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Longevity-Enhancing Foods

The key to healing is not the use of powerful drugs, but rather, knowing the patients biochemistry and the optimal conditions or "terrain" for the human body function.

2.Examine the relationship between the external environment -- molded by a person's emotional and physical stress exposure, dietary choices and other lifestyle habits -- and the internal environment of the body.

3."Biological terrain" describe the conditions, general health, and activity level of cells in our human body. Each type of bacterium, fungus, or virus thrives in a precise biochemical medium.
3:1 Viruses requires a fairly alkaline environment to function, whereas
3:2 fungi favor a more acidic environment;
3:3 bacteria can thrive under various conditions, but
3:4 these three microorganisms at the cellular level can be stimulated to grow best in high-sugar conditions.

4.The components of your blood, urine, and saliva afford insight into the way your human body functions. By sensible monitoring (not the present hospital settings which we see today in practice) biochemical changes in these body-fluids and by making appropriate changes in personal diet, personal lifestyle, and personal medical treatment, one's personal health, wealth attached, can be re-established and disease(called 'wealth robbers') retarded or possibly reversed.

5.An excess of toxins in one's diet and environment tends to increase the production of acid within cells, this is common fact and common sense to use in daily healthy living, forcing the human body to compensate by producing a strong alkaline chemical reaction in the blood, which in turn, tends to favor the growth of fungi. Bear in mind, normally, human blood is slightly alkaline at pH 7.35 to 7.45 only. Each decimal point is measured in logarithm power. The pH numbers refer to how many hydrogen atoms are present compared to an ideal or standard solution.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods

Include these foods which are rich sources of various vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients your human body needs to maintain and sustain optimal health, on regular basis.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Not cooked, raw.
1.Carrots: The fiber in carrot dilutes bowel carcinogens( cancer agents) and binds to toxins that, if left in the colon (large intestine), could lead to a number of health problems, including colon cancer.

When eaten raw, carrots are efficient colon-cleansers, which tone the bowel, reduce the re-absorption of estrogen, and lower cholesterol.

Two carrots every day supply enough beta carotene to cut the risk of stroke in half among men who have signs of heart disease.

Women who ate five or more servings of carrots per week had a stroke rate 68% lower than those women who ate only one serving.

However, diabetics may want to limit the amount of carrots they consume since carrots contain high amounts of natural sugars.

For those people with bleeding sinus or gums problem, chew one carrot after meal to help yourselves.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods

(Allium sativa) is a natural chelating agent, meaning it helps the human body detoxify itself of certain disease-causing heavy metals.

One-half to one clove of garlic a day will reduce cholesterol by 9%, which will lower the risk of heart disease by 18%.

Garlic has also been shown to decrease blood pressure by making arteries (blood vessels carrying oxygenated blood from heart to other body parts) more soft and flexible; it also prevents abnormal blood clotting.

Note:Should any doctor prescribe any drug and tell/hint you to stop eating any natural food from nature, like herb, vegetables or fruits, then you should change to another doctor who has the knowledge of body natural biochemistry updated. Because common sense tells us that those drugs will only suppress and further cause imbalance to the diseased body's biochemistry, which is the reason for you to fall sick. I advised my mother to ignore her doctor 'advice' to eat more vegetables, because she was prescribed with drug to 'thin/dilute' her blood to prevent blood clotting for her heart problem. Now she is better off without those medication-drug, supposing to 'improve her condition', which didn't but caused her biochemistry to go further away from the balance state of normal health.

Law of Natural Balance: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for sustenance.

Garlic is rich in fructo-oligosaccharides, a sugar used by the friendly bacteria in the body's intestines.

Garlic is well-known antibiotic, natural and safe, that effectively kills many harmful viruses, fungi, and unfriendly bacteria. Explore nano-biochemistry for enlightening one's body life.

Deodorized Garlic contains significantly less allicin, the active ingredient in garlic responsible for its characteristic odor, and may be ineffective if used for therapeutic purposes. So beware again , not to be taken for another ride by the advertising methods which only taking a "free-ride" on the natural goodness of all natural untempered foods from the ground. Most supplements products fall into this method of promotion. The human body need all the senses to work together to maintain its balance every moment.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods
This vegetable has 4.5 gram of fiber per cup (200ml size). Fresh fiber with natural distilled water content has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, control hypertension, and assist in excess weight loss.

One cup, which contains only 45 calories, supplies more than your daily requirement of the natural antioxidants vitamin C and beta carotene, both of which play a major role in preventing heart related disease. In fact, all diseases are related to the heart's performance and blood quality.

