Saturday, October 11, 2008

Human Reproduction - 2

WE humans are special and unique species among all in this planet Earth. The delicate balanced ecosystem of our planet can be viewed from any number of perspectives, placing at the centre of the equation any one species or life-cycle.

In this way, bacteria may viewed as the initial origin of life that humans now have to manage as we find our way through the edges of our solar system. Equally, humans may be viewed as complex but nevertheless manageable hosts for the needs of bacteria. With this understanding, please preserve your own body health by not taking drugs/antibiotics which wipe out bacteria in our body .

As all lifeforms adapt and develop within this environment, their interactions can be seen as much as a biological arms of race as they can a co-creative exchange of genetic information, DNA's own dialogue with itself. Yes, your cells do communicate and commune among themselves. Sexual reproduction is the primary means of this dialogue, as it yields offspring that are genetically different from their parents. Most important, however, it does this with a random creativity.

ASPECTS OF HUMAN REPRODUCTION - Apart from rare, perhaps even mythological, exceptions, such as parthenogenesis (virgin births, Jesus Christ), the process of human reproduction is achieved through sexual intercourse.

The relative success of reproduction depends on a number of factors, including the overall health of the parents, the vibrancy of the gametes (egg-female, and sperm-male) themselves and the success of the sperm in finding its way to the uterus and avoiding the spermicidal secretions of the vagina.

It is this spermicidal secretions of the vagina which ensure that once one sperm succeed to meet the egg, all other sperms are eliminated to prevent attack upon the body nerves cells. The anus of the female has no such protective character as the vagina, hence any deposit of sperm in any anus sexual intercourse only cause nerve system under attack and lead to immunity suppression and so-called experts call it AIDS. The gay community also suffer the same fate; it is not the so-called 'virus' from external which cause people to manifest AIDS symptoms.

It is a strange aspect of our human reproduction that committed partners can be less likely to conceive than spontaneous sexual meetings due to the natural spermicidal aspects of vaginal secretions, which become accustomed to a particular partner's sperm while having fewer defences against a new variety.

Such aspects of our human processes can be uncomfortable from a social and interpersonal perspective, and in this way many of our customs to do with reproduction seem to be heavy-handed attempts to manage the biological urges to create new life as well as mediate between the varying psychological needs of men and women as they bring up children.

All species that use sexual reproduction vary in the timing of their sexual maturity and their number of offspring. Such equations of evolution reflect the basic environment of a species and the cusp of any evolutionary challenges. For humans, the size of the infant's head at birth and the aperture of the mother's pelvic girdle
reflect the limits of our current evolutionary status quo.

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