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We need to rejoice about the great things and discoveries that are happening in medicine. The outlook for preventing and treating diseases of dehydration and inflammation is very bright, indeed. This is not the last you'll hear on the subjects.

So when all is said and done, what's a person to do?
We are bombarded and information overloaded with health books(judge not the book by its title beside its cover),
diet aids (judge not any trendy diet recommendation by its personality culture),
prescription drug ads,
herbal medicine claims,
and all manner of propaganda about health and longevity. This blog is included in these categories .

It's nearly at the point where some people are blamed if they get sick, as if the disease were due to their negligence. When people have a heart attack, they get blame instead of sympathy. If these victims quit smoking, eaten more vegetables, gotten more exercise, taken blood pressure medicine and Lipitor, or done a host of other things it (heart attack) would never happened. Right?

People who do NOT smoke cigarettes but eat right and get exercise still die prematurely, most commonly (but not normal) of heart attacks. My grandfather smoked unfiltered cigarettes and ate a diet high in saturated fats until his death at age eighty-nine (89) years. he was blessed and perhaps had some 'fortunate genes.' His brother, that's my grand uncle,who did NOT smoke was healthy and well until he died as a passenger in a car crash when he was ninety-six(96) years old. Some people who never smoke cigarettes die in their twenties and thirties. When it comes to health and disease, Mr John F Kennedy was correct when he stated that it's just not fair.

Some people face very difficult health problems related to inflammation or dehydration, even when they do everything right.
Some people suffer from chronic nagging problems with inflammation, whether in the air (asthma and rhino sinusitis), joints (arthritis), muscles (myositis), head (migraine), skin (dermatitis), or virtually any other part of the human body.

The natural tendency of the human body is not to be inflamed, and if there is chronic inflammation, there is a cause. Dehydration. Finding the cause can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating because we are exposed to literally and constantly thousands of things that can inappropriately induce inflammation in some people.
Point1. The air is filled with biological materials and chemicals of all sorts.
Point2. Every food that we eat contains hundreds of proteins and chemicals, some natural and some added.
Point3. Drinking water can contain a host of chemicals, though at small levels.

Never too late to fight and win with good ripe old age.
The good news about inflammation is that it is seldom too late to start looking for causes. An example is people with inflamed coronary arteries in their hearts. After angioplasty and even bypass surgery, if the inciting factors are eliminated, there can still be great benefits with great improvement in quality of life.

Cigarette smokers who develop blockages in their arteries and then have bypass surgery will continue to have progression of the disease if they don't stop smoking. They can even develop blockages in their bypass grafts. So , we see the technology alone cannot solve our health and longevity issues.

Those people who quit smoking, start exercising, control their blood pressure (recommend to use water-cure protocol as found in this blog), take anti cholesterol agents (if needed initially) that also squelch inflammation, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables can find that their disease has stopped.

Once inflammation progresses to permanent organ damage, however, such as joint destruction (in the case of rheumatoid arthritis) or kidney failure (in the case of inflammatory diseases of the kidneys), there is no turning back.

It is important to learn what's triggering the inflammation earlier rather than later, before permanent damage is done. But even then, eliminating other soources of inflammation, dehydration being the main cause of it, can improve quality of life and may reduce pain for some people. Never too late to revise so to be wiser and older for oneself, today. NEVERTOO LATE TO FIGHT.

Colorectal Cancer report from

Dear s s c,

Case Report 9: Colorectal Cancer

Still Alive After Nine Years Even Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Tim (not real name) was 86 years old when he was diagnosed with recto-sigmoid cancer in October 1999. There was no evidence of metastasis. He did not undergo any surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy – the universal standard recipe of cancer treatment.

His nephew, who is a medical doctor, suggested that Tim sought our help. On 2 April 2000, Tim’s children came to us for help.

On 15 January 2009, Tim’s daughter came to our centre to collect more herbs for her father, meaning Tim is still doing fine. Lest we forget, Tim is now 95 years old!

If you wish to read this story and view the video clip, please click this link

Enjoy yourself and stay healthy.

from Dr Chris K H Teo

Acknowledge thanks to Dr Chris K H TEO for sharing this report with us.

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Let's eat lots of fruits and

vegetables - at least five to nine servings each day.


A mountain of scientific research has made it very obvious and clear that eating lots of fruits and vegetables REDUCES THE RISK of heart disease and many types of cancers and may play a major role in fending off most diseases of aging, including diabetes and arthritis.

Survey results shown that less than 20 percent of us actually eat five servings of fruit and vegetables each day to stay healthy. And the inside scoop is that honest dietitians would like to recommend nine (9) or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, but they know that people would find that goal impossible and perhaps give up trying at all.

How easy it would be to make ourselves healthier simply by eating more fruits and vegetables ! When people ate an additional one and one-half servings of fruits or vegetables every day for six(6) months, their high blood pressure dropped and the amounts of disease-fighting antioxidants in their blood increased. An extra none and one-half serving means about one salad, or an apple and a handful of raisins, or one large grapefruit, or a tall glass of fresh orange juice.

The Power of Phytochemicals
When the human body digests food, it breaks everything down into individual components.

All food is make up of three(3) basic substances known collectively as macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. These nutrients supply the human body with the basic material needed to keep building, growing and repairing cells and to give us energy in the form of calories.

Food also contains smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium), which we also need to stay healthy. The nature produce also so wealthy to keep us healthy and wise too.

In additional, there is a more recently discovered class of compounds known as phytochemicals. Found only in plant foods, phytochemicals are powerful molecules that have been shown to reduce the risks of age-related diseases, including cancer.

These go by tongue-twister names such as :-
1.sulphoraphane (pronounced "suhl-FOR-a-fane"), found in high quantities in broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables like bok choy, cabbage brussels sprouts, kale, watercress;

2.B-cryptoxanthin ("beta-crip-toe-ZAN-thin"), found in some orange-colored fruits, such as mangoes, oranges, and papaya;

3.glycyrrhizin ("gly-SEER-rih-zin"), found in licorice root.

There are many more of these powerhouse chemicals yet to be discovered. Only a handful have been studied for their direct contributions to human health.

How powerful are phytochemicals?
They can be valuable as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antiviral, and anticancer agents.

Drinking green tea, which contains high quantities of phytochemicals called flavonoids, can decrease the risk of stomach cancer by as much as 30 percent.

Brassica vegetables - broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens, collard greens, and bok choy - have been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

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The latest anti-ageing food--

-- Pigs' trotters

Pigs' feet: the new super food .

As Britain's spending on cosmetic surgery soars, Fiona MacDonald Smith suggests it's time that we chopped and changed our diet instead .

The latest anti-ageing food? Pigs' trotters. That's right, you heard it here first. In New York , the most talked-about new opening of the past couple of months has been a Japanese restaurant called Hakata Tonton, where 33 out of the 39 dishes contain pigs' feet.
The reason for this, according to its owner, Himi Okajima, is that they are rich in collagen, the protein responsible for skin and muscle tone, more recognisable to beauty addicts in the form of face creams and fillers.

"Collagen helps your body retain moisture," says Okajima, who has introduced a chain of restaurants specialising in collagen cuisine in Japan . "Your hair and skin will look better, but it's not just for looking beautiful now. If you begin eating collagen in your thirties, you will look younger in your forties."
Maybe this sounds a little improbable ("It's news to me," sniffs Lisa Miles of the British Nutrition Foundation. "I've certainly never heard of eating collagen") but Okajima believes he is on to something. Figures published last month show that British spending on cosmetic surgery is the highest in Europe , hitting nearly £500 million in 2006, four times more than in 2001.

Isn't there a cheaper solution? Couldn't eating the right foods, in the right way, be a simpler, and ultimately more long-term way to stay looking and feeling younger? "You are what you eat," says nutritional therapist Ian Marber, aka The Food Doctor.
"You can't turn the clock back but you can slow things down. Every cell replicates from RNA and DNA. In order to keep the DNA in good condition, you want to protect cells from harmful free radicals. And for this you need to eat fruit and vegetables, which contain vital anti-oxidants like vitamins A, C, E and zinc.

"It doesn't have to be expensive," he adds. "I know people go on about so-called 'superfoods' which have a greater concentration of anti-oxidants, but two apples a day will give you plenty of vitamins and fibre. You just need to ensure a varied diet."
"The key is to remember we're omnivorous," agrees nutritionist Christian Lee, who is the national trainer for the Dr Nicholas Perricone cosmetics and nutrition empire. "Have you ever noticed how women age more rapidly than men?
That's because they don't eat enough protein. The days you don't eat protein are the days you age. The body can't store protein, but it needs it for cellular production and function.
"At each meal you should be able to hold up three fingers and say 'I've got a good source of protein (lean fish or poultry, nuts, seeds or tofu); an essential fatty acid (Omega 3 or 6, so that's coldwater oily fish, flax seeds, linseeds) and a low glycaemic carbohydrate (fruit, vegetables, and wholegrains like quinoa, buckwheat and oatmeal)'. If you can say that, you're on the right road."

