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Re-run previous post about pasteurized milk

The amount of calcium in pasteurized milk is still the same, but the life-form(energy) is no more in the pasteurized milk. Read on to know the truth about the wise choice in not drinking pasteurized and homogenized cow milk.

"Low fat, High calcium Milk"
is a bad joke for human nutritional science of longevity. (I am serious and I am not laughing at this statement)

Let every kind brings forth its own kind, and feed its own kind with its own milk for first food.

Cow milk is sincere milk for baby-calf; mother milk is sincere milk for human infants.

"Mom , what did you feed me when I was a baby?"
Dear son, when you were born, I fed you with my breast milk.

"Is it because you cannot afford cow-milk formulas like our neighbour, Joneses?"
Not really, son ...(with a smile)... you see all mothers' breast milk is the sincere milk for the babies. All mammals feed their babies with their own milk until they are weaned from it.

Fresh milk versus Pasteurized milk discourse begins...

Food from a Biophysical Point of View. Food is primary a carrier of information.
Lets take a look at the essence of the word food in general terms (and the German meaning of the word food) before we embark upon our discussion about the two most important food substances for the human body -- water and salt. Water = H2O; salt=Na Cl (sodium chloride).
The German word for food is Lebensmittel, which literally translates to "means of life" or "transmitter" or "conveyer of life". Food carries substance ; it is a carrier of life force / energy / information / consciousness . But what happens when food looses its life force through various methods of preparation/packaging, by chemical alteration or deconstruction? In actuality, processed fresh food no longer is a "conveyer of life," but becomes instead, a "conveyer of death." That's what happened to all cow-milk formulas in the market today. Even when, from its chemical structure, it is still made of the identical matter as prior to its preparation. Pasteurization destroys the information content of milk.

From Living Food to Dead Food.
Living food re energize, while dead food kills. The famous Oxford studies shows us what happens to food when it gets changed through processing. They analyzed cow's milk scientifically from both a chemical and biophysical aspect. From a biochemical aspect they saw that the cow milk had a very high calcium and protein content. They checked the electromagnetic frequency pattern in the lower frequencies. By doing so, they found that the fresh cow milk had a natural, holistic structure (the orderly structure of the elements creates a blueprint), where different frequency patterns of an energy spectrum could be detected. From a biochemical viewpoint, the detected elements, like calcium and protein, are of great importance. The biochemist talks of the importance of calcium for building bones in the baby calf and of the protein necessary for its muscle growth. After this analysis, the fresh cow milk was pasteurized. After analyzing the pasteurized milk they found that it still contained the same calcium and protein. From a chemical standpoint, the milk hadn't changed and it could still be fed to the baby calf because it contained all the essential elements.
However, when this pasteurized milk was fed to a calf for three weeks it died.

How is this possible, if chemically viewed, the chemical nutrients were intact? What changed through the treatment of the milk that resulted in the calf's death?

Through pasteurizing, the crystalline structure of the fresh cow milk was destroyed, resulting in the destruction of its inherent geometric structure. The result was that no detectible energy or a totally altered form of energy was found. The pasteurized milk was no longer alive. Living food re energizes, while dead food kills.

Warning: Processed food is dead food and robs your human body of energy. Deadly Radiation from the microwave oven. Nursing mothers have been warned never microwave the breast milk before feeding to babies.

When Eating Food costs Energy.
Food is much more than the sum of its chemical components.
The original, organic calcium became inorganic due to its processing, which changed the structure/information. In order for the calcium to be assimilated in the intestines, it must be in its organic form. Otherwise, it becomes more of a burden to the baby's body because it no longer supports the metabolism and the body must use its own calcium reserves. Studies with school children showed that those who drank a lot of pasteurized cow-milk had the poorest teeth and weakest bone structure. If we eat dead food instead of living food, the human body gets only empty calories and no information. Avoid the latest trick from Coca-Cola Zero Sugar , zero calories products. Instead of receiving energy and vitality, the human body has to draw on its own remaining energy to digest and discard the dead food/chemicals. Although we have eaten food, we have actually robbed the human body of its energy instead of adding to its supply. Just like sending Trojan Horses into our own body systems, later when the diseases manifestation occurred we blame the external environments except our own folly. In other words,nutritional wise, we sabotage our body system.

Wisdom is the principal thing we all need everyday. It's never too late to be wise, it's never to early to revise, food wise.

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I have a question concerning Kidney Stones. Do feel Milk might plays a factor in producing them(kidney stones)?