts can form in the brain ; eyes can become blind.

We can rescue our next generation by teaching them the importance of water and need to rehydrate themselves correctly the rest of their lives.
In children, the process is the same, except diabetes begins at a much earlier age until it becomes an "autoimmune" (AIDS being one of the symptoms)disease. That is to say, the insulin-producing cells are destroyed to avoid the need for constant control of their activity.

The body of a growing child has much less water reserve than that of a grown person. It seems logical to assume that the gap between the inhibition of insulin release and the threshold of insulin cell destruction must also be less wide.

Adding to this health problem is the fact that a growing body is always dehydrated. Every cell in the soft tissues needs about 75 percent of its volume to be water to function within the norms of the human body.

When the body is growing under the influence of growth hormone, as well as other hormones, and the effect of histamine with its food-supply and water-supply regulation, a form of stress is constantly experienced. Not many people know the simple fact that the wrong type of food eaten at the wrong time of the day also cause more stress than normal to the human body. This stimulates the thirst sensation, and the body will demand water.

Plain water should be given, although some parents force their own habits of drinking sodas, tea, or juices on their children. Children do not know any better, and that's how addiction of elements deficiencies start from young age.

Nothing - but nothing - can substitute for water to satisfy the water needs of the body. It is true that other drinks contain some water (H2O), but they do not affect the body in the same way as water itself. Comparable between cash and credit deals.

The vitamins contained in fresh fruit juices are essential for the body. Still, too much of any juice - particularly orange and grapefruit juice - can be harmful. Juices can increase the acidity of the intestine and then the human body. Their high potassium content can drastically increase the activation and presence of histamine. This will signal undue stress to the body, and a crisis water- rationing state will develop.

The physical growth of the body of a child is an adaptive response to the stresses and demands placed on it. It grows as a result of this stress, and histamine's activities are an essential part of the process.

The Role of the Pancreas in Water Rationing
(Pancreas:The failed organ in diabetes) The pancreas, where insulin is made, is an organ that is directly involved in the regulation of the balance between the water compartment of the human body.

Keep these facts in mind, and diabetic need not die. The water volume held inside each cell is regulated and held by the amount of potassium that is forced into the cell. Insulin is a very effective agent for forcing potassium (and amino acids) inside the cells. If potassium stays outside the cells and in circulation, at a certain threshold it can produce irregular heartbeats and, often, a sudden heart seizure and stopping of the heart's rhythmic contractions.

In effect, therefore, insulin regulates water volume inside the cell. It manages this responsibility by pushing potassium and sugar into the cell that has insulin-sensitive gates of entry on its outer membrane.

The pancreas has another equally important responsibility. It has to collect water from some of its cells, mix it with manufactured bicarbonate and pancreatic enzymes, and secrete the mixture into the intestine to neutralize the acid that is poured into the intestine from the stomach and begin the next phase of digestion of food. Please drink a glass or 10% of your own water-quota half hour(30 minutes) before your meal time to help this process. The mixture is known as watery bicarbonate solution.

THE ROLE OF YOUR PANCREAS IN WATER RATIONING: If water is in short supply, because you do not drink enough water at the right timing, the watery bicarbonate solution that is secreted into the intestine cells may not be enough to neutralize all the acid that enters the intestine to begin the cycle of food digestion.

Consequently, one or the other process has to be halted. Priority setting activation.
Either the acid has to stop coming into the intestine, or water has to be be delivered to the pancreas (something like financial bailout in our financial markets,you see?) in a sufficient amount for the pancreas to perform as least one of its functions.

A commensurate reduction of insulin secretion stops the entry of water and nutrients into the peripheral cells in the rest of the body that depend on the presence of insulin for their feeding process. By this process, more water will be available in the circulation blood to be delivered to the pancreas to make its watery bicarbonate solutions.

When the insulin-stimulated gates are not efficient in delivering water and raw materials into the cells, they begin to wither and die. This is the mechanism behind the degenerative process associated with diabetes.

It is obvious that, due to dehydration at pancreas that started this mechanism to roll in and the underlying cause or etiology of diabetes is water insufficiency after a long period, knowingly or unknowingly, the sensible remedy is to drink water.

IN DYSPEPTIC CASES, acid will continue to build up in the stomach. The ring muscle between the stomach and the intestine will close the gap, and nothing will enter the intestine. (That's what actually happened to my brother J, recently, OCTOBER 14,2008) The more the stomach contracts to push its load into the intestine, the tighter the ring will contract. Only a fraction of the load is let out.

Over time, ulcerations in the ring area are produced. Bleeding can be found in some cases. In this situation, the full acid load does not enter into the intestine, and less demand is placed on the pancreas for secretion of its watery bicarbonates solution.

In diabetes, the action of insulin in pushing water into the cells is stopped. This is done simply by a two-step process :
The first step , a reversible one, is to prevent insulin secretion from the cells that manufacture it. This type of diabetes is called insulin-independent diabetes. The pancreas has the ability to secrete insulin.

The second step
, and much more drastic, ruthless, and irreversible way, is to destroy the destruction of their nuclei. Enough of their DNA/RNA system is dismembered to make them ineffective as insulin producers. This kind of diabetes is known as insulin-dependent or type 1 diabetes.

All of us can help one another from diabetes by using water-cure protocol and share with others too, believing that prevention is always better than curing. It is never too late to do good to our fellow mankind.

If you are not familiar with the water-cure protocol yet, I strongly encourage you to adopt it into your life with immediate effect: Drink 10% of your own water quota (31.42 multiply by your own body weight (in kilogram), every 90 minute, daily. And use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your diet for every 1250ml water drank, daily.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Constipation And

Its Complication.

BASICS OF NEW MEDICINE FOR THE NEXT FEW THOUSAND YEARS. It is water (solvent) that regulates all the functions of our human body, including the action and reactions of all the solids (solutes) that water carries around. This paradigm shift is a breakthrough in the fundamentals of medical science.

