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Questions and Answers (#3) About Asthma and Allergies.

Questions & Answers about Asthma and Allergies.

Q 1:Why has my doctor never told me about this water cure for asthma? (answered)
Q 2:Then, all I have to do is to make sure I drink plenty of water when I feel thirsty. Right?(answered)

Learn the direct relationship between your water deficiency in your body and allergies, asthma and lupus. Eradicate them or else they will eradicate you.

Question (3 of 13) : What has all this got to do with asthma?

Answer: Asthma and allergy -- conditions mainly treated with different kinds of antihistamine medications --- are important indicators of dehydration in the human body. Quit using "anti-this, anti-that kind " of drugs, and learn why your body over produce histamine. Know the real cause is the right approach to troubleshoot any problem. Pain and diseases are really telling something is wrong with the body systems.

Histamine is a most important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates the body thirst mechanism for increased water intake. It also establishes a system for rationing the available water in the human body during dehydration.
Histamine is a most noble element employed in the drought management of our bodies. It is with us from the first moments of life in the uterus. Histamine is the " wet-nurse " to the single-cell fetus. Histamine facilitates the flow of water and nutrients to the fertilized ovum and helps it divide into two daughter cells. It then facilitates the division of the new cells for the duration of pregnancy until a fully developed child is born nine months later. Histamine is a growth factor in the human body. This is why growing children produce more histamine in their bodies. With that fact, please do give anti-histamine to your children, just us water as a natural "anti-histamine". If the child have religiously taken sufficient water in accordance to one's body weight, then there will not be over production of histamine to substitute the functions of free-water availability.

Histamine is not the ' villain' that we have been led to believe. The same goes for cholesterol. In fact there is not 'bad' cholesterol ,it is just another marketing strategy of those big drug companies. Let's get back to histamine, the way the chemical industry has dictated its view of histamine in our treatment protocols shows malice on the industry's part and express the medical professional's ignorance of the human body. The medical community in medical practice have traditionally concentrated on detailed research of the "solids" composition of the human body and have ignored the role of water that dissolves these solids. That is why we have never understood the symptoms and signs of chronic drought in the human body! Just like some foolish politicians urging the nation (poor peasants) to go on a fast when the country is experiencing food shortage; for those poor folks already suffering starvation, while those in high places of government administration still organising big banquet and luxury buffets for themselves. Sad scenarios but true nonetheless.

In body dehydration, histamine production and its activity increase greatly. In this phase of its activity, histamine also generates the emergency thirst signals and indicators of water rationing program that is in operation. Increased histamine release in the lungs causes the spasm of the bronchioles.
This natural spasmodic action of histamine on the bronchial tubes is part of the design of the human body to conserve water that would normally evaporate during breathing. An adult loss about 1 liter of body water through respiration process a day (24 hours). The winter steam or cold fog that you see when you breathe out in very cold weather is water that is leaving your lungs as you breathe. With this knowledge, I purposely increased my personal water intake during my Nepal trip (click link to read photo-report at ) not that I have asthma, but due to the cold temperature . Take note if you spent long hours in air-conditioned environments.

We breathe approximately 720 times an hour. Imagine how much water we lose through breathing in one hour, in one day, in one week! Could we live for long if we did not replace the water loss from our lungs? Good question to ponder.
When we neglect to replace this water loss, how does the human body deal with the crisis?
Initially, and stage by stage, the drought management programs of the body are activated. In some people, bronchial constriction -- asthma -- is the first reaction to dehydration. Dehydration cannot be solved by medication , but by water alone. It is the glass of plain water which you drink to wash that drug pills which your body is using to ease the pain, not the drug per se. Hope you see the body wisdom in action here.
Children are more susceptible to asthma than adults. Their bodies are growing all the time and every cell in an expanding body needs 75 percent of its volume in water. If you can solve the 75% of deficiency of water, you have solved 75% of any problems related to it. Apply Six-sigma principle in this case if you are familiar with management tools of problem solving.
At the same time, children's bronchial tress are smaller and less rigid, and can be constricted more efficiently than fully developed bronchial trees with firm cartilage support in their structure. Children's bodies also have less of a water reserve to tap into for redistribution. These are the simple reasons children exhibit shortness of breath --asthma-- more readily than adults when they become dehydrated.

Attack of asthma during physical exercise and stress during education examination are also part of the water preservation and crisis management process during dehydration. An asthma attack after eating is a classical indicator of dehydration. If we eat solid food and don't drink water, in order to digest and "liquefy" the food we have stuffed into the stomach, the water that is needed to complete the digestion process is borrowed from the rest of the body. This repeated scrounging of water from here and there in already "drought-stricken" person predisposed to asthma will precipitate an asthma attack.

Both emotional and physical distresses cause more acute dehydration in an already dehydrated human body. The "free" water that is available for new functions is utilized very particular form of distress, or for opening the vascular bed in the muscles during physical activity. This is why asthmatics are naturally fearful and afraid of food and exercise. Now you know the real cause is dehydration in the body, just drink your water.

Next question: I am still not too clear on what histamine does. can you explain further?
Sure, in next post. God bless till we share how to eradicate asthma the natural way, without drugs.

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