Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Nurse with Multiple Sclerosis

also used water cure herself.

I've had Multiple Sclerosis for about 5 years. My symptoms included being confined to bed for a month, retaining fluid so badly that I couldn't walk & I weighed 175 lbs. being short, it really showed up on me. I could hardly talk as well. I didn't know what was wrong with me at the time. My husband was concerned and didn't know what to do for me or with me.
Another problem was that I had a chronic bladder condition. I have been to numerous doctors and hospitals in Canada, new York City and Pennsylvania. I've had every test that has been written or given to find out what the problem was with my bowels and bladder. I was told that it was a condition that I had to learn to live with and would end up with a colostomy. I am an LPN and I've been a nurse for 44 years.

I've taken all kinds of medications prescribed for me thinking they would help. I was diagnosed for sure with M.S. at Geisinger in Danville last March. They said that I have had M.S for about 5 years. This last year it got to be severe.

I wasn't really following the Water Cure until it got very severe. My husband tried it and lost 40 lbs. in a month. Even his disposition and nervousness improved. All the medicine that I was taking, I stopped taking. I had seen such an improvement in my intellect, memory, coordination, breathing; upper respiratory problems were gone as well. My bowel and bladder were stagnated, but they now were starting to function the way they should.

I hadn't seen my doctor for a couple of months. When I walked in, he couldn't believe what he saw. "You look wonderful," is what he said to me. he asked what i was doing. I told him that I was on Dr Batmanghelidj's WaterCure, the water & salt cure! he asked what that was all about. I told him that everyone needs to drink 2 quarts of water daily and add 1/2 tsp. of salt as seasoning on their food. He said evidently it does work because he could see the results in me and said, "Marilyn, you have never been in better health." He thinks it is the greatest thing he has ever heard.

His name is Dr. John Carey. he has an office here in Kingston and another in Dallas. He even tried it himself and has now lost a lot of weight, thanks to the Water Cure. He said that this therapy is so simple and unique that it has to get out to the people. He has always been the type of doctor who believes in helping the individual patient and doing whatever is good for the patient; it doesn't matter where it comes from. If it is good for them, he wants them to have it. Something tragics had to happen like Dr Batmanghelidj being in the prison(Evin,Iran) waiting to be shot to make this discovery.
I had to get M.S. to be able to do what I am doing today, which is telling everyone about it. In the Bible, you see salt & water. if we would all eat & drink and do the things like Jesus did when he was on this earth, and we all know he drank water and we all know that he must have eaten salt. We are the salt of the earth, and if it was good enough for Him,it's got to be good enough for us. This has SAVED MY LIFE !

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Its ME said...

NOTE: The urgency to bring circulation to deliver water to a vital organ that is getting progressively dehydrated might at times produce microscopic bleeding around the blood vessels to recycle the 94 percent water that is held in blood and its red cells. The process is called vasculitis. It can happen in the stomach, which had been given the label of gastritis. This process often happens in thekidneys, which then become leaky and lose protein and other essential substances in the urine. The renal problem is called nephrosis. It can happen in the lungs, in muscle tissue, in the skin, which is then called purpura. Most tissues are not "bothered" by the solid waste from such microscopic leakage of blood from their blood vessels. The residue is gradually recycled. When this happens in the brain, however, which has a tightly closed circulation, the residue "cakes" and begins to form plaque. Such plaques are seen in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis. All were due to prolonged dehydration. These patients were not sick, but they were dehydrating.

Nurese Marilyn F's first brain scans revealed the widespread presence of plaques, hence confirming the M.S. diagnosis in her case. About a year after her water treatment, her brain scans showed her plaques had cleared up completely, hence her complete recovery from M.S.
She has been free of Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) for a number of years.

Falcon said...

Is there a difference in drinking tap water and alkaline water? I am thinking of investing in a machine that can make the water more alkaline as i noticed that my blood has a PH of 5 which is rather acidic.

Its ME said...

Hello 'Falcon' and welcome to Healthy Wealth,
Falcon : Q1."Is there a difference in drinking tap water and alkaline water? "
Its me : A1. Most municipal water supply contains other substances and hence you may like to consider investing a filter system. If not, you can let the tap water to sit two to three hours in a container without tight lid to let the chlorine gas to escape prior to drink the tap water. If you are refering to "alkaline water" which is in the market today, please do not drink too much and ensure the pH reading is not too high (bearing in mind the human blood alkaline reading is about 7.3 to 7.4 pH only). I drink tap water too.

Falcon: "I am thinking of investing in a machine that can make the water more alkaline as i noticed that my blood has a PH of 5 which is rather acidic."
Its Me: I recommend that you change your diet to more fresh fruits and green herbs/vegetables. For all fresh fruits and greens will only result an alkaline environment internally, whereas anyother food, including cooked food will cause an end result of acidic. Then the body will have to use more water to level off the acidic environment to the natural level of about 7.3 to 7.4 pH. This pH is measured in the increase of logarithm. The amount of water and the pH of water found in all fresh fruits and greens are just optimal for all the main three phases of digestion, assimilation and excretion of waste . Just sufficient. It is the properties of the hydrogen atoms (2 units) and the oxygen atom (1 unit) and the electrical bonding-energy whihc the body uses during the water metabolism for its many functions. Raising the Ph (alkaline/base) to a higher value will not add and value to the body functions in reality, but ensure sufficient quantity of water with your own personal body weight plays the significant part of the body well being and functions. Happy sharing and happy living "Falcon".