This paradigm of attention is the key to a radically different approach to all disciplines of science in the future, including the basics of medicine and biochemistry.

This new focus will ultimately change the structure of thought in research in any discipline of science.

THE SCIENTIFIC IMPORTANCE OF THIS PARADIGM SHIFT (SOLVENT PARADIGM) IN MEDICINE. It may take years before the profoundness of its ramifications can reach the public, BUT THE CHANGE IS UNAVOIDABLE.

The new paradigm (solvent paradigm) can explain the cause of and show cures for so many "disease conditions" that it will make mainstream medicine of 2008 look ridiculous.

There are many common sense and reasons why we need to PAY SERIOUS ATTENTION to our daily water intake.

Make no mistake any more, it is not just dry fibre or just fibre in the food that prevent constipation , Crohn's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis.

If you are not familiar with the water-cure protocol yet, I strongly encourage you to adopt it into your life with immediate effect: Drink 10% of your own water quota (31.42 multiply by your own body weight (in kilogram), every 90 minute, daily. And use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt in your diet for every 1250ml water drank, daily.

Our human body intestinal tract uses much water to break down solid foods. It has to liquefy the dissolvable components of solid foods to extract their essential elements. Whatever can be dissolved is then absorbed into the blood circulation and transferred to the liver (body' biggest and busiest chemical plant) for processing.

The refuse or waste products that cannot be further broken down is then passed on through the various segments of the gut and gradually compacted for elimination.

Depending on the adequate availability of free water in the human body, that's if you have consciously replenish it timely and correct amount with regularity, the refuse or waste products will carry with it some of the water that was used to liquefy the food.

What water it can carry with it will act as a lubricant to help the refuse or waste products move through the large intestine (colon).

The last segments of the small intestine and most of the large intestine are under the direction of the water regulators to reabsorb as much of the water in the refuse/waste products as might be needed by the other parts of the body. The more the body is in need of water, the more there is a determined effort to reabsorb the water that is available in the intestine. This process puts a drastic squeeze on the refuse/waste products to separate its water content and make it available for reabsorption by the mucosa or lining membranes of the large intestine.

The more the human body is dehydrated, the slower the motility of the lower intestines in order to allow time for reabsorption of the water content of the refuse/waste products. This process of preventing water loss is another of the body's water-preservation mechanism.

One part of the human body where water loss is prevented in times of drought management is in the large intestine, through adjustment of the consistency and the rate of flow of the excrements.

When the passage of refuse from the large intestine is slowed down, the mucosa absorb the water, and the feces (stool) become hard and not fluid enough to flow. The act of expulsion of solid feces becomes difficult.

Most city folks never know that squatting posture is the most effective and natural position to move the bowel; the anus muscle receives the most blood circulation by the bend knees, and the orifice is at maximum . The thighs in contact with the abdomen will naturally reposition the ascending colon (on the right) and the descending colon (on the left) into a shape of a 'funnel' to further ease the excrements flowing downward by the gravity pull. Such is the wonder and marvellous is the creation of the human body. The present sitting toilet bowl was a personal 'invention' by an overweight watchmaker for his own medical problem, later, popularized by an entrepreneur-carpenter.

To prevent this difficult act of expulsion from taking place in your body, added intake of water (use water-cure protocol recommended above) and increase more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in your daily diet. It is the oxalic acids in the produce which stimulate the peristalsis movement of the intestine, beside the fibers are used to hold the refuse into a cylindrical shape for easy disposal. The daily water intake and the fibers that hold the water better is the only natural solution to constipation.

Remember that hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and polyp formation are common occurrences with chronic constipation.

Chronic dehydration and its consequential constipation are primers for cancer formation (due to acidosis environment) in the large intestine and the rectum.

NEWS in brief: Colorectal Cancer (also known as cancer of the large intestine) is No.1 killer in Singapore.(Year 2008)

1.Colorectal cancer rates in Singapore are among the highest in the world.

2.Colorectal cancer is the top killer cancer among men in Singapore.

3.Colorectal cancer is the second-highest cancer among women after breast cancer in Singapore.

4.About 2,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and the numbers are growing.

5.In last two decades (1980-2000), the numbers have doubled.

Just know the simple matter of facts about water-cure formula can help many citizens to stay free from this statistic and live a productive and meaningful life.

Reabsorption of water in the digestive tract also involves the regulating valve between the last part of the small intestine and the first part of the large intestine, known as the ileocecal valve.

This valve shuts down and allows the small intestine time to get as much water as possible out of the as-yet-unformed refuse. At certain levels of dehydration, the closing of the valve may become too forceful and may cause spasm.

This spasm will translate into pain in the lower right side of the abdomen. This pain can be mistaken for a possible inflammation of the appendix, which is served by the same sensory nerves.

In women, this same pain could be MISDIAGNOSED as either ovarian pain or uterine pain, which can cause anxiety and result in expensive, complicated investigations. Worse is unnecessary interfering with the body natural functioning. Drink water to test whether you are dehydrating.


Dominance of elites : Elites are like an entrenched giant 'Goliath' octopus with outstretched tentacles that have gripped every power level from the Top to academia and big business. Who has the clout to dislodge them? Only 'David' . Or 'Solomon'.


Learn to identify as the growing edge of humanity and a nation of people - a blended ability to see the ridiculousness of life while navigating the multiple levels of reality afforded by a lightening consciousness. We're lightening up.

Even politically, the power of satire has a potent tempering impact on the excesses of those in positions of power; it is the essence of the court jester, able to speak the truth to the unreachable heights of kingship or ruler ship.

So it is within our internal world as we desperately seek to bring our own inner sovereign back into contact with all the other parts of who we are, during times of blind governance.

The danger of taking ourselves too seriously can bring a rigidity and tension to the energy field that restricts the flow of energy through us, at all levels of Body/Mind/Spirit.