Perricone, a dermatologist, became America's most famous anti-ageing specialist with his "Three-Day Nutritional Face Lift", which extolled the virtues of eating wild Alaskan salmon twice a day, claiming its essential fatty acids would banish puffiness and tighten the skin. Uma Thurman, Heidi Klum and J-Lo are all fans.
In his new book Ageless Face, Ageless Mind, which has yet to reach the UK, Dr Perricone's team assert that up to 40 per cent of wrinkles are caused by dietary sugar.
"When you eat high glycaemic carbohydrates like bread, cakes and pasta, they turn into sugar in the blood so fast that the pancreas can't respond with enough insulin and the blood becomes saturated with sugar," argues Christian Lee. "The sugar needs to go somewhere so it attaches itself to the cell membranes.
When it does this to collagen molecules in the skin, it causes the collagen to become stiff and immobile and that's the birth of the wrinkle. The bad news is that it doesn't end there - the sugar then pumps out free radicals, causing a double whammy of damage.

The good news is you can prevent it - either by cutting out sugar or by taking a supplement of alpha lipoic acid, which is 400 times stronger than vitamin C and E combined."
So ditch the sugar, but don't forget the pigs' trotters.


Spinach contains the pigment lutein, present in the retina, which helps maintain the health of the eye.
Tomatoes contain the anti-oxidant lycopene, which can protect the skin from UV damage from the sun.
Purple or red berries - such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries - are full of anthocyanins which can help protect against diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and help maintain strong arteries.
Oily fish, such as fresh water salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines, and also flax seeds and linseeds, are the main source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can delay the ageing process of the skin.
Water: drinking more aids digestion and elimination; drinking too little can harm the complexion.


Carbonated drinks - along with tea, coffee, sugar, red meat and alcohol - can push the body's balance towards the acidic, meaning that alkaline minerals (such as calcium) are removed from bone stores to balance it, weakening the bones. Restricting them may help you keep stronger bones.

Nightshade vegetables - potatoes, tomatoes, chillies, aubergine and peppers - while often healthy in other respects, contain a chemical that studies suggest can activate pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Avoiding these foods may help reduce it.

Refined carbohydrates - such as white bread, white rice, sugary cereals, pasta and noodles - contribute to the development of type II diabetes, which accelerates the ageing process and, if not controlled, can lead to a wide range of other health problems.

Cholesterol is cholesterol.

Yes, cholesterol is cholesterol. How we had been duped for too long by the drug industry into believing there is a real thing as 'bad' cholesterol.

Term like "bad" cholesterol is a myth. What is a myth?
It is an idea or story that many people believe, but which is not true. A myth can be dispel.

1. It is being increasingly understood that the level of cholesterol in the body circulation is not affected by high egg diet. It is a medically published fact that an elderly man has for many years eaten about 24 eggs a day without any clinical significant rise in his cholesterol level. For a scientific explanation , you are read a simple article found at this link :

2.There is no such thing as bad cholesterol . There are only uninformed and ignorant ideas that are exploited commercially.

3.The next time you come across a person (doctors included) who talks about "bad cholesterol" being the cause of heart disease, ask him or her : "Is it not true that we measure the cholesterol levels in the body from blood that is drawn from a vein?"
[[ * vein -- a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart from other parts of your body; while artery --- a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the rest of your body ]]
If it is true that the level of cholesterol is the cause of plagues and obstruction of the blood vessels, when a slower rate of blood flow would encourage further cholesterol deposits, then we should also get more blockage of veins of the human body. Since there is not a single scientific report of cholesterol deposits causing blockage of the veins, the assumption that cholesterol is "bad" and is the cause of heart disease is erroneous and unscientific. "Bad cholesterol" is a false science. It is a commercial to sell drugs and medical services. Some business strive and grow on false science.

4.Let me explain why we get cholesterol deposit in the arteries of the heart or the brain or even on the inner wall of the major arteries of the human body. Remember, when we say "dehydration" it really means concentrated , acidic blood. Acidic blood that is also concentrated pulls water out of the cells lining the arterial wall. At the same time, the fast rush of blood against the delicate cells lining the inner wall of the arteries, weakened by loss of their water and damaged by constant toxicity of concentrated blood, produces microscopic abrasions. Abrasion is the process of rubbing a surface very hard constantly so that it becomes damaged or disappears.

5. Another of the many functions of cholesterol is its use as a "waterproof dressing" to cover the damaged sites within the arterial membranes until they are repaired. Cholesterol acts as a "grease gauze" that protects the wall of the artery from rupturing and peeling off. When you look at cholesterol through this perspective, you will realize what a blessing it really is.

All the statistics about the level of cholesterol in the blood and the number of people who die of heart disease reflect the extent of the killer dehydration that has also caused the level of blood cholesterol to rise. (Health tip: always drink a glass of plain water half hour before your meal, so that the blood can be prevent from concentrated, and you have a better digestion later.)
Only after researched understanding of cholesterol's important role in the human body, I have no hesitation in recommending wholesome eggs, white and yolk, to all age groups, as a very good source of the essential dietary needs of the human body.

6. If you drink adequate amounts of water everyday (for every 1 kilogram of your body weight, drink at least 32.53 ml of plain water), take the required amount of salt (preferably sea-salt,never use refined salt) and walk at least 2 hours per day -- not on treadmill, but in the open air and under good sunlight -- your body will begin to adjust its own intake of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as its fats requirement to use for energy. Your need for proteins will increase. Your need for carbohydrates will decrease and your fat-burning enzymes (activated by walking/exercise) will consume more fat than is in the average diet.

Share your views on cholesterol and let's dispel the bad cholesterol's myth.

Bone Diet or dieting bone?

Although getting enough calcium is critical to building healthy bones, other dietary factors are also important.

For example, a large-scale study found that potassium, magnesium, and fruits and vegetables protect against osteoporosis.

Men and women who ate the least amount of these nutrients had the lowest levels of bone mineral density.

Potassium is found in high quantities in potatoes, skim milk, orange juice, bananas, and tomatoes.

Magnesium is found in high quantities in whole wheat bread, skim milk, cold cereal, bananas, orange juice, and fish.


By tinkering with our diets, it is often possible to reduce aches and pains, regain energy and vitality, increase mental clarity and alertness, and lower the risk of cells inflammation-related disease.

Although most of us rarely think and study about food's original purpose (other than to taste good to the taste-bud and fill our hungry stomachs), what we eat has powerful effects on our bodies, mind and spirit. In fact, food is one of human most valuable tools for maintaining inflammation balance. As the saying goes, give me an inspiring song-writer, I can sway the country; give a chef/cook, I can build or destroy any nation (Healthy-Wealth blogger says).

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In extreme cases, the bone may crumble and collapse.

Osteoporosis occur if the amount of bone lost every year is greater than about 2 percent per year. Although the amount sounds small, it adds up quickly.

An 80-year-old person will naturally have lost about 30 percent of bone mass since age 50 (thirty years, 1 percent loss per year), but an 80-year-old person with osteoporosis may have lost 60 percent of bone mass. The most common location for loss of bone is in the hip area, which is why older people are at high risk of breaking a hip even if the fall itself is minor.

Women, please take note of your body , we know that decreasing levels of estrogen that occur after menopause lead to an increase in some of the inflammation-related cytokines - specifically interleukin-1 (IL-1) and IL-6 - which changes the balance of bone resorption and bone formation so that more bone is lost than formed.
Unfortunately, this explanation does not explain osteoporosis in men.

Men with osteoporosis have been shown to have large decreases in testosterone, but this blogger is not sure what significance that has on bone.

Calcium supplements for osteoporosis is not the whole answer. It is true that without enough calcium, the human body cannot create new bone. However, bear in mind again, calcium isn't the whole answer. If it were just a question of taking a supplement, no one would need to suffer with this disease.

Calcium does NOT address the inflammatory component of osteoporosis, and bone density may not define the problem entirely. For example, several studies have shown that taking one of the statin medications (usually prescribed after a heart attack to reduce inflammation and to lower cholesterol) can prevent fractures by about 60 percent. This tremendous difference was seen even though bone mineral density increased only slightly - about 3 % at the hip, and even less in other parts of the human body. So although bone density is important, it is NOT the whole story. Many doctors and patients missed the real issue at play which is water. Inflammatory factors have to be added in.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) does not entirely prevent osteoporosis and fractures. One study found that men who were deprived of androgen( the main male hormone) because of treatment for prostate cancer had a high risk of bone density loss and fractures.

Lifestyle changes that reduce inflammation seem to be the MOST valuable ways men and women alike can protect their bones and health. Stop smoking (if you are), getting plenty of exercise, walking is best, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables, raw is best.

Smoking (cigarettes, mobile exhaust, factory smoke) is a major risk factor for osteoporosis. Smoke interferes with bone formation, increasing the risk of losing bone density.

The best kinds of exercises to help protect bones are known as weight-bearing exercises. Putting weight on a bone helps the bone-building process, so the best exercises for osteoporosis prevention are those taht require lifting weights or any kind of stress (en-stress) on the human body part, such as walking or running(if possible), which stress the leg and hip bomes. Every hour of casual walking per week at an average pace reduced the risk of hip fracture by 6 percent.

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So you have Osteoarthritis?

In previous generations, having arthritis was an excuse to rest and take it easy. After all, if the joints are already wearing thin, why stress them further? Right? No one wanted to risk further damage.

Those days are over. Now it is well recognized that just about any kind of exercise helps relieve osteoarthritis symptoms.

osteo = bone , osteitis = inflamed bone ;
arthro = joint , arthritis = inflamed joints ;
so, osteoarthritis = inflamed bone-joints.

With this laymen term, we can logically understand that dehydration can cause inflamed cells in the bone and inflammation in the joints, and common sense tells us that the remedy is just to rehydrate the affected body and these inflammation will ceased. And the moment the inflammation ceased, the pain signal will stop.

