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Success Story: Maggie

Detoxifying Relieves Osteoarthritis
How a patient use detoxification to overcome a case of age-related osteoarthritis:

Maggie, 48-years-old, complained of pain in both her hips. Her orthopedic physician had diagnosed her with osteoarthritis, told her to stop exercising, and place her on anti-inflammatory medications. (Comment: that's the mistaken idea of mainstream medicine of using anti-drug to just mask the symptoms, not solving the real cause of the symptoms, sad for the patient and for the healing profession too) .The same doctor also said there was no other treatment for osteoarthritis and that Maggie could expect her condition to progressively grow worse. (Comment: it was the drugs, anti-inflammation drugs which cause her/any patient present conditions to grow worse). Maggie, not willing to accept this, came to us looking for another option.

In our initial exam, we found that, in addition to osteoarthritis, Maggie had chemical sensitives, seasonal allergies, and occasional PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms. An examination of her blood using a darkfield microscope revealed a high level of red and yellow crystals, which correlate to joint pain.

Her white blood cells were overactive (signifying the body is engaging in fierce 'battle')something often seen in autoimmune conditions (when the immune system attack the body's own tissues. How many of you know that toxins can hide under body tissues and the body is getting rid of any trace of toxins prior to repair and recovery? So if you continue to take in more drugs/prescription drugs for that matter, you are worsening the present 'battle=ground'). We also saw increased numbers of basophils, an immune cell associated with allergic reactions (body cells dehydration also can produce allergic reactions), and eosinophils, which may indicate a parasite infestation. In addition, Maggie had an elevated level of Candida yeast.(please read post about candida yeast).

A blood test, which showed elevated levels of anti-Candida antibodies, confirmed the yeast infection. Maggie's blood test revealed several other factors that were contributing to her arthritis. Testing found low magnesium and high protein levels as well as a slightly elevated cholesterol count as 220 (normal reading is 135 to 200) and high triglyceride levels. (Avoid all "low fat, high protein milk" if you want to help your own body to function normal again. Pasteurization and homogenized milk is never going to solve your bone problems. Scientific evidences abound today to expose the "milk for calcium" scandal.

These results indicated that Maggie's diet would need to be improved dramatically.
An organic, mostly vegetarian diet, high in omega-3 oils, would decrease cholesterol and triglycerides and give her body higher levels of natural minerals, such as magnesium, needed to help reverse the arthritis. Elevated levels of Epstein Barr antibodies were also detected, indicating a past (and possibly present) infection with this virus.

A 24-hour urinalysis revealed that Maggie's creatinine clearance was low at 41 (normal range is 80-110). The creatinine clearance test shows the patients level of kidneys were under-functioning. The urinalysis also showed some heavy metal toxicity, with high levels of aluminum and copper. Canned drinks also contribute to metal toxicity.

A food allergy (IgG ELISA) test revealed a multitude of food sensitivities. Maggie was allergic to barley, buckwheat, rice, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, lettuce, onion, squash, string beans, tomatoes, cantaloupe, grapefruit, oranges, peaches, pineapple, plums, kidney beans, lentils, peanuts (highly sensitivity), black pepper, chocolate, and licorice. (Comment: Why? Because Maggie's body's bio-chemistry & bio-physiology had been long changed and altered from the natural normal state to one which is highly toxins saturated through her years of wrong choice of food and drinks. All natural food mentioned above have their own inherent properties to rid toxin, hence Maggie's manifested allergic reaction upon 'eating' them.)

Odd as it may sound, Maggie was actually delighted that we had run so many tests while investigating the source of her hip pain, particularly since her conventional physician had simply X-rayed her hips and put her on medications. What these tests told us was that her joint degeneration had multiple causes (cascaded effects) that needed to be addressed in treatment, including food allergies, heavy metal toxicities, and past or present viral infections, among other factors.

Our initial treatment was designed to detoxify her colon and large intestine. We started Maggie on a cleansing product (developed by Serafina Corsello, M.D., for information on Dr Corsello's formulation, contact : Global Nutrition,175 E, Main Street, Huntington,New York 11743;tel:888-461-0949) called FiberMax, a combination of apple pectin, flax-seed powder, and psyllium (fiber sources for intestinal cleansing), along with herbal cleansers such as red clover, dandelion, yellow-dock, burdock root, fenugreek seed, ginger, and cascara sagrada bark.

We also started Maggie on supplements of the "good fats, including flax-seed oil and powder along with omega-3 from both vegetable and fish oils. Once inside the human body, omega-3 and omega-6 are converted to prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that regulate many metabolic functions, particularly inflammatory processes.

Maggie began a rotational diet to alleviate her food allergies - total avoidance of her most highly allergenic foods and eating lower-level allergenic foods only once every four days. We too monitor her water intake to get her well hydrated throughout the treatment.

As extra support, we gave her C-Bioplex, a multivitamin/ mineral formula along with extra vitamin E(400 International Units, IU). She also took an acidophilus (beneficial intestinal bacteria) supplement to help address the yeast candida infection. We gave her another Corsello formula, Super Garlic Glutathione, to help support her liver function (one capsule per day). Specifically to support Maggie's hip joints, we gave her Dr. Corsello's Bone Plus Formula (two capsules twice daily), containing calcium, magnesium, boron, and vitamin D, along with micro-crystalline calcium (one capsule daily) and glucosamine sulfate (500 mg, three times daily).

After two(2) weeks on this dietary and supplement program, Maggie reported that her joint pain had improved to some degree. We advised her to begin an exercise program, being careful to avoid any exercises that put direct stress on her joints. No jogging or running, but just walking. She began a yoga stretching and breathing program and she started swimming at her local swimming pool once a week. She also started getting weekly chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

After two more weeks, she reported that her hip pain had definitely lessened.

A stool analysis (faeces test) (from Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory)revealed
that Maggie had a parasite infection, including Giardia lamblia. The test also indicated that her liver's ability to detoxify the body was compromised. We were already addressing her liver function with gluttathione supplements. To further alleviate her allergies, we started her on a special desensitization program. We prepared a vial of her allergenic substances in dilution which she was instructed to inject every other day. This is different from getting a conventional allergy shot - it is an individualized treatment to address the patient's specific allergies.

After six(6) months , we repeated the initial tests. The darkfield test showed reduced levels of red and yellow crystals (associated with joint pain), the movement and number of her white blood cells now appeared normal, and the visible yeast forms were greatly reduced. We began at this point to deal with her parasite infection, using homeopathic preparations as well as herbal preparations containing the anti-parasitic substances Artemisia annua and citrus seed extract.

After five days, Maggie called to say that both her hips were very tender to the touch and that other joints in her body were also sore. This exacerbation of symptoms is not unusual while going through a detoxification program. It's a sign, in fact, that the program is working positively and that the body is trying to rid itself of toxins.

To deal with these uncomfortable symptoms, we encouraged Maggie to see a colon therapist for colonics to help speed the cleansing of containing yellow-dock root, escarole, kale, and other bitters, along with carrots and ginger to aid in the removal of toxins.

Two weeks later, Maggie said that the exacerbation of symptoms was completely resolved. In fact, she said that her yoga stretches seemed easier now and that she could move her joints more easily now than before the parasite cleanse. Recently, after a year and a half on our program, Maggie reported that all symptoms of her osteoarthritis were completely gone.

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