Typically, it will reflect in our physical systems, either making us constipated or so stolid that we need massage rather than exercise gracefully. Mentally and spiritually, we can tyrannize ourselves to the extent that we have no slack, no give in who and what we allow ourselves to be.

It is a sobering thought that those who ruthlessly harass and oppress other people are likely to be acting far more harshly to themselves in their own inner world.

The clown dissolves knots, release the oppression of the powerful and the nightmare of the victim. While an increase in sadomasochism has met with a level of prurient disdain from some, it may involve no less a lack of humour than the knots we tie ourselves up in every day.

For a citizen, the practice was to ridicule the scandal, and sages have been shown riding backwards on donkeys, baring their backsides to to the moon.

Laughter helped in the quest for nationhood longevity and enlightenment. Blasphemy, needless to say, does not enter into the vocabulary.

Thursday, October 16, 2008



Questions and Answers (#3) About Asthma and Allergies.

Questions & Answers about Asthma and Allergies.

Q 1:Why has my doctor never told me about this water cure for asthma? (answered)
Q 2:Then, all I have to do is to make sure I drink plenty of water when I feel thirsty. Right?(answered)

Learn the direct relationship between your water deficiency in your body and allergies, asthma and lupus. Eradicate them or else they will eradicate you.

Question (3 of 13) : What has all this got to do with asthma?

Answer: Asthma and allergy -- conditions mainly treated with different kinds of antihistamine medications --- are important indicators of dehydration in the human body. Quit using "anti-this, anti-that kind " of drugs, and learn why your body over produce histamine. Know the real cause is the right approach to troubleshoot any problem. Pain and diseases are really telling something is wrong with the body systems.

Histamine is a most important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates the body thirst mechanism for increased water intake. It also establishes a system for rationing the available water in the human body during dehydration.
Histamine is a most noble element employed in the drought management of our bodies. It is with us from the first moments of life in the uterus. Histamine is the " wet-nurse " to the single-cell fetus. Histamine facilitates the flow of water and nutrients to the fertilized ovum and helps it divide into two daughter cells. It then facilitates the division of the new cells for the duration of pregnancy until a fully developed child is born nine months later. Histamine is a growth factor in the human body. This is why growing children produce more histamine in their bodies. With that fact, please do give anti-histamine to your children, just us water as a natural "anti-histamine". If the child have religiously taken sufficient water in accordance to one's body weight, then there will not be over production of histamine to substitute the functions of free-water availability.

Histamine is not the ' villain' that we have been led to believe. The same goes for cholesterol. In fact there is not 'bad' cholesterol ,it is just another marketing strategy of those big drug companies. Let's get back to histamine, the way the chemical industry has dictated its view of histamine in our treatment protocols shows malice on the industry's part and express the medical professional's ignorance of the human body. The medical community in medical practice have traditionally concentrated on detailed research of the "solids" composition of the human body and have ignored the role of water that dissolves these solids. That is why we have never understood the symptoms and signs of chronic drought in the human body! Just like some foolish politicians urging the nation (poor peasants) to go on a fast when the country is experiencing food shortage; for those poor folks already suffering starvation, while those in high places of government administration still organising big banquet and luxury buffets for themselves. Sad scenarios but true nonetheless.

In body dehydration, histamine production and its activity increase greatly. In this phase of its activity, histamine also generates the emergency thirst signals and indicators of water rationing program that is in operation. Increased histamine release in the lungs causes the spasm of the bronchioles.
This natural spasmodic action of histamine on the bronchial tubes is part of the design of the human body to conserve water that would normally evaporate during breathing. An adult loss about 1 liter of body water through respiration process a day (24 hours). The winter steam or cold fog that you see when you breathe out in very cold weather is water that is leaving your lungs as you breathe. With this knowledge, I purposely increased my personal water intake during my Nepal trip (click link to read photo-report at ) not that I have asthma, but due to the cold temperature . Take note if you spent long hours in air-conditioned environments.

We breathe approximately 720 times an hour. Imagine how much water we lose through breathing in one hour, in one day, in one week! Could we live for long if we did not replace the water loss from our lungs? Good question to ponder.
When we neglect to replace this water loss, how does the human body deal with the crisis?
Initially, and stage by stage, the drought management programs of the body are activated. In some people, bronchial constriction -- asthma -- is the first reaction to dehydration. Dehydration cannot be solved by medication , but by water alone. It is the glass of plain water which you drink to wash that drug pills which your body is using to ease the pain, not the drug per se. Hope you see the body wisdom in action here.
Children are more susceptible to asthma than adults. Their bodies are growing all the time and every cell in an expanding body needs 75 percent of its volume in water. If you can solve the 75% of deficiency of water, you have solved 75% of any problems related to it. Apply Six-sigma principle in this case if you are familiar with management tools of problem solving.
At the same time, children's bronchial tress are smaller and less rigid, and can be constricted more efficiently than fully developed bronchial trees with firm cartilage support in their structure. Children's bodies also have less of a water reserve to tap into for redistribution. These are the simple reasons children exhibit shortness of breath --asthma-- more readily than adults when they become dehydrated.

Attack of asthma during physical exercise and stress during education examination are also part of the water preservation and crisis management process during dehydration. An asthma attack after eating is a classical indicator of dehydration. If we eat solid food and don't drink water, in order to digest and "liquefy" the food we have stuffed into the stomach, the water that is needed to complete the digestion process is borrowed from the rest of the body. This repeated scrounging of water from here and there in already "drought-stricken" person predisposed to asthma will precipitate an asthma attack.

Both emotional and physical distresses cause more acute dehydration in an already dehydrated human body. The "free" water that is available for new functions is utilized very particular form of distress, or for opening the vascular bed in the muscles during physical activity. This is why asthmatics are naturally fearful and afraid of food and exercise. Now you know the real cause is dehydration in the body, just drink your water.

