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you can eradicate Asthma Now

Eradicate Asthma -- Now (Coughing?)
Read how water brought an end to Rhonda Stapleton's lifelong attack of bronchitis and persistent coughing.

Rhonda Stapleton
3423 Oakwood Terrance, NW
washington, DC 20010
April 17,1998

Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj,
I suffered from asthma as a small child, which eventually sudsided. However, I continued to have debilitating bouts of bronchitis every winter of my life. I cannot remember a single year when I did not have a persistent, hacking cough, starting in the fall and continuing through March. One time this coughing was so violent that I had to be taken to the emergency room.Other times I actually pulled muscles and in one case injured a rib from repeated and violent coughing. Doctors kept prescribing antibiotics, but they had absolutely no effect on the problem, and in fact created other symptoms that just made things worse.

This October I was really dreading what I knew would be six long months of suffering for me and my husband (who is kept awake nights listening to me cough). In my morning contemplation (my religion's form of prayer), I asked to be shown a solution to my problem. Immediately, I heard the word " water, " and I knew at once that drinking more water would somehow help me, though I wasn't sure how.

I was never much of a water drinker, so I began to drink more water. I increased my intake to the usual 6 - 8 glasses a day that doctors usually advise. And amazingly, I had no signs of the bronchitis. But somehow I doubted that the inner guidance I had received was accurate.. I began to doubt the correlation between my increased water intake and my improvd health. I guess the mind is always looking for facts and figures to back up what the part of us that is divine (soul) already knows.

In any case, just as the period of doubting began, someone at work told me about your book and I ordered it. Your book was the " proof " I was looking for ! Your explaination of how dehydration leads to asthma and bronchitis was crystal clear to me, and gave me the renewed determination to keep drinking more water. I also added salt to my diet.

I do not follow your regimen as completely as I would like to. But when I began slipping, I notice a little congestion in my chest, and I again become attentive to my water intake. I am amazed to report that I have made it through the first winter of my life without any bronchitis, and without the persistent, hacking cough that has trouble me every year of my life.

I am incredibly grateful for your work, and hope you are able to distribute this information in a more global way, as I feel much suffering could be alleviated and many misspent medical dollars saved if only people understoond the significance of water to the body's functioning.

In heartfelt gratitude,
Rhonda Stapleton

Coughing is part of the cleansing mechanism for the lung tissue that is in constant contact with particles suspended in the air that enter through the nose. In lung infections and irritation of the air pipes (the bronchus and bronchioles), the cough reflex is triggered and a person can cough to exhaustion. This type of a cough is normally dry and can become bothersome. Asthmatics usually develop such dry cough before their shortness of breath and gasping for air become obvious. It is this initial cough that should be recognized as aprimary indicator of an impending asthma attack. The cough sems to be caused by the same process that will stimulate the secretion of mucus for plugging the bronchioles.

Jus remember to drink 31.42 ml of plain water for every 1 kilogram of your present body weight. Drink half an hour (30 minutes) before any meal, to prevent concentration of blood flow.
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