Friday, October 3, 2008

Water-cure for obese kids and


Hi! Salma and Dedyong,
Hello fellow citizens and netizens, unless we shift our present paradigm from "solid" paradigm to "solvent" paradigm, our societies shall continue in the go around vicious cycles trying to solve the society health issues/problems.

Try research the and publish the message to benefit all readers.

For obese kids, use 31.42 ml of water for every kilogram of body weight. If the kid is 100kg then this kid needs 31.42 ml times 100 of water per day = 3142 ml.

Timing to drink 10% (of 3142 ml) every 90 minutes is important.

It is "water metabolism" that is lacking in the human body which cause extra weight gain. Many doctors/dietitians/nutritionists are still behind time, learning and still talking about "solid" paradigm (eat less, eat healthy, counting calories, more exercises, etc.) Let them be specific when advising the obese kids or others.

can be sobered up safer and faster by drinking more plain water. The brain is "crying" for water to excrete the alcohol ingested. If no water available, "interior free water" from the head /brain will be taxed by the kidneys, hence the head spin symptoms among the drunkards. Drink water and drive .

Try it now.

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