Next question: I am still not too clear on what histamine does. can you explain further?
Sure, in next post. God bless till we share how to eradicate asthma the natural way, without drugs.

Salt is Vital 2

Salt is Vital 2.

Those people with heart failure -- or kidney failure needing dialysis -- MUST consult with their doctors before increasing their salt intake.

Salt is Vital to human's existence. Salt deficiency can cause many health problems.

(continuation from section 1-10*) (Click here for section 1-10)
11* Salt is a vitally needed element in the treatment of diabetics. Salt helps balance the sugar levels in the blood and reduces the need for insulin in those who have to inject the chemical to regulate their blood sugar levels. Water and salt reduce the extent of secondary damage associated with diabetes. When people neglected their daily water quota, salt retention mechanism in the body is increased, and hypertension is detected. Not knowing it was water shortage which first caused (etiology of hypertension) high blood pressure the patient was advised to reduce or avoid salt or used substitute like "pan salt" or other artificial 'salt' . Now the body under shortage of water and salt had no alternative but to increase sugar level to compensate for energy, especially for the brain. Thus, manifested the symptom of high sugar in the blood , they label you another name "diabetic". The actual term should be "water and salt deficiencies." Just increase water and salt intake , and you solve the so-called 'mysteries.'

12* Salt is vital for the generation of hydroelectric energy in all of the cells in the human body. Salt is used for local power generation at the sites of energy need by the cells. Your brain need the most energy.

13* Salt is vital to the communication and information processing of nerve cells the entire time that the brain cells work -- from the moment of conception to your death.

14* Salt is vital for the absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract.

15* Salt is vital for the clearing the lungs of mucus plugs and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma, emphysema and cystic fibrosis sufferers.

16* Salt on the tongue will stop persistent dry coughs. Drink two glasses of water and put salt on your tongue and see the persistent coughs reduce and stop. Drug-based cough drops are inferior to the natural water and salt treatment, anytime.

17* Salt is vital for clearing up catarrh and sinus congestion.

18* Salt is vital for the prevention of gout and gouty arthritis.

19* Salt is essential for the prevention of muscle cramps. Your weakness in the legs also signalling you are salt deficiency.

20* Salt is vital in preventing excess saliva production to the point that it flows out of the mouth during your sleep. Needing to mop up excess saliva indicates salt shortage in your body. Just increase salt intake and you just solve the "drooping" problem. How about young children (1-5 years old) saliving excessively? Well, feed them more fruits because all fruits come with their respective proportioned sodium with distilled water content. They will take natural liking to fruits anytime, especially sweet fresh fruits. Avoid those aspartame or artificial sweeteners because these ingredients are the real culprits to the body healthy functions in the long run.

21* Osteoporosis, in a major way, is the result of salt and water shortage in the body. Long overdue of dehydration is taking place there.

22* Salt is absolutely vital to making the structure of bones firm.

23* Salt is vital for maintaining self-confidence and a positive self-image -- a serotonin controlled and melatonin-controlled " personality output."

24* Married couple only. Salt is vital for maintaining sexuality and libido. Avoid all drug-based hype sexuality enhancing products because they just make your body suffer more in the long run. Just drink a glass of water before your act.

25* Salt is vital for reducing a "double chin." Double chin is not because of genetic inheritance. I laughed when some one talk like that. When the body is short of salt, it means the body really is shortage of water. (Because the salt can hold the water in the body for infusion process; this infusion rate is only 0.001cm per second. Under infusion mode, your body is under normal pressure during cells activities.) The salivary glands sense the salt shortage and are obliged to produce more saliva to lubricate the act of chewing and swallowing and also to supply the stomach with water that is needs for breaking down foods. Blood circulation to the salivary glands increases and the blood vessels become "leaky" in order to supply the glands with more water to manufacture saliva. This "leakiness " spills to areas beyond the glands themselves, causing increased bulk under the skin of the chin, the cheeks, and into the neck area. That is the reason most overweight people have "double chin". Obese people have their chin ' joined up' to their neck base and you cannot see their chin anymore. Just increase water intake, avoid other dehydrating liquids(caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners), with proportionate salt and you solve the "double chin " or "chinless" problems.

26* Salt is vital for preventing varicose veins and spider veins on the legs and thighs.

27* Sea Salt (unrefined) contains about 80 minerals elements that the human body needs. Some of these elements are needed in trace(i.e., very little) amounts. Unrefined sea salt is a better choice of salt than other types of salt on the market. Ordinary table-salt that is bought/ sold in the supermarkets had been stripped of its companion elements and contain additive elements such as aluminum silicate to keep it powdery and porous. Aluminum is a very toxic element in our body nervous system. Have you seen people with involuntary movements/jerky/ uncontrollable twisting of muscles? That's nervous system dysfunctions. Aluminum is implicated as one of the primary causes of Alzheimer's diseases.

Choosing the right elements/foods can help you live a vibrant health and vitality life. So choose wisely. Have salt among yourselves. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every 1250 ml of water drank. For every 1 kilogram of your present body weight , you need (at least) 41.32 ml of plain water.

"The Five Steps of

Freeze-Frame", is an effective stress-management strategy for dealing with daily stresses. It enables patients to arrest the stress response to difficult situations by replacing negative perceptions with positive feelings, such as feelings of appreciation, love, or fun. These feelings restore calm and control to the heart rate variability (HRV).

This technique also encourages individuals to let the "higher" heart (the source of compassion) instead of the intellect (logical impartiality) guide them in appropriately responding to emotional situations in the future.

The higher heart acts in a way that benefits both you and other people ; for instance, avoiding an argument by finding common ground. The intellect sometimes contradicts the higher heart, due to its tendency to simplify matters into black and white, right and wrong, and to exacerbate or make worse stressful situations. The letters kill but love edify and build up.

