Saturday, October 11, 2008

How best to cultivate our Young?


Education begins with love, It is all about you.

Just as insight into human reproductive health are helping us understand more about how we can manage menstrual cycles, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, so, too, are we wrestling with the ethical boundaries of our science.

The advent of cloning animals, while still fraught with problems, is inviting some people to consider what implications asexual reproduction might have for humans. The selection of fertilized eggs for those who will come to full term is beginning to be used to select for gender, with other 'traits' not far behind.

Where we go from here is uncertain. There might seem an inevitability to such exploration, but the extent to which research meets the needs of the population of the country/planet as a whole is questionable.

Some commentators suggest that our declining fertility is not only due to increased chemical toxins in the environment, but is also a natural regulatory function of the planetary ecosystem as a whole.

Globally, we still debate the meaning of decadence and freedom, repression and right living. Such a multitude of perspectives will continue to be heard, for those who care to listen, while we get on with the duty and job of perpetuating our human species, asking questions of ourselves, soul searching, about how best to do this, how best to cultivate our young. The best is yet to be ?

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