Arthritis takes many forms, but the "arthritis" most people taught to think of - the arches, pains, and stiffness that besiege the elderly - is osteoarthritis. Not every elderly suffer from osteoarthritis, so when you meet a doctor who give you "old age" as the reason for osteoarthritis, then is the time to look up another more enlightened doctor in your area.

As our population in our country gets older, the number of people suffering with osteoarthritis is also increasing. But osteoarthritis is NOT a natural part of aging. rather, it is a sign that there is something wrong in the body. First thing first to help any inflammation disease like osteoarthritis is to correct the patient's salinity and hydration, daily. Use water-cure protocol found in this blog.

We also know, for example, that arthritis symptoms typically get better with the patients' weight loss. And correct water intake daily has found to correct the body weight, too. In condition that the patient do not intentionally drink any dehydrating products like coke, colas, sodas, beer, coffee, tea, canned drinks.

Given that the number of people who are overweight is blossoming, it should NOT be surprising that more osteoarthritis cases are also popping up, and at younger age, too.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis are caused when the body do not receive enough water on daily basis, the cartilage that lines the joints wears down. The first and big question should be asked is why cartilage begins to break down in the first place.

Joints are not just bone and cartilage. Surrounding many joints is a synovial capsule, a membrane that secretes a lubricating fluid into the joint space. Ask any 10-years-old what is the main content in any fluid, and he /she will simply reply, water. That is true. Is the synovial membrane becomes dehydrated, it will then becomes inflamed, it produces enzymes and inflammatory chemicals (including interleukin-2, interleukin-17, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha), which can cause (after a long period, of course) the erosion of cartilage.

So it is not just the wear and tear of years of use that cause the joints to get painful. 'Dryness' in the joints also produce 'pain'. Rather, there is an inflammatory reaction that causes the repair process to break down so that joints are not maintained by the body the way they are supposed to be. Shortage of water can cause this inflammatory reaction to kick in, and if the supply is not met, after a prolonged period, established damage will occur.

The connection between obesity and osteoarthritis, then, makes even more sense when you consider that being overweight generally increases inflammation in the human body while at the same time increasing mechanical forces on the large-bearing joints. It is possible that this general inflammatory process is enough to set off inflammation damage in the joints. And indeed, losing excess weight and regain the ideal personal weight in respect to one's height helps reduce arthritis symptoms.

Walk as much as possible and ensure your body receive its daily water quota.
Of course, nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the main treatment for osteoarthritis. But then again, have it come your mind that usually people take drugs with water? It is the water component that do the remedy work more than the prescribed drugs per se. See the "solid paradigm"(drug) versus the "solvent paradigm"(water) in your body ? Although we typically think of NSAIDs (which include ibuprofen, naproxen, and ketoprofen) as pain-killer, their effectiveness is based on their ability to fight inflammation.


'New miracle paradigm'

Pain in the joint could be a thing of the past if trial proves a success
This article was reported by Ong Dai Lin ,e-mail address
on page 6 of Wednesday February 28,2009 TODAY.


If only this journalist and the media TODAY can feature articles from this blog about water-cure protocol, then the present osteoarthritis patients don't have to suffer any longer.

Unaware or unintentional prolonged dehydration had caused many patients to suffer needlessly and the public health is worsened by the solid paradigm which tackle all the signs/symptoms using more solid anti-this /anti-that and compounded the situation worse than bad.

Every 90 minute , drink 10 % of your own daily water . The water quota is 31.42(in ml) multiply by your present body weight (in kg). And use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in your daily diet for every 1250 ml water intake.

Dehydration had caused the human body to experience inflammation. The most powerful concept in disease prevention and treatment today is inflammation.

If this is the first you're hearing of it, prepare for more. Soon, we'll all be talking about dehydration inflammation as easily as we talk about cholesterol, doctors will recommend blood tests to measure the amount of inflammation (since dehydration is not easily measured from blood sample) in your body, and targeted medication will be developed to control its effects. Bear in mind , water is also one of the medicine in nature, since human civilisation started. Dehydration-Inflammation may well turn out to be the elusive Holy Grail of medicine - the single phenomenon that holds the key to sickness and health.

Use "solvent paradigm" to solve your body pain, sickness, and dehydration-di-ease, today. Just leave the stem cell therapy commercial industry alone, they are after your money anyway.

Inflammation touches every aspect of our human health. In a series of medical breakthroughs, scientists have discovered that inflammation is a common thread linking heart disease, some forms of cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma, migraine headaches, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, periodontal disease, sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dehydration-inflammation is related to aging, obesity, stroke, fatigue, depression, and allergic reactions. They are not sick per se, but they are dehydrating, so re hydration is the logical remedy, not drugs.

Inflammation is also part of the process that damages human body tissue in multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other autoimmune diseases.

Tea-drinker beware ....


As a general rule, I support the concurrent use of antioxidant-rich foods and food supplements along with anticancer drugs. There is a considerable amount of documentation on the benefit of doing so and very little indication of harm. However, I am also committed to informing my readers if and when situations arise in which such concurrent usage appears unwise. Such a situation has now arisen.

Velcade (bortezomib) is a drug used in the treatment of multiple myeloma. It is also indicated for the treatment of patients with mantle cell lymphoma who have previously received one other therapy.

Velcade is classified as a proteasome inhibitor. Green tea (Camilla sinensis), on the other hand, is a widely used beverage, an unfermented form of the beverage, which many people also take for proposed medicinal purposes. Millions of people drink it with no problem. It was heartening to see many people from the countryside sipping their thermoses of green tea. It seemed like a healthier alternative to another elixir that is growing in popularity, Coca Cola.

But should green tea – which most people agree is a very healthful beverage – be used when one is also taking Velcade? At first sight, you might think that these two agents would go well together. But when scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) studied the combination they got a shock. An extract of green tea, including its very active ingredient, EGCG, did not enhance the effects of Velcade in either multiple myeloma or brain cancer (glioblastoma) cells. Instead, it effectively prevented tumor cell death induced by Velcade in both test tube and animal studies (Golden 2009).

Essentially, EGCG blocked the proteasome inhibiting effect of Velcade, so that it could not trigger stress in the cancer cell or activate a compound called caspase-7 that was necessary for its action. This negative effect may be limited to Velcade. In this experiment, it was only seen in boronic acid-based proteasome inhibitors but not in the slightly different non-boronic acid based agents (such as the drug Viracept).

Conclusion: "Green tea polyphenols may have the potential to negate the therapeutic efficacy of bortezomib [i.e. Velcade] and suggest that consumption of green tea products may be contraindicated during cancer therapy with bortezomib" (Golden 2009).

It bears repeating that these were in vitro and in vivo experiments (not human clinical trials). Nonetheless, the results are disturbing. They are also confusing, since researchers at the University of Florida had previously shown that EGCG in green tea was also a proteasome inhibitor (Smith 2002). However, I think that the latest results should be taken seriously. If you are taking Velcade (bortezomib).

If you are not taking Velcade there is no indication that green tea or EGCG are anything but healthful.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Curry Spice

Turmeric, the yellow spice used in curry dishes, has been shown to have potent anti-inflammation properties. The active substance in turmeric is the phytochemical curcumin, which seems to suppress inflammation-related cytokines and the enzyme cyclooxgenase-2 (COX-2) and is a more potent antioxidant than vitamin E.

Curcumin can prevent memory deficits, which sets the stage for testing curcumin as a possible agent for preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Both curcumin and ibuprofen reduced the development of brainplaques (which are associated with Alzheimer's disease) - but curcumin also controlled oxidative damage. This means that eating foods with turmeric may actually help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Curcumin may prevent tumor growth by inhibiting some inflammatory chemicals (specifically, interleukin-8).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Confronting Autism with Courage, common sense and raw food and love .

Every once in a while you encounter someone who is courageous enough to look main stream media and conventional stereotypes in the eye and say, “I DISAGREE!” When I found out about Gina Laverde and her muffin, Dougie, I asked if she’d share her story with us.

With the rate at which Ritalin is becoming a household name, we’re glad to have fiesty moms like Gina sharing her message with the world, and we looking forward to putting our heads together in the name of Natural Solutions to Autism, ADD, etc. Hopefully you’ll be hearing a lot more from Gina, Dougie and company!

Confronting Autism With Courage, Common Sense and Raw Food

By Gina Laverde

My son will be four in 13 days. And, two years ago, our own friends and family doubted he’d survive his many health challenges with so little scarring. He is Dougie. He is emerging through what the world is calling “autism.” And, he is by far the STRONGEST person I know.

The newborn Dougie was every parent’s dream. After a complicated pregnancy disrupted by a mis-diagnosed miscarriage, placenta previa, early contractions and dilation, candida skin eruptions, and ignorant remarks from a group of non supporters – I was blessed to have a healthy happy baby boy. I stared at him sleeping for the first three hours of his life.

In order to ensure that our boy’s health remained vibrant, his daddy and I employed the city’s most expensive pediatrician. I’m talking about one who charged $700 for a well visit with immunizations (after insurance, of course). Oh, how my heart sank when we couldn’t afford two of the recommended shots according to the recommended schedule!

But, our baby was sleeping through the night in his swing, sleeping through trips to the movies, friends’ parties, and car rides. The kid slept so much, my husband and I brought him on dates. My expensive pediatrician assured me, on one of our midnight-worry-calls, that all of this sleeping was a gift, and that I should revel in it. And, so I did.