Five Steps of Freeze-Frame

Here are the five steps of the Freeze-Frame stress management technique, as developed by scientists to help people to regain their sound mind:

1.Recognize the stressful feeling and Freeze-Frame it. Take a time out.

2.Make a sincere effort to shift your focus away from the racing mind or disturbed emotions to the area around your heart. Pretend you're breathing through your heart to help focus your energy in this area. Keep your focus there for ten seconds or more.

3.Recall a positive, enjoyable feeling or memory you've had in life and try to re-experience it.

4.Using your intuition, common sense, and sincerity, ask you heart, "What would be a more efficient response to the situation, one that would minimize future stress?"

5.Listen to what your heart says in answer to your question. It's an effective way to put your reactive mind and emotions in check and find an in-house source of common-sense as the solution.


It's no secret that the human heart is directly involved in our experience of emotions. Most people are aware that fright, anxiety, and stress, among other feelings, rev up the heart rate - a pounding heart is a common sign of strong emotions.

Contrary to some commonly held beliefs, a healthy heart does not beat at steady intervals throughout the day. In fact, the intervals between heartbeats vary, even while we're asleep.

The slightest emotional change immediately shifts heart rate variability (HRV). The HRV serves as a communication tool among the human heart, brain, and body.

A sudden, rapid, erratic heartbeat signals the brain and body via the nervous system that an emotionally charged situation is at hand.

Learning to modulate heart rate variability cab effectively reduce negative responses to stressful situations and improve your health.

HeartMath is techniques developed and clinically proven to turn off the stress response and lower cortisol release, improve cognitive performance and mood, and reduce hypertension and the risk of dying from heart disease. These techniques employ strategies similar to cognitive therapy, biofeedback, meditation and other established mind/body protocols.

Discovery: the human body has sophisticated crisis calls for water (cash flow) when it is stressed and dehydrated.

Even now, when humans are under stress or confronting situations that may be perceived as stressful, like the present financial turmoil / money credit crunch, the physiological translation of that stress reflects a water-regulation process. It is as if nothing has changed from the first time water-dwelling species ventured beyond their water supply.

A similar process for rationing water reserves and an anticipated limited future supply becomes the responsibility of a complex system in the body. This multi system water-distribution process remains in operation until the body receives unmistakable signals that it has once more gained access to an adequate water supply.

As we will learn later, the physiology and the chemical commands of stress in the human body translates into an immediate adaptive and coping process to anticipated dehydration. Dehydration itself causes the human body severe stress. The body establishes certain physiological and hormonal reactions to stress.

Because of the vital role of water in regulating all functions of the human body, it is not accurate to blame most developmental abnormalities entirely on DNA malfunction, as has been the case up to now. Dehydration could be a contributing factor.

Suffice it to say, "essential hypertension" is an indicator of an establishing chronic dehydration. Just like the long overdue 'credit crisis' in the world economies of leverage on papers of mere 'empty-value-promises'. Bear in the mind the human body is much more complex and more wiser than the world economies put together, to survive on its own. Correct the established dehydration in your body with an adjustment to daily water intake and adequate intake of minerals (found abundance in fresh fruits and fresh vegetables juices) to replace those lost through increased urination, and the adaptive need to raise the blood pressure from its normal levels will not arise. It is as simple as that. Follow the water-cure formula found in previous posts in this blog site.

Dehydration is by far the most frequent constant stressor in the human body that raises blood pressure - in at least ninety million (still counting)people worldwide.

However, there may arise occasions when other silent stressors (like coffee, beer, caffeine-drinks,etc) may bring about the same chemical driving forces that ultimately raise blood pressure. These occasions are few and far between and need exhaustive investigation to pinpoint the problem cause.

We need to exclude dehydration as the primary cause of the rise in blood pressure first, before embarking on other approaches.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Great Crash :

A Dose of Reality for Stock Markets

October. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February. Mark Twain

There are few real villains in this story - the greed of investors is the culprit - though there were many who indulged in sharp practices during 1929 stock market Great Crash.

A stock market Crash can affect not only those who deal in the market, but the general public and, in this case,the world's most industrialised economies.

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.

Organism do not exist isolated but interact with each other constantly within a complex ecosystem. The relationships between us are complex and multi-dimensional.

The good times had gone on for so long, however, that an increasing number of people were trying to get rich without making much effort. Stock market profits took less effort than income from employment.

YOUR truly conservative banker cannot be stampeded into unwary speculations by the hysteria of a boom.he sits tight in 1926, 1927 and 1928. Unfortunately, he begins to come into the market in 1929 . . .

In 1929, there were 600,000 margin accounts in the US ; owners of these put up a small proportion of the total cost of the shares and get loans from an investment banker for the rest. The concept is known as leverage. It has a multiplier effect and enables a dealer to use a relatively small amount of cash to cover substantially larger deals, sometimes 20 times larger. It is an excellent strategy if prices rise : large profits come from a small outlay.
Conversely, however, if prices fall and particularly fall catastrophically, losses can be enormous and frequently lead to ruin. Now we see the real thing.

Congratulations To

Singapore Active Ageing Ambassadors for winning (no cash award) the Active Agers Awards 2008 - Held in observance of the International Day of Older Persons.

1. R Krishnavani (female)
2. Yeo nee Tan Bok Hua (male)
3. Tang Wing Kee (male)
4. Goh Seok Hiong (male)
5. Chua Chye Heng (male)
6. Daniel Koh Hock Seng (male)
7. Dick Yip Kum Foo (male)(*correction made on 16OCT'08, after uncle dicko commented)

Best of Health to all of you and others senior citizens.
(presented by: Active Ageing Festival; Organised by: Council For Third Age)

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you can eradicate Asthma Now

Eradicate Asthma -- Now (Coughing?)
Read how water brought an end to Rhonda Stapleton's lifelong attack of bronchitis and persistent coughing.

