Friday, October 10, 2008

Toxins That Can Poison Our Liver

WE CAN EAT all sort of food with toxins laced intentionally/unintentionally.

WE can live on in this toxicity setting because of the over 500 functions performed by our LIVER. Many of these functions are critical for optimal longevity. If you careless of your liver, then your quality of living is been compromised and you can tell yourself when you are really living or dying with dignity intact.

LOCATION OF LIVER: This liver is located between our lungs and our stomach, the liver weighs 5 to 8 pounds (2.2 pound = one kilogram), or about 2.5% of our total body weight.

LIVER SERVICES: Liver serves as a kind of physiological ballast within the human body, working to maintain stability and harmony among various biological systems.

Liver functions as a nutrient warehouse and processing facility, supplying and regulating thousands of essential substances in the human body.

Liver is also specially equipped to dismantle the millions of toxic compounds that enter our human body everyday.

Virtually everything we take into our human bodies gets filtered through the liver. This may include a lifetime of poor food choices, pesticides and chemicals, organic
and inorganic, and residues of prescription drugs. Is it any wonder that this can overload our liver with toxins?

Toxins That Can Poison the Liver
1.Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

2.Antibiotics and growth hormones used in agriculture.


4.Food additives and preservatives.

5.Prescription drugs.

6.Auto/vehicles exhaust.

7.Fluoride. (Quit using any toothpaste with fluoride)

8.Household cleaning fluids/powder.

9.Mercury amalgam fillings in teeth cavities.

10.Recreational drugs.

11.Electromagnetic fields. (mobile phones, computers, electronic appliances)

12.X rays.




16.Hydrogenated fats (Any cooking oil boiled above its smoke point; trans fat produced)

17.Fried foods.

(Source : Jack Tips, Nutrition Degree., Ph.D. "Your Liver. . . Your Lifeline"(Ogden, UT: Apple-A-Day Press.1995),page 13-15)

The Liver as our human body's major detoxification plant, is responsible for processing alcohol, drugs, hormones, and foods. Please ensure it receive sufficient water for these functions. All products absorbed during digestion initially pass through the liver. Once there liver removes or modifies toxic substances before passing the nutrients into general circulation.

The liver first filters the blood coming from the intestines, removing 99% of the bacteria, endotoxins (toxins released when bacteria die and are broken down inside the human body), antigen-antibody complexes (large molecules produced when the immune system latches on to an invader to neutralize it) , and various other toxic substances.

DAMAGED LIVER FUNCTION:Damaged Liver Function: When impaired and overworked, though eating and drinking and inhaling those substances as listed above, the liver is unable to keep up with the level of toxins entering the human body. Understand that our human body follows the 24-hours-cycle of functions to maintain its soundness and natural balance.

Toxins accumulate even more, adversely affecting the energy production of cells while increasing the generation of free radicals, a major cause of acceleration aging.

The ability of the liver to detoxify the human body may play a role in the progression of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. For example, one of the contributing factors in Alzheimer's disease is a build-up of aluminum in the human brain. Avoid cooking food with aluminium utensil, aluminium foil to wrap food. Those with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's may not be able to eliminate the aluminum effectively due to the impaired detoxification abilities of enzymes residing in the human brain and central nervous system. Aluminum begins to accumulate in the central nervous system, contributing to the destruction of neurons in the process. (Scratching you head trying to remember when you last drank o glass of water? Good sign of toxins building up too)

A liver that is overloaded with toxins will interfere with normal sleep patterns, non-vitalized rest even after a long hour of sleep, causing some people to be less able to sleep comfortably and deeply for the optimal number of hours each night. This can adversely affect the natural production of human growth hormone (HGH),since it is during the deepest stages of sleep when this important hormone is produced. All those hormones in the markets cannot help, because they just mimic the natural hormone which your body produced. Deficiencies of HGH play a role in skin wrinkling, suppressed immune function, loss of lean muscle and accumulation of body fat, decreased bone density, and loss of vigor and stamina.

Undischarged toxicity may be the prime factor contributing to age-related illness in many people. Alternative medicine offers ways to begin "cleaning house" through safe and effective methods of detoxification. The nature provided way to detox every meal is through the distilled water content found in all fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. Any process of preparation during cooking/packaging these said produce can offset the nature-balance-energies-elements, hence contribute directly to the building up of toxins. Detoxification flushes out toxins circulating in the bloodstream, embedded in soft tissues, and clogging important organs, eg. gallbladder stones, kidney stones, liver stones, lymph nodes cancerous cells, etc. , so that healing and wellness can flourish.

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