And, when my dermatologist told me that the white rashes Dougie was getting were a direct reflection to the hormones in my breast milk — and that my baby was in fact suffering from ACNE, I weaned Dougie from mother’s milk. Colic began with dairy-based formula, but I never made the connection. Our E.P. (expensive pediatrician) assured me that the brand we selected was sooooo close to breast milk, and that I made the right choice. I didn’t want to poison my kid with my ruined milk, so I traded my happy sleeper for a rash-less night crier.

By the time he was ready for food he was in love with spinach, squash and bananas. We chose almond and rice milks over dairy and his tummy issues subsided. But, I regrettably kept him on formula for 14 months, because the E.P. made a case for the “unrivaled” calcium source. He was pooping about seven times a day, but at this point I knew nothing of the problem that symbolized.

I became more confident in my mommy skills as Dougie learned to walk, talk and ask for things he wanted. I knew that I wasn’t eating dairy myself. And I knew he didn’t need it either. We filled him with wholesome home cooked and raw organic foods. We made sure we chose quality food sources of fats, protein, and other essential nutrients. He craved bananas. We made sure that he never got processed foods, candy or typical un-natural kid food. And, yeah we experienced many upturned noses because of this. But the result was that my 2 year old never needed prescriiption meds.

And despite the life-sucking day jobs, threat of home foreclosure, disownment by some family members, and MY chronic ear infections, my husband and I were overjoyed at being parents.

My husband, Doug, brought Dougie to get his next round of shots while I was at work. I had an eerie feeling about it, but just couldn’t determine a good reason not to vaccinate. I just didn’t fully understand what we were doing to Dougie. And, that’s when fever and flu entered our lives.

I put on my Healer Helmet and got him better with magic elixirs of vitamins and herbs. My parents thought I was nuts.

But before I knew it, I was facing my own doctor and my own chest x-rays and blood tests that revealed I needed to rest. I had pneumonia and had apparently held it at bay for months with my natural therapies. My doctor was disgusted at the bottles of oil of oregano, colloidal silver and other goodies I brought to show him I was taking care of myself. I still didn’t fully “GET IT.”

Soon, I was being injected with various antibiotics that made it hard for me to hold my head up. My mom was taking care of Dougie. And, Dougie was in NEED of prescription meds for the first time in his life. Of course, the nurse comforted me with the fact that all kids get sick all the time, and antibiotics were simply a part of life.

I felt as though I failed him by not being there to cook his meals and make his “get better” tea. He was placed on 4 back to back rounds of antibiotics. And from Christmas Eve through mid January, he regressed into a dazed state of consciousness. He lost all of his language and had no emotional response to pain. He cried or screamed almost all the time, and refused to eat anything but pizza.

By January’s end, I picked up my head, opened my laptop, and confirmed to myself and to my best friend that Dougie had autism. At this time, my husband was too sensitive to hear the word because it held so many negative connotations for him. Dougie was so sick and his daddy was so scared. I longed for someone to scream at. Someone to talk to. But, at this point I wasn’t sad or guilty. I was determined to find a cure.

Our financial predicament left us shacking up in my brother-in-law’s basement for a few months. God bless them for not killing me as I embraced the weirdness of self-healing.

Doug and I are not those parents who took our child from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what happened. Not only could we not afford it, but our experience with doctors taught us that they (at least the ones we knew of) would not have an answer. I refused to take the money we could use for getting better and hand it over to a doctor, just to hear “I’m so sorry Mr. and Mrs. McDermott, your son has autism.” I can’t even imagine the dread those parents must feel when being sold the “no way out” approach to autism. Because we were broke, we were spared this. We never got a set of blinders or a list of therapies to help us cope.

I didn’t want to cope. I wanted to cure this. But, the autism battleground had been trudged by some dedicated people who were far more educated than me, and none of them could find a cure. I knew I had to do it differently. I knew I had to embrace Dougie’s gifts. I remember explaining this to a non-mom girlfriend who reassured me of the value of early interventions like psych drugs and speech therapies. Instead of killing her I dove inside my computer.

One half hour of research solidified the Candida question that kept popping up in my mind. We definitely had it. I had to cut sugar from our diets. A few clicks later I found a woman who lived in my state and had successfully recovered her son from autism. I sent her an email and she called me the next day. She gave me hope that I could reverse Dougie’s condition with diet. We talked for 2 hours and she referred me to the – who have been my backbone and best friends through this journey.

I was now coming to the deeper understanding of gut health as it relates to brain function. I introduced cultured vegetables and coconut kefir to Dougie’s diet, using a tablespoon to 4oz each day for a month – AND WE GOT EYE CONTACT BACK!! The cultured veggies helped his taste buds accept greens and gluten free grains – AND HE STARTED SAYING “THOMAS THOMAS” after his favorite train. He was getting physically stronger too, and so some more autistic symptoms began to surface. Dougie hand-flapped, licked the floor and the walls, toe-walked, used repetitive language, like “Thomas, Thomas,” and would smash his face into the floor or walls. He was mystified by wheels. But, he was becoming happier and showing it. He still wasn’t responding to his name. His behavior was very hard to handle for me, as I wanted to see more results.

Another month passed and I learned that trusting my gut meant going back to my spirituality. I prayed and meditated a lot. One moment I was blending green sludge for my son to drink and the next I was screaming in excitement and horror over the phone to my mom “I saw bugs in his poop.” Yeah, bugs. Weird stuff. And each time Dougie released something overly nasty in diaper… he gained more skills. The diet was working! But not enough for anyone to believe me.

That hurt.

My mom was so loving and my dad just kept his mouth shut. But everyone was whispering behind our backs…. wondering if the boy was getting enough protein or this or that other nutrient. And, I realized they were wearing blinders too. They too were duped by the “milk does a body good” mindset . My mom, who slaved over delicious home-cooked meals every day of my life, didn’t understand the gift that good food gives our bodies. No one understood me like the moms at the BEDROK community.
Their level of understanding goes beyond diet cures. They helped me realize that Dougie is unique. I could do Body Ecology the generic way and get some pretty great results. Or I could apply it to Dougie’s particular needs, and consider his toxins, and deficiencies — and fully recover him from autism.

We are definitely still learning. We have embraced our son as a unique being with very special talents. His spark shines brighter as we peel away the layers of damage. We no longer focus on curing him. He has a sickness that gets better each day, but it does not define him.
In time, we’ve learned to tweak his diet to address his needs. He has now adapted to a high raw and mostly vegan diet. Something he could’ve never handled in the beginning. He does get brain food like the essential fats of cod liver oil and coconut oil. He drinks about a quart of coconut kefir each day which balances out the good gut bacteria, fills him with minerals, and makes digestion of other foods a breeze. He drinks green smoothies each morning and loooves peas with apple cider vinegar. The kid craves spirulina now! What a gift!\

By first focusing on his gut, we’ve prepared him to eat a wider variety of foods. As long as he gets his cultured foods, he can handle sweeter fruits, beans, and grains much better than before. In the last 2 months he went from speaking in two-word sentences to complex sentences.

We embrace each moment for what it can teach us.

We study poop, tongues and skin color. We rely on our instincts, our research and our friends who are in the same boat. To date, we have only done one test to confirm the presence of heavy metals from vaccines and environment.

My almost four year old drinks green, plays air guitar, and is beginning to read. What more could a mommy ask for. He IS my dream come true!


Solving Fibroids using iodine?

I am a little flabbergasted at what just happened. In fact I am in a deep state of shock. We have been trying to have a baby for 7 years without success. Early this year I went to get a hysteroscopy done so we can try one more time. When I woke up from the deep sleep, the doctor informed me that she could not do the operation because my uterus was "chock full of fibroids" that she did not know where to start. She pronounced in that pompous way doctors have "You will never be able to have children".
I delved into research mode. I started using Neprinol to help me with the fibroids. It was a bit expensive and I gave up after 2 months. Then I found out about Iodine from curezone. I said what the heck, maybe it can help me with my breast pain an d other things. I started immediately with cleansing. Then I moved on to 8 drops of Lugols a day. After three months, I started taking 4 iodoral 4 times a day for 3 weeks. Well we went back to get another hysteroscopy, because our fertility doctor will not treat us without a look in the uterus.

This time around, I woke up from the surgery. The doctor said, "I did not do any operations". I immediately started crying. He said "There was no need to do anything surgical. The uterus is healthy and normal." I almost fainted. It has only been 5 months since the last time they pronounced my uterus chock full of fibroids.

So I am in shock. I am trying to understand what happened. Could iodine have done this? Can anyone take a guess at to what must have happened?
I am so grateful to this site. I can't stop crying tears of joy. Maybe my baby dreams will still be a reality.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heart Disease and Stroke...

.. can strike suddenly, without warning.

Sudden cardiac death strikes several hundred thousand previously healthy or seems fit people each year around the world. Typically, this happens to middle-age men/women in the prime of life who had previously undiagnosed and unsuspected coronary artery disease.

It becomes imperative to figure out causes and preventive measures. An ounce of prevention is worth more than pounds of medication, and water-cure protocol is one you can easily use for anyone regardless of age, race, and body weight.

