Saturday, October 25, 2008

Disturbed sleep,

particularly in the elderly.

The human body will not have a restful night's sleep if it is short of water.
A full eight(8) hours' sleep will further dehydrate the body because much water is lost in respiration and possible perspiration under heavy bedcovers or blanket comforter.

If the body receives water and a little salt, recommended to use sea salt , sleep rhythm will be reestablished immediately. The following letter is from a man who found my Water Cure program instrumental in relieving many problems , including an interrupted sleep pattern. His story highlights a number of the perceptive symptoms of dehydration I have pointed out already.

My name is D.H. and I was turned on to your Web site by a friend on the internet. Firstly, I read much of what is on your Web site and have been impressed by the content. In fact, I opened a chatroom on paltalk devoted to directing people to your site and discussing the benefits of drinking water with salt . I have been on The Water Cure for about three weeks now and I can definitely say I'm feeling better. My blood pressure is lower and my heart rate is around 58. I seem to sleep better at night and I have better energy level during the day. Also, I have a peaceful feeling now and seem to worry less. All in all it has been a positive experience. I thank you for promoting The Water Cure and I have joined your bandwagon to spread the good word. Thanks again for helping others unselfishly. D.H.


Yellowfruit said...

That's why people drink water before they go to bed. I have trouble sleeping too. Thanks for the info. I'll try it.

Its ME said...

hello "yellowfruit", if you wish to try out the water-cure protocol, let me know. It is free and very simple to implement it in your daily life.

You see, the human body follows a cycle of 24 hours of servicing itself(8hours), appropriating the digested food(8hours) and excreting the food debris and toxins (8hours).

Drink one glass (or 10% of your own water quota per day) before getting to bed. Should you get up in he middle of the night to urine, then drink another glass.

The physiology behind this is simple. Our human body do not hold extra water for future use, if it does, it is causing undue stress to the organs. Just right amount is the natural design. During night sleep, the body will service many cells and nerves cells and much toxins accumulated for the day need to be excreted and water is the main ingredient involved. hence babies urinate irregardless of the time of the day, and they grow healthily until the culture or custom of convinence imposed upon us that we restrict drinking water so that the body will not produce urine while sleeping. But that is an error as far as the body need is concerned. No water, lead to no servicing and leads to no recharging, and next morning the human body is still under stress and over time, it break down easily because the immune systems also not properly serviced on daily basis.

I drink two glasses before I go to bed, usually aroung 10:00pm. Good night and sweet dreams (Smile)