Rhonda Stapleton
3423 Oakwood Terrance, NW
washington, DC 20010
April 17,1998

Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj,
I suffered from asthma as a small child, which eventually sudsided. However, I continued to have debilitating bouts of bronchitis every winter of my life. I cannot remember a single year when I did not have a persistent, hacking cough, starting in the fall and continuing through March. One time this coughing was so violent that I had to be taken to the emergency room.Other times I actually pulled muscles and in one case injured a rib from repeated and violent coughing. Doctors kept prescribing antibiotics, but they had absolutely no effect on the problem, and in fact created other symptoms that just made things worse.

This October I was really dreading what I knew would be six long months of suffering for me and my husband (who is kept awake nights listening to me cough). In my morning contemplation (my religion's form of prayer), I asked to be shown a solution to my problem. Immediately, I heard the word " water, " and I knew at once that drinking more water would somehow help me, though I wasn't sure how.

I was never much of a water drinker, so I began to drink more water. I increased my intake to the usual 6 - 8 glasses a day that doctors usually advise. And amazingly, I had no signs of the bronchitis. But somehow I doubted that the inner guidance I had received was accurate.. I began to doubt the correlation between my increased water intake and my improvd health. I guess the mind is always looking for facts and figures to back up what the part of us that is divine (soul) already knows.

In any case, just as the period of doubting began, someone at work told me about your book and I ordered it. Your book was the " proof " I was looking for ! Your explaination of how dehydration leads to asthma and bronchitis was crystal clear to me, and gave me the renewed determination to keep drinking more water. I also added salt to my diet.

I do not follow your regimen as completely as I would like to. But when I began slipping, I notice a little congestion in my chest, and I again become attentive to my water intake. I am amazed to report that I have made it through the first winter of my life without any bronchitis, and without the persistent, hacking cough that has trouble me every year of my life.

I am incredibly grateful for your work, and hope you are able to distribute this information in a more global way, as I feel much suffering could be alleviated and many misspent medical dollars saved if only people understoond the significance of water to the body's functioning.

In heartfelt gratitude,
Rhonda Stapleton

Coughing is part of the cleansing mechanism for the lung tissue that is in constant contact with particles suspended in the air that enter through the nose. In lung infections and irritation of the air pipes (the bronchus and bronchioles), the cough reflex is triggered and a person can cough to exhaustion. This type of a cough is normally dry and can become bothersome. Asthmatics usually develop such dry cough before their shortness of breath and gasping for air become obvious. It is this initial cough that should be recognized as aprimary indicator of an impending asthma attack. The cough sems to be caused by the same process that will stimulate the secretion of mucus for plugging the bronchioles.

Jus remember to drink 31.42 ml of plain water for every 1 kilogram of your present body weight. Drink half an hour (30 minutes) before any meal, to prevent concentration of blood flow.
Books enquire from

Cholesterol is Just Cholesterol

Cholesterol is just cholesterol

(Part 1 0f 3) Cholesterol is cholesterol.
Term like "bad" cholesterol is a myth. What is a myth?
It is an idea or story that many people believe, but which is not true. A myth can be dispel.

1. It is being increasingly understood that the level of cholesterol in the body circulation is not affected by high egg diet. It is a medically published fact that an elderly man has for many years eaten about 24 eggs a day without any clinical significant rise in his cholesterol level. For a scientific explanation , you can read a simple article found at this link :

2.There is no such thing as bad cholesterol . There are only uninformed and ignorant ideas that are exploited commercially.

3.The next time you come across a person (doctors included) who talks about "bad cholesterol" being the cause of heart disease, ask him or her : "Is it not true that we measure the cholesterol levels in the body from blood that is drawn from a vein?"
[[ * vein -- a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart from other parts of your body; while artery --- a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the rest of your body ]]
If it is true that the level of cholesterol is the cause of plagues and obstruction of the blood vessels, when a slower rate of blood flow would encourage further cholesterol deposits, then we should also get more blockage of veins of the human body. Since there is not a single scientific report of cholesterol deposits causing blockage of the veins, the assumption that cholesterol is "bad" and is the cause of heart disease is erroneous and unscientific. "Bad cholesterol" is a false science. It is a commercial to sell drugs and medical services. Some business strive and grow on false science.

4.Let me explain why we get cholesterol deposit in the arteries of the heart or the brain or even on the inner wall of the major arteries of the human body. Remember, when we say "dehydration" it really means concentrated , acidic blood. Acidic blood that is also concentrated pulls water out of the cells lining the arterial wall. At the same time, the fast rush of blood against the delicate cells lining the inner wall of the arteries, weakened by loss of their water and damaged by constant toxicity of concentrated blood, produces microscopic abrasions. Abrasion is the process of rubbing a surface very hard constantly so that it becomes damaged or disappears.

5. Another of the many functions of cholesterol is its use as a "waterproof dressing" to cover the damaged sites within the arterial membranes until they are repaired. Cholesterol acts as a "grease gauze" that protects the wall of the artery from rupturing and peeling off. When you look at cholesterol through this perspective, you will realize what a blessing it really is.

All the statistics about the level of cholesterol in the blood and the number of people who die of heart disease reflect the extent of the killer dehydration that has also caused the level of blood cholesterol to rise. (Health tip: always drink a glass of plain water half hour before your meal, so that the blood can be prevent from concentrated, and you have a better digestion later.)
Only after researched understanding of cholesterol's important role in the human body, I have no hesitation in recommending wholesome eggs, white and yolk, to all age groups, as a very good source of the essential dietary needs of the human body.

6. If you drink adequate amounts of water everyday (for every 1 kilogram of your body weight, drink at least 32.53 ml of plain water), take the required amount of salt (preferably sea-salt,never use refined salt) and walk at least 2 hours per day -- not on treadmill, but in the open air and under good sunlight (between 10am to 2pm, when UVB is highest) -- your body will begin to adjust its own intake of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as its fats requirement to use for energy. Your need for proteins will increase. Your need for carbohydrates will decrease and your fat-burning enzymes (activated by walking/exercise) will consume more fat than is in the average diet.

