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Choose the right fats, we need fats

Right fats don't make you fat? Yes!

We have excess fats around our bodies (belly and buttock) due to wrong choice of fats. Why around the belly and buttock areas? You see, 75 % of the upper body weight is mainly supported at the 5th lumbar's core, while the 25 % of the upper weight is supported by the outer-surrounding of the core. In between those bones are fluid (water) which carry the weight. In nature design, to prevent "topple" effect, the excess weight are deposited below this fifth lumbar level. And every step you take , be it a gentle walking or rigorous running, as your heels touch the ground, a shock wave travels upward towards your hip area. It is the fat around your buttock which absorb the shock wave. Without these fats , the shock wave will continue upward along the spine and hit your brain, and you have headache or brain-quake.
The heavier the body weight, the greater will be the shock wave . Women who wear high heels are going to suffer body disposition and related health suffering unknowingly. Because the Achilles tendons (at the back of your feet) are designed naturally to be extended at all time to provide the stability for the body in motion. High heels footwear had shorten these Achilles tendons. So we can clearly see, many pain are caused by lifestyle and wrong reasoning.

Essential fats can help you normalize your weight and reduce body fat.

A no fat (or fat-free) diet is really a bad joke. It will kill anyone who stays on it long enough, because a "no-fat" diet lacks the essential fats, essential nutrients available only through diet. Don't go on a no-fat diet. If you're on one now, get off right now.

Dispel from your mind the negative images conjured up when you read the word fat.
Contemplate the delicate amber-golden liquid from freshly-pressed nuts and seeds of flax or almonds, the less colourful oils from sunflower, sesame, hazelnut, coconut; and the lively green of pumpkin, pistachio ,and extra virgin olive oils.

Plants oils contain ingredients essential to our very survival. They are called essential fatty acids or ESSENTIAL FATS.

Soft drinks (canned drinks, cola, soda, soda pop, diet drinks) set off an insulin spike and stimulate fat production.

Two Essential Fatty Acids
: Omega-3 (n-3) (also known as Alpha-Linolenic Acid) and Omega-6 (n-6) (also known as Linoleic Acid) are called essential fatty acids because they feed every part of our human body.
1.They provide energy-rich food, or fuel to every cell, tissue, gland, and organ.
2.They are vital to all body structures and many functions. Too many to list all here.
3.Throughout our lifetime, since birth till death, our human brains and nerves, hearts and arteries, veins, reproductive systems , and all cells, tissues, glands, and organs need and use essential fats.

Because of the dominance of our brain and nervous systems, tissues richest in essential fats, human have the highest fat requirement of all creatures on this planet Earth. We need at least 155 to 205 ou our calories to be essential fat-rich oils. fatty acids found in healing oils, make us healthy human.

Both essential fats (n-3 & n-6) are sensitive to destruction by light, oxygen, or air, and high temperature. Cooking damage them. That is why these essential fatty acids are damaged and become toxic when we fry them. The n-3 essential fat is five(5) times more chemically sensitive, and therefore five(5) times more quickly destroyed than the n-6 fat.

When both essential fats are consumed in the right amounts and ratios to one another, the human body makes several derivatives with important functions. from three of the derivatives (one from the n-3 and two from the n-6), it makes hormones called eicosanoids or prostaglandins. These regulates what goes on in every tissue in our human body all the time.

Recommended Percentage% of Fats in daily calories.

Take as much essential fats as is required to make your skin soft and velvety, which amounts to about one(1) tablespoon (15ml) per 50 pound (22kg) of body weight per day in cold weather, and less than that in warm weather, 2 to 5 tablespoons (30 to 75ml) per day are optimal for adults.
Up to 10 tablespoons (150ml) per day (about 505 of calories) can be used to lose weight, speed healing, build muscles, and help reverse degenerative conditions caused by getting too little essential fat.

N-3 (Omega 3)Deficiency Symptoms
* Retarded growth * Behavioural change * Weakness* Weakened vision, eyesight deterioration* Learning problems* Depression* Hyperactivity, attention deficit, and dyslexia *Poor motor coordination* Poor muscle growth * Impaired healing of injuries * Tingling sensation in arms and legs * Insulin resistance* High triglycerides * High blood pressure * Sticky platelet, or tendency to form clots in arteries, leading to heart attack, stroke, or embolism * High lipoprotein (a) - a strong predictive risk factor for cardiovascular disease * High fibrinogen, a clotting risk factor * Inflammation in tissues * Leaky gut * Allergies * Auto-immune conditions * Increased susceptibility to tumor growth * Water retention or edema * dry or inflamed skin * Low metabolic rate * Low energy level * Lowered thyroid and adrenal function * Low testosterone level .

N-6 (Omega 6 ) Deficiency Symptoms

Eczema-like skin eruptions * Hair loss * Water loss through the skin, with attendant thirst; common in diabetes insipidus, and often seen in hyperactive children/adult * Behaviour changes * Fatty infiltration of the liver * Kidney malfunction * Drying up of glands *Susceptibility to infection * Failure of wounds to heal * Sterility in males * Miscarriage in females * Arthritis-like conditions * Heartbeat abnormalities that can lead to cardiac arrest * Growth retardation * Dry skin and hair * Brittle nails *Dry eyes * Elevated cholesterol.

THE Optimum ration for e-3 to e-6 is 1:1

If you are interested about how right fats can reduce your present fats(overweight) email me. No product sold, only informations with insight. Thanks .

So, do not fear fat. Proper use of fats and oils can reverse cancer, diabetes, PMS, asthma, addictions and more. Right fats can even enhance athletic performance, improve longevity and increase energy . On the other hand, mistreated healing fats , i.e., cooking the essential fats become killing fats.

In this book Fats that Heal Fats that Kill, Udo Erasmus takes an in-depth look at the oil industry.

Until 1987, most oil in the world supermarkets had been manufactured with shelf live rather than consumer health in mind. Good health oils were processed to the point where they were damaged of essential value for human health. Some natural substances were removed, and some molecules were changed from natural and health supporting to unnatural and toxic. Read this book as your authoritative guide to fats, oils, cholesterol and general health. Read it and you will be shock and flinch by what you learn. Fats that Heal Fats that Kill - The Complete Story.

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