The water-cure protocol is a scientific method to ensure the human body is constantly re hydrate : every 90 minute, drink 10% of your own daily water quota. The water quota is 31.42(ml) multiply by your own body weight(in kilogram). And use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in your daily diet for every 1250 ml of water intake. Never injure or add insult to your body by using coffee, tea, colas, beer, sodas, canned drinks to replace the plain water.

People were more likely to develop heart:
1. if they had high levels of cholesterol in their blood,
2. if they had high blood pressure. Point 1. and 2. are inter-related.
3.if they smoked cigarettes or were exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke,
4. in addition, being a 'couch potato' (what we scientists call a sedentary lifestyle, especially computer users) increases the risk,
5. age also found to be an important risk factor. As people get older, they neglect their water intake, their risk or artery disease increases.

What this and other studies showed was that there was no single change from the year 1900 to the year 2000 that caused the emergence of heart disease and stroke as major killers. rather, it was all the innovations of the 20th Century that caused a change in public lifestyle.
1.Riding in automobiles reduce and replaced walking.
2.Half the adult population became addicted to cigarette smoking by 1950, at a younger age.
3.Fast foods preparation with high fat content replaced fruits and vegetables in the public diet.

1.Why does being a 'couch potato' cause heart disease?
2.Why do fats in the diet make us human more likely to have hardening of the arteries?

Although it was discovered that high cholesterol greatly increase the risk of developing heart problems, many people with heart problems never had high cholesterol. So although high cholesterol is related (all things are interrelated anyway) to heart disease, it cannot be the sole cause.

When we scientists delved deeper to discover what happened in the human body to cause atherosclerosis, we were pretty surprised to discover that inflammation topped the list of possible culprits.

Research Discovery: Atherosclerosis starts when a type of white blood cell called a monocyte sticks to the artery walls and then migrates into the interior of the walls. At present it is yet to finding out exactly why this process starts, but it is thought that some sort of inflammation-promoting insult to the human body, some damage to the blood vessels, jump-starts the disease.

Once monocytes enter the wall, the smooth muscle cells release inflammatory chemicals called cytokines that cause monocytes to change into a different type of cell call ed macrophages. The macrophages devour fat ( including cholesterol) and become foamy in appearance, leading to the name foam cells.

These fat-filled foam is the result of the body natural defense mechanism to protect the whole body during cellular dehydration. These foam cells cluster together and cause fatty streaks in the arteries, the first sign of disease. Why arteries? Due the the higher pressure when compared with veins, and the constant rubbing of concentrated blood flow along arteries (due to dehydration) will 'wear off' the wall , and hence cholesterol were deployed to cover the injured cells for healing. Not understanding this natural mechanism, many cases of cellular dehydration caused diseases had been misdiagnosed and matter made worse when drugs were prescribed to the patients, instead of re hydrating the cells. We had mistaken this phenomena and called these foam cells with protective cholesterol as "bad cholesterol" ,because we were not taught in medical schools about this discovery.

These foam cells also secrete additional chemicals that continue the inflammation process. Over time, a hard substance known as fibrous plaque is created from foam cells, muscle cells, connective tissue, collagen, and other inflammation-related cells.

Interestingly, the human body doesn't see plaque as the bad guy it is. As far as the body is concerned, it is simply trying to heal that initial damage done to the blood vessel walls. But the healing process goes out of control, and instead of patching over the damage and then quitting, bigger and bigger deposits of plaque are laid down, spreading outward along the vessels walls. Closer investigation on the patients lifestyle and soon we discovered many patients were dehydrating at cellular level, unaware.

Comparing this simple formula, 31.42 ml multiply by one's present body weight (in kg)one can easily find out whether one's body is rehydrated correctly on daily basis : if you are not drinking the minimum daily quota as calculated then your body is dehydrating and over time dehydration-dis-ease will manifest and lead to established diseases. For every cup/glass of coffee/tea intake, twice the cup/glass of water is needed to be added into the daily water quota. For every can of coke (330ml) intake, another 32 cans of the same size of water is needed to re balance the after effect of waste chemicals produced in the body. Hence, the adding of insult to the injury of the dehydrating body through beverages drinking in one's lifestyle over the years.

If enough plaque accumulates in one place, it creates a firm barrier that can impede blood flow and cause a heart attack or stroke (also known as brain attack).
More often, however, clots form when plaque deposits rupture or burst. Like a reservoir dam in the river, the clot can block the flow of blood and cause a heart attack or stroke.
We see, then, that dehydration leading to inflammation packs a double punch because it first initiates the process of plaque development and then make plaque fragile and more likely to burst and form clots.

This is why so many heart attacks strike suddenly, unexpectedly, and with no warning. But then again, there were many signs of body dehydration which manifested and wrongly treated with drugs, hence heart attack or stroke was a kind of build-up by our health-care ignorance in reality. If only all of us were told the real underlying cause of inflammation. Read this doctor's experience with rescue a potential stroke victim( ).
The artery don't have to be totally clogged with plaque - all you need in one fragile plaque that burst at the wrong time.

Once doctors and scientists recognized that dehydration leading to inflammation was such a major player in artery disease, they could start looking for markers of inflammation, a chemical indicator that signals the presence of inflammation.

Currently, the most powerful marker is C-reactive protein (CRP). Blood tests show high levels of CRP whenever there is inflammation in the body, no matter the location or cause.

Studies have shown that people with unstable angina, the kind most likely to lead to a heart attack, have very high levels of CRP.

Among healthy people, never judge one's health by the fitness level for they are not the same thing, high blood levels of CRP mean an increased risk of future heart attack, stroke , and death. Even mildly elevated CRP levels have been shown to double the risk of future cardiovascular event, such as heart attack. A host of other inflammation markers, including interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and adhesion molecules, have all been shown to predict future coronary events and stroke. use water-cure protocol as prevention is always safe and better than medications trying to cure a dehydrated derivative disease.

Study after study has shown that atherosclerosis, regardless of which part of the human body it is in, is related to inflammation. And inflammation anywhere in the human body is related to atherosclerosis in different parts of the body. There is not a single inflamed spot on the artery corresponding to the location of a plaque. When there is disease, there is widespread inflammation. Drink water correctly daily.

Colon Cancer Story to share

I wonder how many patients would agree to undergo chemotherapy if they are clearly told that the treatment can only increase survival by 15%. Most patients undergo chemotherapy with the full expectation that they will be 100% cured. Or if not a 100%, at least have a much higher chance than 15%.

If you wish to read more …. click this link and watch his video too!

Happy reading and Stay healthy always. Blessings.

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The Path To Medical Knowledge

As long as one has a body, one should pursue to be informed, educated and entertained about one's personal body-life.

One author of a book claiming to tell people how they should not eat in discussing her book and stated that she thought carrots are the most dangerous food a person can eat !
Most of us think carrots are safe and healthy and do not feel in great danger when eating them.

Critical Questions:
How did this author know that carrots are the most dangerous food that we can eat?
Was there evidence to support her claim?
Had she collected data on the health status and life expectancy of carrot eaters compared to people who don't eat carrots?
The answer is no!

She had a theory about carbohydrates and proteins and fats that allowed her to deduce the great danger of eating carrots. She had not done a double-blind prospective randomized controlled study comparing people who eat carrots with those who do not, which would be the way to prove her belief.

Authors of health-related books ask people to buy their books and live by their guidelines after assembling a hodgepodge of theory, data, and opinion. In all fairness to the 'carrot is danger lady author', it would be very difficult to study every point and to collect data on every possibility.

This blogger here do not claim to have scientific proof of every point contained here. In this post, I want to explain to the reader how people arrive at medical knowledge, the uncertainties of that knowledge, and the lack of predictability in medicine.

The scientific method can be used to answer questions that confront both patients and their physicians. The scientific method can be simply stated in two words : test assumptions.

Hypotheses are generated from observations and experience. These hypotheses are tested in experiments. The results are then used to modify or reformulate one's assumptions.

Physicians now strive to practice evidence-based medicine. Research is constantly modifying our assumptions about various procedures and therapies embraced by physicians.

There are serious limitations to evidence-based medicine. There will never be a research database large enough to give a rational answer to the multiple situations encountered in matters of health and disease. the evidence-based medicine database will always lag behind new approaches, new discoveries, and new therapies.
Further, medical data is always given in percentages so that in their decision making, physicians must play the odds.

Case reports and then case series are at the bottom of the ladder of medical knowledge. A retrospective study that enrolls patients after the fact is only a little better. A prospective study is one that enrolls patients before the outcome is known; it has more validity. The highest level of validity is a double-blinded case-controlled randomized study, but very FEW questions and recommendations achieve that level of proof.

Perhaps the greatest intellestual debate of the 20th Century was between the atomic physicist and Nobel laureat Niels Bohr and the founder of relativity and Nobel laureate Albert Einstern.

Einstein succinctly expressed his side of the debate with his famous proclamation that God does not throw dice. Bohr argued that nature is innately probabilistic, that God does throw dice.

Einstein proved that quantum physics leads to absurdities, but lost the debate anyway when experiments demonstrated that the absurdities predicted by quantum mechanics do happen. If Einstein has studied medicine, he would have had to face the role of chance in nature every day.

How about you, respected Healhty Wealth regular visitors and first time visitor have to comment or contribute to better health and wealth for all of us here?

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D-I-C is like gasoline on fire in the patient's body.

The world's most common (but not normal) cancers - colon cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer, etc cancer - have all been linked to inflammation. And all inflammations have all been linked to chronic dehydration for a prolonged period, unaware and unwarned.