Share your views on cholesterol and let's dispel the bad cholesterol's myth.
With Love, to better health,

NIH, the most advanced center . . . .

NIH, the most advanced center.....

The National Institute of Health (NIH) , United States of America, the most advanced center of medical research in the world, has failed society even more miserably. How?

1. Firstly, why has NIH not studied the medical effects of water?
2. Why has NIH not separated the possible positive impact of water taken to swallow a pill from the "medication" itself?
3. Why has NIH not studied what happens to a person who does not regularly drink water?
These are their initial mistakes.
4. Why do you think the NIH converted these mistakes into a sting operation?

The American Medical Association (AMA) was invited ,since 24 July 1990, to become the harbinger of the good news of water cure diseases to the public. Their ultimate silence clearly expose their flagrant violation of public trust. Many Medical Associations around the world are just following the same attitude.

The unkindest cut of all is the way the mainstream medical community still prefer to adhere to business as usual and ignores the good news of water cure many diseases . Fundamentally, this basic ignorance of the manifestations of the water needs of the human body is the primary reason for the high cost of health care , which keep going upward, in our society, without a hope of improvement in the way it is presently designed -- a very bad design that only serves its operators and not the health-care-needing public.

Can we do some proactive actions about our sad situation? Any suggestion/comment from any reader are most welcome and appreciated.

Following is my proposal to all:
Real doctor cannot be richer financially than the patients, when one does, then profiteering from the patients illness is happening. Real doctor is to keep the people's health-care going, not keep the sick-system going.

Here is an option to all readers : Adopt this water-cure-dehydration health treatment, you only give me S$0.10 a day as long as you are well and healthy. That will be S$36.50 per year of 365 days.The consolidated amount will be channeled to further the public awareness of this scientific paradigm-shift in health-care business, water cure, easy. Should you fall sick or your present sickness deteriorate, as your agreed health-care giver-cum-consultant, I will give you $10.00 a day until I troubleshoot your cause of sickness and remedy it completely. The money is to be used for purchase of fresh fruits and drinking water only. In short, I am "paying" for your medicine. How about that? I believe all people can be helped to remain healthy, if only we are really concern about them. Not just lip service but heart service.
You win and I will in this new health-care policy. A policy which emphasize the responsibilities between both health-care giver and receiver. A SEAL policy: Safety, Excellent, Accountability and Lean. Any taker? To sign up, e-mail me. Free trial period of 30 days.

You may like to visit or and learn more about "water cure" before signing up with me, if you are still interested /sceptical about water cure .

"Onset Preventive is the only Cure."

Slogan "prevention is better than cure" is just another lip service made to maintain those 'money milking public' industry of sickness-care.

One of the more obvious reasons why medicine has become so complicated and costly is the fact that the research and production of pharmaceutical products --- and eventually their patient evaluation --- has become monumentally expensive. To boost the sale of regularly and heavily advertised products, not only do highly paid medical representatives present their sales pitch, "buy one, get one free", but doctors are also enticed into promoting the drugs by the "perks" offered. Patients continue to use them because they are not cured.
They are not supposed to be cured ! They are only treated! This is the ideal way that commercialism and capitalism in medicine can thrive. While the patients holding on hope after hope, till it is too late to reverse their worsening conditions. This is not the only shameful loose end in present day medicine.

Technique-oriented advancements in medicine are made possible as a result of "gadgets" production. This , too, adds to the cost of medicine. Teaching hospitals and research institutions depend heavily on funding from the industrial side of the health care system. Thus, research in medicine has traditionally been directed according to the wishes of health care industrialists who release funds for their own profit-generating projects.

***Proverb 29:7 The righteous consider the cause of the poor, but
the wicked regard not to know it.****

Now comes a moment of great rejoicing. It has been discovered that the human body possesses a variety of sophisticated indicators when it runs short of water -- emergency indicators of dehydration and thirst. The human body has many more than the one "dry mouth" indicator of water shortage. Equally obvious, the greatest tragedy in medical history is the fact that medical professionals have not understood the human body's variety of calls for water. They have traditionally resorted to using chemicals and "procedures" to deal with chronic dehydration of the human body. A monumental mistake, but a blatant fact!

Chronic cellular dehydration painfully and prematurely kills. Its initial outwards manifestations have until now been labeled as diseases of unknown origin. The secret of caring for a patient is caring for the patient. Not the patient's affordability. Try water cure and be delivered from dehydration induced sickness, today. All that we need to understand is how to make the human body stronger naturally and stop actions that would make it vulnerable. SEAL.. Once the public becomes aware of this paradigm shift in medicine, and begin to realize there are no commercial aims at encouraging them to treat their present body's dehydration with plain water, a science-based transformation of the health-care system will become a welcome reality, in this country and other countries. SEAL .

The Breuss cancer Cure protocol

The Breuss Cancer Cure Protocol

The Breuss Cancer Cure Protocol can cure Breast cancer within 6 weeks (ie:42 days) fast.

Testimonials : Breast Cancer

January 20,1973

Twenty-three years ago (ie: year 1950) I was supposed to have a breast cancer operation. Despite the fact that year by year my condition was deteriorating, I just couldn't go through with it as my mother had died shortly after undergoing the same kind of operation.

Luckily, five years later (ie: year 1955), Mr. Breuss was working in our area. I had heard that he was known to heal. I also knew he could diagnose illnesses. I showed him my left hand and asked him, " Am I healthy or ill? "
He replied, " Something is not right with your right breast."

I was shocked. Obviously Mr. Breuss hadn't wanted to say it so bluntly because his face reddened. I think maybe he thought that he had said too much.