Broccoli may also fight cancer - it contain sulforaphane, a substance which blocks the growth of tumors . Bear in mind that no individual substance can provide any fighting power on its own, all substances in the food are naturally 'packed' organically for the benefits of the human body and animal body. Any health food product promotion of any single, double or triple substances/components only, is naively underestimating the true functions of human life.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods

4.Cantaloupe: Rich in natural antioxidant vitamins, one half of a cantaloupe supplies your entire RDA of beta carotene and 113 mg of natural vitamin C.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods
(Here I am discussing about natural soybeans, not those genetic modified soybeans from USA, which are sterile and without life substance , hence it can't reproduce life-energy to maintain optimal health. Of course the animals fed with this genetic-modified soybean will grow fat and need to be sold off fast before they die; business profits matter in any enterprise.)

Substituting natural soy protein for animal protein may decrease total cholesterol by as much as 10%, LDL cholesterol by 13% , and triglycerides by more than 10%, but without decreasing the "good" HDL cholesterol.

In reality there is no "good" and "bad" cholesterol. Review previous post on "cholesterol is just cholesterol" in this blog, if you wish. In short, those "bad"(so-called by the mainstream) cholesterol were actually your own body produced cholesterol which were over produced to compensate for your negligence to supply sufficient natural fresh food and healthy-water , overtime. The remedy to reverse this "bad" cholesterol is simple, change your present diet/lifestyle and use water-cure protocol daily. Natural positive results guaranteed by Law of Natural Balance. Wake up! (if you are still in lullaby), customers (if you one of us), we have been taken for a sick-ride again by the industry players for too long, now.

Soy helps to reduce blood fats by boosting thyroid hormone levels.

Soybeans are excellent for reducing cancer risk since they contain several anti-cancer agents. Remember, that cancer cells only develop in acidic environment, where organic elements and water are deficient. For example, the soy isoflavone genistein diminishes the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues to inhibit proliferation.

Do you know why "the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues" happens? Ask your oncologist/doctor friend to enlighten you in your next consultation. If not so soon, take it from here.
When one's diet and lifestyle overtime cause the acidic environment to increase faster than the human body can balance it back to normal level , at blood ph of 7.35 to 7.45 for optimal health,daily , some cells will trigger 'survival mode ' to continue to live on but with their DNA genetic code altered (also due to the excessive acidic environment present). Some cells will die prematurely and further contribute more acidity to the surrounding region(or tissues). The next generation of cells(of daughter-cells)will continue the reproduction cycle but with inferior and degenerated DNA genetic code.

The body-wisdom knows exactly where these 'renegade' cells( I call them 'desperadoes-survivor-cells', doctors called them 'tumor/cancerous cells') are developing and proliferating. Hence the common and normal blood supply to the affected area(or tissue) is biochemically 'shut-off'/suspended to curb the re negation further. With the survival code still in tact with these renegade-cells, they now tap and 'construct'/hijack the normal blood circulation, hence the ""the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues" happens.

Law of Natural Balance: Every herb bearing seed, and every fruit yielding seed should be your food for sustenance.

Studies have shown that genistein and daidzein protect against estrogen-related cancers.

Fermentation of soy products does not seem to alter the activity of the isoflavones, and may enhance the anti-cancer activity.

Fermented soy products include miso, soy sauce (discern the other ingredients mixed in the bottle before you buy), and tempeh.

Fructo-oligosaccharides , found in soy products, support the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria, particularly Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

When health-promotion flora growth in population, they crowd out any toxic bacteria that may be present. Healthy cells beget more healthy cells, no need to trigger 'survival' mode to renegade from the healthy DNA genetic code, no cancer cells.

Longevity-Enhancing Foods
6.Citrus Fruits:
Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes contain large amounts of vitamin C, fiber, distilled water and phytochemicals such as coumarins, known as to help prevent abnormal blood clots from forming. The potassium in citrus fruits helps lower blood pressure. Doctors MUST prescribe citrus fruits, instead of drugs, to help patients with high blood pressure.

Pectin from grapefruit pulp reduces blood cholesterol levels.

Orange juice, freshly squeezed, a rich source of folic acid, is particular effectively in reducing LDL cholesterol. Pregnant women encourage to use these natural folic acid, instead of tablets. Asthamtic , please drink ONLY one glass of fresh orange juice , per day, because it cause more histamine production in your body. All asthamics had be found to shortchange/rob their bodies of water, hence their bodies natural overproduced histamine to compensate for the shortage od frsh water availability for normal functions. Use water-cure protocol to reverse the asthma symptoms.

Make sure the fruits juice is fresh-squeezed and unpasteurized and that you are not allergic to orange juice. The allergic is again due to cellular dehydration, overtime.

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