Not all cases of inflammation cause cancer, and not all cancers are affected by inflammation. But with the right set of circumstances, inflammation can be volatile.

All cases of inflammation are caused by dehydration of the cells.

Sometimes inflammation directly causes cancer, like the match stick that starts the fire. In other cases, inflammation causes an already established cancer to grow more and spread more, which is more like pouring or feeding 'gasoline' on cancer's flame. At the same time, the body immune system can attack and eliminate small cancers as though they were foreign invaders. In aerospace industry, Foreign Object Damage (FOD)is a killer for human lives.


WHEN A PERSON RECEIVES A DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER, IT IS ALWAYS AN UNPLEASANT SURPRISE. This cancer seems to pop up out of the blue, unpredictable, frightening, and devastating. But not anymore, once you understand the etiology of cancer. Urgent help, go to

If it were possible to watch the inner working of the human body, we would see that cancer develops slowly. It takes many years, possibly decades, before the cancer creates enough symptoms so that the disease cannot be ignored.

Where does cancer come from in the first place?
Many people are surprised to learn that cancer starts from one's normal body cells.

Cancer development occurs in three(3) main stages:-
1. First, in the initiation stage, something happens to change normal cells into precancerous cells. That is dehydration at cellular level.
Actually, many things must happen - there is usually no single event that causes a good healthy cell to turn 'bad'. We scientists generally agree that a cell may undergo ten or more mutations before it becomes capable of progressing to cancer.

Cells can mutate for a number of reasons, including chronic irritation and inflammation (chronic dehydration can cause them), exposure to toxic chemicals, assault by a virus, damage from environmental factors such as the sun ultraviolet radiation, or simply aging.

For example, cells in the lungs can mutate in response both to the chemicals in cigarette smoke and to the irritation and inflammation caused by the presence of the smoke alone. (This is why the so-called herbal cigarettes are not safe today. Smoke of any kind is an irritant that can cause cellular changes.) Whether a particular smoker will be one of the unfortunate ones to develop lung cancer depends in part on genetics, but also on the numbers of years and quantity of cigarettes that parson smoked. The longer and stronger the assault, the longer the inflammation lasts, the greater the likelihood that cells will mutate.

2. A mutated cell, however, isn't necessarily dangerous. It can be reversed if one change one's present lifestyle and diet and increase water intake, daily. All of us have mutated cells in our bodies, but we don't all have cancer. Once a cell has mutated enough to become precancerous, it can sit harmlessly in the human body for years until a stimulus comes along (by design, of course) to push the cell into malignancy.
During this second stage of cancer development, called promotion, the cell begins multiplying and starts the process of becoming a tumor. This blogger is researching exactly what causes the cell to become activated in every case of cancer, but scientists do know that additional assault by the same factors that first caused cellular mutation can also cause cancer promotion. Of course, without denial, that's just a simple common sense. No need to be a scientists to figure that out. So continuing to smoke after cells in the lungs mutate can be enough to turn the cells from passive and harmless to active and cancerous.

Inflammation is often involved in cancer promotion. So , the logical course to take, is to increase one's own water intake and change one's diet completely.
For example, heartburn is caused when the lining of the esophagus is burned by backed-up flow stomach acids. For most people, this is a painful but minor inconvenience. Yet, this is the early warning sign of water deficiency in one's daily life style. Unless water intake is taken care of this pattern will lead to chronic dehydration, then inflammation, then more active mutation of cells. But for some people, the damage and inflammation is so severe that they develop precancerous mutations in the cells lining the esophagus, a condition called Barrett's esophagus. At this point, cancer has been initiated (the first stage of cancer development). If irritation continues, the chemicals released by the human body during inflammation can push the cells into the second stage, cancer promotion, when the precancerous cells become active and malignant. In this case, inflammation acts as the proverbial 'match stick' that lights the 'fire' of cancer, the actual cause of cancer. Water can extinguish 'fire'. If inflammation is avoided, cancer is avoided.

3. The third stage of cancer development is called progression, when cancer cells begin multiplying and spreading and generally become uncontrollable by normal body defenses. Why? Due to the altered genetic code of these mutated cells.

Early in the development of cancer, when a mutated cell is pushed into malignancy and becomes a cancer cell, it is sometimes still possible for the human body to control or eliminate the cancer through many of the same immune system and inflammation processes that allow the body to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Remember that cancer cells are not caused by external viruses and bacteria, so save the patient by not using any drugs which prescribed for anti-virus or anti-bacteria.

Unfortunately, the immune system isn't always successful. Remember that the body immune system is primarily programmed to destroy foreign invaders. Just like our own citizen-trained-soldiers are trained to attack external enemies but protect our own innocence citizens. Because cancer starts as a normal body cells, the human body often ignores these cells gone 'bad'. After all, they're not foreign, they're part of us!

Once cancer progresses, it becomes even more difficult for the human body to defend itself. Most cancer grow in a bed of normal body cells called a stroma, which provides support and nourishment to the cancerous cells. This further protects the cancer from the immune system's defenses by providing a camouflage of normalcy.

The malignant cells are harder to find when they are surrounded by normal body cells, and the stroma seems to provide a barrier that keeps the body's immune cells at bay.

The stroma can support a tumor for a relatively short period of time. Soon, the tumor becomes too large and needs its own blood supply to continue to grow and thrive. When a tumor grows to about 1 millimeter in size (roughly the size of letter o on this page), the stroma can no longer support or nourish all the cancer cells. Unless an alternate source of energy and nutrients is found, this baby tumor will simply stop growing and die.

Unfortunately for us, cancer easily remedies this problem. Once a tumor reaches a certain size, it begins releasing chemicals that create new blood vessels, a process called angiogenesis (angio-genesis) (from angio meaning "blood vessel" and genesis meaning "beginning"). These newly created blood vessels attach to the human body's existing circulatory system, allowing the tumor to begin to feed like a parasite from the body's nutrients.

During this progressive phase , inflammatory cells and chemicals that are supposed to protect the human body can sometimes help a tumor instead.

For example, in the early stages of malignant skin cancer (melanoma), a normal protective inflammation chemical called interleukin-6 (IL-6) can help stop cancer growth. In more established melanoma cells, IL-6 loses its ability to inhibit cancer growth. And very mature melanoma cells produce their own IL-6, at which point it acts as a growth stimulator.

IL-6, then, starts out fighting cancer and ends up helping cancer grow faster.

Another example concerns macrophages, the inflammatory cells that are responsible for helping to destroy foreign invaders and keep the human body healthy.
Sometimes, for reasons not yet discovered, macrophages become part of the stroma. They end up helping the tumor by producing chemicals that promote angiogenesis, providing the tumor with its own blood supply and allowing it to grow indefinitely.

In these examples, inflammation doesn't actually start the cancer, but some of the cells and chemicals that are part of the inflammation process help the cancer in its quest for unlimited growth, the cellular equivalent of throwing gasoline on a fire.

In another sense, the etiology of cancer cells were the wrong kind of food and drink which the victim had consume throughout the period until the explosion of these mutated cells, which in fact, the continuation of the cells to live on, but in a transformed form under the toxicated and endangered environment inside the body. Unless the present oncologists, in general, change their present paradigm in their approach to treat cancerous cells, the number of relapse of cancer patients will continue to increase in quantum.

One thing we know for certain is that the longer the inflammation lasts, and the prolonged chronic dehydration is not arrested through correction, the higher the risk of cancer. Among the factors with the strongest links to cancer are infection, irritation, and inflammation from other body process or dehydration di-ease and established diseases processes.

Remember drugs kill : water cured many incurable diseases had been proven from many cultures since history.

Learning to Eat, between Meals (LEM)

A man who is rich in his adolescence is almost doomed to be a dilettante at table. This is not because all millionaires are stupid but because they are not impelled to experiment. In learning to eat, as in psychoanalysis, the customer, in order to profit, must be sensible of the cost.

The cost is before eating and aftermath (if any),too.

Eat wisely, eat less. Eat foolishly, eat more.
Eat healthily, eat just. Eat bluntly, eat fats.

Eat Less actually has a scientific name : calorie restriction.

In scientific literature, calorie restriction has been shown to increase life span, slow the progression of atherosclerosis, prevent tumor growth, reduce the amount of brain dysfunction, and retard aging - but all the research has been done with rodents. We are not rats, but human being with wisdom.

If you would like to try calorie restriction, aim to gradually cut down your food intake by 25 percent. That means eating only three-quarters of what you usually eat.

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Change for the better?

We better change for better-survival.

Many knowledgeable readers will agree that the maitres should be heard here, although this blogger will not dispute that there are also many petits-maitres.

To inform, educate and entertain is a wonderful experience in living.

Someday, it can be hoped, the unchanging will change, and this blog will be pulled from a dusty 'Internet-shelf' and read as an artifact of the past. Until then, this blogger, as life permit like to continue to blog like nobody's business for the health of public to conserve the wealth of mankind, womankind inclusive.

Everything in this blog is here to provide the curious or interested reader with something substantial to read. Sometimes this means a testimony, sometimes a reflection, and sometimes part of a historical or scientific text.

This blogger has not paid much attention to the conventions of literary form or genre, I'm afraid. But what this blogger has tried to do, with a smile, is to make every post complete and self-sufficient, with as much emphasis upon the quality of the writing, or blogging, as the nature of subject; so this blogger has taken the position that their extracts need to be long, or short, enough to be aesthetically satisfying as well as informative or virtuous in some other way.

