Monday, October 6, 2008

Why We Age (faster than before?)

The field of longevity and vitality medicine is uncovering the reasons why people age and age faster and age prematurely. Factors most commonly cited include defective genes, chronic stress, hormones imbalances, increase in free radicals, an accumulation of bodily toxins, and a tired or overactive immune system.

AS we get older, not only is our physical appearance altered, but other changes take place inside our human bodies which, like a clock winding down, gradually leaves our cells, tissues, organs, and systems less vital with greatly diminished functional capacity.

It is this loss of function that tips the scale of balance that normally exists between the processes of building up and tearing down, between order and chaos.

The choice is for every one to decide, to build up or to tear down faster; making it possible to add good quality years to your life and vitalized life to your added years.

The interest in living longer and better and living healthier is exploding.

Knowledge and insight is essential. Yet, how many people can recite a checklist of healthy foods and those that lead to disease and shorter life span? "Been there, done that" is the glib attitude projected by many of us today. So just resign to fate, luck or so-called God's will. The all-important question is, do they really do that? have they been able to exchange age-accelerating behaviors and mindsets for ones that are really life-extending-energizing-enhancing-enriching? Do they walk their talk?

WE can only benefit to the degree that we act upon what we know.

"You look so young? What's your secret

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