Friday, October 10, 2008


perpetuation of species

How to manage reproduction has challenged most cultures, with complex and stringent rules being developed for who is allowed to mate with who.

From the inter-tribal rivalry among the forefathers of Shakespeare's insightful "Romeo and Juliet" to the common injunction not to marry and reproduce beyond your own race, such cohesive social forces are often overridden by the desire for diversification.

Will your society accept the limitless diversities of desires without limit and compromised your stand, even to the extend of degenerating the optimal quality of the human species?

At one level, the whole area of human reproduction, from love and sex to courtship and parenting, could be seen as an elaborate drama to cultivate and enjoy the best environment for offspring. Perhaps our so dearly held views about child-rearing are nothing more than genetic impulses.

For many cultures there has always been the perspective that children were a gift rather than a right, and while such feelings may have little currency in our current culture, perhaps the wildcard nature of the goodness's gift echoes the essential randomness of human reproduction.

For those parents who do invite rather than command, such a conscious moulding of the family will affect both them and the child, and in the event of the griefof not having children,leave the potency of life's mystery intact.


Conception: Sperm(male) and egg(female) carry 50% of the genetic coding each for new life, but each takes a different route to achieve their aim : the sperm goes for numbers and mobility; while the egg goes for longevity and sustenance.

The Sexual Act : Our human experience of gender, reproduction and sex is often conflated to an all-encompassing arena of sexuality.
A greater separation of the various issues should help us human understand our quest for meaning and ethics in the various aspects of our human sexual lives.

Such a multitude of perspectives will continue to be heard, while we get on with the noble job of perpetuating our human species, asking questions of ourselves about how best to do this, how best to cultivate and nurture our young humans. I wish all who have found the true meaning of love a joyous Love Day with their loved ones. Education begins with love: True love should be able to weather all storms.

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