Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aspects of Good Nutrition...

...must take into account four(4) main principles:

1. Avoid all food artifacts.
2. Avoid foods to which you have an existing allergy.
3. Eat in such a way as yo minimize the response to allergenic foods, to prevent the creation of new allergies.
4. Eat food that is palatable and follow the daily eating pattern that you find most comfortable.

All original fresh food support life, all processed food deport life.

Our human body is very fastidious and specific and will even reject molecules that have the wrong orientation in three dimensions, even though chemically they are indistinguishable from each other, like devtro and levo tocopherols. Until we do have specific tests for determining what nutrients we need, we can also depend upon the trial and error method. There is no harm in taking nutrients in extra amounts to see if they are helpful.

As a general common sense, I prefer to err on the side of too much rather than too little nutritional supplementation. Why?
Because the extra nutrients swallowed are simply excreted from the body=y. For nutrients which are not easily excreted and are not water-soluble, such as Vitamin A, one has to be more cautious and remain within the dose range found to be safe and effective.
With drugs it is better to err on the side of too little rather than too much because of the major side effects. This point was brought home to one doctor just the other day when a member of the family was given cortisone to reduce swelling and was also given ranitidine to prevent erosion of her gastric mucosa. This relative developed a severe reaction to the later drug, could not sleep for the whole night, and it took several days to overcome the impact of just two(2) pills of the drug.

Many antioxidants of plant origin (phytochemicals), the bioflavanoids for example, have become available in the market. Since free-radical toxicity or excessive oxidation is one of the reactions in premature aging, it does make sense to also look to these anti-oxidants as valuable members of any anti aging program.
However, we do not think that the human body is as comfortable with these separated and isolated phytochemical compounds as it is with substances that are much more commonly found in the body such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These phytochemicals are not nearly as toxic as drugs, and yet have not been proven to be safe as vitamins in the long run.
Simple wisdom is to eat fresh fruits and produce, many and varieties, and walk every day, ingest sufficient water and relax most of the time is still the best investment for Healthy Wealth.

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