I then told him not to worry as I already knew that I had breast cancer, but couldn't he possibly do anything for me? He replied, that as I didn't want to undergo an operation and had full knowledge of my illness he had a mixture of juices which he had come up with ten years before (ie: year 1945), to be used against cancer. Until that day he had never dared mention it to patients who had cancer. As I knew what was wrong with me, he suggested that I follow the juice treatment, even though this particular juice was intended for use against cancer of the stomach. He also warned that I was the first patient he would be testing it on, and that he didn't know if a person could take the treatment for 42 days without having anything else but the juice.

Fully determined, I began the treatment, drinking only the juice. It wasn't easy, because in those days (year 1955) juice extractors had not yet been invented, so I had to grate the vegetables and squeeze out the juices with a towel and potato press.

I was pleasantly surprised. During the treatment I felt very healthy even though I lost some weight. After 42 days the cancer growth had gone and has never reappeared to this day. I feel very well.

Thank you Mr. Breuss, from my heart for your advice. I am proud to have been given the chance to be your first patient and to be healed by your juice treatment. I can personally recommend your Total Cancer Treatment to all cancer sufferers, especially if they have been told no operations can help them.

Maria Nesonsohn, Reformhaus (Health Food Store)
Gartenstrasse 15, 6700 Bludenz

Note: Still healthy, January 1986.
More cancer cure remedies details at

WATER or Fluids?

WATER or Fluids?Scientific Protocol to regain pink health

The human body needs water -- nothing substitutes for water. Coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, and even milk and juices are not the same as water.

Scientific Protocol* to regain healthy life again.

1.*Water should be drunk 1/2 hour before meals. The optimum time is thirty (30)minutes before eating. One glass size of 200ml or 7oz. This prepares the digestive tract, particularly in people with gastritis, duodenitis, heartburn, peptic ulcer, colitis, or gas-producing indigestion.

2.* Water should be taken anytime you are thirsty ---even during meals. Common sense? But many are making the common mistakes of drinking beverages instead during meals.

3.*Water should be taken two and a half hours (2 1/2 hours) after a meal to complete the process of digestion and correct the dehydration caused by food breakdown.

4.*Water should be taken first thing in the morning to correct dehydration produced during long sleep.

5.*Water should be taken before exercising to have it available for creating sweat.

6.*Water should be taken by people who are constipated (bowel movement problems) and don't eat sufficient fresh fruits and fresh vegetables(raw).
Two to three glasses (8 oz each glass) of water first thing in the morning act as a most effective laxative.

7.*Water should be taken before you go to sleep. For your brain need water to work with.

Lack of salt. Salt is vital for maintaining muscle tone and strength. Lack of bladder control and involuntary leakage of urine could be a consequence of low salt intake. For every 1250 ml of water drunk , use quarter (1/4) teaspoon of salt in food.

This letter from a lady, sixties, speaks volumes. It reveals how salt intake helped her get over a knee problem as well as constant involuntary leakage of urine. Share this good news with millions of senior citizens who might be on diuretics drugs, that adequate salt intake can possibly save them from the embarrassment of having to constantly wear adults pads.

Dear Doctor Batmanghelidj:
June 25,1999, I had to go home from work, because the pain in my knee became unbearable. (This was an old wound, years ago caused by a chiropractor, that had been bruised again.) I was staying in bed a lot as it was too painful to try to walk.

I got your book and tapes ( Your Body's Many Cries for Water). By July 3, 1999, I decided to try to walk around the block. I made it and July 4, 1999, I walked six blocks to church. On July 5, 1999, I rode in the car for seven hours, only stopping twice to use the rest room. I have a very weak bladder and had even taken spare clothing as I was sure they would be needed. I arrived with not a drop of anything on my clothing, and for the first time in my life was not tired and I even took a walk before I went to bed.
I was very thin and was limited on what I could eat. Suddenly I find I am eating things I have not been able to eat in years -- peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, pineapple, and even sweets -- and I was enjoying them with no side effects.
I had not been drinking anything but water for years, but I had talked myself off salt. A bad mistake! My muscles were really screaming as well as many parts of my body. I still have problems to be worked out, but I'm learning how to listen to my own body and I hope to see the day I won't have any more problems with gas, digestion, circulation, and allergies. I can truthfully say most days I do feel better than i have in many years, and I can never thank you enough for your help.

Thanks from,
Dottlee Reid

SALT: THE ETERNAL MEDICATION . Salt is a vital substance for the survival of all living creatures, particularly humans, and especially people with asthma, allergies, and autoimmune disease. After many years of salt being badmouthed by ignorant health professionals and their media 'parrots', the importance of salt as a dietary supplement is once again being acknowledged and recognized. Though many older folks still doubtful of the medicinal value of salt.
Water, salt, and potassium together regulate the water content of the human body.
1.Water regulates the water content of the interior of the cell (there are 9 trillions in average adult) by working its way into all the cells it reaches. Water has to get there to cleanse and extract the toxin waste of cell metabolism.
2.Once water gets into the cells, the potassium content of the cells holds on to it and keeps it there -- to the extent that potassium is available inside the cells. Even in the plant kingdom, it is potassium in the fresh fruit that gives it firmness by holding water (at least 75%) in the interior of the fruit. Our daily food contains ample potassium from its natural sources of fruits and vegetables, but not salt from its natural source. That is why we need to add salt to our daily diet.
3.Note. DO NOT TAKE too much potassium as a dietary supplement. It could cause trouble.
4.Salt forces some water to keep it company outside the cells (osmotic retention of water by salt). I balances the amount of water that is held outside the cells. Unrefined sea salt, which contain some of the other minerals that the human body needs, is preferable. "Hypertension," or high blood pressure is not due to salt but due to your insufficient intake of water , daily, with respect to your present body weight.
Every 1 kilogram of body weight need 31.42 ml of water. No substitute for water.