There is much to be gleaned, informed, educated, in short learned from the works collected in these posts. This meek blogger increased it's knowledge not just of food and drink, but also of geography, language and history while spending several leisurely years reading the candidates for inclusion into Healthy Wealth.
However, knowledge is incidental to the real point, which is pleasure.

Nourishing one's own mind is as important as is nutrition to the body, but when reading the pieces in this blog, let's hope we shall all, finally, be changed elegant voluptuaries.

We all know that the pleasures of healthy food, wealthy drink and godly sex are intimately related and this blogger has done it's best to include plenty of posts of this truth. This blogger has put nothing in this blog because it's selection it has not been influenced by a wish to take the blog in a particular direction or to give Healthy Wealth some kind of shape or balance.
Everything has been chosen on merit alone, although, obviously, this blogger has some prejudices. This blogger is as human as you, respected reader, too.

As a failed candidate for university and lapsed academic I like reading rigorously argued texts, so I have included some parts that may raise an unscientific eyebrow or two. I have been well aware that my choice is necessarily one person's, but I have tried to keep a serious purpose in mind - to show that there is a distinguished strand of literature, at least in the English language, which takes healthy food and drink as its subject. So strong is this tradition, especially in 21st Century, that it really deserves the attention of the academic as well as of the general reader.

Let's hope knowledgeable readers will agree that the maitres should be heard here, although this blogger will not dispute that there are also many petits-maitres.

I am in no danger of allowing my scholarship to overwhelming my sense of fun in blogging elegantly about the romance of good food and drink, which does not merely allude to the scientific and anthropological, but actually is a work of science or anthropology, can give pleasure, too.

No one who was any good as a "Internet-blogger' ever set out to be one. Compassion, commitment, courage, intention to enrich others are few of the humble ingredients used/mixed by this blogger's 'salad-bowl' in blogging Healthy Wealth.

Always bear in mind, that an informed and balance-educated citizenry is the cornerstone of democracy, after all, so we can truly appreciate the value of informing the citizenry that the appropriate healthy wealth for oneself is easy and effective water-cure protocol. The adventure inherent in such a campaign might even stir their souls sufficiently to free them from what I regard as a crippling dependence on canned 'sick-care' system.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seven Inflammation-Fighting Guidelines:

1. eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables - at least five serving each day.

2. Eat fish three to five times each week.

3. Add olive oil to your diet.

4. Eat very little meat, poultry, cheese, butter, and other animal products.

5. Take recommended supplements daily.

6. Eat less.

7. Identify and avoid personal problem foods.

8. Ensure sufficient water intake daily for your body size. use water cure protocol to calculate your water quota.


is an abnormal state of living tissue that occurs in reaction to an insult or injury to the human body. I humbly offer my sincere advice that you regulate and monitor your daily water intake faithfully using the watercure protocol as found spread out through this Healthy Wealth blogsite.

Inflammation is a body process so basic and obvious to the naked eye that the ancient Egyptians described inflammation in papyrus scrolls.
Inflammation is associated with infected wounds.

Succinctly described, inflammation is found with four cardinal signs :
1. rubor (redness),
2. tumor (swelling),
3. calore (heat),
4. dolore (pain).
This description holds up today (although we've added quite a few details to this basic knowledge). Inflamed tissue, whether on the surface or internal to the human body, is red, swollen, hot, and painful.

Inflammation is set off by insult or injury to the human body, and it turns out that the body can be pretty sensitive to insults.

Inflammation can occur in reaction to infections, physical injuries, exposure to chemicals and allergens, stretching and manipulation of body tissue, burns, lacerations, and contusions.

Sometimes substances occurring naturally in one's own body can trigger inflammation, in what is called autoimmunity.

And under the right circumstances, distress or other emotional reactions may trigger inflammation in some people.

Not only can just about any provocation set off inflammation, but virtually any tissue or body organ can be inflamed. In medicine, the suffix -itis is added to words to denote inflammation of the organ or tissue represented by the word. So anytime, you see/hear a word that ends in -itis, the subject is inflammation.

For example, the Greek word rhino refers to nose, so the word rhinitis refers to inflammation (of the inner lining) of the nose.

Arthro- refers to joints, so arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints. A patient with arthritis has joints that are painful and swollen, and which can also be red and hot. Why these signs/symptoms? The affected region is dehydrating and "intensive repair work is in process" - inflammation, so do the body a simple favour, that is provide sufficient water daily, and in due time all these "repair works" completed, the pain will be turn off, inflammation gone, and patient's body recovered from arthritis.

Pain is closely related to inflammation. Pain is the body's 'loud cries' of element deficiency to our conscious mind, and common sense tells us just by providing the missing element, the pain-cry will stop.
Even the lightest touch can cause severe pain in inflamed tissue. This is one of the reason doctors squeeze and poke and prod at various locations of your body when you are sick. In reality, you are not sick, but you are dehydrating. Too simple?

The doctors are trying to locate potential sites of inflammation. In medicine, the -algia means "pain." Hence, arthralgia means "pain in a joint.' A patient with arthritis (inflammation of the joints) has arthralgia (pain in the joints), but there are other causes of arthralgia in addition to inflammation.

Prolonged chronic dehydration had caused many body pain and many doctors just invent more labels/names to those pain, but fall short of rectifying the first cause of the pain, which happened to be dehydration in the body cells. Silly at time, when you are travelling in a vehicle which had one tire punctured and you drove it to the workshop and the mechanic just confirmed the puncture after going through his long list of standard operation checklist and later charged you all these preliminaries tests in the bill.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am 68 years old, a mother and

a housewife.

You are going to read about how I used water-cure protocol to regain my health from knee pain; arthritis pain; depression; suicidal; osteoporosis; angina; acid reflux; salt; anxiety attacks; weight loss; asthma:

Ever since I reached 40 years old my health had not been good although I was not terribly sick in bed. I had a knee injury and had suffered with arthritis pain for over 30 years. I don't believe in taking medication for controlling pain. For the reason I stayed away from doctor visits as much as possible in my life.

I had been on a low-salt diet for the last 20 years, believing that salt is not good for health. I had suffered with muscle cramps, acid reflux, constant tiredness, shortness of breath, osteoporosis (as measured by a bone density test), angina pain, pain in my legs in walking, migraine headaches, hot flashes, double vision, arthritis, high cholesterol, depression, etc.

In November 2000 I fell into a very bad depression. I could not cope with my everyday life, couldn't eat or sleep and I was very suicidal. Out of desperation I made a visit to see my doctor and began to take antidepressant medicine. It seemed to help me for a few days, but my condition became worse as time went on. I started to have terrible anxiety attacks on top of my depression. I was told by my doctor I may have to live with my medication for the rest of my life because of the chemical imbalance problem in my brain.

I didn't believe my doctor's explanation. After three weeks of my trial with antidepressant medicine I completely stopped taking medicine and seeing my doctor all together. I prayed to God for an answer. Three days later, in May 2001, I accidentally saw Dr.Lorraine Day's interview on TV. She was talking about her recovery from breast cancer. Her drinking large amount of water was one of the key factors contributing to her recovery, as she had not been a big water drinker.

It struck me in that moment, because I had not been a big water drinker either, that I might have the same dehydration problem. I always drank fruit juices, tea, milk, and fresh fruits, including watermelons to quench my thirst. i drank very little pure water. i immediately got your book and started drinking two quarts of water with ? teaspoon of salt a day. [use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every 1250 of ml water intake, in your diet, daily]
I eliminate all other liquids for thirst. My depression disappeared in two days. My energy level surged. I noticed foods digested better too. Suddenly I felt alive again. All my other symptoms gradually disappeared over a six-month period. I couldn't believe the change.

My cholesterol level had gone up to 297. By September 2002 it measures 179. It's now been two years and I am free from all pain and I walk three to six miles par day. i also changed my diet and have lost weight during the past year, dropping from 150 to 130 pounds. I am 5' 1" tall, so that is a good weight for me. I am happy, have a very positive and grateful attitude and love to share my experience with everyone about the water-cure and the benefits of a healthful diet and exercise. My husband is 5'9" and also dropped from 180 to 150 pounds, and is the picture of health at the age of 71. Neither of us take any medications, which is pretty unusual for people of our age.

My grandson, 12 years old, had very bad asthma, allergies and ear-aches since he was 5 years old. i introduced the water-cure and salt treatment to him two years ago. He is free from all these now. he is very healthy and happy child today. My granddaughter, 9 years old, is also drinking water with a little salt and was able to prevent her asthma problem at the beginning stages.

I am so thankful for Dr. Batmanghelidj's discovery on the role of water and salt in the body. When I read his book Your Body's Many Cries for Water, everything made so much sense to me. I can't say thank you enough. You are truly God's messenger. Thank you again. You may use my letter as you see fit.

Sincerely, M.F.

Note: Reader may see Dr Lorraine Day's website and also her tumor at

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

NIACIN and Longevity

Eat a third, drink a third, and leave a third of your stomach empty;
then, should anger seize you, there will be room for its rage.

The average present size of your empty stomach is equivalent to the the combined size of both your fists held together. If you eat one wholesome fruit from each of you own hand, your stomach is already full. However, the human stomach can be forced to expand to eighty(80) times its empty size.

Niacin lowers cholesterol was proven in a 1955 study. Eventually proved that niacin increase longevity. Niacin is a hypocholesterol substance, a normalizing agent, which means it elevates high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, decrease levels of low-density and very-low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and lower triglycerides.

Niacin is found to lower cholesterol by 22 percent and triglycerides by 52 percent. To our knowledge, no other single agent has such potential for lowering both cholesterol and triglycerides.

Niacin lowers cholesterol levels but niacinamide does not, even though both forms of vitamin B3 are anti-pellagra and are almost equally effective in treating schizophrenia, arthritis, and a number of other disease.

Niacin also differs from niacinamide because it causes a flush (to which most people adapt readily), while niacinamide has no vasodilation activity in 99 percent of people who take it.

For reason unknown , as yet, about 1 in 100 people who take niacinamide do flush. Could be due to cellular dehydration on a higher level. Should try to increase water and salts intake and monitor progress. They must be able to convert niacinamide to niacin in their bodies at a very rapid pace.

Niacin causes a flush by a complicated mechanism that releases histamine, interferes in prostaglandin metabolism, may be related to a serotonin mechanism, and may involved the cholinergic system. When dehydration had set in, over production of histamine is activated to take over the deficiency of water for water metabolism in the body. Histamine is clearly involved.

The typical niacin flush is identical to the flush produced by an injection of histamine. It is dampened, if not prevented entirely, by anti-histamines and by tranquilizers. The adaptation to niacin is readily explained by the reduction in histamine in storage sites such as the mast cells( which produce histamine). Increased water intake had found to reduce histamine production.

Children with asthma must regulate their water intake daily.
Drunkards also must regulate their water intake during drinking session. They are not sick , but dehydrating.

When these are examined after the administration of a dose of of histamine, these cells contain empty vesicles ( that previously contained the histamine) and also heparinoids (naturally occurring substances that act to prevent blood clotting).
If the next dose is spaced closely enough, there is not enough time for the storage sites to be refilled and, therefore, less histamine is available to be released.

Similarly, after there is complete adaption to niacin, taking a break for several days will start the flushing cycle again. This decrease in histamine has some advantage in reducing the effects of rapidly released histamine.

Because the flush is relatively transient it cannot be involved in the lowering of cholesterol, which remains in effect as long as medication is continued.

Prostaglandins appear to be involved in the flush mechanism, which is probably why aspirin and indomethacin reduce the intensity of the flush.

Niacin lowered cholesterol because it releases histamine and glycosaminoglycans.
Niacinamide does not do so.

Glycosaminoglycans are biochemical compounds that have been implicated in the absorption and redistribution of lipids in the human body.

Niacin is found to increase basophil leukocyte count. These are cells that store heparin as well as histamine. The improvement caused by niacin is much greater than can be explained by its effect on cholesterol.

Possibly, it is due to release of heparin from the mast cells simultaneously with the release of histamine and also to the eventual marked diminution in the intravascular sludging of blood cells.

It is possible the beneficial effect of niacin is not due purely to the cholesterol effect but is due to a more basic mechanism.
Question: Are elevated cholesterol levels and arteriosclerosis both the end result of a more basic metabolic disturbance still not identified? Not any more when one is to investigate from the solvent paradigm and water metabolism in the human body and observe the many manifestations as the body undergoing different stages during dehydration.

Another question :If it is entirely an effect arising from lowered cholesterol levels, why does clofibrate not have the same beneficial effect? An enumeration of some other properties of niacin may one day lead to the identification of this basic metabolic fault.

Niacin has a rapid anti-sludging effect. Sludged blood is present when the red blood cells clump together. because the red blood cells must traverse the capillaries in single file, clumped cells cannot pass through as easily. This means that tissues will not receive their quota of red blood cells and will suffer anoxia (lack of oxygen).
Niacin acts very quickly and changes the properties of red cell surface membranes so that they do not stick to each other. Tissues are then able to get the blood, and the oxygen, they need.

In short, our human body need its daily quota of water, minerals and vitamins,and other trace elements, all in the exact proportion for longevity.

Niacin should be used before and after coronary bypass surgery. A major problem not resolved by cardiovascular surgery, however, is how to halt the arteriosclerotic process. Use water-cure protocol.

If patients were routinely placed on the proper diet and necessary niacin long before they developed any coronary problems, most, if not all, of the coronary bypass operations now being perfomred could be avoided. If

From dust you came ... dust you return. There is life-energy in the dust. The secret of the headsman's longevity is probably the very dust he found distasteful. There are many minerals in it.

Of the six(6) nutrients that our human bodies need - minerals, vitamins, water, protein, carbohydrates, and fats - dietary minerals have the power to keep us young and rejuvenate our bodies.

Minerals are actively engaged in strengthening the nervous system, growing new hair, normalizing the heartbeat, providing energy, improving thinking power, overcoming fatigue, building a dynamic memory, and sparking our other metabolic processes.

A mineral imbalance will alter one's disposition. In a mineral deficient person, you will see signs of forgetfulness, easy fatigue, lack of incentive, lackluster skin and hair,a short temper, nervous tension, defeatism, depression, vengefulness, and even suicidal tendencies.

In fact, if anyone has a shortage of just one mineral, she/he can expect that her/his body system will begin to weaken and lose its efficiency, with dis-ease and disease eventually setting in.

Dietary minerals are categorised into two: Major Minerals and Trace Minerals.

Major Minerals are needed in large amounts by the human body.
Trace Minerals get their name from the fact that they are found in very minute amounts (trace) but important, in the human body and may be toxic in large quantities. Beware of the mineral supplements you are taking (if you are).

Taking minerals in regulated amounts through foods rich in minerals or mineral supplements will ensure a long quality life.

Among other things, minerals have the ability to regulate the flow of bodily fluids. The delicate internal water balance needed for all mental and physical processes is necessary for good health. You know water metabolism, then you understand the many positive results from the many testimonies posted in this blog when people turn to water-cure protocol for their health conditions.

The flow of liquids (blood and lymph) brings the cells oxygen and nutrition and empties them of wastes. The minerals draw these substances into and out of our cells by the law of mass action, in which areas with a heavier concentration of minerals will always draw water from the areas with a lighter concentration of minerals. In this way, concentration is equalized between the fluids inside and outside of the cells as an ongoing body process.

The bodily fluids, solutions of water and dissolved minerals salts, hold the cells in electrolyte balance. The mineral salts each generate a tiny electrical charge, either positive charge or negative charge. Each cell is similar to a minute electrical battery, with both positive and negative polarities receiving the electrolytic solution containing the essential chemicals and minerals it needs.

Give the cells the minerals they need, daily, and they will give you long life and good health. In short, quality longevity is possible.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Senility from subtle,

chronic malnutrition

Dear healthy viewer and first time visitor of Healthy Wealth blog site, I thank you for your frequent drop in to this humble blog site. I wish you all the best of health and wealth in the coming days ahead. Spread the good news around and enjoy sharing your life with one another.

Getting old is inevitable, but premature senility is not. Today senility will be and can be prevented, and nutrition will be a main factor in that prevention.

Our elder senior citizens can be helped by the government through national government sponsor research on what diets the elderly should follow. The nutrition experts found that too little attention had been paid to the nutritional needs of the elderly, despite the fact that nutrition can play a key role in reducing diseases in old age.

The cells of our bodies can become unwell and malfunctioning for two general reasons:

First, they may be poisoned;

second they may lack a good supply of nourishing food.

This nourishing food must be a complex mixture of chemicals (water is one of these "chemicals") in about the right proportions. Every 90 minute, just drink 10 % of your own daily water quota. Water quota is 31.42 (ml) multiply by your own body weight (measured in kilogram). And use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every 1250 ml water intake, daily, in your diet.

Included in this food must be about ten or more amino acids, about fifteen vitamins, and a similar number of minerals, all in addition to the fuel - carbohydrate and fat - that our bodies needs to run on in the sense that an automobile needs gasoline. Never pour coffee, or tea into your gasoline tank of your car, so do like wise for your human body.

All of the food elements enters our body by way of the open mouth, and the health of all the cells of our bodies depends upon whether or not we place within our open mouths the proper kind and sufficient amount of food.

Our entire society stands to benefit by improving the health of the elderly. Our elderly citizens is our national wealth resources too.

In old age, the composition of the human body changes, with lean body mass being reduced and the proportion of fat increased. The elderly usually are advised to eat less than when they were young, but they still require the same amount of nutrients.

Senile changes of the human body were primarily die to cellular malnourishment. All of the degenerative diseases have in common the impairment of the nutrition of our body cells. This can be due to any one or any combination of at least four factors :

1. An inadequate supply of food, with a deficiency of essential nutrients. Any food stuff deficiency of water ratio will over time cause dehydration dis-eases and later establish irreversible chronic diseases.

2. The inefficient distribution of nutrients, because of circulation impairment.

3. The ineffectiveness utilization of nutrients, due to enzyme deficiencies.

4. An accumulation of harmful metabolic debris, or, as they have been called, "clinkers." When one's body is dehydrating, all debris excretion process will be significantly affected and hence cause more harmful metabolic debris.

Wise nutrition is a most powerful tool intake for the attainment of vigor in later years.
We believe that a deficiency of essential nutrients, water being the primary one, when present for many decades in the form of subtle, chronic malnutrition, is the source of most premature aging, and finnaly, senility.

Be convince that the first factor, if it persists for a long time, will lead to problems in the third factor, enzyme deficiencies, and later the fourth factor, the accumulation of undesirable products of abnormal metabolism.